He’s Mine!


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2003 Couture


I had been waiting to get David alone all night, but Lisa was on him like a bad zit. Her bladder must have finally gotten the better of her and she walked off in the direction of the restroom, leaving her date by himself, sipping on a cup of punch.

“Hey Mark,” I whispered in my date’s ear. “Why don’t you see who’s going where after the prom?”

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time.” I watched as he ambled off. Take just as long as you want.

As soon as he was out of sight, I quickly got up, walked over to where David was sitting, and slid into the seat still warm from Lisa’s lingering presence. “Hi David,” I said, teasingly.

“Hey Susan.” His bright blue eyes widened like a deer caught in the headlights. It was good to know that I still had my touch, but my nagging suspicions required an answer.

I put my hand on his knee and began to slowly walk my newly manicured nails higher up his thigh. “Davie,” I said, smiling coyly and flashing a devilish glance his way. “I was wondering about something. Why didn’t you ask me to the prom?”

Was he dense or something? Didn’t he see how much I was flirting with him for the last two months? I had practically asked him, and turned down two perfectly good boys in the meantime.

“Well,” he said hesitantly. “I asked Lisa if you were going with someone- and she said you were going with Matt.”

That bitch! I wanted to storm off to the bathroom and slap that conniving little slut who called herself my friend. The worst part was, she didn’t want to have anything to do with David until I confessed to her that I had a crush on him and wanted to go to the prom with him. I remembered her reply as if it were yesterday.

“What for? He’s güvenilir bahis a geek.”

“Well don’t tell anyone, but. . .” and then I confessed to her my secret. That I thought he was cute and that I knew he was a virgin. And that after the prom, I was going to de-virginize him and he would love me forever and ever, because you always remember your first.

“That’s silly,” Lisa said.

But it wasn’t so silly for the little bitch to steal him right out from under me. Well, two could play at that game.

“You should have asked me Davie,” I said, sliding my chair closer to block any curious eyes from seeing what was going on under the table. By now my fingers had walked almost to his crotch. “I wanted to go out with *you*. I’m ashamed to say this, but I wanted to do more than that.”

Fuck you Lisa. I grasped his cock through his tuxedo pants. He was hard. For me.

“I can’t Susan,” he stammered. “Lisa-ahm-someone will see.”

“Can you see my breasts Davie? I’m not wearing a bra you know. They could have been yours Davie. God, I’m getting hot just thinking of you kissing them . . .touching them, sucking on my hard nipples.”

I hunched my shoulders and leaned forward so that he could look down the front of my gown. All the while my hidden hand, my sneaky little hand, grew bolder and bolder, squeezing him, caressing him, having my way with his virgin prick.

“No panties lines either Davie.” I quickly looked around, made sure no one was watching, then pressed the fabric of my dress against my crotch. I ran my finger down my slit for good measure. My shape of my sex was visible through the shiny fabric.

“Oh God, Oh God,” he gasped. He tried to dislodge my hand, but I held him fast. With one tiny hand, he was under my control.

“What’s wrong baby,” I asked innocently, still squeezing tight, but stopping my up and down motion.

“Please Susan, türkçe bahis you’ve gotta stop.”

“Why baby? Don’t you like it?” I bit my lower lip and resumed jacking his virgin prick ever so slightly.

“Please don’t,” he gasped. “I’m about to cum.”

“Just from looking at my pussy through my dress? It must have been a very pretty pussy to make you almost cum all over yourself without even seeing the real thing. Tell me Davie, do you think I have a pretty pussy?”

“Yes, it’s pretty Susan. But please Susan,” he said. “I’m begging you. Please let go of my cock.”

God, he had my pussy so wet. He should have been mine. “But you haven’t even really looked at it Davie. I’m blonde you know. Naturally. And my clit … I bet it’s peeking out right now – peeking out from my pink wet lips. That’s right Davie, I’m wet … soaked. And you could have had it too. I would have given it up for you.”

“Oh God, Susan,” he gasped. “Please – just don’t make me cum on myself.”

I couldn’t help but grin. He had all but given up on Lisa. His only concern now was to avoid the embarrassment of stained pants. And poor little Davie, in his white tuxedo, he was already showing a small wet spot above his prick.

“Just answer me a question Davie,” I whispered. Time was running out. I had to hurry. “Are you still a virgin?”

His cheeks turned a bright red in answer.

“Don’t lie,” I warned, giving his cock a firm squeeze to drive home the point. “I’ll know if you lie.”

“Yes. . .”

“That wasn’t so hard now was it?” I asked. “Okay Davie, kiss me. Kiss me once and I’ll stop.”

He glanced around to make sure Lisa wasn’t around. His poor innocent face was red and sweaty. Oh, I would have had such fun with him . . . if only he had asked me out. It wasn’t that he was a virgin. He was so cute. His lips, with the little dimple on the bottom, they just begged to güvenilir bahis siteleri be kissed. He puckered his sexy lips.

Oh, but I surprised him. I swallowed his lips with my open mouth and snuck past his teeth with my probing tongue. Oh baby! And then I jacked his hard cock for all I was worth. He moaned his alarmed objection, and I inhaled it into my lungs. I felt his cock pulsing in my hand and his hips bucking uncontrollably. He kissed me back. God, he was a good kisser. I was *so* right about him.

Then, he just sort of went limp. Not down there silly, it was like his whole body gave up. I could feel his pants growing slick and warm from his cum. My insides danced with elation. I wanted to get up on the table right then and there and proclaim to the senior class that David Moore’s virginity was mine and not that bitch Lisa’s.

Instead I gave him another brief kiss and a goodbye squeeze. “Do you love me Davie?” I asked.

“I can’t believe you did that,” he whined. “What am I gonna do?”

“I asked if you loved me.”

He looked at me with those sad blue puppy dog eyes. My lipstick was smudge around his mouth. “Yes,” he whimpered.

I cleaned my hand on his soiled pants. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

I gave him a sexy mischievous grin and left him sitting there. I took out my compact and fixed my lipstick. Just as I was finishing, guess who I bumped into? That sneaky little bitch Lisa. She looked so smug. “Have fun tonight,” I said, sticking my finger in my mouth and tasting Davie.

“Thanks,” Lisa said. “You too.”

Her eyes proclaimed her victory. As if to say, I have your boyfriend. Hah, whatever happened between them now was irrelevant. They might have sex. He might have sex with any number of women. But he would always compare them to me. He was mine now. Just like I meant from the start.

The end


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