High Heel Club Ch. 1

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Jenny couldn’t wait; she was so excited that she bounced her knees under her desk. She looked up at the clock, two minutes she thought as she flicked her view back to her teacher. Jenny hadn’t paid much attention in this class, the teacher was going on about equations and quadrilaterals but Jenny’s mind was intently focused on that minute hand. As the hand reached the hour point Jenny took a deep breath as she heard the school buzzer go off. No sooner had it started Jenny was up and out of the door running down the corridor. Jenny ran all the way home, it was quite a way and by the time she got home she was exhausted. She pushed the front door open and called out. Her mother answered her as she walked down the stairs to greet her daughter.

“Happy birthday Jenny,” mom said as she opened her arms to give Jenny a big hug.

“Thanks mom,” she replied hugging her back.

Jenny’s mom pulled away from Jenny and held her at arms length, ” I cant believe my little girl is eighteen,” she said with a tear in her eye.

“Oh mom,” said Jenny as she passed her mother a tissue.

“Sorry dear” her mother sniffed as she dried her eyes and wiped her nose.

Jenny was about average height; she had long blonde hair, and had perfectly curvy body with large breasts. Her mother Dawn, was not unlike Jenny, she too had blonde hair that she kept short, she was little taller than Jenny but also had a great figure and large breasts. Dawn was only sixteen when she had Jenny so at times they were thought of as sisters rather then mother and daughter. Jenny’s father had left when she was very young; she had never known him.

Jenny was dressed in her school uniform, she thought it was the most awful thing in the world but her mother always told her that she looked cute in it. She had black shoes with pop socks, a short tartan pleated skirt and a white blouse. Dawn always dressed immaculately; today she was wearing a very tight knitted top and a pair of very tight denim jeans that showed off her firm butt perfectly.

Dawn ushered Jenny into the main room.

“Here” said Dawn as she pointed towards a large pile of gifts that sat on the chair.

“Thanks mom” said Jenny as she sat next to them and picked up the first package.

Dawn sat in the chair opposite and watched with delight as her daughter opened her gifts. Firstly she opened a couple of CD’s that she had wanted and thanked her mother for them, then some make-up and some costume jewellery. As Jenny got to the bottom of the pile, dawn moved to the edge of her seat and watched intently as she picked up a small package. Jenny opened it to find a pair of sexy black lace-top stockings.

“Wow” said Jenny as she felt them with her fingers, “they feel so soft.”

“Open your other gifts” replied her mom eagerly watching.

Jenny picked up another parcel and carefully un-wrapped it, inside was a box with a ribbon round it. She pulled the ribbon off and opened the box. Pulling back the tissue paper she found a beautiful set of lingerie. There was a black half-cup lace bra, a tiny pair of black lace panties, a matching suspender belt and a garter belt. Jenny picked them up and looked at them closely.

“Do you like them?” Dawn asked.

“They are gorgeous” replied Jenny, running her fingers over the lace and silk in her new panties.

“Open the other gifts,” said Dawn as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

Jenny put the underwear back into its box along with the stockings and picked up another box. She opened it to find a short black leather skirt; she held it up in front of her. That’s really short she thought to herself, but it’s dead sexy she also thought. Underneath the skirt she found a small tight lacy black top that she thought would just about cover her breasts. Jenny thanked her mom again and turned her attention to her last gift. She picked it up and un-wrapped it. It was a shoebox; she took the lid off and looked at the shoes inside. They were five-inch high black patent stiletto heels. She stared at them in Gaziantep Olgun Escort awe. Her mother had a pair nearly exactly the same and she had always been fascinated with them ever since she was very small.

She picked out the right shoe and ran her fingers over it. She put it on the floor and slipped her shoe off then slid the new one on. She did the same with the left foot. She then stood up, these shoes were far higher than any shoes she had worn before and she had a little difficulty walking in them.

“Here,” said Dawn as she stood up and took Jenny’s arm. “Do you like them?” Dawn asked as she supported Jenny.

“I love them, thank you mommy,” said Jenny as she stepped carefully along in them.

“You’ll get used to them in no time” replied Dawn as Jenny turned round to go back, you should go try on everything, just to make sure they fit properly. Jenny stepped out of her shoes, gathered up her new clothes and ran upstairs.

Jenny placed her new clothes carefully on her bed and started to take her school clothes off quickly throwing them into a pile on the floor. She gone completely undressed before she even dared to pick up anything new. Once naked she opened the lingerie box and lifted out the tiny panties. They felt so soft and so delicate. She ran them over her cheek before slipping her feet into the holes and slowly pulling them up. They fit her well; the soft silky material pressed softly on her moist pussy lips. She loved the way they felt; she looked herself up and down in her full-length mirror, posing. Next she picked up the bra and slipped than on. She once again looked at herself in the mirror; the bra pushed her 32C breasts up and together making them look even bigger. She then un-wrapped the stocking and inspected them closer. They had a seam going up the back, jenny had seen women in 1950’s films wear them and she loved the way they looked. She slid them onto her long legs being careful not to ladder them. She then picked the suspender belt out of the box and fastened it around her waist. She clipped the top of the stockings to the belt. It took a while but she eventually managed to fasten all four suspenders. She lastly picked up the garter belt, It was made of elastic with lace and silk frills and on closer inspection Jenny could see that it had a red embroidered pattern on it of a Dragon. Jenny slid it on over her left foot and up onto her left thigh, just below the top of her stocking. Jenny once again stood up in front of the mirror; she slowly ran her hands over her body, feeling the silk and lace pressing softly on her toned body. It sent shudders through her body, she ran her fingers down between her legs and felt a slight damp patch on her new panties, embarrassed she turned her attention back to her other clothes. She picked up her new skirt and stepped into it, zipping it up at the back. She then picked up her new top and carefully threaded her arms in and pulled it over her head. She looked at herself in the mirror once again, adjusting the top, as she thought it barely covered her breasts but it looked fantastic the delicate lace and silk pressing against her milky white skin. The skirt also barely covered her, she could walk in it but any sudden movements or bending would reveal her stocking tops or even her butt. She felt so sexy running her hands over her sexy clad body. Jenny looked back at her bed, there was one shoebox left, she went over and flipped the lid off. She looked in and picked out the right shoe, she ran her fingers over it feeling the soft shiny leather. They smelt wonderful and looked stunning. Jenny sat on the side of the bed and slipped the shoe on, she sat for a minute swinging her foot back and forth; admiring the way it looked. She then picked up the left shoe and slid that one on as well. Jenny stood up, she still wasn’t quite used to walking in such high heels but as she trotted around her small room she started to relax a bit. Her footsteps became a little more confidant and she started to enjoy the sensations of wearing such sexy shoes. She stood looking in the mirror, striking different poses for the imaginary photographer.

“Jenny are you done?” Dawn shouted from downstairs.

“Yes mom, I’ll be right down!” Jenny shouted back.

Jenny checked her clothes once more in the mirror; she ran a brush through her long blonde hair and quickly applied some red lipstick. Then she opened her door, took a deep breath and walked out onto the landing. She carefully stepped her way downstairs where her mother stood waiting in anticipation. Dawn had a huge smile on her face, Jenny looked good enough to eat, she was no longer a little girl in any way, her body screamed for attention and she looked good enough to get it. Jenny stood in front of her mother, modelling her new clothes; she did a twirl and then a curtsey.

“So what do you think?” ask Jenny in a soft little girl voice.

“You look amazing Jenny” replied her mother, unable to take her eyes from her eighteen-year-old daughter.

“Does everything fit alright?” Dawn asked as she moved closer.

“I think so mom,” Jenny said running her hand over herself to make sure.

“Here let me check” said Dawn as she got to her knees and started to inspect Jenny,

“The bra definitely fits well,” she said running her fingers under Jenny’s breasts, “and the top looks adorable, its very sexy, don’t you think?”

“Yes I do mom, I like it very much,” replied Jenny looking down at her mom.

“This skirt goes so well with your long slim legs,” Dawn said as ran her fingers over it. “Let me have a look under here,” Dawn said lifting the skirt up around Jenny’s waist. Jenny thought this a little odd but after all this was her mother and they often walked around the place in their underwear; this wasn’t much different. Dawn sat back a little and admired the sexy image in front of her, “they seem to fit really well Jenny, do you like them?”

“I do mom, they feel great against my skin” replied Jenny looking down.

“I can see that,” said Dawn with a wry smile as she softly but quickly brushed her fingertips over Jenny’s damp panties.

Jenny blushed. Dawn then ran her hands down Jenny’s stockings checking that the seams were straight at the back and then lastly she admired Jenny’s shoes.

“How you finding your shoes for comfort?” Dawn asked.

“They are growing on me,” replied Jenny, “they are easier to walk in now than when I first put them on.

“Ah you have a good posture, and you having your mothers high arch helps too,” laughed Dawn as she ran her fingers over Jenny’s feet. “You look perfect,” said Dawn as she glanced at her watch and then out of the window.

Jenny noticing this asked what she was expecting.

“Oh you aunt Nes is coming over, she wants to see you on your birthday, she has a gift for you too and she said that she’d be around about four and looks like she is running a little late” replied Dawn once again glancing at her watch.

“I had better go and get changed then,” replied Jenny as she turned to leave.

“Why do you want to change?” asked Dawn with a smile.

“Well I cant wear this when she is here, can I?” replied Jenny in an almost sarcastic tone.

“I think you should wear it all, you look great, now sit down and I will fix you a drink,” commanded Dawn as she watched until Jenny sat down.

Dawn went to the drink cabinet and made Jenny a strong drink. She handed it to Jenny, “here drink this it’ll make you relax a little.” Jenny took the drink and had a sip. She screwed her face up.

“Has this got alcohol in it mom?” she asked through her displeasure.

“Yes dear, but now you are eighteen, you are allowed to drink, now drink it up and I promise that you’ll feel better” said Dawn in a very quiet soothing tone.

“Well ok mom” replied Jenny as she took a bigger gulp, screwing her face up even more as she tasted the strong alcohol. But after a couple of gulps she had emptied the glass.

“Good girl” said her mother taking the glass from her, “and here is Auntie Nes.”

Dawn walked out to the front door to meet Nes while Jenny tried to make her skirt longer, it only just covered her stocking tops. Dawn welcomed Auntie Nes, Jenny heard them kiss in the corridor before dawn led Nes into the room.

Auntie Nes wasn’t really Jenny’s aunt; she was just an old friend of her mothers. She was just a little younger that Jenny’s mom, she was a very pretty woman with huge breasts and a slim waist. She was shorter than Jenny with long brown hair. As she walked in she started singing happy birthday to Jenny, and then stopped once she actually saw her.

“Oh my goodness, where has my little girl gone?” she said, “there seems to be a sexy young lady instead.”

Jenny blushed some more as she stood up, “Hi Auntie Nes, thank you.”

“Hey I’ve told you before, just call me Nes, this Auntie crap makes me feel old” she said smiling while checking out Jenny’s sexy new look. Jenny just smiled and sat back down.

“Dawn get me that bag there would you babe?” said Nes calling out to Dawn who was still out in the hallway.

Dawn walked in with a largish bag that contained two separate boxes. “Here you go babe,” said Nes as she handed them over to Jenny.

“Thank you Auntie Nes, sorry, Nes,” said Jenny as she was given the gifts.

“Open that one first,” said Nes pointing to the larger box.

Jenny picked that one up first and tore the paper from it. Inside was shoebox. Jenny flipped the lid and looked inside. She grabbed a shoe and pulled it out. In her hand she held a six-inch clear heel and soled stiletto platform shoe. Jenny just stared at the shoe for a minute; it looked like the ones that she had seen in a porno movie several months ago.

“Try them on babe!” said Nes looking on.

Jenny looked over to her mother who was also grinning and she nodded. Jenny slid her other shoes off and slid these new ones on. First the right foot and then the left. She stood up and walked around.

“Thank you Nes they are beautiful,” Jenny said as she bent over to kiss her. At this moment Jenny became very conscious that in bending over she had just given her mother a glimpse of her butt and probably her wet panties too. Jenny blushed and sat back down quickly. Jenny then picked up the second box and began to un-wrap it. It was a black box smaller than a shoebox; she prized the lid open and reached inside. She grabbed something and pulled it out. In her hand was a twelve-inch rubber dildo. Jenny first reaction was to drop it, but then she thought it might upset Nes.

“Um thank you Nes,” said Jenny keeping the dildo at arms length.

Jenny had a rather embarrassed looked over at her mother who was looking directly at the dildo with her mouth slightly open and a focused look in her eyes. Dawn stood up and walked over to Jenny, picking the dildo from her.

She turned to Nes, “she won’t be able to take all of that?” she said with concern in her voice.

“Of course she can, if you can she can” replied Nes, her eyes fixed on Jenny.

Jenny was starting to worry, she didn’t know what was going on but she wasn’t sure she liked the sound of it.

Dawn stopped and looked again at her watch, “the car should be here soon,” she said to Nes.

At that moment a large black Lexus pulled up outside the house and tooted the horn.

“What timing?” said Dawn as she walked out to the hallway, grabbed her handbag and a large black bag. She walked back into the room and put her hand out to Jenny. Jenny stood up.

“Where we going mom?” asked Jenny with concern in her voice.

“Don’t you worry about that Jenny, I’ll tell you all you need to know in the car on the way there, “just come with me now, oh and call me Dawn from now on, ok?”

“Ok” said Jenny as she walked out of the front door and climbed into the car followed by Nes. Her mother came around the other side of the car so that they were on either side of Jenny. Jenny noticed that her mother still had the dildo in her hand. Dawn noticed her looking and handed it back to Jenny. She took it and held it, not knowing quite what to do with it.

“Let’s go,” said Dawn to the driver.

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