High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 07

Face Riding

“Allen are you with us?” My boss asked when he realized that I wasn’t paying attention to what he was explaining.

Little did he know that I was actually thinking about Kay and how wildly she had acted the night before and how much wilder she might act tonight?

“I’m listening Frank.” I said hoping he’d just go on with his normal sales pep talk that he ends every weekly sales meeting with.

It’s always the same. Get out there and sell sell sell and make more money for me. Frank is an asshole and if I had the chance I’d tell him to stick his job when the sun doesn’t shine. Unfortunately there aren’t too many sales jobs as easy as mine so I put up with his weekly dribble.

This particular Wednesday afternoon I wanted to get the fuck out as soon as possible and he apparently wanted to drive home the point that he wanted more from his sales department.

Frank didn’t complete driving until nearly five forty five and on top of that he asked me to stay after the meeting for a private pep talk.

“Allen you’re my top guy but I really would appreciate it if you could at least look interested in what I have to say during our sales meetings.” Frank started.

“I apologize Frank I’m a little distracted today.” I offered as an explanation for why I was day dreaming earlier.

Frank questioned me more. “Is your ex bustin your balls again?” He asked.

Since Frank was the one who put up with me taking so much time off during my divorce he just assumed that was what was distracting me.

“Actually Frank it’s something a lot more enjoyable.” I replied.

“Oh really Allen you got a new lady in your life.” He asked It was none of his frickin business but I figured I’d play along with him.

“As a matter of fact Frank you’re absolutely right and she’s waiting for me right now.” I answered.

Frank leaned back in his chair and said. “So what the fuck are you doing here then Allen.” A huge shit eating grin on his face.

It was six ten by the time I pulled out of the lot and headed toward Kurtz House. Rush hour was winding down. I made fairly good time I even stopped by the grocery and picked up a couple things including a bottle of maraschino cherries so that if Kay wanted a manhattan tonight I’d be ready to garnish it properly.

Balancing the grocery bag on one arm I slipped my key into the lock of my door. I stepped into a completely dark apartment. The digital clock on my DVD player read six forty five. Kay must have tired of waiting and went home I thought.

“Damn.” I said out loud verbalizing my disappointment.

I dropped the groceries on the kitchen counter and opened a bottle of beer.

I should have called her cell when I got out of the office but honestly I figured she’d wait till I got home no matter how late it was.

I walked toward my bed room to see if the bed was delivered. As I neared the doorway I detected the faint smell of perfume. A smell I’ve enjoyed before.

Pushing the door open I was stopped dead in my tracks. Kay hadn’t left she was waiting patiently for me. The bed was positioned across the far corner of the room. As expected the bed was made up with red satin sheets. Brass posts gleaming in the dim light of two jar candles on small night stands on either side. Tucked in the corner behind the head board was a ceiling height plant with long feathery leaves that cascaded over the top rail of the head board. What appeared to be a Lane cedar chest sat at the bottom of the bed

Kay’s supple figure was lying on the bed not moving just reclined there silently. She was wearing a black leather corset that had no breast cups. Her full succulent tits held firmly in place by the corset’s stays. Completely exposed nipples already hard pointed toward the ceiling. Between her open thighs her naked pussy shimmered with moisture the swollen lips clearly showing that she’d been pleasuring her self before I arrived. Her long sexy legs were covered with silk stockings held up by a half dozen garter straps. She had on a pair of stiletto heels that had a strap tightly around her ankle. On the outside of each was a small metal hoop which had a black strap attached. Those twin straps ran out and bound her legs to the outside posts of the foot board.

Her arms stretched outward and slightly up. Matching straps were tightly bound around her wrists but not yet attached to the head board. As I walked along side the bed I looked at her face. Her full sensual lips were the color of blood red. Moist and shimmering in the dim candle light. Her eyes were covered by a full black blind fold. The red hair that normally framed her lovely face was gelled back tightly against her scalp. A black leather choke collar circled her sexy neck and just under her chin a metal ring was anchored in the collar where a slut leash could be attached.

I hadn’t spoken a word since I pushed the door open but Kay knew I was there. Her tits rose and fell in a rhythmic pace equal to her breathing.

She hadn’t moved a muscle since I walked in lying completely still.

“Take kuşadası escort me baby.” Kay finally whispered.

I reached out and pinched a nipple. Kay gasped.

Moving to the head of the bed I picked up the end of one strap and bound that arm tightly stretching it as far as her muscles would allow.

As I walked slowly toward the foot of the bed I pinched that nipple again.

Kay moaned softly.

Rounding the foot I grasped the other strap and bound her other arm as tightly as the first.

I pinched the other nipple.

Kay groaned louder.

Slowly walking again to the foot of the bed I stopped to gaze upon the sexual treat spread eagle before me.

“Open the trunk.” Kay whispered.

I bent down and lifted the lid. Spread evenly over a white comforter folded neatly in the bottom of the trunk was all kinds of sex toys. Dildos nipple clamps several whips and what appeared to be a long handled shoe horn a jockey’s whip a set of chrome anal balls and a black gag ball with an elastic strap.

“Use me baby.” Kay whispered.

I tossed the nipple clamps one whip that had several whipping tongs and the gag ball up beside my bound mature sex toy and dropped the long handled shoe horn between her sexy spread eagle legs.

As I stripped naked my cock swelled becoming totally erect in anticipation of what I was about to experience.

As Kay felt the weight of my knee on the mattress she moaned softly knowing her wait was nearly at an end. I picked up the nipple clamps one in each hand and simultaneously attached them to her taut erect nipples.

I moved over her straddling her supple body my knees sliding over the slippery fabric. Kay groaned as my body weight descended on top of her and my rock hard cock rubbed against her abdomen.

I gazed down at her blind folded face. Red hair and redder lips perfectly matching the red satin she was bound over.

“Talk dirty to me baby.” Kay said in a most seductive voice quickly adding. “Do me rough!”

I picked up the whip and slowly drug it over her tits. Kay twisted her shoulders trying to keep contact with the leather tips touching her sensitive flesh.

I hadn’t spoken a word since entering the room.

But Kay was very talkative for a mature submissive.

“Whip me Allen!” She exclaimed.

I struck her tits with the leather tips.

“Oh god YES!” She exclaimed.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” I exclaimed.

Kay moaned deeply and tried to pull her arms free.

Holding the handle of the whip centered on her succulent cleavage I twisted my wrist and the leather tongs slapped against the outside of her right breast.

She groaned and said “YES!”

Dragging the tips in I twisted my wrist in the opposite direction cracking their ends against the outside of the other breast.

“Oh god baby yes whip my big tits.” Kay exclaimed.

“I told you to shut up slut!” I exclaimed again.

Kay’s shimmering red lips parted as her bondage induced excitement built.

I reached behind me and slid the long shoe horn under one elastic garter strap and slipped in between her wet pussy lips knowing her own movements would cause the horn to slide around inside.

“Yes Allen I need something inside my cunt.” She whispered.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up bitch I’ll have to shut you up.” I demanded.

I slid up her supple body until my rock hard cock was resting between her soft tits.

She cooed softly as my raging cock pressed between warm tit flesh.

Kay started rocking her hips realizing she could fuck her self with the shoe horn held in place under her garter.

Holding the whip handle in one hand I used it to press her big tit inward against my cock. I spit into her deep cleavage lubricating her hot flesh.

“Oh god yes baby fuck my titties.” Kay exclaimed.

I released her tits and twisted at the waist so I could crack the leather thongs against her ass and thigh.

“That’s it you fucking cunt. I’ll have to shut you up!” I almost screamed

Kay moaned knowing what was about to happen.

“Open your mouth slut!” I demanded.

Kay complied spreading her sexy shimmering lips as wide as possible.

I paused for only a moment as an image of my raging cock being stuffed between those sexy red lips flashed through my mind.

Resisting that urge I opted instead for the bondage of the gag ball. I stretched the straps and pressed the ball into her mouth. Kay sank her teeth into it totally accepting her fate.

Reaching down I pushed the plastic connecting clamp into its receiving end securing the black gag ball in her mouth. As I slid my hands from her neck I hooked a finger under the head band of her blindfold and pulled it from her head.

Kay’s eyes were closed but she instantly opened them. She had taken the time to apply mascara extending her lashes and dark eye shadow giving her eyes the look of the submissive slut she wanted.

Kay continued rocking her pelvis kuşadası escort bayan pleasuring her self with the broad part of the shoe horn inserted in her wet cunt.

“I’m going to fuck your big tits slut!” I exclaimed.

Kay no longer able to speak could only shake her head yes and moan deeply through the ball I just stuffed between her lips.

I spit again between her big tits and dropped the whip using my palms to press her soft wet cleavage tightly around my raging cock.

“You want me to fuck these beautiful big tits and cum all over your face don’t you slut?” I questioned her.

She nodded again trying to say yes through the gag ball. Her breathing came in short gasps through her nose as I slowly began fucking her twin orbs of pleasure. My cock head piercing her cleavage and sliding along her hot flesh toward that slut collar.

“Your tits are so hot bitch.” I said.

The deep cleavage between her tits shimmered with spit and I deposited another mouth full for good measure.

Kay tried to shake her shoulders but the straps that bound her to the bed held firmly not allowing her to move more than a tiny bit.

“You love when I fuck these big tits don’t you cunt!” I belched at her.

“Ahuh.” Kay managed to say through the ball that filled her mouth.

I increase the rhythm of my thrusts through her soft cleavage and every few strokes I’d pulled my raging cock from between and stroke it while slapping the flaring head against the clamped nipples or the soft flesh surrounding them.

“I’m gonna jerk off all over your sexy face slut.” I exclaimed.

“Ahuh.” Kay responded.

“Fuck these big tits and then shot my load all over your long eye lashes and red lips.” I continued.

I could see from her eyes that Kay loved dirty talk as they opened wider when I told her I was gonna plaster them with my hot cum. “I bet you wish you could suck this big cock don’t you cunt!” I exclaimed as I continued slamming my cock between her soft wet tits.

“Ahuh.” Kay replied.

Her deep throaty moans acknowledging I was turning her on immensely with my foul language.

“You know what slut? After I plaster you’re sexy face with hot cum I’m gonna turn you over and strap you down again. I’ll let you deep throat the biggest dildo in your toy box while I stuff your ass with balls and slam another dildo inside that hot cunt of yours.” I said.

“AHUH!” Kay exclaimed loudly.

“You like that idea don’t ya cunt.” I said all the while tit fucking her brutally.

I reached down and released the nipple clamps tossing them aside. “Let’s see if you like me hurting these sweet nipples.” I asked as I pinched both hard.

Kay groaned and arched her back lifting her chest against my hands.

“Yeah I thought a slut like you would like that.” I exclaimed as I pinched her nipples harder.

Kay grimaced in pain but didn’t want me to stop.

Her sweet soft tits and deep wet cleavage were beginning to have their affect on me. I could feel my cock head going numb as I approached orgasm.

“You want me to jerk off on your face slut?” I asked.

“AHUH!” Kay exclaimed through the muffle of the gag ball clenched between her teeth.

I lifted my pulsing hard on from between those soft fuckable tits and slid up easily on the satin sheets so my balls were resting in her cleavage and my cock head was even with her chin.

I stroked my cock slowly sliding my fingers up over the sensitive flaring corona. My numbness spread through out my loins as an awesome climax built.

Kay’s eyes got big as saucers as I stroked my cock. She knew that I was about to cum and wanted to watch every drop shoot from the tiny slit at the tip of my cock head.

“I’m almost there slut. Get ready for a hot cum facial.” I exclaimed.

“AHUH!” Kay once again moaned shaking her head up and down urging me to shower her with my hot cum.

I squeezed my rock hard shaft tightly just below the wide corona letting the pressure of cum build in my shaft as my balls pumped hot stick cum toward the tip.

Kay lifted her head from the bed giving me a most sexy target for the load of hot cum I had trapped in my cock shaft.

“ARRRRGHHHHH!” I screamed as the pressure built to a fever pitch and my cock spewed forth a huge thick sticky wad of hot cum.

It shot out and over her gagged mouth landing squarely between her eye brows and down over the bridge of her nose. A thick sticky coating that extended over her shimmering red lip and the black gag ball tightly stuffed between her teeth.

“HMMMMMMM!” Kay moaned as some of the hot cum seeped around the ball and into her mouth.

A second huge wad of cum splattered on her cheek and ran down toward her temple and over her ear.

As I continued stroking my throbbing cock and my balls pumped every drop possible up the shaft and through the slit at the tip I asked her. “You like my cum bath cunt?”

She nodded her head yes and somehow was able to beg. “More!”

I escort kuşadası reached up and leaned against the head board with my free hand and slowly stroked my cock as more hot sticky cum oozed from me and dropped on her lower lip and chin.

Lowering my cock head to her face I began smearing cum around her mouth over her cheeks and chin. The first sticky load had slowly run down into the corners of her sexy eyes and when she blinked tiny strings of my hot cum stretched from upper to lower eye lashes.

“What a sexy cum slut your are bitch.” I remarked as my orgasm subsided but I continued smearing her with stick cum.

I reached down and behind her head unsnapping the strap that held her gag tightly. Kay bit into the ball holding it in place but I lifted it from her mouth. A long sticky string of cum stretched from her lips to the ball as I slowly lifted it from her.

Kay sucked that string down into her mouth and begged. “Fuck my mouth baby!”

I slipped my softening cock between cum coated red lips and Kay immediately began sucking it. I pushed down stuffing my cock in her mouth as she groaned deeply finally getting the full taste of my sticky cum.

I pulled back and my cock slipped from her hot mouth.

“I want more baby! Give me all your cum.” Kay pleaded.

Using my cock and the fingers of my free hand I collected as much cum from her face as I could and offered it to her holding my fingers just above her stretched open mouth.

It dribbled off my fingers onto her extended tongue and she again sucked that string of cum into her waiting mouth.

“Eat that cum you slut!” I exclaimed.

I ran one finger down over her nose collecting the cum that still clung there and dipped my finger between her lips. Kay greedily sucked every drop from my fingers. As I sat there staring down at this mature sex vixen I couldn’t imagine anything hotter. I’ve shot my load on other faces but none so wanting of a hot sticky cum bath as Kay.

“Ouuuuu baby I love your hot cum. I love how it feels when it first shoots out of your cock and hits my skin. It’s so hot baby.” Kay said adding. “You can shoot that hot load on my face anytime you want baby.”

“Who the fuck said you could talk bitch.” I barked at her staying in my master role play character.

“Hmmmmmm.” Kay moaned hoping I’d at least allow her that kind of verbalization.

“I’m not finished with you yet CUNT!” I exclaimed emphasizing the word cunt.

As I slid off her sexy tits to one side I said. “Now bitch I’m gonna turn you over and give you the fuckin of your lifetime.”

“Ouuuuuuuu!” Kay exclaimed.

Before I unbound this mature tart I pulled the long shoe horn from her wet slit and rubbed it against her swollen clit. Kay moaned deeply as the hard wide plastic massaged her sensitive hard clit.

“I’m going to undo your bounds slut. If you move a fuckin muscle I’ll whip you so fuckin hard.” I warned.

I quickly undid the straps that held her tightly to the bed and then demanded. “Now bitch turn over and pull your knees up.”

Kay did as I demanded sticking her sexy ass up in the air and stretching her arms out toward the head board.

“Don’t you fucking move slut!” I barked as I started strapping her arms to the bed again.

Kay turned her head and watched as I secured each arm her wanton expression telling me she wanted my brutal assault on her sexy mature body to continue.

Rather then binding her legs to the bed I used the straps to pulled her ankles up tightly against the back of her sexy thighs binding her so she couldn’t stretch her legs out.

I stepped back and looked at the position I’d bound her in. Her forearms flat on the bed but bent at the elbows so her head shoulders and tits were lifted off the red satin bedding. She could pull her legs up so she was on all fours but her black stiletto heels stuck up above her sexy ass.

“I think that’ll do slut!” I remarked.

I walked to the chest at the foot of the bed to gather the weapons I wanted for my continued assault on this sexy mature vixen.

Returning to where her head was positioned I placed an eight inch dildo between her mouth and the bed.

“Suck it bitch!” I exclaimed.

Kay lowered her mouth over the cock and closed her shimmering red lips around its shaft.

“I hope you still have lots of cum lubricating your throat bitch because I want to see you swallow every fucking inch of this big cock.” I barked.

I moved to her hips and using one hand slapped her full sexy ass. I spread her soaking wet cunt lips apart. My free hand positioned an even bigger dildo at the entrance to that wet fuck tunnel.

Kay couldn’t speak because to do so she would have to release the rubber cock she held firmly between her lips. But she could moan.

And moan she did as I pierced her steamy fuck flesh in one mighty plunge with a thick twelve inch black rubber cock.

“Ya like that big fucking black cock don’t you slut?” I asked.

“Hmmmmm.” Kay replied through a muffled cock filled mouth.

I pulled the now slippery black cock back out its length coated with fuck fluids from inside her hot wet cunt and slammed it into her again.

“Ouuuuuu.” Kay exclaimed as the giant black dildo rubbed over her g-spot and slammed into her cervix.

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