High School Reunion


Greg checked himself in the mirror of his hotel room before he left. He debated between wearing a sweater or a sport coat, but finally opted for the sweater. Looking in the mirror, he was glad he had been working out regularly over the past year. After his divorce, he transferred to an office in a different city, where he didn’t know anyone. He buried himself in his work so that he wouldn’t have a lot of idle time to get depressed. He decided it was a good time to finally get in shape, so he was hitting the gym regularly.

He ran his fingers through his hair one last time. Deciding he looked pretty good, he took a deep breath and headed out the door.

His 20th High School Reunion was in the party room on the top floor, so he hit the up button. He was happy there was no one in the elevator; he was afraid there would be old classmates and he’d embarrass himself by not remembering their names.

Last night, before leaving for the trip, he pulled out his senior year yearbook and looked at all the seniors’ pictures. Of course, with over 500 students in his graduation class, he couldn’t possibly know everyone.

There were four categories of pictures: people who were his friends, people he knew enough to say hi but wouldn’t really call them friends, people whose names sounded familiar or faces looked familiar but he couldn’t really remember much about them, and people whom he was sure didn’t really go to high school with him. How did those pictures get in there? And there seemed to be a lot in that last group.

When he got off the elevator, he walked over to the check-in table. He immediately groaned to himself. The name tags all had large versions of each person’s senior picture. He HATED his senior picture; he thought he looked like a goof. His ex-wife always told him she thought he looked cute, but he was never convinced. Of course, having these pictures on the name tags made sense; unless you kept up your relationship with people, this is how they looked when you last knew them.

He said hi to Billy as he checked in; he was glad he remembered him. Then he peeled off his name tag, stuck it on his sweater, and walked into the big room.

The room was very bright, with four huge chandeliers. Two full walls of windows looked out onto the business park, which wasn’t there during his high school years, and the shopping mall. Greg smiled as he saw the shopping mall lit up at night. Although it had gone through many renovations, it was still the same mall he visited a million times as a kid. He could picture himself walking with his friends or his mother through the various stores. He thought it was appropriate to celebrate their reunion right next to the mall.

There were a number of banquet tables decorated with simple flowers, votive candles, and balloons, in the red and white school colors, floating high. Those tables were surrounded with chairs. There were also a number of high-top tables, without chairs, where people could set down a drink or plate of appetizers while they talked. The invitation said “Appetizers and light dinner food”, and two drink tickets were included in the price of admission.

Danny was the first person to walk up to Greg. Greg didn’t need to look at his name tag to know who it was — Danny definitely looked like an older version of the way he looked in high school. They exchanged a friendly handshake and started catching up. They quickly started reminiscing about the high school days and were exchanging funny stories. Adam walked over to join them, and the laughs continued. Greg felt comfortable with these old friends.

After a bit, he started walking around to see others. It was really awkward to stare at people’s name tags to figure out who they were. It was particularly awkward with women, since looking at their name tags made it look like you were staring at their chests. Greg had some quick conversations with a number of people, including some he could not remember at all from high school.

At one point he looked toward the opposite side of the room, and he broke into a huge smile. Julie was looking directly at him, and she, too, had a huge smile on her face. They each started walking toward each other and met in tight hug, followed by a cheek-to-cheek air kiss.

“Hello, Greg, I’m so happy to see you!” Julie said, still smiling.

“Hi, Julie. I’m really happy to see you, too. When I missed the ten-year reunion, my only regret was that I didn’t get to see you.”

Greg was not lying; he really missed seeing Julie. In high school, he thought she was the most perfect woman he had ever met. She was smart, kind, funny and beautiful. For four years, he sat behind her in honors math and science classes because their last names followed each other alphabetically. Even though Greg was an awkward nerd and she was the most popular girl in school who dated the football quarterback, she was always nice to him. They were usually lab partners in science class, so he sometimes got together with her after school to write up their experiments.

The 1xbet yeni giriş years had been good to her. She was still beautiful with smooth skin. She still had long, straight, black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Freshman year she towered over Greg, but he went through a growth spurt in his late teens. Now, even in her three-inch heels, she was a couple of inches shorter than his six-foot height. Although Greg generally liked small-breasted women, her full-C chest looked fantastic to him. She was wearing a shiny burgundy sweater and a grey skirt.

“Wow, Greg, nice pick-up line!” she laughed.

“When did Greg become such a hunk,” she wondered to herself. She realized he got taller even after high school, and he clearly worked out. She thought he really looked good.

Julie always thought Greg was a nice guy. She knew he felt awkward with girls, and she’d try to boost his confidence back then. But she always thought he was a kind person who would do the right thing in any situation.

After they were talking for a few minutes, Kim walked up. Julie and Kim were always together in high school. Greg thought their friendship was a scientific study for opposites attract. Greg thought Kim was not smart, was definitely not kind — especially to him, and she was not funny. But the one thing they had in common was that she, too, was beautiful. In fact, she was probably the prettiest girl in the entire high school. And like Julie, she still looked good.

Greg had to admit that her smaller breasts, which were perfect for her body, were even nicer than Julie’s. She had high cheekbones, a small nose, beautiful blue eyes, and perfectly smooth, tanned skin. She was wearing a short, little black dress which showed off her thin legs. The V-neck bodice style showed off her breasts beautifully.

“Hi, Greg,” Kim said with a smile on her face. “Nice to see you.” Then she gave Greg a nice hug, which surprised him.

“Hi, Kim,” Greg replied, probably with a less-friendly attitude than he intended. “How are you doing?”

“Doing well, thank you. Wow, you look great! You’re not the shortest one in the class anymore,” she said with a chuckle.

The three of them talked for a bit, but then Kim saw another classmate walk in the door, and she excused herself.

“What got into her?” Greg asked Julie.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“She was nicer to me in the last five minutes than she was in all of high school. She never used to have a kind word for me.”

Julie laughed. “I think she’s grown up a bit. Life hasn’t been completely easy for her. She got married right out of college, and her husband was not good to her. It took her a while to get the courage to tell him to fuck off, and after her divorce, she went through a period of depression. But the last few years she’s been a changed woman. She’s changed her attitude toward other people, but she’s still got issues with self-esteem. And frankly, she still doesn’t trust guys. Hasn’t been with a guy in a long time.”

“I’m sorry she’s had a rough time. But I’m glad she’s not still the jerk she was in high school. Sorry, I know she was your best friend and all, but she really wasn’t very nice to some people. Including me.”

“I know,” Julie replied. “But she’s actually a good person now. We’re still very good friends and share everything.”

After another ten minutes of talking, Julie said, “Oh, there’s Maggie. I’m going to go say hi to her. Promise me we can talk more later?”

“Absolutely. Catch up with you later.”

Greg roamed the room and quickly found other classmates he knew, and they had some fun catching up. More than once, while talking with others, he looked around the room for Julie. Each time he found her, she was looking back at him and smiled. He always returned a big smile.

Shortly after the hotel staff started putting out the “light dinner” food, Julie came up to Greg.

“Wanna grab some food and sit at one of the tables?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’d really like that,” he replied.

They each got some food and sat down. Once again, they began talking like old friends who were never separated.

At one point, Julie asked, “How come you never asked me out in high school?”

Greg started laughing really loudly, causing some people at the surrounding tables to look at him. After he got control of himself, he said, “Because you looked like that,” pointing to her nametag with her high school picture, “and I looked like this,” as he pointed to his own picture. “You dated the football quarterback most of high school, occasionally switching to some other hunk. I could only fantasize about going out with you.”

“Did you fantasize about me, Greg?” she asked.

Greg turned a little red. “Of course I did. Along with half the boys.”

“Well, for the record,” Julie continued, “I think your picture is cute.”

“Cute!” Greg repeated. “That’s how my ex-wife used to describe this picture. Not only don’t I think I looked cute, but 18-year-old guys don’t love 1xbet giriş being called cute.”

Until that moment, Julie hadn’t realized Greg was divorced. They talked about a lot, but that never came up.

“Well just for the record,” Julie replied, “I don’t think you’re cute anymore. A good-looking hunk, but not cute.” They both laughed.

Kim walked up and sat on the other side of Greg. For a change, Greg was actually happy she joined them. The three of them talked for a while, and everyone was having fun.

“Well,” Greg finally said, “as much as I enjoy sitting with the two best-looking women in this room, I’m sure there are lots of other folks you want to talk to. So, I’ll make it easy for you and be the first to leave. But promise we can still talk some more later?”

Kim looked at Julie, and said, “Gee, Julie, what do you think? This was pretty painful, sitting with a really nice guy and laughing about the old days. You’d never want to continue this later, right?”

“I don’t know, Kimmy. Maybe we could try later just so we don’t hurt his feelings. But don’t tell him that’s why we’re going to find him later, okay?”

Greg pushed his chair back, laughing. “Okay, you two. Hope you’re having fun with me. See you both later.”

After Greg walked away, Julie and Kim stood up.

“When did he get so good looking?” Kim asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since high school, but obviously the years have been good to him. And he’s in really good shape,” Julie answered. “Makes a girl wonder…,” her voice trailed off.

“Hey, you’re married,” Kim said. “If anyone gets to play with him, it should be me!”

They both laughed as they went off to talk to some other friends.

Greg was having a good time talking to lots of different people in short bursts. But he was still surprised that every time he seemed to see Julie, she was looking directly at him and smiling. Obviously, she wasn’t staring at him the whole night, but it was just so strange that she was looking at him at the exact same time he found her.

At one point Greg grabbed a coke and sat down at one of the empty tables in a back corner of the room to take a break. Two minutes later, Julie and Kim walked up.

“Oh, look, the poor boy has no friends,” Kim said. “Should we sit with him so he doesn’t start crying?”

“That’s very kind of you, Kim,” Julie replied. “You always were good to Greg in high school.”

This brought a loud laugh from all three of them, and the two women sat down on either side of Greg. They picked up their conversation from earlier and continued talking for another half hour. By then, some people were starting to leave. Julie looked at Kim, and Kim stood up.

“It was really nice to see you tonight, Greg.”

Greg stood up and gave Kim a friendly hug. She actually had been very nice to him tonight, and, much to his surprise, he actually enjoyed talking to her. After she walked away, Greg sat back down next to Julie. Because they were tucked away in a back corner, they could see everyone in the room.

“Did you have a good time tonight seeing people?” Julie asked.

“Actually, I did. Before I got here, I wasn’t sure how many people I really wanted to talk to, but it was nice to catch up with people. But I’m quite serious when I say the most important person I wanted to see tonight was you. I’m really glad we got to spend so much time together, Julie. I’ve thought about you a lot.”

“It was good to see you, too. But it doesn’t have to end yet. A bunch of people are heading out to some bar up the street to keep the party going. If you wanted to, we could go there.” Then she leaned in very close to Greg’s ear just as she put her hand on the inside of his thigh very high and very close to his dick. In a very quiet voice, she said, “Or we could have a private party in my room. Just you and me. I’d really like that.”

Greg sat motionless for half a second. There was nothing more than he’d like to do than have a private party with Julie. And her hand, so close to his dick, was causing him to get hard.

He turned to her with a big smile on his face. “I’d like that very much.”

“Do me a favor, please. Stand up, hug me goodbye, and then wait about ten minutes before coming to my room. It’s 1015.”

Greg’s heart was already beating hard. Julie stood up, and he followed. They gave each other a hug, but Julie pulled him very hard against her and could feel his hard dick. She whispered, “Can’t wait to see you. Remember, 1015”.

As soon as Julie walked away, Greg sent himself a text message that said 1015. He sat at the table by himself for a couple of minutes, waiting for his hardon to go down so he didn’t look like an idiot when he stood up.

Julie said goodbye to some folks and walked out the door. Greg looked at his watch to make sure he wasn’t overanxious. He assumed Julie didn’t want anything to look obvious. Greg started saying goodbye to people, too, checking his watch about every 30 seconds hoping eight minutes had 1xbet güvenilirmi passed. When the time finally came, he headed out the door and to the elevators. He went to his room, brushed his teeth, and headed back to the elevators. When he got to Room 1015, he took a deep breath and knocked softly on the door. Julie opened it with the sweetest smile and stepped back so he could walk in.

As soon as she closed the door, she put her arms around Greg and gave him a very big hug. Neither of them said anything. When Greg broke the hug, he put his hands on her waist and looked at her with a very serious look.

“Look, Julie, you have no idea how excited you got me when you asked me to come here. And, believe me, there is nothing more I’d rather do than make love to you. But you’re married. Are you going to regret this when we’re done? Are you going to hate me when we’re done? I don’t want…” he wasn’t sure how to continue.

“Wow, you are still the nicest guy in the world. Knowing how I think you feel, you’re still worried about my marriage. Well, the truth is you won’t be ruining my marriage. That actually happened about six months ago when my husband decided his twenty-something new hire was a much better fuck than I am.”

Greg’s eyes widened as she spoke.

“I won’t be married much longer; papers were filed last week. And for the record, I’ve been with no one, besides my husband, for fifteen years. And when I found out he was fucking the bitch, I got tested. I am clean. I can show you my test results.”

Greg laughed. “I think I can trust you. But I’m sorry about your marriage.”

“Don’t be,” Julie replied. “The last couple of years we drifted apart. This just makes it easier. Now can we get back to the part where you fuck me?”

Greg quickly grabbed both her hands in his and pulled them straight up over her head. He pushed her against the door and put his body flat against her. Julie gasped from the sudden maneuver, but quickly recovered when Greg put his lips on hers and kissed her. His tongue slipped into her open mouth, then both tongues moved in his. Julie liked the feeling of his hard dick pushing against her, and she was moving her hips to grind on him as she made sweet moaning sounds.

While continuing to kiss and grind their pelvises, Greg bought both of their hands down. He released Julie’s hands and placed both of his on her breasts. As he squeezed, Julie let out quiet moans. After just a few seconds, Greg grabbed the sides of her sweater and started lifting it up. Julie raised her hands so he could pull the sweater over her head and over her arms. Greg looked at her breasts in her dark red lace bra and returned his hands them. He squeezed them again, bringing more moans from Julie.

Julie turned around, and Greg unhooked her bra. She turned around again, and Greg slipped the straps off her shoulders, bringing her ample breasts into view. Her not-too-large, red areolas surrounded thin, hard nipples.

Greg groaned loudly. He felt an incredible rush when he saw them, and he immediately took one nipple in his mouth and gave a hard suck. Julie moaned once again, loving the feeling. Greg moaned again, too. She put both hands behind his head to pull him harder against her breast, and Greg attacked her nipple with his tongue, circling it, flicking it, and sucking it. Without stopping his oral assault, he grabbed her other breast and gently squeezed it over and over.

Julie was already extremely wet as she reached down and rubbed Greg’s dick through his pants. This brought a loud groan from him. She started unbuttoning his shirt, and Greg helped complete the task. She pulled his undershirt over his head and quickly unbuckled his belt. She unhooked his pants, pulled down the zipper, and pushed his pants to the floor.

She knelt down, grabbed his dick through his underwear for a second, and then pulled down his underwear. She grabbed his dick and stuck it in her mouth, bringing loud groans from Greg. She hadn’t touched a new dick in over 15 years, and she was overcome with excitement.

After just a minute of oral, Greg pulled Julie up. He kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his pants and underwear, and pulled off his socks. Julie grabbed his dick and gave a few strokes. As she did, Greg reached behind her and unhooked and unzipped her skirt. He pushed it down and rubbed his entire hand over her wet, red panties, bringing more moans from Julie. He was too excited to do too much teasing; he wanted to see her pussy. He quickly pulled down her panties and felt another surge of arousal when he saw her dark landing strip and shaved, open, wet pussy lips.

He slowly kissed her landing strip, starting at the top and going down a little bit each time. Then he kissed her clit hood and gently swiped his tongue over it, bringing a loud groan from her. He stood up. Her high heels made her the perfect height for him to push his hard dick under her pussy and between her thighs. Sliding back and forth while caressing her breasts and kissing her again brought sweet moans from both of them.

After a couple of minutes, with both of them getting more and more worked up, Greg knelt down and helped Julie step out of her skirt and panties. He led her over to the bed, which he ripped open.

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