Highschool Sucks, Hard


I had been watching him for two months. Government can get really boring so a girl’s mind wanders to “other” things. I never worked up the courage to approach him, but finally he must have noticed me staring, because he started talking to me. One thing led to another, and over three weeks we had gone on seven dates. We got along really well even though I wasn’t nearly as popular or as good looking as him, and we had made out a few times. He was my first “boyfriend.” I’m really into studying, so I don’t get out much, but when I’m around him I relax and have so much fun. One night he took me to see a movie and we came out laughing and bumping shoulders. I don’t know what drove me, but as he pulled onto my street I told him to pull into the driveway. I wasked him if he wanted to talk a while and he said sure, so I suggested we move into the backseat so we would be more comfortable. Until I got quiet he didn’t suspect anything, but as soon as we were sitting close I looked down at my hands and swallowed. He tuned towards me and started toying with my hair and I gave him a sideways glance. He looked so good and I could smell his soap. casino siteleri I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned into him and placed my hand on his chest. He met me in the middle and we started kissing tenderly, and then firmly.

My hand slid lower as we made out. Finding the front of his jeans I patted him down. It didn’t take long to find the bulge following his left pant leg. Holy shit, I though. He’s big! Not that I had a lot of experience with bulges, just through pants and in movies. I moaned into his mouth at the thought of him inside me. I began to tease him with feather touches all over his shaft. Deciding to speed things up a little I straddled his legs and pulled back. He looked at me with wide eyes and licked his lips. I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth and moved to unzip his pants. I was being so bold I think it startled him.

“Are you sure?” He searched my eyes. I gave him my best effort of a sexy smile and reached into his boxers. As my hand made contact with hot rigid flesh I heard his intake of breath. Placing my hand around his width, I pulled him out, stroked him up and güvenilir casino down and made a move to position myself so my head was much closer. My hand traveled the entire length of him, smearing his pre-cum all along his stiff prick, and as I got close enough to kiss it I could smell the musky male scent of him. I looked up at him without moving my head as I took the tip in my mouth just like a popsicle. His eyes rolled back into his head and he whispered “So good,” barely loud enough for me to hear. I rolled the bottom of my tong on the underside of his shaft and gently scraped my teeth along the top: tricks any girl can learn from a more “experienced” friend. I was rewarded with a groan and his hand in my hair.

As his moans got louder I took him deeper into my throat moving fast so I wouldn’t choke. As my head was bobbing at a feverish pace he gripped my hair harder and thrust his hips upward each time I came down. Soon I could feel him tensing. My hand resting on his stomach felt the muscles ripple and I moved to grip his balls as I shoved his cock as far down my throat as it would go. I gently massaged canlı casino him in time to his thrusts and he rasped out “I’m cumming.” In just enough time for me to leave him down my throat. I felt spurts of warm cum going down my throat and I sucking him dry. As he finished I started bobbing my head again slowly to clean him off. He pulled me off an up to his mouth for a passionate kiss. And to think, most of my friends say gus don’t kiss girls after you give them head! After a while his hands roamed over my breast, tweaking my already hard nipples through my sweater. He pulled my leg back over his and I could feel he was hard again already.

Before it could go any further I warned him. “It’s about time I have to get home,” and I nipped playfully at his nose. He sighed and agreed. Regretfully I placed his impressive length back into his jeans and he nuzzled my neck.

“What did you think, not bad for my first time huh?” he stared at me with a sexy grin and retorted.

“You sure you’ve never done that before?”

“See I told you not to make fun of me for reading so much!” He laughed and kissed me lightly.

“I guess I’ll have to do a little studying for next time, huh?”

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“You passed your exam with flying colors, I can’t let you show me up now can I?” I blushed a deep red and bit my lip.

“No, I guess you can’t.”

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