His Little Belly Dancer Ch. 05


**Readers: I highly recommend you read chapters 3 and 4 before this one if you’re not familiar with my work on this series.**

Sienna’s almond brown eyes fluttered open as the golden sun kissed her face through the lace curtains of the cabin. She inhaled deeply through her nose. Reaching out, she found Mike to be missing from the bed; however, her hand brushed something else on his pillow: a small bouquet of wild flowers tied with a string. She lifted her head off the pillow to examine it — sunflowers, daffodils, buttercups, Queen Ann’s Lace, and even a few wild roses.

She brought them to her button nose and inhaled deeply. A smile spread across her lips. “They’re so beautiful,” she said quietly. As she turned the bouquet, she saw a small note attached to the string:

The beauty of these pales compared to you.

Love, Mike PS: That felt good to write “love.”

Sienna’s smile widened as she read Mike’s simple, tender words. Gently, she set them back on the pillow. She tosses the fluffy comforter aside and walked towards the bathroom. Chill bumps formed on her naked skin and her nipples became erect at the slight chill in the air.

Leaning over the sink, she brushed her teeth vigorously. She prided herself on her dazzling white smile. (Besides, who wants to be kissed with morning breath?) Her attention turned to the shower, which was next on her morning routine.

Meanwhile, Mike was busy in the cabin kitchen. He was prepping a mouth watering breakfast: home made French toast with emphasis on the vanilla and almond flavoring; fresh squeezed orange juice without the pulp; filtered water for Sienna; and butter cream frosting lightly drizzled over the French toast. He completed the tray and wiped his hands on his lounge pants.

Sienna felt so refreshed after her shower. A smiled never left her face as she thought about the uninhibited sex Mike and her had the night before. She noted how tight her abs felts from her mind blowing orgasm.

She opened the bay doors wide as the wind blew through the lace curtains. Sienna walked out onto the cherry stained wrap around deck. The woods were picture perfect as the sun rose into the blue sky. The fresh air filled her nose as she inhaled. She heard Mike’s footsteps enter the room. Her towel hit the deck with a light thud. Sienna stood naked on the deck as the sun kissed every part of her skin.

Mike smiled, without looking at the bed., “Morning, baby girl!”

Sienna grinned from the deck, “Hi, Mike.”

His attention snapped to the deck, not expecting to see her there. Mike did a double take as Sienna crossed her arms, causing her 38C breasts to round out. Mike never accused himself of being quick to process things, but this, he certainly did. “You’re on the deck.” Sienna nodded with a naughty smile. Mike stammered, “You – you’re on the deck and naked.” He was in a slight stupor. He scanned his twenty-three year old girlfriend from head to cute toenails: damp, long auburn hair; light almond brown eyes; button nose; radiant smile; luscious lips; full, round 38C breasts accented by the tanzanite pendant he gave to her the night before; curvy, sexy size 16 waist; supple thighs, legs, and arms.

Sienna smiled and winked. She “come hither”-ed him with her index finger. Mike obeyed, graciously. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Raising up on her tip toes, she gave the curve of his ear a slight lick. Mike’s kissable lips curved into a smile. He closed his smoky blue eyes as she ran her fingers over his brush cut light brown hair. Sienna pressed her breasts to his bare chest, the slight hair on his feeling a bit to her.

Mike wrapped his hands around her and caressed the small of her back. As he did this, Sienna tugged at the waistband of his hunter green lounge pants. Mike captured her hands with his and brought them to his chest. She slowly ran her hands down to his tummy. “Don’t poke my fat,” Mike whispered with a smile.

Sienna hushed him with a kiss. “You’re not fat, Mike.” She could feel herself getting wet with sexual desire. Sienna pressed her hips towards his. Mike smiled as he picked her up and set her on the wide railing of the deck. A chair was within his reach, so he dragged it over and sat down. wolf like me izle This gave him perfect access to her tight, wet pussy.

He smiled as he began to slowly lick around her freshly shaved pussy lips. At thirty one years old, this was still his favorite choice of foreplay. Sienna shuddered at the feel and smiled. Gently, he parted them, exposing her clit. Mike’s tongue felt like warm satin as it glided down to her opening. Sienna encouraged him to stay there by gently placing her hands on the back of his head. Mike was happy to oblige.

Gently, he began to suck on her clit, sending shivers through her body. Sienna tipped back slightly to give him access to a lot more. Her sweet juices were already running out of her an onto the wide railing. As Mike rolled his tongue around her clit, he slid his middle finger inside her tight pussy. Sienna moaned in approval. Mike, adding to her pleasure, hooked his finger to his her G-spot. More feelings of ecstasy flooded her body. That made her want to cum hard, and Mike knew it.

However, he pulled her down from the railing and hugged her. Sienna sighed as her tight pussy tingled with delight. Mike whispered, “How about we go for a walk?” Sienna cocked her head to the side, a bit wondrous. She nodded and grinned.

Suddenly, she took off running across the field behind the cabin; her drying hair auburn hair flowing, and her breasts bouncing greatly as she jumped around.

Mike grinned and yelled, “Look at you! My little hippie! Running around all naked and sexy!

Sienna shielded her eyes from the bright, warm sun and smiled in response. “Why don’t you take your pants off and join me?” Sienna asked. Mike removed his lounge pants and joined her naked romp. Although he suddenly seemed a bit shy and self-conscious. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Sienna asked.

He commented, “I just feel a little embarrassed.”

Sienna touched his face lovingly. “Oh stop, Mike! I find you so hot. Your naked body gets me so turned on. Besides, we’re out in the country. No one’s going to see us.” She kissed his chest as he took her hand.

“Come with me,” Mike said as he held her hand and pulled her down the hill.

Within a few steps, Sienna could hear running water. At the bottom of the hill was a crystal clear creek with glistening smooth rocks. The one foot of water tumbled over the rocks, and Sienna’s mental wheels began turning. Eventually, her senses clicked and she understood what Mike was trying to do. A smile crossed her face as she pulled him close for a sensual kiss. Her tight pussy ached in a good way for Mike to pound her over and over. “I want to make YOUR fantasy come true,” he whispered close to her ear.

“We’re going to have sex in this creek?” Sienna squealed.

Mike nodded, “Absolutely, baby girl.” He French kissed her as he cupped her 38C breasts in his strong hands. Lightly he pinched her erect nipples. Sienna moaned softly as she felt his perfect seven inch erection pressed against her hips.

She sighed, “Mike, I want this.” She slid her hand down to his hardened cock. Sensually, she rubbed the head of it between her thumb and forefinger. She smiled as she felt a small drop of pre-cum on her fingers.

Mike gently pulled her into the creek. The water was very comfortable in temperature. The currant was slightly stronger than they expected, but it felt almost like a message on their ankles and bottom half of their calves. Mike pulled her to his chest and gave her passionate kisses, slipping his tongue into her warm mouth. His strong hands caressed her bare, curvy ass. Sienna’s knees became weak, and practically collapsed into his chest.

Gently, Mike lay her on a flat, smooth rock. It was big and wide enough to accommodate Mike’ 6’2″ frame. His smoky blue eyes frosted in ecstasy as he scanned Sienna’s sexy, curvy body.

The water rushed over their naked bodies as sunlight filtered through the trees. Sienna’s almond brown eyes widened at just the slight chill in the water. “Oohh!” she moaned with a smile. Her nipples became even harder.

Mike places his warm mouth over her nipple and sucked gently. Sienna sighed as she ran her fingers over his brush wolf pack izle cut light brown hair. He moved down her body to kiss her pierced bellybutton. Sienna giggled at the feel. Mike smiled up at her, “Ready for your fantasy to come true?”

Sienna bit her bottom lip as Mike trailed his kiss to the crease in her hip. He slowly licked over to her trimmed pussy. Sienna lay back against the rock and enjoyed the feel of the rushing water of the creek as it flowed around her hair. Mike’s tongue felt like warm satin as he licked her clit. He gently sucked on it, eliciting a moan, almost primal, from Sienna.

He slid his hands under Sienna’s knees and pushed them up and back to her chest, exposing her clit and freshly shaved pussy lips. “Oh, God, Mike!” she moaned. His tongue glided over her clit as he slowly slid his middle finger into her tight pussy.

“I see someone’s been doing her kegal exercises like a good girl,” Mike smiled. Sienna giggled, her sweet juices running from her pussy.

“Yes, I have, baby,” Sienna cooed. “I meant to thank you for telling me about them. I can feel a difference when I cum for you.” Mike quickened the pace of finger thrusting. Each thrust brought his finger closer to her G-spot. Sienna arched her hips as Mike continued to suck on her hard clit. He let out small moans as his twenty-three year old girlfriend’s body responded so readily to his licks and touches.

Finally, he gave her what she wanted: he slid his finger into her tight pussy to his base knuckle. Sucking on her clit, he hooked his finger deep inside her. Sienna let out a primal, ecstasy scream. Mike smiled to himself as he felt her whole, supple body shiver under his touch. Sienna’s hips arched and bucked wildly against his face. She could feel his day old stubble against her freshly shaved pussy lips.

“Roll over, Sienna,” Mike said in a husky voice. With shaking muscles, she obeyed and got on her hands and knees. The rushing water of the creek now messaged her wrists and knees. Mike slowly kissed the small of her back.

Sienna could feel her inner muscles still twitching! “Oh, Mike,” pleaded, “are you going to lick my ass?”

Mike smiled, “You bet I am, baby girl.” He gently spread her curvy, supple ass cheeks apart.

Sienna groaned with approval. “Oh, Mike! Please! yes!” He gently ran the tip of tongue over her tight asshole. With a smile, he scooped some of the creek water in his strong hand. He let it cascade down her back and watched as the stream trickled over her cute ass. Sienna shivered in delight. The feel was so erotic to her.

The wonderful sensations jolted through her body as Mike’s warm tongue traced her asshole. “It feels better than I thought it would, Mike!” she groaned.

“Mmm,” Mike smiled, “you taste incredible, Sienna.” She smiled at that comment. Mike’s day old stubble felt so good and erotic against her ass. His tongue probed her tight asshole, wanting more from her. His warm tongue glided around, lubricating her ass. His index finger was the next thing she felt against her bare skin. She smiled.

Very gently, Mike inserted the first half inch of his index finger into Sienna’s tight ass. She groaned and pushed back against his finger. She tried to relax her muscles, although she found it a bit difficult to do so. Mike soothed, “Sshh, baby. Just relax,” adding with a smile, “Just let daddy do the work.” He gently caressed her ass with his other hand. Slyly, he brought that hand between her legs. He rubbed her sopping wet, sensitive clit, instantly relaxing her. His finger in her ass slid up to his second knuckle. Sienna sighed with delight. She pushed back even more.

“How are you liking your fantasy, Sienna?” Mike whispered close to her ear. All she could do was smile and groan in approval.

She struggled to make words come out, “Mike, it feels fantastic! I want you to pound into my cunt with your finger in my ass,” she begged. A low groan escaped his kissable lips. Keeping his finger in her ass, Mike slowly began to slide all of his seven inches inside Sienna’s tight, wet pussy.

She gripped the edge of the rock in the creek as she could feel herself being wonderfully stretched again woman of the dead izle by Mike’s hardened cock. The sensations were mind blowing for her. She groaned his name loudly as he proceeded to pound into her. He varied the thrusting speed of his finger in her ass as well.

Before she knew it, Sienna could feel her inner muscles begin to twitch. Her orgasm rushed over her like a tidal wave. Mike could feel his own well up in his lower stomach. Carefully, he slid his finger from her ass. He gripped her hips and pounded into her a few more times. Sienna was still cumming when Mike pulled his throbbing cock from her. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see Mike jerk off, causing an explosive release. She grinned as she turned to face him, causing slight waves in the creek. She kissed his lips as he finished jerking himself off, a slight but of cum dripping over his fingers and into the creek.

“Wow!” was all he could say, almost breathlessly. A quick shake of his head brought him back to reality. Mike washed his hands in the rushing water of the creek. Sienna hugged him tightly, the slight hair on his chest tickling her.

“Mike, that was incredible,” she sighed as she melted into his arms. “Oh, I love you.”

He smiled and said, “I love you, too, Sienna,” as he tenderly kissed the tip of her nose.

Sienna squirmed and laughed, “Stop tickling me!”

Mike said, “I’m not tickling you.”

“Yes you are! You’re tickling my side!”

Mike held up his hands to her eye level. “No, Sienna, I’m not.”

She glanced down to her side and proceeded to let out an ear shattering scream and began flailing about. “AAHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF ME!”

Mike roared with laughter as he carefully scooped up a tiny salamander from Sienna’s hip. She took off like a shot from the creek and ran up on shore. “Oh God! I’m going to get a wart now! What if it pee-ed on me?!” she cried.

Mike carefully set the salamander in the creek and it swam away. “Honey,” he laughed, “you won’t get a wart. He liked you, baby!”

“That’s not funny. Oh my God, I had a … thing on me!”

On shaky legs, they walked back up towards the cabin. After Sienna’s heart rate had come down, she grabbed his hand. “So, what did you mean last night when you said, you thought I’d make a great mommy?” [end of His Little Belly Dancer Ch 04].

Mike turned her towards him as the sun warmed their skin. “I don’t want to scare you off, but I will admit that I have strong feelings for you. I realize I’m eight years older than you, but …” he paused, thinking very carefully how to phrase his next breath of words.

“Me, too,” she cut him off. “I think I know what you’re trying to say, Mike.” She smiled and caressed his face. “Maybe we need just a little more time to think about marriage.”

Mike kissed her lips tenderly. “That’s why I love you. You’re so mature, Sienna James. I want the time for YOU. I mean, you’re only twenty-three. You graduated college just last year. I want you to have a life to live. If you decide that you don’t want to marry me, no hard feelings. Besides, ” he smiled, “I’m sure you can find someone better looking than this old fat guy.”

Sienna tapped his cheek. “Stop! You’re not old, and you’re not fat, Michael O’Connor.” She pulled his face to hers for a kiss. “You’re thirty one years old. You’re big, safe, and cuddly, and you just made me have a mind numbing orgasm. Seriously, you care about me as a person and you want to see me grow.” She paused then said, “So, are we engaged now or no?”

Mike crinkled his nose. “Ummm … no. I want us to think. I mean eight years can be a big difference. Besides, when and IF its right, I want to propose to my princess in a way she deserves.”

Sienna smiled as she looked deep into his smoky blue eyes. She hugged his neck. “Fair enough. Ummm … any chance we can head inside? I’m starting to get a little chilly.”

Mike literally swept her off her feet into his arms. “How about under the feather comforter on the water bed?”

Sienna snuggled up to his chest. “That would be great! Can I feed you breakfast? Let me repay you for making my fantasy come true.”

Mike smiled, “Sure. How about I give you a message after wards?”

Sienna thoughtfully said, “You know? How about if we just cuddle? Or maybe a little nap?”

Mike kissed her ear and sincerely said, “The nap sounds even better. Sienna, the only thing I enjoy more than sleeping with you is ACTUALLY sleeping WITH you.”

(lots more chapters to come!!)

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