Holiday Bi the Sea

Adrianna Chechik

On a flight from Australia to Bali I managed to chat up a pretty flight attendant. Beyond my belief I also managed to get her back to my hotel for a few drinks which in turn turned into a night of drunken sex. The sex was a little bit of a let down but it was a fun experience and she was a very pretty girl, with a little exaggeration here & there it would make a great story to tell my mates etc.

So the next day I awoke to find my one night stand had flown the coop, fine by me!, she had left a note to say “I had a great time Tom you are a nice bloke & a top shag. Jane xx”, ok I knew she must have been bullshitting because I knew I was not on top form last night & honestly I don’t think she was either, but anyway.

Feeling a little frail form the tequila last night I did not want it ruining my first day on holiday, I showered and put on a shirt, shorts (to hot for undies), At breakfast I remembered what I was here for, a holiday that packs in as many sexual experiences as possible. I wanted to find a nudist beach!

I headed for a street market I noticed on was going on in the street outside the hotel. I figured I might be able to find out from a local the whereabouts of any local nudie beaches. Walking down the street I noticed a small group of rather effeminate looking young guys standing around a motor scooter, they were totally checking me out!, smiling & giggling. I smiled back I figured ok those guys are possibly gay who cares.

I actually decided to ask those guys about the nude beaches, I turned around and waved, I yelled out “hey guys wait a sec”. they must have understood me because they stopped & smiled and all said “hi good friend, you want good time?”, I shook my head and said “oh no thanks fellas, but thanks for the compliment, can any of you guys tell me were all the good nude beaches are around here?”.

I headed in the directions the guys gave me. It was funny, they must be very coy over here about sex etc. because the boys giggled behind their hands as they were telling me about the beach they were directing me to. I laughed and headed off . I must admit I was getting a bit excited about this nude beach.

After some further directions from some helpful local girls, who giggled after I asked in which direction my beach was, I found the place. It was a very secluded little beach that was thankfully encircled by palm trees and some large black boulders. I could see why this was a good location izmir escort for a nudist beach.

I made my way onto the beach, eyes to the sand, shit I was slightly embarrassed, but very turned on & excited. I laid out my towel on the sand, dropped my small man-bag containing water, condoms (just in-case), some small change and banana suntan oil. I then decided to just get naked, I pulled off my shirt then without thinking dropped my shorts. My semi erect cock sprung out & thankfully showed a decent bit of hang, thank god it wasn’t cold!. I sat down on my towel totally naked but I was still wearing my sunglasses. I figured I could have a good “scout for talent” without people thinking I was staring. I noticed a few older couples, some quite attractive for their age, but what struck me was the amount of guys here.

I then slathered on some tanning oil and just watched the activities of the nudist beach. The couples generally sunbathed and swum around uninhibited in their nakedness. Some of the guys I noticed massaging oil onto each others backs and chatting and laughing. I began noticing guys going behind the large boulder outcrops and the trees, often laughing and heading straight to the water.

I think I was at a primarily gay nude beach!, I was thinking maybe I should leave because I’m straight and not interested in other guys, but weirdly, I felt I should stick around and at least have a swim and a sun-bake. I was also perversely interested to see if any guys would try chatting me up.

My curiosity was soon rewarded.

Just then I noticed a guy lay out his towel not far from me. He turned and said (in a heavy accented English) “Hiya, nice weather for a tan”, I said “you betcha”. The guy was a very handsome young Asian guy I don’t think he was a local, he was wide shouldered and he tapered down to a narrow waist, slender legs and a very manly set of cock and balls (he was also totally shaved!). Since I was at a gay nude beach I might as well go along with the flow and describe him as beautiful!, again I am not gay, but I promised myself, on this holiday, I was going to be open minded.

I played it cool and said “I’m off for a swim mate”, he laughed “OK” he waved back. I ran to the water ever so slightly freaking out and with a now raging hard-on!, I went in up to my neck, thinking, god did I just break the ice with that guy?, that’s what I’d do to break the ice with alsancak escort a girl my god!, ok be cool I thought. I swam around a bit. I came to the conclusion to just go with the flow. Sexually, I might just do anything here.

I ran back to my towel, noticing my new friend having a damn good look at me, god don’t let me get a hard on now! “phwoo, lovely water you should try it” I said to my new friend, he just smiled, probably struggling to understand my weird Aussie accent. I sat down wringing wet, fuck it I’m gonna see where this goes. I notice my friend had out a bottle of tanning lotion he was smearing it on his arms. He surprisingly turned around, gesturing for me to help to put some of the oil on his back. Oh shit here we go!

I didn’t hesitate I got on my knees behind him and shakily began smoothing on some oil over his back. I was amazed at how nice his skin was and how it was turning me on just as much as when I’ve done this for any girl. I was hard as a steel rod inches from this guys beautiful ass, I realized then I wanted to fuck this guy!. I noticed my massaging was getting to this guy his head was lolling back, I could tell by his breathing he was enjoying this. Just then he reached under his towel extracting some foil wrapped condoms, he turned to me “You like sex?” gulp, ok I said. He stood up “you wait a second” he said, he then made his way over to a very discreet copse of trees, he turned & gestured to me to follow. Oh god I was crapping myself, but I was so fucking horny, unbelievably I was about have sex with another guy.

I made way over tentatively, I just knew in my bones I wasn’t going to be jumped and robbed, so I headed on in noticing an old wooden boat and how shaded and discreet this spot was. We instantly began kissing like girlfriend and boyfriend, I would always say kissing another guy would be just foul, but this was an unbelievably arousing feeling, just like kissing a girl for the first time.

We were both very hard now, we began working each others cocks with our hands. Oh god he was good at playing with my balls, he shocked me by fingering my ass. I thought I was going to pass out when he then squatted and began sucking my hard, lust aroused cock while also fingering me, Oh god!

He had me close to filling his mouth with my come, but he stood up, “You fuck me now, with rubber?”, “yes” I said, he squatted again, mouthing buca escort the condom onto my cock with his very willing mouth, “Oh fucking hell” I said, totally lost in ecstasy. He then stood and bent over exposing his tight, puckered little asshole. I moved back pushing my ass onto the wooden boat, legs locked under me, the leverage of this boat will be handy.

He eased back my cock sliding up and down his ass cleavage, he reached back and pulled apart his ass cheeks with his hands, I slid my lubricated, condom covered cock down, my cock head just at his opening, he, in one beautifully efficient move had me up to my balls in his ass and god was he tight.

We then began to fuck like newly weds, I pounded him, hands on that beautiful slender waist of his, I felt I could see his sides expand with every thrust up into him, it was probably just my mind but my cock felt like it was a telephone pole sized cock I was slamming up inside this slim hipped young guy. He was moaning gently like we were making sweet love, but I was fucking him hard like a gay porn star.

My orgasm seemed to slam into me and expel itself out through my cock as I shot my entire load into the rubber that was covering my cock, I was balls deep in my new friend and my cock was exploding inside him, I was soon spent. I laid my hands on his shoulders, he began to stand as I gingerly extracted my still hard cock out of him. He turned, grinning at my exhaustion and my spunk laden rubber drooping off the end of my cock.

My buddy then went on to totally shock me by gently sliding the come filled rubber off my cock and then, grinning wickedly, he dangled my rubber over his mouth and upended it into his mouth. My salty, wet & gooey load dumped into his mouth like a fresh broken egg into a glass. He swallowed it and said “mmm I much like man juice”. We both cracked up laughing.

My lover motioned me to lean back on the boat, I did. He then proceeded to give me a wanking demonstration. His beautiful thick, uncut cock now hard as a baseball he began working it slowly and sensually. He wore a thick gold bracelet on his muscular wrist, which, for some reason turned me on as it moved around his wrist as he worked that meat stick of his into a lather of clear, salty pre-come.

By now I was more aroused by his juicy, fat plum of a cock head popping in and out past his foreskin as he masturbated. He was close to his orgasm, ready to blast his load. We seemed to understand each other, as I let him shoot his spunk all over my tummy and still hard cock. His come was very thick, white and very sticky, of course I slid my hand down my belly and licked it off my hand, mmm so sweet.

We then both ran laughing like kids into the surf, it was a day I will never forget.

The End

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