Holiday heat.

Holiday heat.Im in Italia with my honey right now and for 2 weeks there is no distractions of work ect.All day and night loving possibilities so I will do this little quiz here.The night before last I sat on the edge of what being ate slowly by him?A the bedB the bathC the poolD a chairE all of the aboveI last night had something wonderful between my thighs what was it?A my honeys mouthB my honeys cockC my honeys hands/fingersD a toy held by my honeyE all of the aboveThe bed here is with a massive bursa escort headboard how have I held it while he has ate me?A standingfacing it while he ate me from behindB standing facing away from it while he ate me from frontC squatting facing it while he ate me from behindD squatting resting against it while he ate me from frontE all of aboveAndi has ate me in many positions in the last 2 days but which has he ate me mostly?A doggy positionB lying on my backC on tummy half on half escort bursa off bedD sat on his faceE all of the aboveWe took a banana to bed after breakfast what did we do with it?A peeled and ate it on breadB used it like a toy and put it inside meC peeled it the put it in me then ate itD non of the aboveI wore most which colour lingerie?A blackB whiteC redD creamWhat do I like best how Andi eats me?A when he licks my lipsB when he nibbles my lipsC when he sucks my lipsD when he probes bursa escort bayan his tongue inside meI love when Andi undresses me while I put his hand into my panties but where do I love his mouth kissing at that time?A on my mouthB on my neck and earsC on my breasts and nipplesD on my tummy and belly buttonWe have an ipod app of 69 positions how many do you think we have done already?A up to 15B 16 to 30C 31 to 45D 46 to 69We have had champagne and ice but where has he ate the ice from most?A my tummy belly buttonB my mouthC my breastsD my vaginaHe has come into me a few times but where got most?A my mouthB my vaginaC my bumD my breastsThankyou for your answers possible I will tell soon answers.Hope you like my little quiz hehehe.

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