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Kayla spread her soft, tanned legs even further apart, and let her index finger lightly tickle her clitoris. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slowly slipped two fingers in her hot, young pussy and avidly watched the two females on the screen in a sixty-nine position. As the screen zoomed in to one of the one of the actresses pussies, Kayla started fingering herself just that little bit quicker. Closing her eyes and breathing heavily, she knew she was close to coming. Anxious to keep going for a little longer, she suddenly stopped. She quickly slipped off her baggy shirt and removed her panties from around her knees. She repositioned herself on her bed and watched the screen, hungry for more action. Her fingers quickly found their way back to her pussy, and before long, were freely exploring her once again. She ran her other hand over her long limbs, plump 32C breasts and lean, toned stomach. At seventeen and the captain of the cheerleading istanbul travesti team, you couldn’t exactly call her ugly, or unpopular.‘Kayla!’ her father yelled, stumbling through the front door, four shopping bags in each hand. Must have gone out, he thought to himself, and shrugged, but disappointment was evident on his face. He’d always had a thing for his daughter, and living in a house with a pool, didn’t really help. Kayla was always in the pool, her perky breasts clad in an impossibly small bikini top, and her sweet pussy barely covered in a cute little thong. He always had a raging hard-on when he seen her like this, and he was sure she’d seen it too, as much as he tried to cover it. Just thinking about her was making his throbbing 8 inch dick rise to attention. He knew, that when he had a hard on over his daughter, there was only one thing to do.He walked up the stairs, and walked to the end istanbul travestileri of the corridor, and faced a door; Kayla’s room. At times like these, when he had an erection so bad that he just had to jack off, he always made his way to Kayla’s room, if she wasn’t in, He opened the door slightly, and was taken aback when he seen he daughter, her back facing the door. Puzzled, he stared at her, eyebrows furrowed. What was she doing? He thought to himself. Then it hit him. Kayla was masturbating. He stared at her tanned back, and long, golden hair before clearing his throat.‘Ahem,’ Kayla’s father said from the doorway.‘Oh my God!’ screamed Kayla, pulling her earphones out and jumping up, wrapping her shirt around her. She decided to try and play it cool, even though her mind was thumping.‘Hey D-Dad, what’s up?’ she stammered. ‘I told you to knock before you come in, remember?’ she said, walked over to travesti istanbul her dresser pretending to be interested in a hair clip.‘Kayla, what are you watching?’ he said, completely ignoring her question.Her face turned bright red, and she stared in horror at her laptop, still wide open, now with a male pounding a scantily clad female on the screen.She sat down on her bed, shut over her laptop and tried to look innocent.‘I’m sorry, Daddy,’ she said, fake tears filling her eyes.Her dad took the seat beside her, his erection still very much there. He ran his hand up and down her leg.‘Its ok, after all, you are seventeen, I’m not disappointed in you,’ he said, and smiled. ‘Do you-,’ he paused for a moment, wondering if he should say what he was planning to. ‘Do you ever see anything you like in those movies?’ he asked, a pink tint showing on his muscular, 40 year old face.‘Daddy!’ Kayla yelled, and giggled, before continuing. ‘Yeah, I suppose I have. I get so horny when the girls get their pussies licked, I’ve never had it done before,’ she murmured, playing with the hem of her shirt.‘Say no more,’ he smirked, and lowered her onto the bed, passionately kissing her, before removing her shirt and working her way down to her pussy lips.

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