Home Sweet Home


Angel hated moving the last time she did; she vowed she would never do it again. Yet, here she was unpacking the last of her boxes at her new home. It all began when her marriage fell apart.

One afternoon Angel decided she had shed her last tear over the man she thought was her soul mate. She wanted to leave him and get out of the small dreary town. When her brother in Tennessee invited her to move in with him, she jumped at the chance. She loved the beautiful countryside with its rolling hills and friendly people. She could think of no better reason for a fresh new start then that.

That was six months ago. Angel now had a new job, a new place and a new man in her life. His name is Fred. She met him while at a party at a friend’s house. The attraction was mutual and soon they became intimate. When she asked for his help in moving he gladly accepted her offer.

They spent most of the day unpacking boxes and moving heavy furniture. The sent out for pizza and discussed what they would do the rest of the evening. Angel still had many things to do so they decided Fred would stay the night. He would be too exhausted to drive back and his apartment, which was 50 miles away.

Angel crawled into bed next to Fred and moaned every bone in her body ached. She felt even too worn-out to fuck. She bursa escort glanced over at Fred who was looking at her with half closed eyelids and realized looked just as tired. She kissed him then told him how exhausted she was; adding she did not think one night of not screwing would make her love him any less.

Fred held her close and said, “You’re right there doll, I am plum tuckered out, I doubt if my pecker can even rise to the occasion.”

“I sure hope I can wake up early tomorrow I want to call the boss and see if I can have the rest of this week off to help you settle in. After all, we need to break this place in properly. You don’t know it yet but I plan to fuck you in every room, in every way imaginable, my dear,” he chuckled!

She giggled and slapped him on the ass and said, “Well I am not sure where I put the alarm clock, but I am sure you will wake up in time. Then I will be the one to choose where we break this place in.”

He pinched her tit and said, “Oh sure, you’re just as tired as me. In addition, I know that you hate mornings. How in the world are you going to pull this one off?”

Angel winked and replied, “My way to know and your way to find out.”

Little did Fred know that Angel had the alarm clock hidden on her side of the bed? She knew that he slept bursa escort bayan like a log and he often told her a foghorn could not awaken him. She hoped that was true and she was about to give him his very own welcome to my place surprise!”

When the alarm went off Angel sat right up bit her tongue and almost fell out of bed. Damn, she hated that loud shrill, but when she looked over at Fred, he was still fast asleep. She blew him a kiss and whispered, “Welcome to my home darling.”

She licked her lips then felt her nipples swelling and her crotch getting wet. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. She kissed Fred on the cheek lightly, as she did not want to awaken him, just yet.

She then slid downward and lowered his boxer, she was shaking from so much excitement that she thought it might awaken Fred. However, when she looked up at him, he was still fast asleep and snoring. She smiles and slowly began kissing his flaccid cock.

Angel kept tantalizing Fred’s cock glancing up at him occasionally to make sure he was still asleep. She did not want him awake, yet. His cock grew under her soft caress and soon she wrapped her warm lips around it and began sucking on it gently. Fred moaned and she stopped dead in her tracts. When she was sure he was still deep in slumber land, she continued escort bursa sucking his cock.

This time she sucked his cock harder, ran her finger through her wet cunt, and wet his lips with her nectar. She notices he licked his lips and moved. Angel thought for sure, that her actions would awaken Fred, but he continued to snore. She began sucking him harder, in her mind she was screaming, “Oh fuck his cock tasted so good! “

She fought off the urge to rub her clit. She wanted Fred to be awake when she climaxed. He moved and moaned and she just kept on swallowing and tonguing his cock. When she paused to look up at him, he was smiling from ear to ear.

Fred placed his hand on her head and said, “Turn around sweetheart. I want pussy pie for breakfast; it will go well with your tube steak.”

She moved and straddled his face and continued the blowjob. She almost came when he drove his hot tongue deep inside her wanting pussy. God she love the way he touched her, it made her tingle clear to the center of her womanhood.

The bed was shaking due to the fury of fingers, lips and tongues. Then both of them shivered in an earth-shattering climax that seemed to make the whole room shake.

Fred moved and pulled Angel into his arms and planted a kiss on her lips that would make her toes curl. Then he said, “I love you darling! For the record, you can say you won round one. When will you be ready for round two? After all, we need to start today breaking in your place properly! Then we can call it, “HOME SWEET HOME!”

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