Home to Fire Island Ch. 06


It was the first set of pole dancing Saturday night and both Danny and Diego were on the poles. This was Danny’s only set. Sam had said he’d do the Saturday night specials only once a month. He wasn’t being solicitous toward Danny on this; he had decided that he’d make more money by having the regular patrons’ tongues hanging out for the rarity of a once-a-month fix. Diego would take the second, complete strip down set as well as the last, sex show.

The crowd was loud and rowdy, the room full of smoke, and Danny was slow dancing the pole in a red sequined thong, focusing his attention on the guys muscling each other for position below the stage, the guys leering and talking dirty. He watched for the flash of greenbacks, trying to see the denomination, and whenever he saw a ten or twenty, he’d swing out from the pole close to the edge to let some tongue-wagging guy stuff a bill into his waistband and, if he wanted, to get a quick grope.

Thus it was that he didn’t see them come in and find a table near the back of the room until they were settled. There were Kyle and Billy, but there also was Lawrence, the guy from the gray-wood, soaring beach mansion with the turquoise patio furniture. The guy who was married to some woman with a turquoise bathing suit and a light-blue Lexis SUV who had a couple of teenage children—and who had made Danny fantasize about having a home and stability.

That was unfair, Danny knew. Lawrence hadn’t really offered him a home or stability and there was no reason why he couldn’t fuck Danny and be married too. Danny knew he’d done the come on, standing out there on the beach outside the guy’s house and putting himself on display—on offer. But Danny didn’t feel rational now.

It irritated him too to see Lawrence with Kyle and Billy, who had a relationship that Danny envied.

Danny decided to tease Lawrence, to punish him with an exhibition of what he was missing. He stopped just dancing on the pole. He started to make love to it, slow love to the sound of “Bolero” now being spun by the DJ on the audio system. He embraced the pole and ran his hands up and down the pole. He kissed it, making love to it. Making it come alive as an entirely different kind of pole. The crowd noticed the change in his relationship to the pole and they were panting for it.

He straddled the pole with his legs and began rubbing his thighs up and down on the pole. “Somehow” the snaps at the sides of his thong became undone, and a gasp went through the swirl of watchers as the thong dropped to the floor of the stage and Danny started to run the underside of his cock up and down the pole. He used a vision of what he’d done with Lawrence and what he’d seen Kyle do with Billy to harden himself up. He arched his torso out from the pole and slung his head back, so that the crowd could see the ecstasy in his face.

Another gasp and cheers rippled through the crowd as he ejaculated up the pole.

He was beyond the beaded curtain and nearly to the door to his room, when Lawrence caught up with him and spun him around.

“I want you. Where—?”

“What were you going to do when your family arrived yesterday? Lock me in that room in the basement?” Danny answered, angry. Knowing there was no reason why he should be. He was just a fuck boy. Lawrence had no obligations to him.

“They showed up unexpectedly. Cynthia and I are divorcing. But the kids wanted a weekend at the beach. They didn’t call that they were coming.”

“So, you should be there with them,” Danny answered.

“God, that pole dance. I want you in the worst way. What’s through this door?”

“Lawrence. No. I don’t want . . . this isn’t what I wanted from you.”

“This is what you’re getting from me.” Lawrence had his cock out, poking at Danny’s belly. He had Danny crowded against the wall, next to the door into his room. Danny wasn’t about to let Lawrence know, though, that they could slip into Danny’s room. If Lawrence was going to force him, it could be right here where Jose had taken him the first night. Lawrence was no better than Jose. They were both takers.

Lawrence was showing every indication that’s exactly how he was going to take Danny. There in the hallway, against the wall.

“I know you want it. Monday afternoon you’ll be back on the beach begging for me to give it to you again,” Lawrence growled. He was forcing his pelvis between Danny’s thighs, lifting Danny off the floor and, with hands under his thighs, spreading them and rolling Danny’s butt up to the bulb of his hard, jutting cock.

But then he was being pulled off Danny and spun away, and Danny went down on the hard, wood floor of the dark corridor like a sack of potatoes.

“Get off him, Larry,” a rich, baritone voice was demanding. “He said no. Get out of here before the bouncers show up and give you a beating.”

It didn’t take any longer than that for Lawrence to dissolve. Kyle gently pulled Danny up from the floor. “You OK? He Avcılar Escort didn’t hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine,” Danny said. There was a catch in his voice, though, and his eyes looked like those of a wounded calf as Kyle looked down in his face. Kyle’s arms had been wrapped around Danny’s torso as he lifted him. Now, rather than parting, he was embracing the naked pole dancer even closer. Danny could not hide his arousal—indeed, he had no want to do so.

Danny’s face was exhibiting so much want and he was trembling so in Kyle’s embrace, that, out of pure instinct, Kyle lowered his face to Danny’s and they went into a deep, searching, full-of-mutual need kiss.

“My room is here, just here,” Danny whispered when Kyle freed his lips. “No charge. I just need . . . I just need . . .”

Kyle’s face was full of embarrassment and concern. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m committed. I’m so sorry.”

And then he was gone.

* * * *

Danny agonized through Sunday. He had finally been touched by a man who not only was totally arousing—the daddy Danny now admitted to himself that he was seeking—but who valued commitment. Danny also now realized that this was what he was searching for. Not casual or kinky sex, but a sense of home, stability, commitment. But with great sex too.

Realizing that was what he wanted, though, wasn’t bringing it to him. He had brushed against it with Kyle Saturday night, and it had sailed on by him. Danny pouted through much of Sunday, but that night he was castigating himself, telling himself that he wasn’t worth a Kyle, that he had no reason to raise his sights and his hopes above the reality that was his life.

And in the night, the need had started to gnaw at him too. He’d told Sam he needed a couple of days to himself. And Sam was respecting that. In the night, Danny listened for the sound of the knob turning and the squeak of his door and Sam covering his body and entering him, giving him relief. But it didn’t happen. And sometime in the night, not being able to help himself, Danny began to think of Lawrence. He was a daddy who met many of Danny’s wants and needs. He was a one-time fuck and not affectionate, but he was a hunk of a daddy with a capability of reaching Danny’s depths with his cock.

Lawrence hadn’t lied to him about having a family. The evidence had been there if Danny had been open to looking for it. And Lawrence said he was getting a divorce. Maybe. Maybe it could work out. It wouldn’t be fully satisfying, but it was probably more than Danny deserved. Certainly more than he should except.

But Lawrence had said, with a smirk on his face, that Danny would be back on Monday, standing on the beach outside the house, waiting for Lawrence to come down to him. If he returned, Danny wondered if they would start under the pier again—if he had to build up again to being let back into the house.

But why think of that? Danny agonized. Lawrence had sneered, sure of himself. Danny wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. Early in the morning of Monday, Danny finally was able to go to sleep. But even then he tossed and turned.

At 2:00 p.m. on Monday Danny was standing east of the Kismet pier, on the beach, turned away from the water of the bay and toward the soaring gray-wood house with the turquoise patio furniture. He started to move toward the house but stopped in his tracks when he saw them. Lawrence and Billy on the lower deck. Billy lying on his back on a turquoise patio table, and Lawrence standing between his spread thighs. Fucking him hard.

* * * *

Standing on another beach, in Cherry Grove now, his back to the water and staring at another gray-wood beach house with soaring, sail-like rooflines.

Kyle walked slowly, deliberately out onto the beach to meet Danny. He was wearing white boxer swim shorts; nothing else. Danny shivered at the Zeus-like beauty of the man. His deep tan, the patches of curly dark hair swirling around his nipples and moving in a line down his sternum and into the low-slung line of his waistband. A hint of more luxurious curls there. The same curls on his forearms and his legs. A lock of hair drooping down on his forehead. Sad eyes.

Danny didn’t realize until now how arousing a hirsute man was to him. A mature man. A man who had kept his body in great shape.

“You know where I live,” Kyle said when he reached Danny.

“Yes, I’ve been here before. I’ve seen you and Billy . . . on the deck.”

“Billy’s left me.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Yes, I’ve seen him with Lawrence. At Lawrence’s house in Kismet.”

“I designed Lawrence’s beach house. His wife, Cynthia, is my cousin.”

“She likes turquoise.”

“I know,” Kyle said. He laughed then, relaxing a bit. “I couldn’t convince her to tone it down.”

“Lawrence told me they were getting a divorce.”

“First I heard. She’s the one with the money. I can’t see Lawrence giving that Avcılar Escort Bayan up.”

“Billy couldn’t make a commitment to you?”

“No he couldn’t—or at least he wouldn’t. He said he did, but then I’d catch him giving it out to some young stud. I’m too old for him. I couldn’t see beyond the lies. My loss, but I think he and Lawrence make a good pair. I’ve been worried for some time it would come to that.”

“I don’t think it’s your loss, and you’re not too old. You’re a hunk. You showed me how important commitment is. You helped me realize how important it is to me too. Home. Stability. Commitment. Just one lover.”

“Just one?”

“Yes, just one. One lover to hold me and to give me stability. To love me so I’ll be too well loved to take on anyone else. A sexy, mature man.”

“May I kiss you again?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, please, I ache for it.”

Kyle pulled Danny into his chest and they engaged in a kiss, longer, even more sweet than the one in Sam’s Bar. Afterward Danny, shorter than Kyle, went back down off his tiptoes and buried his face in Kyle’s chest hair. Kissing and tonguing, finding his taut nipples.

“Will you come up to the house with me?” Kyle’s voice was hoarse, needy. “What I mean is will you come into my bed?”

* * * *

They lay stretched out, embracing, on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom.

“I don’t know if it’s wise,” Kyle murmured, holding back, having second thoughts. “I don’t know if I can do this again. Billy wasn’t the first. None of them worked out. Fire Island is just too open, too hedonist. Maybe if we had met elsewhere.”

“Is it because you saw me at Sam’s Bar?”

“No. Yes, maybe a little. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we just shouldn’t start into . . .”

“That wasn’t me. I was only there three weeks. I came to the island searching for something. Here, now, with you, I have found it.”

“It’s easy to say that now, but—”

“A sign of commitment? Is that what you need?” Danny asked, lifting his torso off of Kyle’s and looking down into his eyes.

Kyle didn’t answer. But in not answering, he was giving an answer.

“I have nothing in life. Just a duffle bag with a few clothes in it. And a dirty book about Fire Island that I suspect you don’t need to read. This is the only thing of value to me,” Danny said. His hand was clutching the dog tags dangling down and nestling in the matted hair between Kyle’s pecs.

“So,” he continued, “The best I can give you as a token of commitment are these. They’re all I have of my dad. It’s all of him that came back from Iraq. I need a daddy, Kyle. A strong daddy. A daddy who will take me to heaven and ride me on the clouds—forever. This is my commitment to a man who will do that for me. I am not Billy.” Danny took the chain off his neck. Kyle, his eyes, full of tears, lifted his head off the pillow to permit Danny to put the chain around his neck. He reached up and took the dog tags in his hand, brought them to his lips, and kissed them.

Danny began working his lips and hands down the line of Kyle’s body, as the man shuddered under his touch and groaned his pleasure. His hard cock was thick and long. Danny could hardly get his lips around it, but he managed, and Kyle moaned for him. Danny’s mouth moved down to Kyle’s balls and he took the ball sack into his mouth and rolled the balls around with his tongue.

One. Two . . . three. Three? Danny slurped the sack out and looked up the line of Kyle’s now-heaving body. Kyle smiled down at him.

“You said something about riding the clouds forever. I hope you’re up to it. I don’t know if having more than two makes a difference, but . . .”

“Show me.”

Danny was laying on his back at the edge of the bed, Kyle holding his legs out, clasping Danny’s ankles. Kyle had said he wanted to watch Danny’s face the first time he took him. Danny was arching his back and moaning as Kyle slowly entered him, just to where his bulb rubbed across Danny’s prostate, relentlessly working the spot until, with a jerk and a lurch, Danny ejaculated. Kyle moved deeper inside him them, fucking in earnest. Danny cried out in passion, clutching at the hair on Kyle’s chest, digging for the nipples. Kyle lowered his torso on Danny’s and they kissed. Danny’s hands went around to Kyle’s shoulder blades, hanging onto the hair there too, as Kyle pumped him hard to a second coming. Kyle kept on pumping to a climax of his own.

Danny was panting, whispering how good it had been—and meaning it—as Kyle pulled out of him and slipped the spent condom off his cock. The younger man moaned as he watched the older stud roll another one on, his cock still hard.

“A bull. You’re a bull.”

“You need me to stop?”

“Oh, shit no. But you’re a bull. No man . . .”

“All of those men at Sam’s, and none of them—?”

“Not anywhere close. It’s you. Fuck me again, Daddy.”

Kyle grabbed Danny’s waist with his hands; Escort Avcılar turned him, belly down on the bed; and moved up onto the bed on his knees. He pulled Danny’s inert, fully satisfied body up the bed to where he was fully on it, grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under Danny’s belly, which raised Danny’s buttocks. Straddling Danny’s hips with his knees, Kyle was inside him again. Pumping again. Danny moaned. He was on those clouds. After an eternity, Kyle was jerking and puffing out an exclamation of satisfaction, filling out the bulb of his condom once more.

The older man lowered his chest on Danny’s back and Danny turned his head so that they could kiss.

“Exhausted? You need to rest?”

“No. No, please. Fuck me to heaven.”

Kyle laughed. He went up on his knees again, ran one hand under Danny to his belly, and pulled him farther up onto his knees. The other hand snaked under Danny and encased his cock. Danny came again after several minutes with a jerk and a low moan. Kyle let him fall back to the bed, grabbed his wrists and pulled Danny’s torso off the bed and up toward him, and started to rock Danny’s body on his buried cock. Kyle ejaculated again but only pulled out of Danny’s channel long enough to change condoms and then he brought Danny up to his hands and knees and started fucking him doggie style.

Danny’s rocks were aching—empty but challenged to flow again—and his knees were shaking and grew weak enough that he collapsed on the bed. Kyle rode down with him. With a laugh Kyle turned his body half circle on Danny’s, grabbed Danny’s ankles, and, stretching his own body out in an arc, fucked down into Danny at a reverse angle. Danny had never had this done to him before. He never even knew it could be done. The different angle of the thrusting and pulsating cock inside him was punishing entirely new surfaces of his channel. Danny moaned deeply, aroused, but too drained to harden up. Somehow this didn’t matter, though. It made him ride the clouds of pleasure in an entirely different dimension. Kyle, still hard as a rock, just kept on fucking to another climax.

This time he stretched along Danny’s body, pulling the fully exhausted, more than satiated body into his. He kissed Danny in the hollow of his neck and then on the lips when Danny turned his face to him.

“Have I used you up? Can’t take any more of me?” Kyle whispered.

“Never enough,” Danny whispered back. “I can’t . . . and if you can’t . . . but never enough of you.”

“What I wanted to hear,” Kyle murmured. And then, while he was adjusting, changing condoms again, “You are so sweet. It’s like I’m taking a virgin each time. Your tight channel—even after all those men. But just right. Taking all of those has made you ready for me, able to take me at long stretches. Billy never fully satisfied my need. But you, innocent and tough at the same time. You send me over the sun each time.”

“Oh, god. Oh, shit, oh, yesss,” Danny cried out. Kyle, behind him, was lifting his upper leg and working his thick, hard cock into Danny’s hole again in a side split. Kyle tightened a hand on his belly, and, huffing, Danny wrapped an arm around the back of Kyle’s neck and moaned for the taking.

“Here we go again! Deeper! Yes!”

Later, both panting heavily, cooling down, Kyle still fully embracing Danny.

“You can sleep here, with me, of course. But you’ll have a room of your own. You can set it up anyway you like. It can be private. You don’t have to let me in. We’ll have a lock—”

“Can you fuck me there too? Late at night? Wake me up fucking me?”

“If you want. That would suit me. My balls ache when I don’t get it a couple of times a day.”

Danny moaned. But it was a good moan.

“And an allowance. You can have money of your own. No need to work at Sam’s or anywhere else. I’ll go back with you to get your—”

“There’s nothing there I want. Everything I want, need, is right here.” The dog tags were brushing against Danny’s cheek, but that isn’t what he meant either.



“I can’t believe Billy gave this up.” But he was only saying that to assuage Kyle’s ego. He very much could see Billy giving up relentless fucking in exchange for Lawrence’s one shots, as long as Billy got the same number of toys from each. That was Billy, though, not Danny. But, thinking of that beach at Kismet, Danny had another thought. “Do you have a sailboat?”

“I own a marina. Of course I have a sailboat. You can learn how to run the marina. And we’ll get you registered at the junior college here. I’ll take good care of you.”

“Can you take me out on the water sometime? Fuck me on the sailboat?”

“Wherever you want. Whenever you want. Right now again, unless you tell me to stop.”

Danny pulled Kyle over on top of him, kissing him all over his face, licking his chest hair and nipping at his nipples, while Kyle fumbled around changing his condom once more.

Then it was Kyle kneeling between Danny’s thighs, knees under Danny’s buttocks, and Kyle running his hands up and down Danny’s legs stretched up Kyle’s chest. Fucking him hard and deep again. Their eyes locked in a dance of lust, of love.

Danny riding the clouds. Forever.

– Fini –

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