I had been out of town for four days, working an exhibit. I was looking forward to coming home and seeing you. I had Monday and Tuesday off as well, so that I could get over my jetlag and the whole hassle of traveling. It was Sunday night and there was a slight drizzle as I pulled into the driveway. I was sorry to leave the sunshine of San Diego but thrilled at the anticipation of feeling your touch. The porchlight was on but the rest of the house was dark. You must be asleep, I thought. I quietly unlocked the door and closed it behind me, locking it. My shoes squeaked a bit on the tile floor. I set my travel bag and purse in the foyer. I would deal with unpacking tomorrow. The house was quite dark. I slipped into the living room but suddenly the hair on my neck stood straight out. I froze. I wasn’t alone in the room. I turned my head slowly to the left and then to the right. The lounge chair was not in its customary place near the dining room. It was now situated by the empty fireplace. I trained my eyes on the chair and waited for my sight to adjust to the darkness. And then I heard it. Slow, heavy breathing. Still in a heightened state of fear, I listened intently. My fear dissolved into relief when I recognized the sound of your breathing. I could see part of your outline, barely, in the chair. One leg was over the armrest with your arm resting on it.

“Katherine, what are you doing”? My shoulders sagged with relief as I walked toward you, finally recognizing your naked form in the darkness.

“You scared the bursa escort crap out of me, baby. Why aren’t you in bed”?

“I wanted to surprise you, silly. Welcome back.” I lean down to kiss you and I lightly touch your breast with my hand. You pull me down with your hands on my neck. I lean on the arms of the chair and kiss you, our tongues filling each other’s mouths.

I brace myself against the chair and I take off my raincoat, setting it aside and out of the way. I climb between your legs, on my knees, as the chair rocks back slowly. We kiss again and I take your breast in my left hand and knead it slowly, but firmly. I place my right hand around your waist and then slide it down to squeeze your buttocks. Your kisses are like fire and I hungrily return your passion. Your hands undo my belt and zipper and you pull my Tee-shirt over my head. I’m not wearing a bra so your hands are free to squeeze and pinch my tits. It feels so good to be back in your tender care. My left hand leaves the softness of your breasts and travels slowly to your waiting wetness. I lightly spider my fingers as they move down your stomach and to your pussy. I rub your clit and you move against me. My right hand squeezes your ass and I press my middle finger against your hole. I insert two fingers into your dripping cunt and work them around. Your tongue drives into my throat and I can feel you getting hotter as your hands pinch my nipples. You know that drives me crazy and I fuck you faster in response. My lips leave your mouth and I bursa escort bayan kiss your neck, running my tongue over your shoulder. You grip me tighter as my fingers work faster in you. Your tight pussy teases me to push farther into you. You grab the arms of the chair and rock your pelvis forward with each thrust of my hand. This is almost too much.

You are so fucking hot, Katherine. I love the way you move when I’m in you. My tongue leaves a trail of wetness on your shoulder. I slide off of the chair and get on my knees. With a final thrust of my hand, my tongue dives into your cunt, where I feast on your delicious lips and creamy nectar. You strain to thrust your hips into me and I reward your efforts by pressing my middle finger on your ass hole and pushing in. Your flowing pussy has given me enough lube to get inside you without much effort. The shock causes your hips to lunge forward and I take a mouthful of you into my throat. My finger works your ass hard and your groans of pleasure drive me on. My tongue licks and sucks your lips and I can’t work fast enough to keep up with the juices you’re spilling. Your hard clit slides off my tongue and lips. I lick your cunt entrance, letting my tongue glide in circles around it. I move my finger deeper into your ass as it grips me tight. I move around and rotate my finger from side-to-side, which you love. Your hands stay entangled in my hair as you push my face deeper into you. You draw your breath in several short passages, in rhythm with your ass fucking.

My escort bursa lips and tongue kiss your pussy hole and suck deeply. I fill my mouth with your lips and lick them with alternating roughness. You hang on as my finger and knuckles now pound against your ass. My tongue licks you with hard, long strokes on your lips and then your clit. I suck and flick my tongue over your clit and then encircle it with saliva and your juice. I suck your left lip and slurp your juices along the way. My tongue darts in for more and then I suck your right lip in the same fashion. I return to licking your clit, around the sides, on top and underneath. You begin to erupt as I do this. My finger still works deeply in your ass and there’s no place I’d rather be. Your body quivers at first. You shake from your pelvis and the vibrations filter out to your legs and arms. Your hands press into my head and I can feel them shaking. I fuck your ass faster and lick your clit harder. I suck and lick, lick and suck. Your moaning gets louder and your body shakes completely, defying gravity as you seem to lift off the chair. My lips and tongue suck you everywhere and I penetrate your pussy one last time as you come hard on my face. Your juices gush into my mouth as I jack deeper into your ass. I keep pumping you and swallowing your hot cum. I can’t get enough of you, Katherine. You fuck my face with mighty force, once, twice and a third time, arching your back and straining. Your body is seemingly suspended in air and time stands still. You fall back into the chair with a prolonged groan. I slowly withdraw my finger and lovingly lick up your excess spunk. Your hands rest on my shoulders and caress me. We’re both exhausted, but I can’t think of a better way to end a very long day.

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