Honey, Chocolate and Cream


We took our long-awaited walk today, just Carol and me. As promised, she wore nothing but a sun hat, a black garter belt and sheer stockings, black ankle-high boots and some sunscreen. It was a gorgeous, warm late summer day and she was definitely the most beautiful part. We were out for about three hours and we had a picnic. Our bodies were the feast.

Carol loves being nude. She says it makes her feel free and turned on. “I like being horny,” she told me. “It makes me feel alive.” When we watch TV together at night, she’ll often take off her clothes and sit next to me naked, and she’s not inhibited at all in public. She’s got a mischievous streak to her nudity, and if a beach has a clothing optional section, that’s where she wants to swim and hang out. In fact, we met at one.

I was with two buddies from college, basically to check out the chicks. Carol was alone. She caught our eyes as she strolled along by the water’s edge wearing just a pair of sunglasses and a green baseball cap. Her body was the picture of natural mature sexiness; large round breasts that hung slightly with age and a bit of a round belly that enhanced her wide hips, full thighs and strawberry blonde triangle of pubic hair. She also has an ample and very sexy ass. When the Frisbee we were tossing landed at her feet, she picked it up and waited for me to trot over before she handed it back with a smile. I felt something immediately, and not just sexual attraction.

It turned out that her blanket was near ours and during the course of the afternoon I got to talking with her and sharing a couple of beers while my friends headed to the snack bar up the beach. She was still nude and I was wearing beach shorts and she teased me about them, but unlike women, we guys aren’t always so comfortable being naked around each other. Carol and I hit if off, and after awhile, I noticed she was sitting on her beach chair with her legs slightly open as we talked. She always made eye contact and it was hard for me not to let my eyes drift down to her rose pink pussy, which is what I sensed that she wanted.

“I love the feel of sun and wind on my body…eyes, too,” she said as she stood up, turned around and bent over to get something out of her bag, giving me a view of her ass, her anus and her pussy slit peeking out from underneath. Man, was I turned on.

We left with each other’s phone numbers. It turned out that she was 46, more than twice my age. I was excited about dating a much older woman even though my buddies ragged me about being cougar prey. But Carol was intelligent and playful — she teaches art at a local community college — and our sexual chemistry turned out to be awesome. I also love her exhibitionist streak.

One night we were at a small party with three couples she knew well. She had to talk me into going because I was way younger than everyone else and I wondered what they would make of her “boy toy”, but she wanted to introduce me and I was glad I went. I began to feel at ease later in the evening after everyone had a few drinks. After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room when the conversation turned to porn. One couple said they’d bought a video camera and were using it to film their lovemaking.

“It’s fun, but I hope no one breaks in and steals our videos and puts them on the internet,” said the woman, who looked to be about Carol’s age.

I realized that Carol had been quiet for most of the discussion. She seemed to be just taking it all in. Then our host put some sexy r&b on the stereo. The talk continued and Carol put her drink down, stood up and walked to the middle of the living room where she began to dance.

“You like this song, huh?” said one of her friends and we all began to watch. “Why don’t you join her?”

The friend was looking at me, but I’m lousy a dancer and I wanted to just watch Carol, who was very good. Her dance was slow and sensual. When someone said how graceful she was, she replied that she used to take classes, as she slowly unzipped her skirt. Everyone hooted encouragement, but I thought she was just being playful and wouldn’t go any further. She raised the zipper and continued to move around the room before lowering it again and winking at her friends. This time, the zipper stayed down. After a minute or so of dancing, the movement of her hips shook her black skirt to the floor and she stepped out of it.

Applause, laughter and “Yeah, go for it!” calls filled the room. Carol was wearing a skimpy black thong that really showed off her big round hips and thighs. She looked beautiful as she moved and swayed to the music while freeing her shoulder-length blonde hair from her pony tail, then taking it in both hands and raising her arms, letting it spill over her face in a vision of wantonness. I didn’t know how to react, and wasn’t quite sure how the others were taking it. Was I supposed to be embarrassed that my woman was suddenly getting crazy? But even the other women were watching with great interest.

Carol slowly unbuttoned her blouse as poker oyna she gracefully swiveled her hips to more applause and encouragement. Turning her back and giving us a look at her plump, firm ass, which was uncovered except for the thin black strip between the cheeks, she inserted her thumbs into the waistband and slowly pulled the thong down to mid-thigh. Everyone in the room grew silent.

Carol’s hips rocked back and forth to the music and she bent forwards. Her asscheeks parted to reveal the inviting shadow between them. Quickly coming back up, she gave the thong a little push and let it slide sloowwwly down her legs to the floor. Stepping out of it, she swayed to the music again with her back to us, occasionally squatting low and thrusting her rear in our direction to give us a look at the dark circle of her anus, then she slowly rose and gazed back over her shoulder and winked again.

Turning slowly towards us, she was about to reveal her cunt when she teased us by turning away again. There were playful hoots of frustration from at least one guy, who got a sharp elbow in the ribs from his date. Carol continued to dance bottomless, a very erotic sight as she tossed her hair, swayed her hips and thrust her plump bare ass at us for another few minutes, occasionally pulling the cheeks apart to fully reveal what lies between. I admired that she was so fearless. After all, she didn’t have a porn starlet’s body, but its so-called imperfections and totally normal everyday look was more than sexy.

At last, she let her black blouse fall. Her bra stayed on as she turned fully toward us, her fingers splayed on each wide bare thigh as she spread her knees wide. I was stunned to see she’d shaved her mound completely bald. “The sensation of the cloth on my bare skin was making me crazy,” she told me later. “And I wanted to surprise you…”

The tempo of the music picked up with a new song, and Carol began moving more dramatically. The look on her face was one of intense arousal. With her legs apart, she ran a hand slowly over the bulge of her bald mons several times, frequently squatting to give us a full view of her honeypot. You could feel the sexual tension in the room as she twirled and swayed, finally reaching behind her to unclasp her bra and let it fall. Cupping her breasts, she was totally nude now except for her black shoes and seemingly lost in her own world. My mouth was dry and I had a huge, aching erection. Everyone else was silent and completely mesmerized.

And just like that, the song and Carol’s dance were over. To applause, she smiled, bowed, gathered her clothes and came over to me, asking “Did you like that?”

“Are you kidding?” I sputtered.

“Why are you stopping now?” one of the guys asked, but Carol only smiled and replied “I’m thirsty” before taking her drink and sipping at it. She obviously enjoyed being naked in that setting as she didn’t get dressed for another 20 minutes. She spent the time talking to her female friends, who called her incorrigible and said they would never have the nerve to do what she had just done. Us guys just gazed at her admiringly.

“That’s some lady you got,” one said.

Later that night, after we’d gone back to her home to make love with incredible intensity, Carol confessed that while she was dancing she had been almost overcome with the urge to drop to the floor or onto the sofa and finger herself to orgasm while everyone watched. “But I was afraid I’d already gone too far. I also thought about you having you go down on me.” She was relieved to learn later that the other couples had finished the night the way we did.

“That would have been very hot,” I said, softly kissing her neck as I slowly moved my hard cock in and out of her warm, buttery pussy. “You should have…you looked so sexy dancing like that.”

“I’ve never had sex in public,” she said through deep breaths as her orgasm began to build. “It’s just a fantasy…but I like the idea of being watched…I love sex outdoors…”

“We should try it sometime,” I said, straightening my arms and pushing myself up so we could both gaze down at the wet, glistening shaft of my cock moving in and out of the swollen pink flower nestled beneath her round, bald mons.

“We could do it here,” she said. “The field behind the house has a … a path … that leads to some woods… mmmm you feel sooo good, like that, yeah…sometimes people go back there….we could do it there….it’s exciting to maybe get caught…”

I intensified the speed and depth of my thrusts as I locked my eyes on hers and tried to fight off my urge to come. “You could walk naked…”

“Mmm that would be nice,” she said, grabbing my hips and pulling me hard into her all the way, her head rolling side to side on the pillow as she made little cries of pure pleasure.

“We could have a picnic,” I said, “and I could eat you. Your pussy and ass are delicious…”

And we both came explosively, but the idea was planted. She later mentioned an old classic painting she had canlı poker oyna seen of two nude women and two clothed men having a picnic and she said she found it very erotic. We decided, though, to keep this special date to ourselves instead of including friends. Once the weather turned nice, we had some trouble finding a day, but it was worth the wait.

Carol was already nude when I arrived at her house, although the garter belt and stockings were a surprise. “They make me feel more naughty,” she said. “I haven’t worn them in ages, though…”

“I like it,” I replied as I admired the thin black strip down the middle of each thigh and how the garter belt’s waist band and the stockings framed her still-bald pussy. She put on her big straw sun hat and, before we left, had me rub her milky-white body with sunblock. Her round pink nipples hardened to my touch and both of us were more than a little turned on by the time I finished.

“Mmmm, I’d love to give you a warm, wet blowjob,” she said as she gave me a quick kiss. “But that can wait until we’re out…”

We grabbed a backpack and a blanket, but left her clothes at home. She decided that if we were discovered and she had to cover up, the blanket would be enough. “I like the element of danger,” she said.

So we set out across her backyard. Her two neighbors and anyone out on the road would have been treated to the sight of nude woman in a garter belt and sunhat walking with a fully clothed guy, and maybe they did see us. We continued on to the crest of a hill and then downhill across a field to some woods.

“Mmmm, the breeze feels nice today,” she said, opening her arms to embrace the cool wind that made her nipples hard. Watching her breasts jiggle and the up-and-down sway of her plump bare ass as she walked made me hard.

A path through the woods brought us to a clearing. There was a large, almost flat rock that offered a view of another field and the mountains beyond. “Why don’t we take a break?” I asked.

“Tired already?” she asked with a knowing smile, one hand on her hip.

“Hungry,” I replied.


I spread the thick blanket on the rock and we sat down, Pulling a wine bottle from the knapsack, I opened it and poured us two cups, which we offered to each other in toast. “This may be the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen,” I said. “For obvious reasons…”

“Thank you. It’s nice that you like my body so much. It’s so silly you can’t just go naked like this anywhere…”

“You were really amazing that night at your friends,” I said.

“I know I shouldn’t say this about my girlfriends’ guys, but I loved the power I had over them…and you, too….”

“I think you had some of your female friends under your power, too. Looking at their expressions. Had they seen you naked before?”

“Cathy has. I’m glad they all got turned on enough to have sex that night. That’s flattering…I wasn’t sure how they’d react…it might be fun for all of us to have sex in the same room sometime…”

“You mean like an orgy?”

“Yeah..each couple by themselves but all at the same time so you can look over and watch…”

Setting my empty cup down, I slowly ran my hand up her side from her hip to her breast and kissed her neck.

“Hungry already, huh?” she laughed.

“Famished…” My lips found their way around her ear, and I gently nibbled as she squirmed with arousal. I kissed her lips, savoring the taste of wine, then made my way to her breasts. “Milk would be nice,” I said as I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked while I cupped her other breast.

“Too bad I’m not lactating,” she laughed, sipping her wine while she stroked my hair with her free hand. I swirled my tongue on each nipple, tasting the coconut of her sunblock, and took my time gently squeezing and caressing her breasts. As each nipple grew hard, I gently bit at it, causing her to gasp, and then I soothed it with gentle licks.

“Well, if I can’t have milk, I want some of your honey….” I said, kissing my way down her soft, round belly and over the thick black waistband of her garter belt. As I slid to my knees, Carol sighed, leaned back and spread her stockinged legs wide.

“Honey I have,” she said, again stroking my hair as she casually sipped her wine. I gazed at the smooth mound of her mons and could see that the rosy pink hood of her clit was swollen and the delicate folds of her honeypot were slightly open and glistening above the partially hidden dark circle of her anus. Kissing the inside of each thigh, I slowly ran my tongue toward her cunt before stopping to suck on either side of it. Her skin was moist with sweat and I could smell the buttery scent of her pussy amid the aroma of the sunblock.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice….” she sighed and, with my hands hand on each of her thighs, I softly licked at her sweet, wet flower. She shuddered in response and held my head more firmly.

“I love the way you taste,” I said, teasing her clit, sucking and pulling and running my tongue internet casino between the wet folds. “Like honey…”

The taste was sweet and earthy, and her juices quickly coated my lips and chin as I licked and sucked her like fruit, my mouth fully covering her sex at times. She moaned and closed her warm, thick thighs against the side of my face as I worked my tongue inside her, licking at her slickness. The sweetness became a sharp tang that made my tongue tingle.

“I like feeding you with my pussy,” she said dreamily, both hands now in my hair.

“You’re delicious….”

I was very turned on by the thought that someone might be watching me orally pleasuring my lover and bringing her to orgasm on that sunlit rock. I lost all track of time as I licked into her with broad, flat strokes, sucked the hood of her clit, drank her juices, kissed her thighs and eased off to gaze at her pussy before teasing it with quick flicks of my tongue. Each time my attentions got stronger, she moved her pelvis up and down, moaning and grinding her sweet sex against my face as she pulled my head tight against her. I could feel the cool nylon of her stockings against my cheeks as her warm thighs clenched my head.

“Mmm, so good,” I said, and she shuddered, moaning loudly, pulling my face even harder against her pussy as it spasmed against my tongue. Her sweet, syrupy nectar flowed into my mouth and down my chin. Gently licking, sucking and nibbling, with my hands roaming her thighs and reaching for her breasts, I pleasured her until her whimpers and orgasm subsided.

Looking up from between her legs, I could see her face and chest were flushed and glistening with sweat. Her nipples were standing straight out and the scent and taste of her sopping cunt made my cock ache.

“Mmmm, you’re so good at that for a young guy,” she sighed.

“I haven’t finished,” I said, running a hand behind her and gently tugging on her ass. “I want my desert. Some of your bittersweet chocolate…”

She started to turn onto her side and said, “The chocolate factory was working this morning. Is that okay?”

She already knew the answer. Before I met Carol, I had never licked a woman’s asshole before, but one night while lying in bed and having a few drinks before sex, she mentioned that she’d always wanted to be rimmed. “It’s so forbidden. It seems like the ultimate act of love and trust to have a man lick me there, But I never met one who would…”

I already loved her ass, so with a good buzz of alcohol and hormones going that night, I granted her wish. The feeling of her plush buns against my face and the earthy scent and taste of her anus — just the thought of licking and tasting that part of her — made me indescribably horny. She loved the sensation and kinkiness of it, and actually came as my tongue worked its magic on her dark pucker. From then on, I continued going down on her ass whenever we made love, and she began to roll over onto her stomach and offer it to me, a wickedly sexy move. She was really turned on the first time I did it after she had been working all day and hadn’t showered. She resisted at first, but when I told her that I loved the way her asshole smelled and tasted, she began bucking it against my face. For the first time, I worked my tongue deep into her anus and had to fight not to come while I explored the tight smoothness of the inner ring and savored her delicious bitterness that was so different from the taste of her pussy.

She turned onto her side on the rock, brought her knees up and parted the plump cheeks of her ass with one hand so I could have access to her delicately wrinkled brown circle with the dark slit that hinted of her forbidden flavors within. Her asshole is really sexy, nestled like a little round bowl in that white valley.

“I love your chocolate,” I said, slowly kissing the satin whiteness of her ass as worked my way toward her valley. Her anal musk was stronger than usual. A woman can be slightly dirty back there and still smell good. I could tell what Carol had done earlier that morning, but her scent still made me incredibly horny and I wanted to taste her, The skin around her asshole was shiny with sweat and I eagerly licked at it, running my tongue the length of her slick glistening asscrack. She pulled her cheek further and sighed as I licked her bitter-salty pucker, my erection leaking precum as I trembled with lust. The warm scent of her earthy anal musk flooded my senses.

“So good,” I said, working the point of my tongue into the slit of her anus and feeling it relax to admit me as the warmth of her buttocks caressed my face. The bitter taste was sharper now, but indescribably erotic, and I eagerly sought it.

“Mmmm that feels so nice,” she asked, caressing my head and watching me eagerly working my mouth in her forbidden place. “It’s so arousing to know you like it.”

“Hmmm mmmm…it’s so good,” I sighed. “I love the way your ass smells….”

“I was nervous the first time you licked me there when I wasn’t clean,” she said, softly touching my cheek as I licked and kissed her anus. “But it feels so nice….and it turns me on to know you like the taste. It’s so naughty feeling your tongue in my hot, dirty little asshole…”

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