Honey I Love You! Pt. 02


At the end of the first part I was describing how the girl I live with was enjoying my exhibitionist and submissive side by making me do things I wouldn’t ever have done. This time, we were in a friend of hers new bar. Little did I know, what was to come next would be the more nerve racking part of the night.

She’d done it. Shed set me up an here I was sitting at the bar with her in her friend Jenna’s place, wearing nothing but the slip on loafers she bought me with the outfit for tonight. Even though I was a few drinks into things and had a little buzz going on I could still feel my hands shaking as I sat there, trying to be nonchalant about things. Of course that’s harder to do when you’re the only one naked in a bar with people walking around. Especially, when your girlfriend of a couple years, is wearing a slinky little dress that leaves little to the imagination and she keeps brushing up against you.

“I told you I had this one under control,” Suzi told Jenna as the girls carried on.

The entire time they were conversing I sat there as the center of attention as people migrated back and forth between the pool table, small dance floor and bar area. Jenna kept looking over the bar, leaning way into it, checking out my package and occasionally brushing a hand against my chest as she commented on my lack of attire. The majority of the conversation seemed centered on my package and how it must keep Suzi happy. That was when a song came on that seemed to get Suzi excited.

“Come on baby,” she tugged on my hand as she hopped off her bar stool. “Let’s go dance.”

I was hesitant to go with her but what else was there to do other than sit there looking conspicuous. We made our way out onto the dance floor and even though it was a slower number Suzi managed to somehow turn it into an opportunity to play with me and show herself off at the same time. She started out with her arms above my shoulders before turning around and gyrating her ass against my bare and hardening cock. I was trying to play it cool, not really wanting to be sporting around an eight inch boner in a public place. Jenna might have been cool with all this but what if one of her customers called in the police. As much as I tried to maintain some resemblance of composure, it was all for naught. Before I knew it my little honey had grabbed my hands and placed them squarely on her half exposed tits as she continued to rub her ass into my now very hard cock.

“What are you trying to do to me?” I asked her.

“I’m showing you a good time,” she said, grabbing my cock and giving it a squeeze right there for everyone to see. “I’d say a very good time judging by how hard this is.”

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” I told her, gasping for air as my heart pounded in my chest. The combination of drink and the feeling of her firm, round butt against me as she shimmied side görükle escort to side was getting to be too much.

“Oh don’t worry so much,” she told me, turning around and nibbling on my ear. “Jenna and I used to do stuff like this all the time in college and grad school. The best time of my life was when we were stripping together.”

What! Wait a second. Now I knew that my publicly demure and reserved lady was a bit of a freak in her private time, but stripping. This was a new page in the mystery that was Suzi, one that I had never expected to find. As mysterious as she was at times I imagined that by now we knew everything about each other. This was something that I never dreamed of.

“Well it’s not you now, is it?”

“No,” she smiled, licking her lips as she coyly ran a finger down my chest, wrapping her had around my dick and stroking it until it was between her thighs.

As the song ended she’d put on quite a little show for those that were there. It was still a pretty slow night but the way she’d been teasing me and the act she was putting on had me, and I was certain some of the others from the looks of them, pretty excitable. I still couldn’t believe some of what she’d told me as we sat back down. Her and Jenna, strippers. They had shared a pretty romantic kiss when we got there. I could almost see them playing together on stage. As good looking as they were today I imagined them in their twenties. The two together would have driven crowds wildly into a frenzy. It surely was a sight to imagine.

“Another round,” Suzi ordered as we got back to the bar. “So what’s the next bet?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Jenna put her finger to her face as if striking a thinkers pose.

“Just wait one minute,” I told them. “I don’t think I’m comfortable with any more betting.”

It was then that Jenna suddenly had a bell go off in her head sort of expression. She was definitely contemplating something. Suzi goaded her into finishing the thought she had out loud and boy was it a doozy.

“What if I was to bet that Jace here wouldn’t go out on the dance floor with someone other than you if they asked?” asked Jenna.

Hum, I thought to myself. There were a couple of attractive young women there that I wouldn’t mind rubbing up against if they were into it but I honestly until then hadn’t thought about any of the other women in there being ballsy enough to take a naked man out to the dance floor.

“What’s the stakes?”

“Maybe if he does it, I’ll spend the rest of the shift in my bra and panties.”

Jesus! That was an exciting prospect if I ever heard one. Jenna was a striking woman with a pair of 38 D cup breasts, a flat stomach, toned legs and a great ass that looked phenomenal in heels. As turned on as I already was, if she was going to do the asking I would definitely go out there with her. görükle escort bayan Hell, I’d go with one of the other girls just to see her in her next to nothings. I kind of perked up at the bar and asked her, “What color are you wearing?”

As Suzi playfully swatted me back onto my seat, Jenna pulled away her top a bit to show off a sexy pink bra and announced the thong panty she was wearing was the same color.

“How’s this going to work?” asked Suzi.

“Simple,” she replied. “If anyone else in the bar asks Jace here to dance and he goes out there for a whole song I’ll finish the night in these. If not, then you have to finish the night in just your heels,” she told Suzi.

“You bitch!” laughed Suzi.

“You know it,” Jenna giggled.

Looking around the room Suzi pondered whether or not to take the bet and then looked to me for approval. I wasn’t really sure what to say here. The mood was getting very brazen and sexual and I didn’t want to blow a good thing at home for some fun on the side. At the same time, as Jenna stood there against the bar, I didn’t want to see that hot little ass of hers uncovered.

“I’ll do it,” I told Suzi, “If you’re o.k. with it.”

Suzi gave me a sexy little nod as she turned around to the bar. “Alright you trouble maker. But if we’re going to do this you’ve got to give my man some incentive. If I take the bet you have to spend from that point on in your bra and panties. Then if I win you lose the bra and panties for the rest of the night. You’ll be our naked bartender.”

“If I win,” Jenna wondered aloud. “What’s my incentive?”

“If you win,” she said. “I’ll strip right here and lick your pussy on the bar!”

“You’re on bitch,” Jenna laughed. “Get that magic tongue of yours ready.”

Jenna obviously didn’t think that I would do it and Suzi obviously knew that I found Jenna attractive enough that I’d jump at the chance to get a little friendlier with her. The two girls shook on it and Jenna immediately stripped down to just her bra and panties, unveiling what was without a doubt the best body in the bar. She was much more athletic than I imagined and tan from head to toe. That was when things turned a bit awkward for yours truly. As I was sitting there, expecting Jenna to ask me to dance, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Turning around I was face to face with a dark haired fellow with a three day growth of facial hair in tight jeans and a loose fit button down. He looked me up and down as I turned to face him.

“How about a dance there fella?” he asked. This was by no means what I had in mind. As I looked at Suzi and Jenna the look on Jenna’s face was that of someone who’d just won a lottery. Suzi was laughing about what was transpiring until she heard Jenna mutter something to the effect of get your knee pads out girly.

“Oh,” she said, “This escort görükle isn’t over yet.”

“It will be in a second, as soon as he says no,” Jenna laughed as she pranced around the bar. Their competitive side was shining threw in barrels and I was the one caught in the middle of it all.

Taking a hold of my cock and giving it a squeeze, Suzi whispered in my ear, “You either say yes or enjoy getting home with no clothes or money.”

I looked at her with a panicked and frightened expression. Could she be serious? I knew she had a mean side to her but this was ridiculous. What the hell was I going to do here?

“You wouldn’t.”

“The second I’m done licking her pussy I’ll be out the door and on my way home before you even know what hit you.”

Like a preprogrammed response the word alright came out of my mouth as I was lead out to the floor by this well built stranger. Never having dance with a guy before, Rick was his name, put my hands on his shoulders and his around my waist as he pulled me in close to him. This was no longer funny, I thought to myself, as I struggled to follow along as he maintained the lead. As we danced I noticed a small crowd of people starting to stand around the floor between us and the bar. Rick mentioned that Jenna told him about the bet I lost and how my old lady liked showing me off so much that she’d burned my clothes outside. He said it kind of turned him on, the idea of a naked stranger at everyone’s mercy.

“I don’t know about that,” I told him, not sure about the at everyone’s mercy part of it. As I spoke I felt another set of hands on my shoulders as a surfer looking guy stepped up behind me and started dancing on the other side of me. Rick told me that was his friend Austin and they were here together. “Shit,” I mumbled as I realized these two weren’t just in on the prank the girls played. They were actually interested in me.

As what was happening was starting to register in my half drunken brain I could feel Austins’ hands reaching around my crotch as the bulge in his pants ground against my ass. The sad part was I was still hard as a rock for some reason. I had been so worked up dancing with Suzi and thinking about Jenna being pressed up against me that it hadn’t subsided. Now I had a pair of hands rubbing me up and down and it felt nice. Then Rick started unbuttoning his pants. He took my hand off his shoulder and put it on his already engorged cock. There I was, naked, in front of strangers in a public place and I was being molested by two men. As the whirlwind of emotions ran through my head I could feel Rick pushing my head down and Austin applying pressure to my shoulders. They were trying to get me on my knees. I looked back towards the bar and Suzi was standing in the crowd watching the whole thing. She was cheering them on as I lost my balance, falling down onto the floor between them. As I looked over at Suzi her and Jenna were feverishly playing with each others’ tits and half making out right there as Suzi just nodded approvingly to the guys and flashed me a thumbs up. I started to say something and that was all Rick needed as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

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