Hooking Up

Hooking UpOne of my gay mates set me up with a cute guy last Saturday night. He knew the agony I was in, not having had any cock for a while since I started a relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Two years, for fuck’s sake.He organised the whole thing in advance on the Friday with a guy of 24 from his college who he knew would be into me – a thing for older bi guys, apparently.So we ended up sitting with this lad and his pals in a gay bar in the city. Good body on him, about five foot eight, nice face, so I was definitely into him. Cue plenty of flirting and I totally cruised him out, laid it on thick that I was dying for a bit of fun after a drought, kinda thing.We had a bit of a dance followed by a snog up the back of the bar then went off to the toilets, because he was wanting to do some poppers. I was fucking buzzing enough as it was, so I didn’t bother.We went into a cubicle so he could take a buzz and I just locked the door, pressed him up against the wall and went for it – tongue down his throat, hand down his jeans.The men’s rooms are really big in there and the place was packed with young queens and a few older guys but nobody was giving a shit what we were doing in the stall.I was squeezing my lad’s cock like fuck and he was kind of panting into my mouth, giving it little squeals and stuff – really exciting, like he was just a k** and I was the big bad man, he ha.I got his cock out and sat down on the toilet seat and just started on him, tongue everywhere, rubbing his balls, taking as much cock into my mouth as I could and just enjoying it, then starting on a proper blowjob.Fucking brilliant. My head was spinning, despite only having had a couple of beers.He eventually shot his load while I was wanking him. He just took over with his hand at the end and spunked on to the floor.Very appreciative lad, so he made as if to start on me right away, but I told him to come out to the car for a smoke, as we’d been in there about five minutes and I was getting a bit nervous because of the stewards.We went straight across the car park – with me walking like John Wayne cos of my boner – got into the back seat and it was a case of trousers down, help yourself, young fella!He sucked me off a cracker, fucking beautiful, and I’m giving it the fuck talk – “Suck it, lick my balls, you’re a horny young cunt, aren’t you,” and so on. He got a finger up my ass and I was just about güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri going through the roof, coming like fuck.He didn’t want it in the mouth either – fair enough, I’m a gentleman! So I came on a towel I’d used at the swimming pool that afternoon.Just sat back and had a smoke, I’m playing with him and having a chat. I’m fucked by this point, he’s looking like he could go again, but no way. Back into the pub for a Diet Coke, farewells all round, nice hug from my new best mate (!) then off home by midnight – job done in about three hours. Sweet….Just got back home an hour ago after a fantastic afternoon and evening. Met my new pal – last weekend’s mutual blow-job buddy – for a beer at a pub just around the corner from his flat. There was a real tension in the air – in a good way. Things just seemed more intense than last Saturday night. It felt like more of an ‘event’. No distractions or the need for formalities. We didn’t hang about – 15 minutes in the pub and then back to his place. So much for watching the rugby; we didn’t even switch the TV on, just threw our jackets on the sofa and stared at each other, then kissed – both completely sober and in daylight for the first time. And both full of anticipation.He said he was going to take a shower and I told him I was joining him. The pair of us were hard by the time we’d stripped off in the bathroom. Fucking hell, I’m getting that way again now just thinking about it.I stepped under the water first, watching as he sat on the toilet to pull off his socks, grinning at me as I licked my lips, grabbed my dick and skinned it back and forth under the shower.He got in and reached for me, and I moaned as I took him in my hand. He slipped his hands round and pulled me to him by my ass and our mouths locked, tongues searching, as our cocks banged together. Just rubbing against one another as we soaped and rinsed was so fucking hot, knowing that we had as much time and privacy as we needed, and this wasn’t just a quick blowjob in the back of a car like a week earlier.I got to my knees under the water, licking and sucking at his balls and cock, feeling that thickness in my mouth, my mind blown already at the taste of his hard tool. I soaped the crack of his ass and he spread his legs as I slipped first one finger and then another inside him, his anus stretching around me and the heat inside perabet güvenilir mi him incredible. I kept up my sucking for a minute, teasing his hole, then pulled my face off him and looked up, telling him I was going to fuck him today. He groaned and bore down on my fingers, grabbing his hardon and shoving it back into my mouth, smiling, his eyes closing as he squirmed on my fingers.I tasted his sweet, 24-year-old penis for as long as I could stand, enjoying the cock and the hot water and steam, then stood and said: “Now.”We stepped from the shower, grabbed a couple of towels and I followed him into the bedroom. He towelled his shoulders as he walked, and I saw muscles flexing as he did so – when I could take my eyes off his firm ass.He went over to the stereo to put some music on – dance music, loud – and I was laid out on the bed on my back, towelling my hair, by the time he had selected the sounds. “Fucking hell, man,” he said, coming towards the bed, stroking that big, solid dick as I played with mine, rubbing my balls.I took in the scene – posters and art prints on the walls, his computer, a desk and chair in one corner, a sports bag with some gym kit spilling out of it on the floor… and a jar of lube next to the alarm clock and lamp on the bedside table.He leaned forward on to the bottom of the bed, pulling himself forward and crawling to me, laying himself down beside me for a long, deep tongue kiss as we played with each others’ cocks. Putting his hands in my damp hair, he searched out my mouth with his tongue and stroked my neck and shoulders before heading down for my cock. My chest and nipples were sucked and played with as he went, but there was a definite haste to get to my knob, which was swollen and felt like it would burst.He tongued my piss-slit and hood, working my foreskin back and forward and jerking me off into his mouth, his tongue flickering constantly over my head and shaft, driving me crazy. I grunted and wriggled on the bed, squeezing my own nipples as I watched this horny young fucker at work, frantically sucking me off. Enough.”I need to fuck you now or I’m gonna cum,” I said. He pulled himself up, lay on me – Jesus, the fantastic feeling of our cocks rubbing against one another again – then slid up and sat right on my abs, my hard dick coming into contact with his ass every time I flexed it.”Make me wet, then,” tipobet he said, grinning cutely down at me and wiggling his tongue.I put my hands on his ass and lifted him on to my face, initially sucking on his shaven balls and rolling them around, spreading them with my tongue. He pulled at his cock as I inched him forward, soaking his pink, hairless asshole with my spit, treating his boy-pussy like a mouth as I French-kissed it, savouring the taste of soap and fresh sweat. He was leaning forward, a clenched fist at either side of my head, moaning loudly as I began fingering him with my left hand and jerking my cock with my right.I kissed his hole and said: “Now.”I took the jar from the able and added a few drops of lubricant to my cock, enjoying the feeling. It had been a while. He backed on to me and sat on my stiff tool, a harsh breath and a gasp coming from him as he worked his asshole down on me. He was tight, but he was ready to be fucked.He began slowly, wanking my shaft with his man-cunt as he eased down, inch by inch, then rising again. A little deeper each time, until he had bottomed me out inside him. “Fuck, I need this,” he panted, staring into my eyes. “I need to feel filled up.”As he rode me he leaned over on one hand and began to jerk his large, youthful dick, which had my mouth watering as it bounced around, precum glistening at his piss-slit.”Let me do that,” I said, gripping him and wanking him off as he bucked away, me thrusting into his fuckhole as he did.I managed to last a lot longer than any sane man should be expected to – especially when he began reaching round and rubbing my balls with fingers he had covered in his spit. But soon I knew I was getting close. He seemed to sense it as he took my rigid dick in his burning hole like a fucking champ, shouting “Shit, I’m gonna cum!” as I wanked him.He spurted once, twice, three times, crying out in ecstasy, his thick gouts of juice spraying my belly and chest, his clenching pussy milking my shaft like a hidden hand and sending my eyes rolling back into my head as he began rubbing his thick spunk into my skin.He lifted his wet hand to his mouth, his tongue emerging to lick and taste his cum, and I was gone. Right over the edge.I roared “Aw, fuck! Yes! Yes!” as I shot my load deep into his pulsing rectum, face contorted, brain melting, seizing him by his slim hips as I pumped my fluid into him.He lay forward, holding my drained cock in his asshole, his own cock still stiff and lying flat between our bellies, leaking cum, and we kissed, deep and soulful.”Fucking hell, man. That was fantastic,” he breathed in my ear.I smiled, knowing his young ass was mine for as long as I needed it.

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