Hopefully Nobody was Looking


I wrote this from Lana’s perspective. Her perception was too sweet not to share! Thank you so much for reading! =)


My alarm hadn’t gone off yet and the room was already hot and sticky. The sun heated everything in the whole apartment. Coated in sweat, I dreaded my upcoming day at work. I adjusted my fan to blow towards my body and rolled on my other side to try and catch another hour of sleep. I avoided the fact that once again, I woke up alone.

My pathetic excuse for a boyfriend didn’t spend Friday night with me again. Kleenex piled up beside my bed with many more ready to go. He was supposed to come over and bake desserts with me! My mom wanted to have everyone over for my niece’s birthday so I figured that baking some treats would be a nice gesture.

I thought about calling in sick to catch up on my unproductive evening. It was always tempting to call in sick on Saturdays because everyone else had it off. I was frustrated with him mostly…I was so sick of his excuses! I got mad and pounced the pillow with all my might. He doesn’t care about me anymore! My mom was right about everything!

After my little tantrum, I dragged my ass out of bed and went to the shower. Cold water soothed my overheated body. I shivered until my body got used to the cooler temperature. A quick shave of my armpits and legs should do it. I finished up and my day was already feeling more positive.

I did my hair in the mirror and put on my underwear. I brushed my teeth and flossed intricately at my teeth to get every piece of trapped food out. I talked myself through my problems and psyched myself up for the day at work. I slid on my favourite leather skirt and slipped on a sleeveless summer top. I didn’t give a fuck about dress code on Saturday, I was wearing flip flops!

I got to work well before noon and sat in the staff room. I worked in a music store and took care of all the books. It was quiet in my department and was seperate from where unskilled musicians made loud noise. I read my novel for a bit and ate a biscuit I brought from home.

I thought today was going to be another dull day and for at least the first an hour, it was. It was tough to smile and answer silly questions about stuff I thought should be second nature to anyone. I mean, why the fuck would you buy books beyond your skill level? I rolled my eyes at a lot of people and kept the fake smile rolling.

“So…how many people comment on that lovely skirt you’re wearing today?” I heard a very familiar voice ask from behind.

Excitedly, I turned around and jumped into the arms of my sweet friend, Ariel.

“Ahh! I can’t believe you’re here!” I yelled, attracting the attention of the whole store.

We hugged and held each other tight. Ariel was my deepest secret and no one ever found out what was going on between us. We were the greatest friends and it had been a year since we last met in person. I felt her push away, as if I was making the hug too long.

“I love your hair, Lana! It’s so red and sexy!”

I blushed in excitement and a smile forced its way onto me. She looked better than ever! Her petite body looked slim as ever and her feet looked so pretty in her shoes. She wore a red tank top that contrasted with her skin so nicely. I couldn’t wait to look at her ass with those tight jean shorts she was wearing!

“How have you been?” I asked delightfully.

“I’m good, Lana. I’m so glad to be home! I’ve missed you! How about you? Find anyone to fuck your brains out yet?” She asked playfully touching my arm.

“Ari! Shhh!” I yelled with a huge smile.

“Come on, baby, let’s go get lunch!” Ariel suggested.

“I can’t, I have to work until six!” I responded, unimpressed.

“I’m going to bring you an ice cream then! We can talk here, right?” Ariel pushed and smiled.

I snickered and pressed for another hug with her. Her skin was so soft and damp from the humidity outside. I simply love how Ariel smells. Such a unique scent that pretty lady gives off! I leaned in and pressed my lips on her neck in a lustful way. My manager caught the corner of my eye.

I pulled away and smirked at her.

“Vanilla, please?” I asked.

Ariel giggled and told me I haven’t changed in the slightest bit. I guess I always chilled in my comfort zone but that wasn’t a big deal. I lived life on the safe side all the time and made sure things didn’t spiral out of control on me. We hugged one last time and she walked out of the door.

“Is that who I think it is?” My manager, Helen asked.

“Yes, it is!” I said excitedly and giggled.

“You look like you really like her,” she said.

“Yeah…She’s the best. It’s been so long…” I said, dazed by Ariel’s charm.

“I wonder, Lana. You were looking really stressed out earlier, is everything okay?”

“No…I’m not so happy today,” I sad sadly.

“Care to share, love?” Helen sat behind the counter with me.

“Well…My asshole boyfriend stood me up again last night! We were supposed to bake treats together güvenilir bahis for my niece’s birthday later and he fucking leaves to go fishing with his friends!” I yelled getting into a rage

Helen looked dumbfounded and rubbed my back.

“And then, I sat at home eating food and cried all night! I’m so fucking mad at him! He thinks I’m never going to be successful again and part of me thinks he’s right! I’m never talking to him ever again! I just don’t need that headache!” I was almost in tears at this point.

I got up and paced behind the counter. I didn’t want to see him again. I wasn’t going to be the pushover this time. Why should my loyalty be thrown around when I’m there for someone all the time? Ariel would never treat me like that!

“I’m sorry, Helen! I’m so upset!” I said, fidgeting with my wristbands.

“Maybe you’d like to go home early? Go find your friend before she gets too far! Bake your treats for your sister’s family?”

I gasped in excitement.

“Really? You mean it?” Asking with a smile drawn to my face.

“You work hard, Lana. You deserve better for such a beautiful day. Just go, girl! I’ll take care of everything here! We’ll talk next week!”

“Oh, Helen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I ran up to her giving her the biggest hug.

I swiped my purse from under the counter and darted out the door. I couldn’t see Ariel anywhere. I figured she would go somewhere close so I waited. I sparked up a cigarette in hopes to see her again so soon. It was so hot and muggy! I waited patiently.

“Wowie! Look what I found!” Ariel said, hugging me from behind while holding a bag of goodies from the store.

I jumped and giggled excitedly.

“Helen let me go home early,” I said softly and then kissed her on the lips.

She graciously closed her eyes and we savoured our first kiss together. It had been well over a year since we last had any time together. Being in different musical projects separated us. A car driving by honked their horn during the affectionate moment. We laughed it off and walked together towards my car.

“Did you bus here?” I asked.

“Yeah. I really wanted to see you, Lana. It’s been so long,” Ariel confessed.

We both got in my car and I immediately rolled down the windows in hopes of cooling it off. My black skirt burned up against my legs and I could feel my forehead sweat. Even Ariel had a thin film of sweat around her white skinned body. It was definitely attractive.

“Lana, do you want to go the beach?” Ariel asked very politely.

“Oh, Ariel! I really want to! Unfortunately, I have to go bake some desserts for Emily’s birthday.”

“Go to our favourite beach! You know that really nice bakery nearby? I’ll get you some treats from there! Your whole family will love it, Lana!”

I was very broke and I didn’t know how to bring it up to Ariel. I looked over at her with a sad face and sulked as I put the shifter in reverse. I was so upset from last night. My now ex, used a lot of my money. I only had enough to get me through the week and it was difficult to manage anything else that came in between.

“Sorry, Ariel. I don’t want to bring this up,” I started but was cut off by Ariel.

“What is it, Lana? Is everything going alright?!”

“I…I’m so broken right now…and…and…” My voice choked up and tears filled my eyes.

Ariel and I took a little break from the relationship about a year ago. We got along great all the time but I think the nit picky crap was upsetting us both. I knew Ariel wasn’t going to judge and she was the only one I could cry in front of. She was the only one I trusted fully with my emotions. I was always made fun of for shedding tears over “minuscule” things growing up. Ariel understands me better than anyone else.

“Oh, Lana,” she put her hand on my leg, “I’m here for you, girl. We’re together again, okay? I’m sorry for leaving…I thought about you every single day. We had so much fun on tour but…It just wasnt the same playing with other people.”

Sniffles and tears gracefully poured out of me. Ariel’s kind words put my soul at ease and I felt like my problems were all taken care of. Normally, Ariel was the one responsible for having so many dramatics. Not today!

“Ariel…I just want you to know. Every email you sent made my day. I thought about you all the time and really…please, would you consider moving in with me?” I asked putting my hands on hers.

“I hoped you were going to ask that,” Ariel said kissing me on the lips.

We smiled and drove off to the beach. We conversed intensely about our personal lives and caught up with each other. Ariel guessed my financial situation and treated me to lunch. I was so grateful and got mushy again with her. I was so happy my little Ariel was home!

By the time we got to the beach, both of us were covered in sweat from sitting in my hot car. I couldn’t afford to fix the air conditioning so I was apologizing for that. Ariel pulled me by the hand aggressively toward the restaurant. türkçe bahis She insisted on buying me a chocolate dipped ice cream cone and I couldn’t complain or resist!

She bought a couple towels and we walked out onto the sand. The whole beach was filled with so many people! I walked barefoot in the sand and embraced the scorching hot textures on my feet. We set up our towels far away and relaxed.

I unzipped my skirt and slid it all the way off. My lovely summer shirt came right after and I folded them perfectly next to my purse down by my feet. Ariel bent over right in front of me and brushed sand off of her towel. Her shorts were so fucking short! I could feel the uncontrollable tingle taking over.

“Wow! I really love your shorts, babe!” I said, rubbing my legs.

She pulled them down in an instant to show off her sexy yellow panties. Her ass still looked more perfect than ever! She pulled off her top and sat next to me on her towel. I gave her a few tender kisses and rubbed her back. We relaxed and conversed intimately as we cooked in the sun.

I wanted to fuck Ariel right there on that towel! She had this way of turning me on more than anyone else. All of her actions consist of swift, uncertain girly movements. It was cute! What I love about her, she gets really into what she’s laughing about and analyzes why she finds it funny. I laughed with her and my world was magical! God, I’m in love again!

“Lana! Stop covering your mouth when you smile! I love your teeth!” Ariel said.

I blushed and smiled without covering. I have really sharp looking fangs that I’m kind of embarrassed of. I was made fun of for it and over time, I got into the habit of covering my mouth when I smiled. It felt really nice to smile and not worry! She pressed her lips onto mine and ran her tongue all along my teeth for more assurance.

“I love you, babe,” I said softly, “I want to take you to the water.”

Ariel giggled with excitement and got up. I loved seeing Ariel in her underwear! I could see the edges of her big nipples from the edges of her bra. It was such a tease! I loved the most how her panties disappeared in between her butt cheeks! I wanted to get downright dirty with her and make her wail!

I started to burn quickly in the sun so Ariel and I covered each other in sunblock she had in her purse. It made me so horny to rub the cream into her skin. It was super silky and soft. She moaned loud enough for me to hear and gave me her signature ‘fuck me’ eyes. I looked down her bra and studied her nipples that just barely, barely edged out.

Ariel was already at the water when I went to check my phone and go for a sip of water. Her panties were stuffed so deep up her ass! I quickly ran up to join her and she ventured further into the water, trying to evade me.

I laughed and tried my hardest to catch up to her. It wasn’t long before Ariel was neck deep in the water and couldn’t move as quick. I caught up and the water was only up to my boobs. Her eyes stared at my chest with a sexy smile. She splashed water at me! I did the same back to her but it felt mean because her head was the only target I went for.

She put her hands up to defend herself and I went from underneath and scooped her petite body up. She screamed in excitement and naturally, our lips locked. She breathed heavily through her nose at first and that made me savagely tongue kiss her. We both moaned and it felt so good!

She held onto my shoulders and pressed on deeply with her tongue. I couldn’t get enough of her! Just when I thought I was being too rough, she would one up me! I loved when our tongues touched and played. I loved to giggle during our make out sessions and I knew that got Ariel horny. There were people that could probably see what we were doing but I actually for the first time in my life, didn’t give a fuck!

We pulled away a gazed into each other’s eyes, catching our breath. I looked around to see if anyone was looking but everyone was far away and seemed to mind their own business. I put Ariel back down and leaned over to passionately kiss her. Her hand reached down into my panties and her fingers pressed into my pussy. Her other hand played with my ass, squeezing and pulling.

I moaned with excitement and felt up her tits. I ran my thumbs over her big nipples that were now hard. I could barely see them under the surface of the water but that didn’t bother me. We were in a public place so I put a lid on my mouth. I whimpered quietly and expressed my dear love for Ariel. My mouth licked her neck and my teeth gently nibbled her ears. She smiled happily and continued to make me feel good.

I’m sure I grunted a little too loud at times but quickly covered it up with laughter. I tried to make it look like we were playing and not fucking but I couldn’t hide how good I felt. Ariel was horny and desperately looked at me for release. I was so close to coming! I decided to let it go and focus on my best friend.

“I fucking love your hair, Lana,” she said pecking my neck, “I güvenilir bahis siteleri think it looks fucking fantastic. Red is so your colour!”

I smirked and blushed. Ariel could only make me blush so much. I loved her dark hair with a passion. Her bangs were so sexy and added so much character to that pretty face! Of course because her hair was wet, it was the biggest turn on for me!

“Ariel, girl…You’re the prettiest girl in the whole world! I…I…” I started but choked.

“You gonna spit it out?” She asked, wondering what I left out.

“I love you,” I whispered sharply in her ear.

She was about to say something but I quickly put my hand on her mouth to keep her quiet. My other hand went down the back of her panties, feeling up her ass. I slid my fingers way down and rubbed gently at her asshole. She moaned into my hand and I slowly moved further down to reach her pussy.

Ariel let out the cutest whimpers and that made me wild. I played with her more roughly and she pulled my tits out of my bra. Her hands found my nipples and tugged at them. They were super hard and Ariel made it clear she loved them! Her mouth went over them and her tongue traced every region of both nipples.

We laughed and splashed water at each other frequently to hide the fact we were being naughty. I loved how Ariel’s pussy felt. One finger seemed like it was too big to slide in her. Her vagina was like a soft, squishy vice grip. I slide in the second finger and she held even harder onto me. Her pussy muscles clenched and hugged my fingers.

I moaned pleadingly with her to keep the chaos in her world afloat. I knew how to make Ariel orgasm and I think we both knew, it was only a few short moments away. I kissed and licked behind her ears. She squeaked louder and more frequently. I shifted a hand down to play with myself. It was too hot to not join in with the pleasure!

Before I knew it, my pussy reacted to the situation and shattered my world. I moaned uncontrollably and fell into Ariel, who I still tried to fuck with my fingers. She whimpered and I could feel her pussy get even tighter around my fingers. She squirmed and squeaked quietly. I breathed all over her in lust and involuntarily whimpered.

“I’m coming, Lana…Oh, babe I love those delicate, long fingers of yours…” Ariel whispered in bliss.

I was weak at the knees again and my pussy contracted against my will. I wanted to come again! Ariel assisted me this time and it took under a minute to break me to her will. I got mushy and held her in my arms. I panted and started to float on my back in exhaustion. Ariel pulled my panties to the side and stared in between my legs with awe.

“Your pussy hair is so sexy, Lana,” Ariel said going in for a discreet lick.

I watched immensely and immediately stood back up in the water. It was pretty obvious what us two were doing and I didn’t want to get in trouble. I pulled Ariel with me to go for a little swim. She didn’t know how to swim very well so she held onto me and we went out even further. I wanted to discreetly eat her pussy! She ended up trying on her back and couldn’t quite stay afloat.

“Can we go back, Lana? I don’t like being out this far!” Ariel yelled in a panic with her head going under for a quick second.

“Come on, Ariel, let’s swim together!” I said happily kissing her forehead.

“Please, baby…I’m so scared! Please let me hold you!”

I kicked my feet as hard as possible and Ariel held onto me for dear life. My head went under for a second when she jumped on. I kicked my feet hard enough to keep us both above water. I could hear Ariel sniffling and making a fuss about being in the deep end. I let her go when my feet could touch the ground and she splashed everywhere trying to get back to her safe zone.

“Please, Lana…” Her voice broke up in despair as she furiously kicked and pushed to keep herself above the water.

I snickered at her dramatics because she’s always the biggest chicken! I held her hand and pulled her toward her comfort zone. She was shaking and looked a little upset but knew I was just being myself. My skin started to wrinkle with the water and I suggested we leave as it was probably getting late. We made our way back to shore and I complimented Ariel on her courage in the water. She looked a little displeased but that quickly subsided when we talked about treats.

I sat in the sun to dry off and Ariel joined me. Our towels overlapped and we faced each other. I looked all up and down Ariel’s body, appreciating her beauty. Her nipples still weren’t entirely covered by her bra but I thought it was cute. I stared into her eyes and smiled at her magical soul.

“Maybe I’ll go to my family’s quickly and head home,” I started, “I’m thinking you should come and afterwards, spend the night with me!”

“Sounds so great! Thanks! I’m still buying everyone those bakery treats!” Ariel said delightfully and got up to get dressed.

I watched her pull up her jean shorts. She bent over on purpose! Her ass check came out the bottom and I pinched it. I loved her ass in shorts…in anything really. Even though I’ve had sex with her hundreds and hundreds of times, her body was just as fresh as the first time! We got up and made our way to the bakery.

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