Hot Asian Nurse


From the Journal of Brian White

I get in the car and take a deep breath before putting my keys in the ignition. I fucking hate getting my blood taken at the hospital. My doctor had ordered labs a few days ago and I have been avoiding it. Today I have decided to get it taken care of.

At the hospital I find a parking place half a mile from the damn building and walk to the lobby of the blood draw section…whatever you call it… I take a number and sit down with all the other mundane looking people there. I’m number 244. A few minutes pass and the monitor shows 244 followed by a soft computer generated female voice telling me to check in at desk B. The lady at desk B is plump and friendly. She has on a lot of makeup, and is pretty, but she’s at least 100 pounds over weight and her face looks squished. Her clothes look like blankets. I have a $10 co-payment which really pissed me off. Everything is money these days with the fucking hospitals. I sit some more in the waiting room looking at the monitor, awaiting my number to come up and tell me which station in the adjacent room I will be going to. I look around at the faces of the men and women in the room with me, they all seem to be in the exact same mood as myself, and it gives me a slightly warm feeling knowing that I’m not alone in this situation. I picture in my head what I must look like sitting here in my black hoodie and sweat pants with my black hat and shoes…Not that it matters, but I notice that I’m actually the only white person here out of all the people in the lobby. I wonder for a second what they must think of me at first glance. Do they think I’m racist or judging them? Can someone tell from looking at me that I’m a pussy when it comes to needles?

From where I am sitting I can see directly into the room where the blood drawing stations are. I see the first station which is manned by what appears to be an older white lady. She seems friendly and appears to smile a lot and be in a great mood. Behind her there is a younger black nurse which appears to be collecting the little vials of blood, she looks friendly as well. I see the little vials with dark blood in them and even from this distance it gives me the chills thinking of blood going from my vein in the bend of my arm into a little vial… ew.

… All of a sudden I catch a glimpse of a beautiful young Asian nurse with large tits and a bubble butt. My God she is perfect. She has long black hair in a pony tail, and her mask is down showing her big red lips. My heart rate increases and all of a sudden I forget that I’m in the waiting room to get my blood drawn. Her light blue uniform showed off her body and the deep set crevice of her ass cheeks. I sexually assault this woman in my head and picture what she would look like naked with no clothes on with her ass in my face.

I only got a glimpse of her though. My imagination might have done editing to make her hotter than what she really was. Plus, at this distance, she might be hot, but up close it might all be just a huge mistake… I hear other numbers being called, and see people walking back there and soon I forget about the hot Asian nurse. I try to calm myself down before getting blood drawn. I realize how childish this is, being afraid of a little needle, but there is a mental block in my mind, something deeply subconscious and involuntary which causes me distress and angst over it. My fear of needles is as rational as my fear of tiny spiders.

“244 to station number 15.” The female computer voice says.

Fuck, that’s me… here goes nothing… I get up and try to walk confidently into the other room and follow the signs to station number 15. I don’t want all the people in the waiting room to sense my weakness if they haven’t already done so. I think I’ve fooled them. As soon as I walk up, I see the large recliner chair for me to sit in. Thee is a little plastic table thing running hoizontally in front of the recliner chair thing… and on the other side. There she is! The hot nurse! She’s going to be the one taking my blood today! Destiny has answered my prayers! I immediately get nervous and I must have turned red. She is hotter up close than she was from across the waiting room! She is fucking beautiful! Not only that, but she smells good too!

“Hello. I’m Erica. I’ll be taking your blood today” she says.

Her voice is soft and feminine. Her eyes are bright and beautiful with long fake lashes on them. I can tell from her uniform that her tits are huge.

“Great… A beautiful nurse is going to see me squirm like a little baby today.” I say. I give a little nervous laugh.

“Oh, thank you.” She says smiling.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Looks like your doctor ordered 4 vials.” She says this while reaching out and grabbing my left arm.

I can smell her. She smells good. I believe the smell is coming from her head. Beautiful long black hair put back in a pony tail with slight curls at the end. The shampoo she used? Could that explain her soft Kurtköy Escort smooth hair? Her hands are small and sexy. I can tell from under her gloves that her nails are done. I reference the memory of her standing across the room and what her ass was shaped like while she was standing. I picture what it would look like if she were naked in front of me with oil all over her body. I look at her name tag and it says “Erica.”… shit, no last name. It’s going to be a little harder for me to find her on social media with just a first name. I have already decided that I will jerk myself off tonight while looking at this woman’s face on my computer monitor.

“You don’t like getting your blood drawn huh?” She says as she holds my left arm out straight as she rubs my inner elbow with her left hand feeling for a vein.

“How can you tell?” I say.

“Your breathing and your heart rate are going up fast.” She giggles.

“That’s probably because of you not the needle.” I say. Fuck, that was kinda inappropriate. I instantly realize that now a days a comment like that considered sexual assault and will cost me my job and family. She gives a huge smile from under her mask.

“Hahaha. Your too funny.” She says. That was a close call. She might not be pressing charges after all. She wraps a rubber tube around my left bi-cep and holds my arm out all the way locking out my elbow with the palm facing straight up. It takes a second for me to realize it, but my hand is faintly cupping her right tit. I can feel the firm round shape of her tit sitting softly in my hand. Needless to say I shit myself. I try and control my breathing and try to think quickly… does she realize what I realize? Does she know where my hand is right now? I can’t think straight. She has to know. She has to feel my hand sitting there.

“Ok, squeeze your hand for me.” She says. She is leaned forward and she is holding my arm in a way that there is no way for me to turn my palm around or make a fist without squeezing her tit. I look over at the wall so as to make myself look innocent like I do not know exactly where my palm is and slowly squeeze my hand together, which of course in turn squeezes her round soft breast in my palm. I squeeze lightly and then squeeze again while turning my head and looking at her.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” My eyes glance at hers.

“Don’t worry… just squeeze. I’m going to put the needle in.” She smiles and looks at me. I’m about to faint. Did she just tell me to squeeze again after what I just did? Does she know what just happened? Are her tits numb and she did not feel that? Is this fucking real? Am I dreaming? We are in a booth or station or whatever it’s called towards the back corner of the room and no one can directly see us. I squeeze my hand again and cup her large round tit in my hand. This time I move my hand around and explore the soft perky front of her tit where her nipple is. I did not realize it at the time but my dick had grown stiff as a rock in my pants. I was wearing my sweat pants with loose fitting underwear that allowed room for my dick to stretch out in these situations. She removes a vial of blood and puts in another one. She removes the tube from around my arm and says 
”Ok, you can relax your hand now…”

She moves onto the third vial of blood. Her tit leaves my hand as she leans to move the vial to the other side of the table. But, she moves it back to the palm of my hand again! She is purposely doing this. I am almost sure of it now. I have no idea why on earth a beautiful smoking hot Asian nurse would do something like this to a guy like me, but I don’t care, and take the opportunity given to me. I slowly move my hand around this time barely touching the shape of her tit again. Does she do this to every man that comes in here? Why is she doing this to me? Am I on a hidden camera show? Is she recording me? Is this a dare? Did someone dare her to do this to me? My head is spinning. What should I say in a situation like this?

“Ok, I’m done. I told you I’d take care of you.” She says smiling and looking into my eyes.

I feel a sudden depression kicking in. I can’t believe this moment is over with so quickly.

“That wasn’t too bad now was it?” She says. I lose my mind and the words start coming out of my mouth before I realize what I am saying or what the consequences might be.

“I am so fucking hard right now.” I say in a low enough voice so that only she can hear. As I say this I lean back in the chair and stick out my pelvis so that she can see the tiny bulge in my pants. I hold my breath and wait for her response. I am praying she does not curse me out and tell me to leave. I mean, she was the one that started this in a way.

She leans her head slightly over the table, looks down and then puts her hand to her mouth and starts to giggle.

“Oh my god. You aren’t kidding.” She says.

“Here..” She says waving for me to bring my arm over to the table. She puts a cotton ball to the part of my skin Pendik Escort where the needle went in.

“Hold this down and put pressure on it for me.” She says.

She then straightens out my left hand and puts her tit into my palm once again. She gets a red hospital tape and starts to wrap it around the arm and hold the cotton ball in place. I start to feel her tit again in my hand and fondle her. She moves her body around so that I can get a good feel. I realize now that she is breathing hard as well.

“You are so fucking hot.” I whisper to her.

“I am so fucking wet right now.” She says without looking directly at me. I see now that she has turned red and is trembling! What is happening?!? I can’t believe this is happening!

I turn my head and look around. I see the bathrooms for the urine samples along the side of the room but on the other side of the wall. There are no stations in front of them.

“I’m going to use the bathroom. Can you go in there and help me?” I say not knowing where this might end up.

“… go in there and wait. I’ll be there.” She says. She gets the vials in her hands and turns in the chair away from me not making eye contact.

“… go… now…use the one at the far end” she says.

I get up and walk to the side wall and to the bathroom door at the far end. The indicator on the door is green showing that it’s unlocked and most likely unoccupied. I open the door and go inside. I debate whether or not to locked the door. I don’t want someone else walking in, so I lock the door. I have no idea if she is going to come in or not. This feels like a dream. How can this be real? I start rubbing myself through my sweat pants. I am very hard. Stiff as a rock to the touch.

I wait for what seems to be about 5 minutes. I have to let go of my erection for a few times in fear of cumming. Maybe she is not going to arrive. Maybe she is calling the cops. Maybe this was all just some sort of misunderstanding and I took it too far. I am going to lose my job, my house, my marriage and my kids. My whole life is going to be destroyed over this super hot little Asian nurse with fat tits and a big booty.

Then I hear it. Super faint and almost so light that I think it’s my imagination. But for sure, I believe I heard a knock at the door. Maybe it was someone trying to use the room to take their urine sample? Maybe it’s not her?

I slowly open the door and she opens it quickly and slips into the room. She leans over and locks the door.

I instinctively pull down my sweat pants and underwear to my knees. My little 5 1/2 inch erection pops out and strains in front of her. She comes closer to me and reaches out and holds it in her hand and starts stroking it. I reach down and quickly pull up her shirt. She has a flat stomach with massive fake tits trying to burst themselves through her white tight bra. I put my face down between her deep set cleavage and with both hands squeeze her tits together against my face. She lets go of my dick and with both hands pulls each one of her massive tits over her bra and lets them out.

“Are you fucking serious?” I say. “You are perfect.”

She smiles. Her tits are perfect. They are high profile breast implants with the huge round nipples pointed straight out. Her areola’s are dark and big with little sexy bumps on them. I lower my head and suck on her nipples and go back and forth licking, kissing and sucking on both of her tits. She leans her head back and lets out a few deep breaths. She is squeezing my dick hard.

“Please tell me you have a condom.” She says.

I panic. “No, I don’t carry condoms.” I say.

“Fuck!” She says. “I’m so fucking horny right now.” She says.

Without hesitation I drop to my knees in front of her and untie her blue scrubs. She realizes what I am doing and she helps me untie them and pulls them down. Her hips are wide and curvy, and in the middle is her smooth hairless pussy, and for a moment I actually contemplate whether I manifested this from my thoughts earlier when I first saw her. But then I think to myself, that can’t be the case… this pussy is actually better looking than what I thought of.

I put my hands on her hips and turn her around. She does not say a word. She puts both hands on the wall and sticks her big round ass out. I use both hands and open up her ass cheeks exposing her little dark asshole. I bury my face in her ass and stick my tongue as far as I can in her asshole.

“Yes. Oh my god, Yes!” She says. This Asian bombshell is losing her mind. I have no idea why she would chose some random guy like me to be doing this with, but whatever her reasons are, she wants a release, or an adventure at work, and she wants it badly.

Her ass has a musty sweaty smell to it. Her ass cheeks have no blemishes or marks on them. They are thick and firm round ass cheeks. I turn her around again and now put my tongue into the top of her pussy lips and start going up and down on her clit. She holds the back of Mutlukent Escort my head and pushes it harder into her crotch. I get my hand and put two of my fingers all the way in my mouth and get them wet. I then reach down for her pussy and find her hole, slowly forcing two of my fingers as far as I can up her pussy. She shutters and shakes. Her pussy is extremely tight and very wet. I give her a slight pump with my hand going up and down. She leans forward and supports herself by putting both of her hands on my head. We are trying to be quiet, but she is now moaning in a low tone and breathing uncontrollably. Her pussy smells so fresh and tastes so good, I wonder if this will ruin my perception of pussy for the rest of my life compared to this one. Her pussy is so smooth and so soft against my lips and tongue. Her fingers are intense and pushed hard against the back of my head.

“Yes!” She whispers loudly. “Fucking eat it. Eat it up!” She now leans her upper back against the wall and pushes her hips out forward all the way. I move my head up and down the length of her pussy and start fingering her hole harder with my two fingers. Pussy juice is dripping down my fingers. I catch a few glances of her face, and see that she has her eyes closed and is facing the ceiling concentrating and focusing. Maybe she is thinking of someone else. Maybe she is doing this for revenge against a spouse or boyfriend that has cheated on her… or maybe she is bored with her life like I am with mine and wants to feel something outside of the normal routine. Whatever the reason, right now at this time, my mouth is on this beautiful Asian girls naked pussy, and I’m moving my mouth like a fish gasping for air out of water.

I lick her pussy and finger her hard for a few more minutes and eventually her body stiffens and she starts trembling and shaking uncontrollably in what I believe is an orgasm.

“Y…ee…sss!” She is barely able to speak as she loses control of herself. She grabs the back of my head and crams my mouth as hard as she can against her pussy and starts grinding her pelvis up and down against my face. I reach around and grab one of her ass cheeks and push her hips into my face as well.

“Ooohhhh!” She moans. Whatever was going on in this girls life, she needed this. She takes her hands off of the back of my head and she puts a hand to her forehead and holds it there while keeping her eyes shut and visibly trying to catch her breath.

“Oh God… that felt so fucking good.” She says.

“I fucking love you.” I say. “I wish I could be on my knees every single day and eat your pussy like this.” I say.

I move my head forward to try and taste her again but she puts her hand down and stops me.

“I need to catch my breath. My God I felt that in my entire body.” She says.

I back up and stand with my pants still at my knees and my dick so fucking hard now that there is pre-cum dripping out of the tip of my dick. She pulls up her thong and her scrubs. She then puts her hands on my shoulders and moves me against the wall. Without saying a word she gets on her knees in front of me. This is the moment that I dreamed of. When I started eating her pussy the thought ran through my mind as to what would happen to me. Would I jerk myself off while eating her pussy? No… that’s too pathetic. Would she change her mind and let me fuck her without a condom? Would she suck my dick? Or would it just end after she cums and I have to jerk off by myself either here at the hospital or at home?

She puts a hand around my dick, starts jerking it off right in front of her face and appears to be examining it. She tilts her head side to side, looking at it from different angles, and reaches with her other hand and uses her finger tips to rub and play with my balls.

“How many inches are you?” She says smiling and on the verge of laughing.

“I’m just over 5 and a half inches.” I say looking down at her trying to control my breathing. She jerks me off a little harder and lightly laughs.

“I’ve never been with a cock this tiny… but at least it’s…it’s thick…” she says this while squeezing it hard and laughing. Her comment actually turns me on. Her brutal honesty is about to make me cum just by itself.

She opens her big puffy lips and moves her head forward towards my dick. She sticks her tongue out and licks all the pre-cum from the tip of my dick. Sensuality runs through me like an electric shock. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She slides the head of my dick into her big puffy lips and she looks up at me with her large beautiful eyes.

“Oh… Fuck… I fucking love you.” I say again. She does not break eye contact with me. Her puts one of her hands directly in front of her lips and slides it up and down the length of my tiny dick with her lips. She has to move 1 of her fingers away in order to hold my dick while sucking it at the same time. She twists her hands and strokes me as she sucks. She uses her other hand to rub the bottom of my balls with her nails and finger tips. She takes my dick out of her mouth and rubs it all along her lips like she is putting on lipstick, and then she puckers out her big lips and kisses the head of my dick. I put my hand down on her head and gently hold it.

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