Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 04


Pamela decided to surprise Ross and visit him on Wednesday night after class. She put on one of the plaid miniskirts that she purchased at the mall, along with a tight pink top with no bra, so her fabulous boobs were outlined perfectly. She had on a pair of tight blue thong panties and just some small socks and shoes.

Ross knew that Pamela worked every Wednesday, so he didn’t think twice about it when Marie called saying she told her husband she going out to visit her mom, but she really wanted to get her big cock addiction fix with Ross and his big pussy pleasing dick!

Marie’s husband knew that his sexy wife had a big cocked lover by how stretched out her pussyhole was, but he always played along, knowing she would be home later and he would get some of her hot wet pussy too, so he didn’t mind.

What Ross didn’t know was that Pamela had called in sick to work to go visit him. When she pulled up, she noticed a strange car in his driveway, so she thought it must one of his friends over visiting watching a ball game or something, and she almost didn’t stop, but she figured once her boyfriend saw her in the pretty sexy outfit, he would ask his friend to leave.

So, she parked her car on the street, by passed the front door and went straight to back door so she could surprise him. As she passed his bedroom, she heard a moaning sound coming out of there, a sound that she had heard before, but she couldn’t quite place where. She tilted her head to the side and then remembered, it sounded like some of the women she has heard moaning when they are being fucked hard, in the adults movies she had watched on her computer, as she masturbated in her dorm room.

She proceede on and she opened the unlocked back door and walked in. She walked over to where she could hear the moaning and sure enough, it was coming from Ross’s bedroom. What she saw shocked her! It wasn’t the fact that her boyfriend had some woman on his bed and he was literally fucking the shit out of her. No, it was that from the angle at which she was peeking in behind the door, she could make out his big balls, the biggest she had ever seen! Also, what appeared to be an enormous cock, pistoning in and out of the woman’s wet pussy hole!

Although it was her boyfriend fucking, she wasn’t angry. I mean after all, she had just recently sucked two different cocks and she had just recently been fucking herself. So without even thinking about it, her hand went down under her small skirt and into her tight panties! She began to rub her small shaved snatch right there as she watched in awe!

Ross was on top of the woman and he said, “that’s it Marie, take my fucking cock, you sexy fucking whore!”

Marie just moaned when he said that and it seemed to make Pamela’s cunt even wetter hearing him speak to that woman like that. She had never heard such words from him and soon she had her little skirt up her to waist with her small hand in her panties, masturbating her little hairless cunt. As she did that, her other hand reached up into her top and she openly grabbed and squeezed her magnificent naked tits.

Ross and Marie didn’t even notice her standing there, as they fucked, and soon Pamela had her top off and she stood there in just her small socks and tennis shoes, with her skirt hiked up to around her slim waist. She then took her hands and pulled her panties down and left them on her firm thighs. She was no longer peeking in from behind the door either, she was standing directly in the open doorway, as she played with her small, moist, slippery, naked cunt.

Her pussy was so wet as she watched; she was rubbing her slick cunt lips back Anadolu Yakası Escort and forth as she did. Ross then decided it was time to fuck his sexy slut Marie doggie style, so he told her get up and get on her knees like a good bitch, and that’s when he noticed Pamela standing there, in the open doorway, masturbating!

She was speechless as she looked at him, he was speechless as he looked at her, it was Marie who spoke first saying, “Oh so this must be your girlfriend huh Ross baby? Well it looks to me like she is one sexy and horny little thing!”

“What are you doing here?” Ross asked as he viewed her perfect body up and down, making his big cock throb even more!

Pamela though, didn’t utter a word; she instead, pulled her panties all the way off, took off her skirt, and walked towards her boyfriend in her small socks and tennis shoes. Those spectacular fucking torpedo tits on display, slightly bouncing up and down a bit as she walked towards him! Her big nipples were pointing right at him! Oh fuck she looked so fucking hot!

He was mesmerized by her beauty and those tits! The tits he longed to see for so long, when she got to him, he just reached out and he squeezed her boobs! Oh how Pamela had longed for her boyfriend to feel them, she loved how he squeezed, fondled, and played with her big tits!

She leaned in and kissed him, and as she did, Marie went down and began to suck on his big cock! Ross let out a moan as he felt Marie’s hot mouth on his cock, and he kissed Pamela deeply as Marie sucked his dick! Pamela then moved down a bit and grabbed his prick too, holding it in her soft hand. Marie smiled at her, took it out of her mouth and placed the head on Pamela’s lips. Pam eagerly opened her mouth as wide as she could as she wrapped her lips around her man’s dick and she sucked his big cockhead into her wet mouth.

Ross looked down and could not believe it. Not only was his beautiful girlfriend sucking his cock, but his bitch slut was down there licking his balls too! He gently caressed both of their heads and soon it was Pamela sucking on his balls, as Marie sucked his cock. They took turns, like a couple of hot whore’s licking his balls and sucking his cock!

It was then that Ross knew he had to lick and taste Pammy’s sweet little hairless cunt! So he moved and laid down on the bed as he positioned his face under her. She was on her knees and it didn’t long for her to realize what he wanted to do, as she felt his breath on her wet naked pussy lips.

Like a good girl, she lowered twat and sat on his face! He inhaled deeply, the aroma of her sweet nineteen year old nectar as he reached up, grabbed her firm round athletic ass and he stuck his tongue up her small fuckhole!

She gasped out loud as he did; he buried his face in her beautiful young twat and ass as she began to grind her swollen pussy down on her boyfriends face! She closed her eyes, it felt so good, just then she felt her tit being suckled, and it felt so nice! She opened her eyes and Marie was sucking her tits, first one then the other!

Pamela had not ever thought of herself as being bi, but it felt too good not to allow this woman to suck on her nice tits! Marie was fondling and sucking the pretty coed’s boobs, as Ross licked out her cunt! She rode his face, like a cowgirl riding her horse as he kneaded her ass cheeks and licked her soaked twat!

Pamela then reached down and grabbed onto Ross’s huge cock, she was awestruck by its pure size! She smiled at Marie as she bent down into a 69 position and took his pulsating prick into her wet warm mouth! She sucked as much of him she Kadıköy Escort could, licking and sucking and stroking his hard cock! He loved it!

It was then that Marie stood up on the bed and pushed her pussy close to Pamela’s face. Pammy sat back up and saw Marie’s shaved wet pussy inches from her face, she wasn’t sure what to do, she had never licked a pussy before. So Marie pushed hips forward and Pamela darted her tongue out, tasting a pussy for the very first time!

It was a taste she decided she enjoyed! She licked it, Marie’s swollen erect clit. Marie held Pamela’s head there, as Ross looked up watching! He then, moved from under Pamela, and he positioned himself with his back against the head board and said, “I want to watch you two lick each other’s pussies out!” with a big smile on his face.

Marie smiled and laid down, as Pamela got on top of her 69 position, Marie buried her face into the sexy young woman’s pussy, licking her furiously, as Pamela let out a loud moan. Oh Marie really knew how to lick pussy! It didn’t take long for Pamela to learn, as she dove into Marie’s naked cunt, licking it also, making Marie let out animalistic moans, all while Ross sat back slowly stroking his massive fucking cock!

The two women went sideways, licking each other like that, and it was then that Ross knew he had to have Pamela’s tight, wet, little fucking snatch!

With them sideways, he positioned himself behind his girlfriend Pamela. She could feel the heat and heaviness of his massive penis on her slit, and she gasped out loud!

It was right in Marie’s face too as she licked Pammy’s clit and saw what Ross was doing! She asked Pamela in a sort of older concerned mom type of voice “is this the first time that Ross is going to fuck you honey?”

“Yes, oh yes it is!” Pamela said.

As Marie smiled she told her, “then get ready for the fucking of your life sweetheart!”

Pamela’s eyes got wide and her mouth went into the shape of an O as Ross guided his big fucking cockhead into the little opening of Pamela’s small hole! He didn’t know if she were a virgin or not, but it didn’t matter, as he felt the slick wetness of her little cunt juice start to coat his big head.

She said, “Oh fuck, oh Ross, it’s so big! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He smiled and began to push forward, feeling how tight she was around his big cock! He always likes how tight a pussy feels around his dick, but she was super tight, almost like a rubber band as he slowly sank his big manhood into her small cunthole!

“Oh Ross! Oh Ross! Oh Ross!” is all she could say as he kept on, half his big cock in Pamela’s tiny hole, she was being stretched and it hurt her a bit, she cried out, “owe, oh Ross it hurts, maybe you should stop!”

He just kept going though, knowing soon she would be crying out in pleasure! She felt him pull back, she could feel her pussy lips sucking onto his massive cock as he did, then he would push forward, each time, just a slight bit more, until soon he had most of his big hard cock inside of her small soaking wet little fuckhole!

Her pussy was beginning to get used to his size, and soon that hurt, became a lustful pleasure! Each time he would pull back then slowly thrust back in to her, her clit was being massaged and she began to love it!

“Oh Ross, Oh babe, oh it, it, it feels so wonderful! Oh Ross, oh fuck me, oh fuck me!”

He loved hearing those words, as Marie moved and sat back on her elbow watching, as she massaged her soaked twat watching the hot fuck show going on in front of her!

Ross then moved, and stood up. He pulled Pamela, who was on her Ataşehir Escort back, to the edge of the bed, so he could stand up. Her firm legs were wide open and those big sexy firm tits sitting high and naked on her chest as he looked down at her. She looked beautiful!

He had her legs spread wide, he leaned in and they kissed, as lovers should, before he stood between her open legs, like he was going to take her! He was making a woman out of her right there and then!

He placed his big mushroom cockhead on her wet lips and moved it up and down, teasing her, making sure to rub it on her clit; she was going wild with fuck lust! “Oh Ross babe, fuck me, oh fuck with that magnificent cock you have babe!” she cried out!

He smiled as he began to penetrate her small hairless hole again, she was so fucking wet, and her cunt juices were now gushing down between her firm ass cheeks! Marie then, moved and got on her knees, just above Pamela’s head. As Pammy looked up, she could see Marie’s wet pussy, just as Marie sat her pussy down on the coed’s pretty face!

Oh Pamela stuck out her tongue and just as she was pushing her tongue into Marie’s hot honey hole, Ross plunged his big fucking pussy pleasing cock into her small, tight, wet, hole again! “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is the groan she let out as he did!

He began to push his big dick in and out, fucking her, oh she loved it! He said, “Oh Pammy, yes, oh take my cock honey, oh take it my love!”

She said, “Oh Ross fuck me, you mother fucker, fuck me now and talk dirty to me you fucker! Don’t sweet talk me, oh fuck me like I am your slut! Oh I want to be your slut Ross!”

Marie smiled saying, “Do it Ross, oh look at her! She’s a hot nympho like me baby, oh fuck the little slut, oh fuck her hard!”

Ross all caught up in the moment, said, “Ok then! Take it Pammy, take my big cock! I will make you into my sexy slut! You are my cunt, I own your pussy Pamela, oh take my big cock, you sexy fucking little cock slut!”

She smiled, oh the words excited her more, she wanted it so badly, she was eating pussy and getting fucked at the same time! It was wonderful for the sexy nineteen year old cum queen!

She felt her first orgasm hitting her like a ton of bricks! It was unlike any she had ever felt before. Her cunt was steaming, and she thought she was going to pass out! Marie got off of her and Pamela began to thrash her head from side to side, just as Marie went down and began to lick her clit! She was in fuck lust paradise!

Her clit being licked and her cunt hole being reamed! She felt so hot, so great, and then she cried out loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m cumming,. Oh I’m Cumming. Oh Ross…I am cumming, Fuck me!”

As her eyes rolled back in her head and Ross yelled out, “Oh fuck! Me too! Oh take my load you sexy cunt! Oh my babe, yes!” as he began to shoot off his loan into her hot wet young unprotected pussy hole!

At that time, Marie who had been masturbating her own slutty pussy, said, “ohhh me too! I’m cumming! Oh oh oh!!!” as she came on her fingers!

Ross had such a huge load, his first squirt went up Pamela’s twat, then he managed to pull his cock out and blast a second shot onto her tummy and up to her tits! His balls are so big, he had a big load! He then moved up a bit and shot off on her!

He exploded a third squirt up past her tits and on to her beautiful face! As he shot off again, onto Pamela’s face, Marie placed her face there too, taking some of his sperm onto her pretty slut face also!

He wasn’t done yet as a fifth and final sixth load of cum went from his big cock onto their pretty faces! They looked like two sexy cum covered little bitches! He loved it!

He was happy that his sexy girlfriend was going to be his hot cum loving slut too! it was then that he began to think about her tight little asshole!

To be continued…..

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