Hot for Teacher – Part Two


I looked at the clock as I sat at my desk in the front of the classroom. My right leg bounced up and down as I watched the clock hands slowly move. Five o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. Twelve minutes until classes were over for the day. Twelve minutes until I could gather my things and head to my office. Twelve minutes until I could make Ana’s sweet face blush again. Twelve agonizing minutes until I could smell her arousal all around me again. She had gifted me with a pair of her panties and I couldn’t help but sniff them after she had left my office. I wished I had thought to have done it again this morning but I was running late today since I barely got any sleep. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Ana. The look of her lush breasts in her too tight bra filled my mind and I couldn’t stop myself from fantasizing about her, so I let the thoughts come. I had wondered what she would look like without that skirt on. Imagining that her pussy would be so pretty and pink, I gripped my cock in my left hand. Her clit would be swollen and when I would flick it with my tongue she would moan. Tasting her would be addictive and cumming inside her would become a need. It took stroking myself three times before I could travesti istanbul finally fell asleep and that was at three this morning. I looked back at the clock again and it was 10 minutes now. I was getting more impatient by the minute. It took every bit of my strength to focus on not getting hard. I wanted the girl but I wouldn’t lose my job over thoughts of her. I needed something to distract me. My students were working the newest assignment I had given them on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and I had yet to get started on reviewing their term papers on Julius Caeser. So I decided that for the remaining nine minutes I would get started on that. I pulled out the first term paper and read the cover page. “Julius Caesar in the 21st century by Adam Baxter,” it stated. Not a very original title since that was the assignment in a nutshell. I had asked my students to try their hand at writing their own stories. I wanted to see how creative they could be and really try to immerse them in literature by having them get inside the author’s head. Put them in the author’s shoes, so to speak. The twist was they had to try to write in Old English and modern English. They had to write about what Julius Caesar istanbul travestileri would have been like if he were born in the 21 century and the effects his influence may have had on modern society. History and Literature all in one. Professor Graham would have to thank him later for such a brilliant idea and of course making her job a bit easier. Professor Jessica Graham was a beautiful woman, and in fact they had slept together on a few occasions. Jess had been a fantastic lover but she never ignited the same fire that Ana did. Ana…There she was again, just when he thought he had gotten rid of the thoughts of her for a brief moment. I thought about all the naughty things Jessica and I had done in our previous encounters and I wondered what it would be like to do all those things with Ana. Memories of silk scarves, blindfolds and red hand prints on Jessica’s ass came to the front of my mind. I felt my cock twitch at the thought of Ana being tied to my bed. Soft silk brushing against her wrists, holding her captive. A black blindfold covering her eyes as I teased her with light touches and kisses in all the right places. I could feel myself starting to sweat. I looked up at the clock again istanbul travesti and my heart skipped a beat. Five minutes left now. I couldn’t wait any longer. It was Friday and I had something I needed to do before Ana came into my office. I stood up from my desk and walked around to the front. “Okay, since you all turned in term papers today, I’m going to let you go a few minutes early,” I said. “I will see you all on Monday.” The students quickly grabbed their bags and books and were headed out the door. I nodded to a few of my student and then quickly followed suit. I went out the door to the right of my classroom and entered the small waiting room that was in between the lecture room and my own office. I walked through it and opened my office door, stepped through and quickly shut the door behind me. I then walked over to my desk, placed my briefcase down next to it and sat in the leather chair. I opened my desk drawer and there I saw them, the beautiful red lace that so delicately touched the most precious of places on Ana MacDonald. I grabbed the material and closed the desk drawer. A faint smell of her filled my nose and I couldn’t stop myself from lifting the material to my face and inhaling. Odd as I thought the action was my body reacted and in an instant my cock was rock hard and throbbing. It was now two minutes until five and Ana would soon be here. I knew if I didn’t do something about my throbbing member then I would take Ana before I wanted to.

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