hot quebec girl


hot quebec girlEverything happened during english class. The teacher was boring and i couldn’t find anything to do so i start cherching for the hottest girl. Just beside me was Camille. She came from Quebec and was really hot. She was about 5 foot 2 inch tall, she had red dark hair and had a really nice pair of boobs. There were rounded, B or C cup. Enough fat to give shape and fullness, but not enough to make them seem baggy. She was wearing a v neck and i could see so deep in her clevedge. I talked to her a couple of time and we had became good friend. I could’t take my eyes of her perfect boobs. There were so perfect that i thought maybe they were implants. I was starting to get a Bonner. Fortunateness she saw it. The bell ranged and i was so shy that i ran out of the class.During lunch she came and sat beside asyabahis yeni giriş me. She told me she was not mad or anything and that it would change nothing between us. We ate together and had a good time.She then asked me to come with her at her practice for the school play and i said yes. The practice was just after school so we’d probably go eat somewhere after. It sounded great. The school was over and i went to the theatre. Camille asks me to meet her in the dressing-room. I got there and knocked. She opened the door and I entered the room. She was stunning. She was dressed for the play. She was wearing a short skirt and had the same v neck she had this morning. She had red lipstick on and high hills. My bonner from this morning came back. My cock was so hard. She looked at asyabahis giriş it and smile. She walked towards me and got her v-neck off. She took my pants off and started to lick my cock like if it was a Popsicle. She deep throats me. My 8 inch cock was all in her mouth. One of her boobs was coming out of her bra. She started rubbing her pussy over her panties and under her skirt. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. Her cheeks were pink and her panties wet. She couldn’t stop sucking my cock. The person at the door kept knocking. She stopped and put her shirt on. I put my pant back on and she opened the door. She needed to go practise for the play. I got out of the dressing room and went in the theatre. The play was really good but I could not stop thinking about what just happened.When her asyabahis güvenilirmi practise was over we went for supper in a small cafe. The food was pretty good but I wanted to continue what we had started in the dressing-room. After I finished my hot chocolate, i went to the bathroom. While i was peeing, someone entered the room. It was Camille. I think she wanted to finish what we had started. She jumped on me like a wild tiger. She kissed me really intensively. I grab her boobs and started squeezing them. I could see she liked it a lot. Then i went down to her stomach and kissed it. I lift her skirt and took her panties off. I licked her pussy and she was screaming rhapsody. She was wet and fully ready to take my hard cock inside her. I took my penis and dragged it inside her tight hole. She took her shirt and her bra off. I went faster and faster and she screamed so loud. She wanted me to come inside her so i did as she asked. When i took my cock out, a load of cum came out. We dressed up and got out of the toilet just like nothing happened. That was the best day of my life ?

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