Hotel Room Lottery Ch. 08


Housekeeping: All characters are fictional. Anyone involved in sex is at least of 18 years of age. Constructive criticism is welcome.

This chapter is pretty much just me trying to tie up loose ends.


The Family Ranch — some time later

Ulysses parks the work pickup truck behind the main house in one of the sheltered spaces, out of the blowing snow. He double checks everything before getting out. Ulysses doesn’t want to bother with coming back out of the house since it’s so dark. He hops out and reaches back into the bed of the truck. Ulysses pulls a couple of bundles, filled with Christmas gifts, out of the bed. He hefts them up to his shoulders.

The snow crunches under his boots as he walks to the house. When he gets close enough to the back door to the sun room, he whistles shrilling. He hears thumping coming from sun room.

“Com’n girl. Open the door for me.” Ulysses shouts. “I’ll let you into the house.”

His favorite dog pokes her head out of the door. She whines when she sees him. She controls herself from pulling her face back into the closed off porch because of the biting winter wind. The dog shoves her body to the side against the door. She slowly opens the door enough from him to catch the doors with one of the bundles on his shoulders. He takes the time to get in without dropping the packages. He hurries up the two steps into the sun room. The door slaps him on the arm. The dog is is wriggling and swinging her tail wildly as she stares at the door into the main house.

Ulysses eases the bundles off of his shoulders. He tries to keep the rescue mutt out of the way so that he can open the door. He digs his keys out of his pocket. “Bella, calm down. I can’t open the door if you’re trying to knock me over,” Ulysses scolds the dog. He is able to get the door open without much further problems. The mutt leaps into the house over the package that Ulysses has in front of the door.

Ulysses lugs the bundles into the kitchen. Ulysses tries to shed all of his winter wear in the mud room leading into the kitchen. He pushes the bundles from the back of the truck into the kitchen. He finishes up shedding his snow laden coat and boots. He pushes past the curtain into the kitchen.

Sarah is leaning against the kitchen island. Her swollen stomach is pushed out in front of her. “Hey, darling. How was you drive?”

“The highway was kinda scary. But it was just fine once I got onto the gravel roads.” Ulysses reports. “Which is strange because I couldn’t really see the ditches in the dark.”

“I’m just glad that you’re here, sweetie.” Sarah tells him and walks over to hug him. Ulysses gladly accepts the hug while taking care to be mindful of her pregnant belly.

“Where is everyone? I only saw Jazz’s Jeep and your little Toyota.” Ulysses asks concerned.

Sarah shrugs. She pulls her shirt back down over her stomach after a brief flash of skin. The maternal pants are barely holding on to her. She is dealing with the pain in her ankles as he hugs her.

“Can you help me into the living room?”

“Sure.” He follows her into the front room of the house. The Christmas tree is almost finished being decorated. The fire place is gleefully crackling. The room is warm without being uncomfortable. The windows are allow for a bit of the moonlight. Most of the animals barely bother to lift their heads.

Sarah points at a box just inside of the door. “I’m sure you know what to do. I can’t reach up that high, and the doctor won’t let me use a ladder.” Wordlessly, Ulysses starts to hang the garland from the hook high on the walls.

He wraps a string of lights into the garland. He barely has enough to go around the three walls excluding the fireplace’s wall. For the past few years, it’s been his responsibility to hand the greenery. However, something feels missing. He walks back to the kitchen to try to remember what he forgot. Upon entrance, he spies the little cardboard box that was obviously delivered that day. Ulysses opens the box carefully with his pocket knife.

Inside the box rests two sprigs of mistletoe intricately woven together. He lifts it out of the box by the decorative twine. He walks back into the living room. He sees a hook in the top of the door jamb between the living room and parlor. He easily reaches the hook. He takes his time adjusting the length of the twine so that it can be clearly visible instead of hiding in the garland. Once he’s finished, he feels arms sliding around his and throat being cleared behind him. Ulysses slowly turns around.

Sarah is hugging him, looking up into his face. Her eyes sparkle with the numerous blinking lights throughout the room. “I want my kiss, Uly.” she tells him as her eyes flit up to the mistletoe and back to him.

Ulysses bends down and presses his lips to hers. They both are enraptured by the long missed physical contact. Their tongues lazily taste each other and wrestle.

When they surface for air, Ulysses suggest sitting on the couch. Sarah responds, “No. Girne Escort I’ve finished everything in here, and the fire is down. How about we go to bed?” Her voice has a happy contentment and hopefulness in it.

“But what about…?” he asks and rubs her swollen abdomen.

Sarah giggles, “Your sister will be fine. We can do doggy or cowgirl, it won’t put pressure on her. And don’t tell me that you believe that myth of your dick poking the baby’s head.” She pulls on Ulysses’ hand.

“I’d prefer cowgirl. I get to see you face.”

In the bedroom, Sarah lifts her shirt. Ulysses helps her taking it off. As he leans in for another kiss, he reaches around her to unclasp her bra. She pulls up on his shirt. He turns it inside out as he sheds it. He sees her glorious tits bouncing as she is disposing of his jeans and boxers. There are definite need feel in the atmosphere but no rush. They both know that no one is going to bother them any time soon. Sarah crawls onto the bed a bit. Ulysses pulls at the elastic waist of the maternity jeans.

Ulysses chuckles, “Do any of you wear panties?” He chucks the stretchy denim over his shoulder. He crawls up to her. She hands him a couple of pillows. He tucks them underneath her back so that her hips are higher. “Nice. Thanks, mom. Trimmed and clean.”

Ulysses starts with long slow flat licks. The occasional flicker on her clit brings out moans from her throat. She suckles on her lips for a change up between licks.

As her fluids start, he laps at the inner channel. He draws out her moisture. She grabs his head to shove him further in. She’s forced to use her legs more than her hand because her belly is in the way.

“For fuck’s sake. Eat me! So good.” Sarah hollers. “I love you so much.”

Ulysses keeps going until she tells him to stop. Ulysses has gotten a couple of fingers in to pump her pussy. He licks all of the tangy froth off of his fingers. Sarah’s quivering starts. Ulysses feels his excitement growing. She tries to drop her legs off of his shoulders. He keeps going, slurping forbidden nectar.

“Uly. Uly. Huh. Stop.” Sarah huffs.

Reluctantly, Ulysses pulls his face away from the cunt that squeezed him out so many years ago. He kisses his way up from her pussy. He stops at her navel. Ulysses lightly rubs her very pregnant belly.

“Are you ready for your Christmas gift?”

“Give me a second, baby boy.”

“Speaking of which, who do I owe thanks to for making me no longer the youngest in the family?”

“Either Ryan or James. But I think Ryan.” Ulysses gives her a confused look. “Well, your brother was here for my birthday. But that’s a couple of months too late. Whereas your stepfather…”

“My uncle. Let’s not pretend how fucked up we are. I would’ve put my sister in you if I had the opportunity.”

Lightly scratching his scalp, “Don’t get jealous of your uncle. You might still get a chance to knock me up. Anyway, Ryan has been living with me the entire time. And I’m not going to ignore him. He’s really tasty.” Sarah removes the pillows from under her butt. “Come up here, baby.” Sarah pats the bed next to her.

Ulysses calmly approaches the place she wants him. He lays down on, “Come here, sexy.” He pulls her over to him, she laughs as he touches her. Reaching behind her, Sarah grips the pleasantly warm firm flesh. She even happier when she hears him gasp.

It takes a minute to get him lined up with her. When she feels the head of his dick slide into place, she eases herself down. Ulysses moves his hands from her hips to her breasts. “Oh, yes. Play with my titties.”

Sarah and Ulysses start the long process of getting a rhythm that is slow enough to not hurt her or the baby. Ulysses just smiles and luxuriates in the sloppy wet cunt trying to grab his intruding flesh. He lets go of her chest when she leans forward to rest her palms on his chest.

His hands go to the back of her heavily muscled thighs. “Someone’s been working out,” Ulysses comments.

“I’ve been doing a lot of cowgirl for the past year. It actually helps with walking around all fat and pregnant.” Sarah huffs and puffs as she pushes up from his cock. “Are you. Are you trying to make me. Make me cum quicker?”

Ulysses thrusts back up to have hips slap her body. “Maybe. Do you want me to stop?”

“No. Not yet. Cum in me, Uly.”

Several minutes later, they are grunting rapidly. Ulysses climaxes first. He struggles to maintain his erection long enough for her to finish. He smiles when she kens and leans back. Her twat is rippling to pull him in. She rests with her pubis in full contact with his.

Sarah slowly lifts herself off of him, and flops onto her side. Once her weight is off of him, he quickly kisses her on the lips and darts into the bathroom. He reappears with a few towels. He starts cleaning up her crotch. She hops her but over to the towel that he laid down. “Ok, baby. Go pee. I’ll be here leaking your spooj until you get back.”

“Spooj?” Ulysses Kıbrıs Escort questions here with a scrunched up face.

“Yes, spooj. Cum. Jizz. Baby batter… Sperm.” she laughs at him. He exits the bedroom. She can hear him relieve himself.

“Uh oh.” she thinks and rotates so that she is standing up. “Honey, I need to pee really badly.” Ulysses pinches it off as fast as he can. He helps her into the bathroom, and onto the toilet. “You know it’s really good sex when you gotta pee afterwards.” she comments as she smiles at him. He kisses her again and cups her jaw before he leaves the bathroom.

She relaxes and allows gravity to do its thing. All of his liquid genetic material starts falling out. It’s further forced out faster as she squeezes on her bladder to urinate. She leans forward with her hands on her knees. “That was a really good fucking. Thank you, Uly.” she remarks, but not loud enough for him to hear.

He pokes his head back in. “What was that, Mom?”

She smiles broadly at him, “You are so fucking good in…” Sarah’s smile falters and quickly changes into worry, “No. Not now. Please?”

“Is everything alright?” Ulysses as as he hears a sudden loud splash of water falling into the toilet.

Once Sarah has her breath back, “That has to be one of the luckiest thing to ever happen to me. Uly, my water broke.” He jaw falls open. “Ulysses!” Sarah shouts. “What’s the plan?” He snaps out of his shock and runs through the house gathering up the necessary items. Sarah slowly gets up off the toilet when she thinks that the majority of the embryonic fluid has exited.

“Here’s some warm clothes for you to wear, Mom. Do you need help putting them on?”

“Not yet. I think I can handle this. Get the truck started, baby.” She reassures him. She knows that she’s going to struggle a lot, but the truck needs to be ready, and quickly. He gives her a frantic kiss, and bolts out of the room. She can faintly hear the engine to the large truck start. The animals are all milling around. They ignore the humans during their frequent fornication, but something is different. Sarah hears the back door open and close in a rush several times.

She hadn’t expected to hear the cats’ and dogs’ bowls get filled. And water splash into the communal water feeder. She thinks to herself, “He really thinks about some of the most random details. He’ll be a good dad.” Ulysses rushes into the bedroom. He immediately starts to help her get dressed.

“Stop, Honey. You’re driving yourself crazy.” she pushes her hands into his chest as she tries to soothe him. “None of you were quick deliveries. We have about two hours. The drive is thirty minutes with good roads. We should be fine.” Ulysses nods dumbly. He holds onto her so that she can lift her butt for the woolen leggings. Her heavy winter skirt is much easier. Ulysses is doing practiced breathing to keep himself calm. Sarah laughs, “At least, I’m not trying to put pants on.”

Ulysses does his best to not hustle her out of the house. The stairs are scary to him, despite having put good boots on his mother’s feet. He help her up to the truck. Even with the door closed, he can hear Ulysses give instructions to the animals, as if they can manage the ranch in their absence. She starts dialing her phone for the OB/GYN as he finishes up locking the house.

He hops into the truck just as the hospital picks up. Ulysses stays quiet to allow his mother to talk. Before pulling out of the driveway, he double checks her seat belt. She playfully swats his hands. He turns down the county road and starts the tedious drive to the hospital.

A couple of slides and scares later, Ulysses pulls into the hospital’s emergency drive thru. Without turning the truck off he bounds out of the cabin, slamming the door closed, and races to the other side of the vehicle. Ulysses is extremely nervous. He’s been counting / timing her contractions. He practically lifts her out of the truck. She squeals like a child being spun around. Her face is happy and smiling.

As he’s getting ready to lower her to walk in, orderlies come bustling out with a wheelchair. Ulysses eases her into the wheelchair instead. Sarah whispers in his ear, “I gave them you license plate number.” She give him a peck on the cheek. They spin her around and rush back inside. He goes to park the truck in a normal spot.


“Someone did a good job,” Ulysses hears being cooed into his ear. He slowly wakes up to see who’s sultry and horny voice is whispering into his ear. Jasmine’s bright face is hovering over him. She gives him a quick kiss on the lips. He starts to panic.

She pats his chest soothingly, “No one here knows who you are. Right now, they think that you’re my boyfriend.” Her smile stretches from ear to ear. “I’m going to enjoy that for as long as I can.” She sits down in his lap.

“Jasmine! Oh good, you’re here finally.” an older woman calls out to her. “You’ve got a really good boyfriend. I can’t think of many young Magosa Escort men that would be able to bring their possible mother-in-law to the hospital is such a state. She was telling us how she had to wake him up and get him to help her get dressed. You’ve got a good man there.”

Ulysses decided to keep his mouth shut until he is directly asked a question. He almost falls asleep again while they talk. His attention is refocused when he hears, “You can’t stay here. New protocols since COVID. Only the father is allowed to stay in the waiting room, and I haven’t seen Ryan yet… There’s a new motel across the street. You won’t even need to drive over there. They built a bridge for walking over the road.” the nurse explains. She pulls out some paper from her pocket. “Here’s a few coupons for a discount since you’re here for an emergency.”

Jasmine accepts the coupons. Stuffing them into her pocket, she looks at her brother, “Ready, baby? We have a very cold walk to make, and I’m going to need you to warm me back up when we get there.”

“Is sex the only thing you think about?” Ulysses asks without thinking. The nurse gives a little gasp of shock at the impropriety of the question.

“Well, I am jealous that my mother is having a baby and not me. So. Can we get moving? I want a warm bed to sleep in. It’s almost one in the morning.” Jasmine shoves Ulysses forward.

The nurse calls after them, “I already gave them your name Jazzy.”

Just before the door to the snow and cold opens, Ulysses asks, “Jazzy?”

“Shut up, Uly. She has a crush on me. And your existence makes her uncomfortable.”


Ulysses is trying to calm down after dealing with the asshole running the reception desk of the motel. He gets the shower going. How late it is doesn’t concern him. He needs a quick warm up, and the room’s heater is not fast enough.

He strips off his outer layers and hangs them, and Jasmine’s, near the heater. His boxers and t-shirt are tossed over a chair in the main room. He sits nude on the toilet lid waiting for the water to warm up. Jasmine enters the bathroom and plunks her naked ass down on his lap.

“That’s not going to be helpful, Jazz.”

Finding humor in his statement, “Oh? And how’s that?”

“We won’t get any sleep, Jazz.”

“And why not?”

“You know what? Get off of my lap.” She stands up. He steps into the shower. She follows him with a mirthful grin. “You’re not helping, Jasmine.”

“Who said I was trying to be helpful?”

“I. I. I… I have…”

“Needs? Just like me?” she snarks at her baby brother. “I have half an idea that Mom’s water broke because she was having too much fun with you. Were you two having fun?” Jasmine doesn’t wait for an answer. She kisses him passionately. “I want to have fun. Mom is being taken care of. How about you do something that warrants you panicking like a new father?”

“Not in here. Not the shower.”

“Party pooper.” Jasmine turns Ulysses so that they both get hot water splattering on their skin. She rests her head on his dry shoulder. After about ten minutes, they shut off the water and step out of the tub. They towel each other off. “You don’t need to be so serious, baby. The fact that you’re fun to be with is why I like sex with you. Like a big part of the reason why I like having sex with you.”

Ulysses sighs as he finishes drying her hair, “I’m sorry. I’m really worried about Mom.”

“This is her seventh child. She knows what to tell the doctors and nurses. Now, me? I have no clue. I’m still waiting to have my first child. Mom obviously got her Christmas gift. Can I have mine now? Or are you tired?”

Ulysses knows a challenge to his masculinity for the sake of challenging his masculinity. He calmly drapes the towels over the shower rod, turns on the heat lamp, and grabs his sister’s hand. Ulysses leads her over to the bed. “Shall we?”

Trying to troll him more, she glances at his crotch, “Just because he wants to, doesn’t mean you have the energy.”

He unexpectedly tosses her onto the bed. She squeals joyfully for the one second that she’s aloft in the air. When she bounces on the bed she cackles, “Fuck me, you brute!”

Feeling like it’s his turn to be a jerk, “Are you even wet enough yet? I don’t want to mess with someone who’s not ready for me.”

Jasmine smirks, “My secret is that I’m always wet for you.”

Ulysses seems to teleport to be between her legs with a throbbing erection. Jasmine pushes down on it until it’s pointing into her sacred place. Aiming his dick to her twat also brought his face into hers. He kisses her lightly, and pushes in with his hips.

“And that is where my baby brother belongs. You have no idea how sexy you are, Uly. No idea how good the sex is.”

“I dis. I disagree.” he replies as he starts the in and out motion in her wet sex. “Why do you think I keep coming back? I could have a girlfriend already.” After another fast kiss, “But I keep doing everything that I’m not supposed to do.”

Jasmine thinks about what he said as she encourages him to continue fucking her. Her nerves are firing off constantly. Her velvet tunnel is trying to grab him hard enough that he can’t leave. She starts to claw at his back, but remembers that she can’t damage the goods. She whimpers as he huffs in her face.

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