Hottest, Nude,Couple Competition 2004


My name is Morgan Smith. I am a fifty years old, divorced African-American handyman with no children.

When you work servicing domestic appliances, naturally you come into contact with plenty of women.

It is hard not to when you are in the kitchen. last month, I had to visit a woman I’d visited before and I remember the feeling that she had given me.

This young woman who’s name was Lucky Jackson was only twenty years old and already living in a huge house on her own due to all the money she made as a top exotic dancer in California.

Lucky Jackson was one fine looking woman all right with a luscious mane of golden hair and big ocean blue eyes.

Lucky’s body was not bad either with a pair of humongous, “HH” boobs, a twenty -two inch waist, thirty-six inch accomodating hips, along with a fantastic ass and endless sexy, long legs.

Last time I had been at Lucky’s place, she’d walked about in a hot pink bathrobe that did nothing to hide her generous curves.

Just watching her enormous, knockers bounce up and down as she walked was enough to give me a major hard-on and I had to pull the truck over by the roadside on the way back to the depot and jack off like crazy.

I had high hopes this time around at Lucky’s place because even though Lucky was a gorgeous, young white woman in her twenties with a fabulous body and I was only a meager paid black handyman that was twice her age, I was also a professional bodybuilder and winner of the Masters MR. Olympia Competition for older bodybuilders.

I thought despite my age I was more than enough man to handle this voluptous vixen.

When I went over to Lucky’s house this time nothing had changed. She was still wearing that damn pink, sexy bathrobe and my boner swelled immedietely.

As I followed her wobbling ass through the kitchen, I pleaded with my dick to control itself. I even tried harder to concentrate on my work to keep myself under control.

However this woman did not plan to help. She took a seat at the table and watched me work while she sipped a cool glass of lemonade.

Lucky’s shapely, long legs were crossed and I could see nearly all her creamy thighs as her hemline rode up close to her crotch. It was torture and I focused on my work,averting my eyes from that body.

However my gaze wondered. What I saw made me drop my wrench in surprise.

Lucky had spread her legs wide and I found myself staring at her luxurious pussy, the lips wet from sneakily caressing herself while my head was turned.

I stared at her stupidly.

“You have never seen one before Morgan?” Lucky asked me laughing.

Lucky and I had already introduced ourselves on the first day we met and were now on a first name basis with each other but I never expected anything like this.

I made some comment about some kind of woman who enjoys teasing men, getting them hot then leaving them with blue balls.

Lucky then laughed excitedly,her pussy throbbing with excitement, as she quickly stood up on her feet,throwing off her robe and standing there utterly naked.

“You call this a tease Morgan?” she asked giggling as she struck a very sexy pose as she shimmied her whopping gazongas Bostancı Türbanlı Escort in my face.

Lucky Jackson then began clutching her plump white milkers, squeezing them, and then pumping them up and down excitedly with her hands.

“Wow! lucky. I can’t believe how fantastic your nude body looks!”” I replied as I stood up on my feet with her.

“It’s just wow!” I continued on happily.

“Bow wow! baby!” Lucky cried out very aroused as she excitedly gave me one sexy pose after another. Each pose sexier than the last.

“Thank you Morgan!” she replied smiling.

My dick-bulge was clear how I was feeling and Lucky was not slow in catching on.

“Wow! Your dick is even bigger than last time and last time it was mighty big! Lucky said in glee.

“I can see that you have a fantastic bod yourself Morgan, so let us get you out of those hot clothes.” Lucky said in joy as she first undid my tool belt.

Once Lucky undid my tool belt it fell to the floor as I then took off my brown workboots and socks. Lucky then zippered down my gray jump suit I worked in as I slipped out of it, leaving me with only my underwear on.

My cock was so hard in my underwear it looked like somebody had erected a huge, circus tent inside of them, as Lucky and I laughed uproariously.

Lucky Jackson as quick as lightning then yanked my underwear down and off, her gigantic headlights jiggling excitedly, as my massive cock stood at attention.

“Wow! Morgan you sure have a fabulous body youself. I can’t believe the size of that monstrous black dong of yours.” Lucky gushed.

“Thank you, Lucky!” I replied smiling.

“Don’t mention it baby! she replied.

“Come here honey, your a single voluptous white woman and I am a divorced African-American man and we are both in need of some loving.” I said as I reached over to grab her.

“You got to be kidding lover boy. I am not going to make it that easy for you, you are going to have to catch me first.” Lucky giggled excitedly as she immedietly ran for the sliding door and opened it up and sprinted to her kidney shaped swimming pool and dove in headfirst.

I looked at Lucky for a moment, Amazed at her quickness, But why shouldn’t she be quick and agile, She was only in her early twenties for goodness sakes.

I was a lot older than Lucky, but like her I kept myself in fabulous shape, as I sprinted off after her.

Lucky was a real tease because when I dove into her luxurious swimming pool and swam towards her she made me swim after her.

When I finally caught up to Lucky she laughed uproariously saying that I was just the strong, virile man that she needed in her life, as we started to kiss each other passionately.

As Lucky and I kissed passionately I positioned my massive black dong right into her sweet pussy lips as I started to fuck her feverishly.

“OHHH! Morgan. Fuck me harder! harder! It feels soooo good! Lucky cried as she wrapped her long slender arms around my neck and wrapped her long legs around my back.

“OHHH! Morgan! Harder! Baby! Harder! Fuck me with that enormous, black dong of yours! she cried out excitedly.

My massive dong really Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort filled up Lucky’s pussy completely, spreading it way out of shape.

I then saw Lucky toss her head back in lust as she came mightily over and over and over again. It was not long after this that I felt my own balls tighten as I too came in mighty orgasm.

“Wow! Morgan that was great! Let’s do it all over again! Lucky gushed as I did what my new lover said and repeated the process.

This was my last day of work at Lucky’s house and I did not want to let her go so I asked her on a date, which she agreed.

Over the next couple of weeks I wined and dined Lucky to death with plenty of fucking in between. Despite our vast age differences we got along really well together and I even eventually moved in with her at her lovely home.

Lucky was an exhibitionist and an exotic dancer and loved to be completely nude. She even talked me into taking all of my clothes off and going to the local nude beach with her all the time.

I was nervous at first then after awhile of seeing all those nude bodies with you, you feel out of place with your clothes on, so nudity became nothing for me as it was with Lucky.

One day when Lucky and I jogged down the nude beach together we spotted a sign that read “Enter The Hottest, Nude, Beach Body, Couple Contest” for 2004 on July 14th” for the hottest, nude, beach body, couple.

The signs rules said that to enter this contest you had to be a at least an eighteen years old couple willing to pose sexy and nude on the stage in front of many people.

The top prize for the winners would be a one week vacation trip to Hawaii…. The trip would be for two of course!

As soon as we saw the sign I knew my Lucky would want to take part in this contest so I said yes to her before she could open her mouth. As soon as I agreed to take part in this contest with her Lucky jumped right into my arms kissing me all over.

I was so excited when Lucky did this to me I carried her all the way back to our house from the beach,which wasn’t too far, and fucked her silly all over our water bed as we then rested and prepared for the competition.

July 13th was the prejudging round. In the prejudging round every couple in the “Hottest, Nude, Beach Body, Couple Competition” strutted in front of all the judges and got to size up the competition.

Lucky and I were very impressed with our competition for this contest. We saw couples of all races and colors in teeny bikinis with shapely and rock hard bodies.

Lucky and I knew we looked good with our great tans and toned bodies but we also knew that we would have a harder time then we first thought in winning this competition after we saw what we were up against.

July 14th finally arrived. The day of the “Hottest, Nude, Beach Body, Couple Contest.” After today the winners would be crowned and one couple would be going to an all expenses paid week trip to Hawaii. Lucky and I could not wait to start.

Once again Lucky and I were impressed with all the female shapely bodies and all the rock hard male ones but when it was our time to shine we had a sexy,posing Bostancı Ucuz Escort number planned to super-hot dance music and we thought we could not lose.

When the judges called our names Lucky and I took the stage as we stood pefectly still in all our nude glory in front of the many crowds of people watching us as we waited for our music to start.

I was really nervous and excited as my enormous, black, cock started to twitch and stir as it rose up slowly like a giant, redwood from the ground, as a young girl giggled excitedly in the audience.

Lucky saw my one eyed monster inflate to it’s full mind-boggling height but she pretended not to notice because we had business of winning this competition on hand. All the fucking between us would have to wait till later.

Ironically Lucky and I happenned to be the last couple to go on and we knew we had to be good to win as our hot, dance, posing music started up.

When the hot dance music started up Lucky and I worked in sinc posing and strutting our spectacular bodies on stage next to each other.

Lucky and I knew we were doing well when we saw a couple of young men with huge erections starting to jack themselves off like crazy as they watched our act.

Lucky and I ended our act with me picking her up off of her feet and cradling her in my massive arms like a baby to thunderous applause as I then put her down and we left the stage.

The Hottest, Nude, Beach Body, Couple Contest winners were in the hands of the judges now as they looked over their votes as we awaited anxiously.

The two judges for the contest each stood up. The male judge was a former MR. Olympia named Rocky Piccolla and the female judge was former nude model Ginger Brown, who was a super- gorgeous, older,platinum haired woman with some of the biggest pair of boobies on a curvaceous body that you have ever seen in your whole life.

Ginger and Rocky were a couple and former winners of this nude contest. Like Lucy and I, Ginger and Rocky were as nude as they could be.

Ginger Brown held the card, as her huge boobs heaved and her pussy throbbed mightily in anticipated excitement on who the winning couple would be, as she and her lover Rocky read that Lucky and I were indeed the winners of the Hottest, Nude, Beach Body, Couple Contest for 2004!”

After the judges read this the crowd erupted in thunderous applause as the lovely Ginger strutted up to us sexily and handed us a big white envelope that contained the one week vacation trip for two to Hawaii.

Lucky and I then took the envelope from Ginger and thanked her, Rocky, and the crowd for being so kind to us as we left the stage in victory.

“They don’t call me Lucky for nothing.” Lucky said as she kissed me passionately on the lips when we were backstage of the competition.

“Now let’s go home and fuck and celebrate our victory baby because I can see that massive black, Dong of yours is fully erect and ready for action now and your nutbag is filled up with semen and is just begging to be released! Lucky said in joy as we left for home and fucked each other’s brains out!

When we got to Hawaii I had a surprise for Lucky as I asked her to marry me as I slipped the engagement ring around her finger.

Lucky quickly said yes to marry me. Lucky and I had so much fun in Hawaii we eventually decided to get married there on the beach with all our families and friends watching us.

All who attended our wedding on the Hawaiian beach were nude of course!


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