House sitting surprise. Chapter 1


House sitting surprise. Chapter 1I took the keys for No 17 out of my trouser pocket.This was a new client and I was keen to impress.The front door swung open and I stepped inside the luxury bungalow.I put my small suitcase down in the hall.I took my itinery out and checked things off and made a note of where everything was.I went into the beautiful lounge and noticed the large wall mounted plasma tv and the expensive hi-fi sitting in the opposite corner of the room,the large french door led out into a cane furnished conservatory.I then headed for the room where I intended to spend most of my time,the bedroom!I headed straight for the laundry basket and found in there just what I had hoped,some used undies.It was amongst my chores while here to do the washing so there would be no suspicion when all was washed and ironed and put away when Sanda Jones came home after the short break she was taking with friends in Cornwall.I have a bite to eat and get myself a couple of beers out of the fridge.I head back into the bedroom and empty the laundry basket onto the bed, a couple of pais of nomal white cotton panties and a purple thong along with a see-through nightie and a 38e bra, a pretty half cup lacy type.I quickly undress and put on the first pair of white panties,over my fully erect 7 inch penis, oh that feels so good.I’ve been looking forward to this for so long that I find my self shooting loads of hot steaming spunk into those dirty panties, it feels like it will never stop but eventually it does.No touching or rubbing, just the feel of the material was enough to set me off.I lay on top the bed getting my breath back and notice to my surprise and pleasure that my cock has only partially gone down.I open my case and take out the dvd collection I have brought with me for my house-sitting stay.A couple of Die Hard movies and of course some good old fashioned porn downloaded off isveçbahis yeni giriş the internet.I drink a beer and watch some tv,she only has one of those beds with a telly in the footboard that just comes up with the press of a button.After my previous exertions and the influence of the beer I nod off for forty winks.I wake up shortly afterwards to the sound of running water,it sounds like the shower is turned on, then I hear someone singing.Throwing a T shirt and my jeans on I tiptoe down the hall towards the bathroom and find the door slightly ajar,peeking through I see a middle age woman in bra and pants unpacking a large white fluffy towel from a bag, still with her back to me she unclips her bra and takes it off then rolls her panties down bending over to do so giving an exquisite view of backside and fanny; looking down I notice my prick sticking out of my jeans having forgotten to do my flies up getting dressed in a hurry just now.There’s a gasp and little scream from the shower,getting into the shower the woman has turned around and seen me, she grabs her towel and holds in front of her but forgets to turn the shower off so everything towel included, is getting drenched! I push my dick back into my jeans and zip up quickly.”What are you doing here?” I ask.”Sandra told me I could use her bathroom while she is away, I having a new one put in” she replied,nervously.She hadn’t said any thing to me and I told her so.”Sandra said she was going to leave a note for the house-sitter who I presume is you”.”Yes, that’s right but I haven’t seen a note anywhere” I said.”Can I get dressed please, I’m more than a little wet.””Why don’t you carry on, you might as well, |I’ll find you a dry towel” I said.I find one in the en-suite in Sandra’s bedroom and take it back into the woman who has now carried on with her ablutions.I go into the kitchen to see if I isveçbahis giriş can find this note and there it is under one of about twenty fridge magnets saying that a neigbour called Lucy may come in to use the bathroom and it was perfectly alright for her to do so.That was that explained then! I opened the fridge and found a bottle of Merlot,I needed a drink and I’m sure Lucy would appreciate one too.I’ve just realised that I’m still a bit damp and sticky downstairs fom my earlier relief in Sanda’s knicks so I dive into the en-suite shower and have a quick rinse.I step out of the shower with just a towel round my waist when I see Lucy looking at the lingerie on the bed,(including the sticky ones),oops.”What have you been up to ?” asks Lucy, with a glint in her eye and a little smile playing on her lovely lips, as she stands in front of me wrapped in a big fluffy towel.”What do you think,it will all be cleaned up before Sandra gets home so she will be none the wiser” I reply.”I dont know about that cos I know now so I must think of something you can do for me to keep me quiet” she says,still with that playful grin on he lips.I quickly catch on to the game she is playing and ask “So what do you suggest?””How about how many times you can make me orgasm in an hour, shall we say?””Ok, I’m up for that” I reply remembering the vision of her beautiful backside earlier in the shower and noticing my towel now resembles a tent as my cock gets ready for some fanny action. ” Not so fast big boy, you have to wear that purple thong while you screw me”” No problem for me” I reply as I pull it up over my already throbbing cock.Lucy climbs on the bed beside me and starts to gently rub my cock through the satin material of the purple thong, while my pre-cum starts to slowly dampen the cloth.I lower the towel down over her full breasts and admire her erect nipples, taking one isveçbahis güvenilirmi in my mouth and rolling my tongue around it and sucking at the same time I feel it growing ever bigger.She has now staddled me and is softly moaning as she rubs her cunt up and down my cock which is still in the thong.Suddenly,she moans and shudders and comes in a big rush,her juices flooding out all over my balls and then I feel myself start to come but with great willpower I manage to pull back from the brink,just.I pull the towel right away from her admire her gorgeous middle-aged figure wich is absolutely spot on.By now she has eased my cock out of its purple sheath and its head is at entrance to her fanny,now she is slowly sliding down the full length,then up,down,up,down, very slowly at first and then a bit faster and a bit faster still intil after about 2 or 3 minutes she is coming again and I can hold back no longer as I thrust deep inside and squirt what feels like gallons of spunk into her lovely hole.We both lay there absolutely whacked for a few minutes when she says she needs to pee,ok I say reluctantly not wanting this moment to last for ever,with that she stands up on the bed and still straddling me she lets go a wonderful golden stream of hot piss all over me.I think I’d died and gone to heaven because is one of my fantasies that I had never fulfilled till now,she seems to go for hours but eventually she stops,bends down and takes my re-erect prick in her mouth and starts sucking me dry,I quickly turn her round and get my face between her legs and start licking her out,she starts to shudder and moan and then she is coming again,her juices flowing over my face anddown my throat,she tastes so good and I come yet again,the first time I’ve done that for many a year, well three times in one night! She stays with me until the early hours then helps me get the piss and sex juice drenched bedding into the washing machine then she goes back next door to her bungalow.She visits each day for her shower even her bathroom is finished,we exchange mobile numbers and E-mail addresses and plan to stay in touch after Sandra comes home,but that will be my next story.

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