Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 12


Although she’d slept only a few hours, Kat woke up feeling optimistic and energetic. There was a bounce in her step as she left her house and walked to school.

About a block from campus she ran into Adriana, a fellow senior cheerleader. In fact — Kat did a quick mental calculation — she was the only senior on the squad who Kat hadn’t fucked yet (there were just the four of them).

Adriana — everyone called her Ana — was one of darker-skinned girls in their school; her parents were from the Dominican Republic. She was universally acknowledged as having the best body among the cheerleaders, with a magnificent ass that made men follow her down the street wherever she went, and had what the girls on the squad called “Beyonce hair.”

As they walked Kat trailed a little bit behind Ana, slyly drinking in her generous curves, which she was shamelessly displaying with a short skirt and tight T-shirt. Ana was chattering on about her plans for the weekend, but Kat paid little attention; she was wondering what Ana would taste like. Would it be different from the white and Asian girls she had been with so far? She resolved to find out. She would need a plan, but felt confident she could make it happen.

* * *

Later that morning on Glenview Drive, Jessica sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee, frowning at the laptop in front of her. She’d made a couple of investments that weren’t working out the way she’d hoped, and was struggling to figure out what had gone wrong.

Meanwhile Marie, dressed in nothing but a long white T-shirt, escort kocaeli was hard at work. Every single one of the sex toys she’d cleaned the day before had been used and needed to be washed again. There were also still dinner dishes to be finished, and then she had to start prep work for the party that night.

Marie understood that her position in the household was that of a servant, and for the most part she was quite content with the arrangement. But at the moment she was feeling overburdened and ignored. Jessica, intent on her research, hadn’t even looked up to watch Marie’s ass wiggle as she worked.

Finally, determined to get Jessica’s attention, Marie let a nice china plate slip from her hands and shatter on the floor. Jessica looked up and, seeing the look on Marie’s face, immediately understood the situation. Though she was generally faithful and obedient, occasionally Marie behaved petulantly and required correction.

At the moment Jessica was perfectly happy to be distracted from her tedious task. Fixing Marie with a stern look, she pointed toward the living room. Marie knew what that meant. She left the kitchen through the swinging door, provocatively exaggerating the sway of her rear end as she went.

When Jessica followed her a minute later, Marie was bent over an ottoman, hands pulled behind her back. Jessica found a pair of handcuffs and snapped them onto Marie’s wrists. Then she perused her instruments of punishment, finally settling on a riding crop, which she waved through the air with an ominous “whoosh.”

Lifting gölcük escort Marie’s shirt to reveal her rounded alabaster cheeks, Jessica tapped her softly a couple times before beginning the punishment in earnest. Annoyed at the needless loss of a pricy piece of tableware, Jessica spanked Marie aggressively until her ass was glowing a radiant crimson.

Marie endured the discipline without complaint — not only had she asked for it, she knew that after being spanked she usually got fucked, and today was no exception. Setting the riding crop aside, Jessica harnessed up, spread Marie’s legs wide, and plunged in.

Afterward Marie was granted the privilege of licking her mistress’s pussy; then she went back to work with a smile on her face and a song on her lips. Jessica, meanwhile, in a sudden burst of insight saw the solution to the problem she had been struggling with; leaping up, she raced back to her computer.

* * *

It was a half-day at the high school that day, but the cheerleaders held an early afternoon practice to keep sharp, despite there being no football game that week. In the course of practice Jackie London was sharply critical of Adriana on several occasions. They had always had a contentious relationship, because Ana thought very highly of herself and, despite being a naturally gifted dancer, sometimes did not work very hard at learning the routines or being on time for practice.

She also did not take criticism well, and on this particular day Jackie was really riding her. At one izmit sınırsız escort point Ana almost quit the squad right there and then, and after that Jackie went easier, but she still had a couple of pointed comments about what Ana — and the rest of the girls, for that matter — thought were very minor mistakes.

None of this was an accident. Between the end of school and the beginning of practice, Kat had enlisted Jackie in her plan to seduce Ana. Jackie had been reluctant at first, but Kat was very persuasive; the way she described what she had in mind, it was impossible for Jackie to resist.

Ana was walking home after practice when she got a message: An emergency squad meeting had been called at Jackie London’s house to “address recent conflicts.” Ana sighed and rolled her eyes. There had been such meetings before, and she had always found them annoying; even worse, this time it was probably about her personally.

She seriously considered just skipping it. But she got the feeling that her spot on the squad was hanging by a thread, and when push came to shove, she absolutely loved being a cheerleader. It made her visible and popular, and gave her a chance to express herself through physical movement. So she swallowed her pride and turned to head toward Jackie’s house.

Ana’s house was in exactly the opposite direction from school as Jackie’s, so she had to retrace her steps, and it took her awhile to get there. When she arrived, she was surprised to find the house quiet and only Kat waiting for her.

“Where is everybody?” Ana asked. She had a funny feeling in her stomach, a sense that something odd was afoot here.

“We’ll see the other girls later,” said Kat, struggling to suppress an evil grin. “But right now, come with me. There’s something I want to show you.”

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