Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 10


Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 10A while later the doorbell rang and Jessica, who knew that Marie was working in the kitchen with music playing, went to answer it. At the door was Janice, who had been feeling bored and horny and come by to see what was up.As they passed the kitchen Jessica got pulled in to consult on the dish Marie was working on, and Janice — who had spotted Kelly out of the corner of her eye — helped herself to a face dildo that was drying next to the sink. Not only was she feeling the itch, she saw an opportunity to establish herself as an authority figure in the cheerleader’s eyes. She knew that Jessica’s powerful personality made Kelly and her friends surrender willingly, and wanted them to feel the same way about her.Striding out purposefully onto the back patio, Janice didn’t even give Kelly Ann the chance to say a word before fitting the apparatus onto her face and fastening the harness behind her head. Kelly went along meekly, feeling that Janice’s will was an extension of Jessica’s, and horny as hell after having been on her best behavior all day.Taking hold of the shaft of the dildo, Janice used it as a handle to move Kelly around, first standing her up and then getting her down onto her knees. Quickly shucking off her jeans, Janice sat down in the chair Kelly had just vacated, then slid her panties down and off.Spreading her legs wide, Janice guided bahis siteleri Kelly’s head between her legs until the head of the dildo was poised against her pussy lips. She smiled down at the younger girl triumphantly, delighting in the look of wide-eyed, submissive confusion on Kelly’s face. Then she gently applied pressure to the back of Kelly’s head, and the thick black phallus began to slide into her.Finally Janice’s pubic hair was tickling the tip of Kelly’s nose, and with every breath Kelly got a big lungful of Janice’s pussy smell — which was not unpleasant, but a little overwhelming. Kelly felt a bit lightheaded but did her best to please Janice, who guided her movement in and out until finally Kelly took up the rhythm herself. At that point Janice leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes, dr****g her legs over Kelly’s shoulders.It was then that Jessica returned, and stood for a moment watching. She was a little annoyed at Janice for starting without her, but she appreciated Janice’s willingness to indulge her every whim — a trait that they shared. And it did make for a very sexy scene — the redheaded cheerleader on all fours, still in uniform, moving the thick shaft in and out of Janice’s gaping pussy.Jessica went back inside briefly and when she returned, a formidable purple strap-on was dangling from her pelvis. Going down on one knee behind Kelly, she lifted the cheerleader’s canlı bahis siteleri skirt and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.Kelly was only vaguely aware that something was happening back there when she felt the bulbous head of Jessica’s dildo push up inside her. She tried to look back there, but the harness of the face dildo gave her no latitude to turn her head. So she simply braced herself, lifting her hips to allow Jessica to fuck her as she continued servicing Janice.Hearing Kelly’s moans, Janice opened her eyes. “Hi Jess,” she said politely.“Hey,” answered Jessica.Janice was ready for a change of pace. Popping the face dildo out of herself, she untied the harness and removed it from Kelly’s head. “You can lick my pussy now, girlie,” she said. “Do a good job and you can have a lollipop after.”* * *Earlier that day, Kelly had been standing in a quiet corner of the library, looking for a book she needed, when she felt hands slide up under her skirt and grip her ass. Looking behind her, she saw Kat grinning devilishly.Kelly slapped the hands away and hissed, “Quit it!”Kat frowned and growled, “What’s the matter with you?”, but did take her hands away.Kelly gestured to indicate where they were and whispered, “Not in public, please?”Kat shrugged and walked away. They avoided each other’s eyes during cheerleading practice, and Kat was not surprised when Kelly canlı bahis slipped away immediately afterward. She also noticed that Jackie London made a quick escape.Even more than the day before, Kat had found herself growing incredibly horny during practice. Olivia especially looked very sexy that day, and Kat found her eyes repeatedly drawn to the Asian girl’s strong thighs and firm butt. A few times their eyes met, and Kat got the sense that maybe Olivia was feeling the same way.And while Olivia hadn’t quite been completely transformed by recent events the way Kat had, she had certainly had her eyes opened to a new and exciting avenue of pleasure. Unlike Kat and Kelly, she had previous experience with other girls, but she’d never felt anything like the illicit thrill she got from fucking her fellow cheerleaders, and from glimpsing the decadent lesbian underbelly of the town centered on Jessica’s house.As if by prearrangement, Kat and Olivia both hung around the locker room until everyone else was gone, wrapped in towels and idly playing on their phones. As soon as they were alone, they both stood up and dropped their towels. Kat took Olivia’s hand and led her down the hallway; Olivia assumed they were headed for the showers, but Kat had other ideas. She wanted Olivia dirty, not clean.Kat took Olivia to a storage closet full of unused athletic equipment and janitorial supplies, and for a moment Olivia was taken aback, as the place was not terribly clean and didn’t smell to good either. But then Kat was on her, sucking her tits and squeezing her ass, and everything else was forgotten in the heat of the moment.

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