How I Lost My Anal Virginity Pt. 02

Gina Gerson

Hello, I’m a housewife and my name is…actually, I’m not going to tell you my real name. I still get a bit embarrassed about what I’m going to talk about and I’m certainly not wanting you to find out who I am!

But before I even start, could I tell you that this is a story in two halves. The first part was written by my husband and this half by me was meant to have been published at the same time. But it was, as they say, unavoidably delayed. It’s right there beside this one, so if you’ve not already read it, I’d urge you to do so first.

I think I’ll call myself…Suzi. I’ve always thought that was a nice sexy name, I think because it sounds a bit like Suzi Quatro, the female pop star. I was really disappointed to find out from that wiki site that ‘Quatro’ is actually a shortened version of her real family name…I thought it was maybe something to do with her doing it four times a day…

Anyway, I’m getting off the story already. A bad habit that I’ve picked up from my husband. His name is…no, I’m keeping his name to myself as well. I’m going to call him…Dick. I think you’ll find as my story unfolds that that is very appropriate.

I just found out recently that my husband, Dick, was committing certain sexual…experiences to paper or computer, take your pick. I just found out really by accident. He’d been in his den typing away when I walked in. I couldn’t see the whole page, but I could see the word ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ appearing several times.

‘What on earth are you typing?’ I asked. He looked a bit sheepish.

‘Well, you know the fun I had with Rob when we still lived in…Borchester. I thought it would be quite interesting to put it all down on paper.’

Well, he thought that it was mostly him that had the fun, but we’ll let that pass for now. He must have been enjoying himself writing this, because I noticed that his flies were open and that he had a hard-on.

‘I’m nearly finished. Want to read it? Better still, why don’t you write down what we got up to as well?’

‘What are we going to get up to now?’ I said, reaching down and getting my hand inside his trousers to feel his prick. Going commando again, Dick had more or less given up wearing upants, very convenient.

Well, a little later we were just lying back getting our breath back from him giving me a lovely shag on top of his desk, ‘You know, I’ve been thinking, I will write down my story, but I don’t want to read your version first.

‘It will be much more fun and interesting if I write down my recall, then we can read each other’s.’


Well I suppose I’d better go back right to the beginning. I really like sex, but I’d always been a bit repressed about letting it all hang out, so to say. I wanted to do things and say things, but somehow couldn’t ever get it out. Actually, we had quite a good sex life, but I’ll get back as well to that in a little while.

For now, I blame this on my mother. Now, don’t get me wrong, my mother was a lovely lady and couldn’t have looked after her children any better, me, one sister and one brother. She loved us dearly and we never wanted really for anything.

But the one thing she wasn’t good at was ‘the birds and the bees’, that is explaining sex. Well, that’s not quite true, she made sure we knew all about how babies were made and why I had a period every month and that sort of stuff.

But the erotic side of sex was entirely left out. Not a word about masturbating or orgasms or coming or what the sensation of having a cock up you would be like! And as for talking about anything like that…no, no, no.

Well, I had quite a bit, OK, quite a lot of sex at college. But even after I married Dick, I still couldn’t get out what I was thinking, or for that matter doing. The words formed in my brain, but I couldn’t get them out.

As I said earlier, Dick and me had quite a good sex life. We certainly did it at least once a week now, which wasn’t bad at our age. Indeed, I quite often initiated it. And it wasn’t just missionary, ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ stuff! Oh, that’s vulgar, isn’t it, see what I mean?

I really liked sucking Dick’s cock (snigger). I really liked having him suck my…cunt. See, I still have difficulty with that word!

And we did it all ways round. My favourite position was sitting on top of him, riding him, I think you call it cowboy or horseback style. That way, I could control the sensation in my…cunt…to my heart’s content.


Anyway, I best get back to the story. I didn’t go away very often, but my sister’s birthday was coming up and I’d been promising for ages to visit an old friend. We decided I would put the two visits together, so I would be away for a week.

Well, I had a very nice week away, and got back to our flat in a taxi late in the afternoon. You know, I could immediately tell that something was up…Dick was going around like a cat on hot bricks! We sat down, had a cup of tea.

‘Anything interesting happen while I was away?’ I just had to ask him.

‘Well, yes,’ he said, taking a deep breath. ‘You know I went over to Rob’s for supper one night?’

‘Yes…’ Actually, I’d forgotten he was doing that.

‘Well, we ended up having sex together, homo stuff. He took me anally…pushed his thingy up me.’

I thought that seemed to be a funny way to put it — I think he meant he fucked him in the arse! I know, that’s vulgar. Still, you could have struck me down with a feather.

As I’ll go on to explain, I wasn’t entirely surprised, but I was still processing about the most outrageous thing I had ever heard!

I sat very quietly absorbing all this, then I said, ‘Oh, that seems unusual. Who would have thought it of him?

‘Was it consensual? Did you want it to happen? I think I need a drink.’

I went to the fridge, took out a bottle of wine, poured myself a very large glass, took a very large swig and sat down again. There wasn’t much food in the fridge, but at least Dick had made sure there was plenty of wine to drink.

I was silent for another minute…

‘I’m actually wondering why you’ve told me? Is it because you want to do it again with him?’

‘Err…I’d like to…’

Another long silence from me…

‘Well, I know you’d like more sex and I don’t just mean vaginal stuff. You’re always trying to finger my bottom and I know where that would lead to.

‘I know you masturbate a lot, because I’ve heard you at it and you usually manage to leave some of your cum on the basin.

‘You’ve got one of those sleeve vagina things that you masturbate into. Found it wrapped in a towel in the shower room one day.’

I was actually getting a little cross at this point, as I was thinking also about his knicker wearing habit and his porn watching. Was there anything he wasn’t up to?

I fairly spat out, ‘What’s the matter, my fanny not enough for you?’

‘No no my dear — I’d just like a bit more…variety,’ then he stopped, he was walking into that one!

There was another long silence from me. I said nothing…

‘OK,’ I said at last, ‘but there will be rules.

‘First of all, please don’t tell me what you get up to. Just go and come back. I don’t want to hear the details.

‘Two, please keep quiet about it. I couldn’t stand it if any of the neighbours found out.

‘Three, wear a condom when he’s up your arse.

‘Four, and last, my sex life doesn’t suffer!

‘I know I don’t talk about it much, but I really enjoy good…intercourse…as well as you do. Any reduction in that and all bets are off.

‘If you’ll agree to that, I’ll go along with it.’

‘Yes of course, Suzi, that’s all eminently sensible.’

I know I probably shouldn’t have let him get away with it like that, going behind my back so to speak, but actually, I was starting to get quite aroused!

I could feel the heat in my fanny build, as I tried to picture what went on. I’d quite often wondered what size Rob’s prick was, it seemed to bulge out of his trousers quite a lot.

The thought of him standing behind Dick with his prick up his bottom…

‘Right, I want to hear all about it…’

Well, Dick then gave me a long detailed account of what had happened. He told me how Rob had showed his prick through his trousers, then pushed them down and displayed his hard cock. How Dick had fondled it, then found himself sucking it. How it became clear that Rob want to get it up his bum.

Dick then admitted at that point that for quite a while he dreamed about having anal, not specially with Rob, but he had wondered what Rob got up to, if anything. Well, as I said earlier, I thought Rob maybe had a big prick and there was a certain animal magnetism about him, so I wasn’t really surprised.

Anyway, back to Dick’s experience. Rob got him up on his kitchen table, worked his arse with lots of lube, then got his prick up him. I was a bit amazed at how enthusiastic Dick sounded about it! He waxed lyrical, so to speak, about the super sensation of having his arse shagged. He said he’d never had a sensation like it.

Well, they went on to have an evening of sex…and then most of the next three days! I had wondered why a few times when I’d phoned home there was no reply, but he always had an excuse.

He finished up by telling me about the dilemma he was then in. Should he tell me, or should he not! Well, I was torn two ways…but at that point, all this talk and description had got me really horny.

But we had supper at that point. Dick proudly told me that he’d prepared a meal. Note the careful ‘prepared’, not ‘cooked’, supermarket instant. Actually, it was quite good, especially washed down with a few more glasses of wine, a very nice organic Pinot Grigio, funny the things you remember.

After the supper was finished, I really surprised him.

‘Why don’t we just go to bed? I’ve not had any sex for a week and I’d quite like to be…fucked.’

I wasn’t going to admit to him just yet that I was really turned on by his tale of sex with Rob. I wasn’t going to tell him either that my cum juice had already started to run down my leg!

Well, Dick wasn’t one to miss an opportunity, I could see the bulge in his trousers, and we headed straight upstairs. I was in front of him. We got into the bedroom, I just turned round and went straight for his flies.

I couldn’t think why there was a look of embarrassment on his face…but I soon found out!

I pushed down his trousers, to reveal that he was wearing a pair of bright emerald green knickers, lacy thongs to be precise. Then, it got worse…or better according to your point of view. As his trousers dropped, I saw he was wearing a pair of fishnet tights, those ones with the stay up tops!

‘Oh!’ I said. ‘Dick, you dirty bugger!’

I suppose I should have been cross, but actually it just turned me on a bit more.

‘Well, well, you’ve certainly been enjoying yourself while I’ve been away.

‘Just leave them on, it’ll give you an extra thrill. I’m going for a quick shower after all that travelling.’

I left him there and went for the shower. I came back naked. I’m quite proud of my body, I’ve managed to keep it in quite good shape. My tits are maybe a bit bigger than average in size, certainly Dick has no trouble getting hold of them and getting both my nipples in his mouth at once. That’s very nice.

Mind you, I’m not quite sure what ‘average’ means? Let’s start at the other end. My tits weren’t as big as Nigella Lawson or Liz Hurley’s. Now, they’ve got big tits, mine were maybe two thirds that size.

You men, it makes me laugh, you sit watching Nigella on one of her cooking programmes, pretending you’re interested in the recipes. You’re not, you’re salivating over her tits, thinking how much you would like to suck them! Actually, I’d quite like to suck them myself…

Stop it, where was I? I know, Dick thinks my best feature is my ass…he says it just swells out from my thighs and back into my waist. I sometimes wonder if that’s why he’s fixated with anal? Oh, and he rather likes my fanny, surprise, surprise. My clit is quite small, but I do have lovely labia lips, especially when they’re sucked and aroused. They really stand up.

Anyway, Dick was lying on the bed fondling his cock through the thongs. I think he was ready to roll onto me, missionary style, but I said, ‘Suck my cunt first.’

Well, he went at it like a randy rabbit. My cunt had been wet before, but the juice was literally poured out of me now. I orgasmed in no time.

‘OK, you can get it up me now.’

He got up me doggy style and I soon orgasmed again like that. But I still hadn’t had enough, so I said, ‘I want to sit on you.’

Well, I think that was my favourite position. I loved to sit on top of his cock, then I could just move my fanny backwards and forwards, up and down to suit. Oh, it was just lovely. I came again, that was three times. Dick came right after my orgasm, I could feel his stuff shooting up me.

More, ‘Suck me again, but do it from the side so I can see you in your thongs and stockings.’

In truth, I’d been quite turned on…or further turned on…by the sight of him in the knickers and stockings! Wish he’d had on a suspender belt, that would just have completed the picture.

Well, he did enjoy himself. My cunt was absolutely soaking wet by now, and so was Dick’s face. You know, I’ve always produced a lot of cum, it’s so much it can be quite embarrassing. Usually after we’d had sex there would be a wet patch, gosh, a few inches across on the sheet.

I couldn’t believe it, I orgasmed again, four times. I don’t think Dick believed it either. He staggered off to the bathroom, I was sound asleep by the time he got back.


In the morning, I woke up and thought as a treat as he’d given me so much satisfaction last night I would go and make the coffee. I think it’s the man’s job usually to make the coffee, don’t you?

Well, I came upstairs with the coffee tray to find him wanking away, still with the emerald green thongs on. The dirty bugger. But he was right on the wave and couldn’t stop. His spunk shot a foot in the air. Dick always produced a lot.

‘Well, that’s very nice, isn’t it!

‘I go and make you a coffee and I was looking forward to another…fuck.

‘And here you are, used it all up without satisfying me. And you’ve got even more of your cum all over the sheets.’

Well, he was really contrite.

‘S…sorry, Suzi,’ he said. ‘I thought you’d gone off downstairs and I was a bit desperate, I had such a hard-on.’

Well I had another idea.

‘Not good enough, I’ll have to punish you. Get on your hands and knees with your arse pointing this way.’

Actually, I’d seen this on a porn video, so I thought perfect. I picked up my hairbrush from the dressing table. It’s a lovely smooth one, chose it specially. Dick didn’t know this, but I regularly brought myself off with the handle. Now I was going to put it to a slightly different purpose.

Whack! I smacked him really hard on his arse, twice.

‘That was for going off and having fucking sex with fucking Rob.’

Whack! Whack!


‘And I think you need a few more for wearing ladies knickers.’

Whack, whack!

‘And a couple more for the fishnet stockings.’

Whack! Whack!

‘And that’s for getting the sheets dirty.’

And then I had another idea. I thought I would shove the handle of the hairbrush up his arse! Problem was it was too dry. Well, I solved that one by sticking the brush handle up my own cunt and got it soaked with my slippery wet cunt juice!

My fanny was already wet, as I’d been looking forward to being shagged, then smacking Dick made it pour out. I gave him a good workout with the handle, pushing it in and out and twisting it round.

‘And that’s for good measure. You like things up your arse, no problem.’

I’d enjoyed that and I was just about to go off and have my shower, when I noticed something…between his legs. The eroticism of being smacked had given him another hard-on, even though he’d only shot his load!

‘Ah,’ I said, ‘that’s more like it…’

I dropped the brush and mounted him, just like I’d done last night. Soon I was riding up and down on him, grinding our pelvises together, bliss.

Then from Dick, ‘Wh…where did you get that idea from? First of all smacking me, then shoving the brush handle up me?’

I rode up and down on him, ‘Saw it all on one of your porn videos. I told you last night that I’d found you’d been looking at that site…z something? One of the videos I looked at was two lesbians going at it.’

‘Yes, what’s it called, it’s a good porn site,’ he said. ‘You should bookmark it.’

‘Oh, I already have.

‘Actually, watching the lesbians was very nice. When they’d run out of other things to do with each other’s fingers and tongues, they got hold of this hairbrush.

‘They started smacking themselves, then fucking each other’s cunts with it but then moved onto their arseholes. It was quite erotic.’

I had a great orgasm, then you know, just like last night I felt I hadn’t had quite enough. I sat still for a little while until the tickly sensation from my fanny settled down…then I did it all again!

Dick had already shot off earlier, so I didn’t think he would do it again. Anyway, I didn’t feel like doing all that work. If he wanted it, he could jolly well do it for himself…

‘I’m going for a shower now.’

I got washed and dressed and when I got back into the bedroom, Dick was fast asleep! I stood in front of him.

‘I’m off to the supermarket. You didn’t exactly get in much in the way of groceries for me coming back, did you?’

As I was driving along, I thought that had been a bit of a night…and morning. I was so aroused from Dick’s tale of having sex with Rob, I counted it up, I’d had six orgasms between last night and this morning.

But doing the shopping soon brought me back down to earth! When I got home, the sex euphoria had all died down, and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it, even when Dick tried to start a conversation at supper time.


Anyway, after that night (and morning!) things went quite quiet and we got into a bit of a rhythm. Dick would go off to Rob’s usually for the night just once a week, sometimes not for two.

But here’s a funny thing! After he’d been at Rob’s, that evening I always wanted sex and usually initiated it. I think I was more active as well, nearly but not quite as much as that first night.

I’ve told you, I was really very inhibited, especially talking about sex. But after all the sex and filthy talk we’d had that first night, I just started to use much more basic language. I liked saying fuck me…suck my cunt…get your prick up here!

Well, for the first few weeks I felt really generous towards Dick. If he felt he needed it with Rob, good on him I thought. Then a little gremlin started in my head. Fine for him I thought, as I lay on the bed masturbating while he was out. Alright, I usually did it several times.

Then, I started to get really jealous. Great for him, I thought, having all that sex. What about ME?? Then I had a light bulb moment. What I wanted was lesbian sex.

Although I never talked about it, and had never told Dick, at college I’d had quite a lot of lesbian sex. Not proper affairs, just lots of close couplings, if you know what I mean. There was one particular redhead…

Anyway, stop me. Problem was where to get it. Our town was too small. I was long out of touch with anyone from college days. Then it struck me! Robyn! Rob and Robyn, funny that.

Months ago, I’d gone on a course, art something. One of the lecturers was Robyn, and you could tell straightaway that she was a lesbian. Very short red hair (bonus), no makeup, flat chest, man’s shirt, waistcoat, straight trousers with creases, brogues.

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