How I Trained My Sister

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As always, a million thanks goes out to my editor, Boheminxen. You are awesome.


I am going to Hell. It’s a certainty I wish were untrue. My only salvation is if Hell doesn’t exist. Worse yet, if anybody finds out what is going on, I will go to prison before the aforementioned Hell. Always nice to get your body prepared for eternal damnation. If that transpires, however, her warped mind will be lost. I keep replaying all the events that turned my innocent sister inadvertently into my slave, hoping upon hope that if I didn’t do just one of them, she would be normal. But alas, we reap what we sow, and now, I don’t know how to put a stop to it, or even if I want to.

To train any animal, beast or human, all it takes is time, patience, positive reinforcement, and if your subject is willing, it makes it that much easier. People are creatures of habit. When they are in a routine, it is hard to break from that routine.

I suppose it started when I began going to school, and I don’t mean college, or even high school. No, it started on my first day of going to elementary school. Kindergarten awaited me, and my one-year younger sister, Chloe, could not fathom a day in which her older brother was not going to be with her. She screamed and hollered incessantly. She even tried to sneak out of the house after I left as mom was trying to get her ready for the babysitter’s before going to one of her three part-time jobs (We’ll just say my father is a dick and is no longer around). That first day of school was the day I realized there were people my own gender that I can have fun with. I didn’t need to play with my little sister anymore. I still loved her, but now I had friends I knew from school that lived close enough I could hang out with them. Action figures versus dolls. Legos versus playing house. They were easy decisions to make. Finally, after weeks of fussing, Mom gave me the classic line anybody who has a younger sibling dreads to hear: “Just take her with you.” I argued a losing battle. No child has ever won that dispute. On the way to my friend Bryce’s house, with sister in tow, I made a simple promise. The promise that started it all.

“Listen Chloe, I promise to play with you, hang out with you, and let you follow me around if you do everything to make me happy. If I want something drink, you go get it. If not, I won’t let you do anything but sit there and watch me have fun.”

Chloe’s eyes lit up. “I can do that!”

“All right, c’mon.” And I held out my hand and Chloe enthusiastically took it. She had an extra bounce to her step as our palms were connected.

And so it began. I kept my promise. Anywhere I went, she came with me. She learned how to play all stuff boys played. At first, it was the beat ’em up style of action figures and hot wheels young males play. In junior high, it was video games. Bryce hated when she finally figured them out. He couldn’t figure out how he could always beat me but not her despite me defeating her every time. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was letting me win. Anything to keep me happy. In high school, it was sports. I loved them all, and she lost against me every time. It did keep both our bodies in shape. All the while, she made an excellent gopher. If I needed water, she ran for it. If I was hungry, she made me a sandwich. It even seeped into our home life. She would make sure I would wake up on time so I could get in the shower first. She cooked dinner, made my plate, and walked it over to me. I picked what we watched on television. If I ever called out, not even to her, she was there to ask if I needed anything. For instance, when I was fifteen I was looking at porn magazine that I smuggled from Bryce’s Dad’s collection and shouted, “Holy crap, the girl on page 38 is hot!” Within moments, Chloe was knocking on my door asking if everything was okay. She never got friends of her own nor did she ever complain, and without Mom around, all our activities went unchecked.

When I was nineteen, I thought I was living the life. Through my part-time job, I bought a car. I was starting my future by going to nearby State University, I had friends, and my sister catered to me every moment she was not partaking in her senior year of high school. Chloe even planned her part-time job to coincide with mine so we still spent all our free time together. I’m stunned no guys ever came calling for her even if she was just an average brown-haired, brown-eyed teenage girl. She was determined to keep her body in shape and went tanning quite often. I assume that is what her paychecks went toward. The only thing I was missing was a girlfriend, but I’m in college and I was going to do my best to remedy that situation and quickly.

I was late getting home from school; apparently, I ran over a nail and had to change the tire. I was in a hurry as Bryce was to meet me at my place and talk about a potential hook up. I pulled in and noticed Bryce’s car was already there. I enthusiastically entered the house, dropped my bags and looked for my friend. I couldn’t find him. I went upstairs sex izle to see if he was in my room when I heard his voice come from Chloe’s bedroom. The door was just open enough for me to see Bryce sitting next to Chloe on her bed. Her head was down as he spoke.

“I’ve known you for a long time, and you do everything for Alex. Well, I’m his best friend, and I think it’s time you do something for me.”

Chloe’s voice was soft, and I barely heard it. “What would you like me to do?”

I shook my head. I was going to have to talk to Bryce about this. I would never use Chloe’s trust in me for my friend’s benefit.

“Well, I figure since you’re the reason Alex, and I can’t get laid, I should be able to fuck you anytime I want, starting now.” Bryce’s hand went to his pants and unzipped them. “If you don’t do it, I’ll have Alex tell you to.”

I pushed open the door with a vengeance, and the door knob cracked the wall behind it. “What the fuck are you doing?” I was beyond pissed.

“Hey buddy, you’re here. I was just telling your sister what problems she’s creating for us.”

“Get out! I saw what you wanted.” My eyes were burning holes into his and each forceful step I took seemed to reverberate off the walls.

“Look, I’m sorry, man. I was frustrated because I could have a date with hot-as-fuck Crystal Roberts but she’ll only go out with me if you go out with her friend Kelly Richards, who is smokin’ in her own right. But then they got wind that everywhere you go, your high school sister has to come with you.” Bryce shook his head. “I’m sick of losing out on girls because of her. Aren’t you?”

I heard him out, but it didn’t make a difference. “You don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Our friendship is over. Now get out before I kick your ass.”

“You’re going to throw away our friendship over this?” Bryce seemed stunned but what did he expect?

I was close enough so I decked him. Bryce’s head flew to the right and some spittle went with it.

“Fine,” Bryce stood up, feeling his jaw. “Who fuckin’ needs you for a friend, you cock-blocking asshole!” He swung and I dodged. I used his momentum and pushed him toward the hallway. The wall stopped his stumble and he crashed to the floor. I stood defiantly as he shook his head while he picked himself up. Bryce looked right at me and flipped me off as he exited down the hall.

I didn’t even follow him out. I sat next to Chloe and wrapped my arm around her. My sister’s head then fell onto my shoulder. “Are you all right? Did that piece of shit hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t.” Her response was meek before she looked me right in the eye, her brown eyes showing nothing but a want to please, “If you still want him to be your friend, I’ll fuck him, for you.”

That should have been a warning sign for me, but at the moment, I was just grateful she was all right. “No, that should happen when two people care for each other,” I kissed her forehead. “And don’t think for one second that you are a burden to me. I have no regrets. I love you.” I meant it how a brother should love his sister.

Chloe gave me an enchanting smile, “I’ll go get dinner ready. I’m making your favorite tonight, chicken parmesan.”

A week later was Christmas vacation. Chloe surprised Mom and me by declaring she was leaving for the two and a half weeks to go on a ski trip with her friends. Three things bothered me about this. First, she’d miss Christmas. Though not a religious family by any means, we do celebrate the holiday just for the reason of our family getting together. Okay, that was Mom’s reason. Mine was I didn’t want to be handling my five cousins, all under seven mind you, by myself at my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Christmas day. Second, what friends does she have? She spends all her time either at school, work, or with me. I suppose she could have made some friends at school this year, now that I’m not there, but I found it odd that not once did she bring one home, not even for her eighteenth birthday party last month. Third, was despite us being involved in a multitude of sports, skiing wasn’t anywhere on the list.

The only reason Mom begrudgingly relented and allowed her to go was the fact this was the first instance of her asking to do anything for herself, nor has she ever lied or got into any trouble. In that regard, I agreed, not that my opinion would sway Mom, but it did help put her at ease. So it happened that Friday: I watched my sister drive her clunky car out of the driveway. Her destination was her friend’s house, and they were carpooling the two-hour drive north to the ski lodge.

Two and a half weeks, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. That first night, I learned I was going to be eating cold-cut sandwiches, cereal, and fast food as I exercised my futility in the kitchen. Everything came out burnt. On top of that, my room immediately looked as if a nuclear explosion went off in it. How does Chloe do it? In my free time, I was bored. I briefly contemplated calling Bryce, but just the thought made me want to walk alt yazılı porno to his house and beat the snot out of that rat bastard. Christmas was just as I imagined. The four youngest cousins were all vying to be the first to climb to the top of Mt. Cousin Alex while the oldest kept trying to demonstrate all the wrestling moves he witnessed on the television the night before. Yay. My only salvation that night was the home-cooked food. It had been a week since I had normal food, and I took advantage. During the next week, I really contemplated all that Chloe does. I felt horrible for taking advantage of her all these years. I decided I wanted to do my share.

I was overly excited, eager with anticipation, the day Chloe was to return. I rushed home from work, and my heart leapt as I saw her car in the driveway. I couldn’t wait to tell her my epiphany. I charged into the house, and a wonderful smell wafted through the air. I quickly made my way to the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks, a vaguely familiar woman stood profile to me, cooking dinner. Her hair was bleach blonde, and her pink tank top clung to her huge chest and exposed her midriff. Her black pants accentuated her round, plump ass. She turned to face me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen.

“Welcome home brother!” The woman exclaimed as she ran to me and gave me a big hug.

My arms still hung limp at my side, “Chloe? Is that you?” My mind was in whirlwind as the woman who claimed to be my sister embraced me.

“Of course it’s me. Now sit down as dinner is almost ready.” I sat at the table, my eyes transfixed on the body of the woman sauntering toward me with two steak dinners. “Do I look like her?” She asked as she set down the plates.

“Look like who?”

Chloe’s eyes squinted, and her head tilted to the side, waiting. I took in her form again. Her new blonde hair was meticulously styled and framed her face. Her brown eyes were now a deep hypnotic blue, and she wore light makeup. Her lips were fuller and were masked in bright red lipstick that matched her nails on her feet and hands. She wore a small pair of gold hoop earrings, and she even got her navel pierced. It took me all of one second for me to understand what she did. All for me. “Almost identical. But why did… I mean you look absolutely stunning, but how?” I knew she looked vaguely familiar, and it wasn’t because it was my sister, no, right now my brain was going too fast as I realized my sister did her best to change her appearance to the object of all my masturbatory fantasies. Page 38 of the old porn magazine I hadn’t looked at in years. My reaction to her must have met her approval as a look of pride swept across her face.

Over dinner, Chloe explained how this plan was four years in the making. Ever since she heard me that day about who I thought was ‘hot’. She said it took a week of searching my room while she was cleaning it to find the magazine that I kept in between the mattresses. When she got her job, she saved every penny for the transformation she wanted to occur. When she left home that Friday, she went straight to the plastic surgeon for her new tits, ass, and lips. I choked on my food as she said that so nonchalantly. She never really spoke with such language before, and it caught me by surprise. She just laughed at me. She stayed overnight at the clinic and then the next day she got her meds and checked into a motel. She chose to stay there because she didn’t want to be a bother to me while she recuperated.

I still didn’t understand why she felt she needed to change her body into my wet dream, but I did acknowledge she did it for me. I overly complimented her new appearance and foresight. She was determined and didn’t let anything hinder her desire. Impressive really.

“You really are beautiful.”

Chloe reached over and hugged me, “I am truly happy you are pleased with my new look.” As she pulled back, her grin was ear to ear.

“I am,” I nodded to confirm my words. “Wonder how Mom will take it.”

“I don’t care,” Chloe quickly and forcefully responded. “I did this for you.”

“Well, I’ll at least try to soften the blow,” I chuckled. “Ya know, I really missed you while you were gone. It also gave me some time to think.”

“Oh,” Chloe took a drink of water, “About what?”

“That I don’t do my fair share around here. You do everything, and it’s not right. So for now on, we’ll split the household chores. Since you cooked, I’ll do dishes.” I stood, one hand on my empty plate, the other reaching for hers. It was as far as I got when her hand wrapped tightly around my wrist.

“Why?” Chloe’s hand trembled as she spoke.

“Why what?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you, I want to help. We both live here and I feel I should be doing my share.”

Chloe hesitantly released me. “Oh, okay.”

Later, Mom really did flip out. More because it was so unexpected and not because she had the surgeries. After she calmed down, all she could say was “to be careful, as boys altyazılı sex izle may only approach her to get in her pants” and “I wish you would have told me.” Actually, it seemed every other sentence was that last phrase.

The next morning, Chloe woke me up so I could take my shower first. I declined and insisted she take hers. I went downstairs, got the coffee ready, and then set out everything needed to make the only breakfast I won’t burn, cereal. When Chloe came down, she was stunned. We ate in silence, unusual for us, before heading off to school.

On Mondays, my classes let out at one, so I went home and started doing laundry. Chloe arrived promptly at three. When she came to say hello, I was cleaning my room. I knew immediately something had upset Chloe as her smile faded and in replace was a forlorn expression, and she quickly went downstairs. I finished what little I had left to do and followed her. She was sitting on the couch, her face buried in her hands as her tears openly flowed.

“Chloe?” I put my arm around her as I sat down. “What’s wrong? Did something happen at school today?” At this point, I thought I was going to have to pummel some idiot high school punk. She mumbled into her hands. “What was that?”

Chloe’s hands fell and she cried out, “What did I do wrong?”

I was thoroughly confused. “I don’t understand. Please tell me what happened?”

“Why are you pushing me away?” Chloe’s eyes showed a deep fear. “We were fine before I left, and now I’m back, and it’s like you don’t want me here. Is it my new look? Do you not like it? Whatever it is, I’m sorry. I’ll fix it. I’ll change. Just tell me what I did wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong.” I held her tight to me. “I only realized how much you do and I wanted to help. I love you, Chloe.”

“You love me?” Chloe gazed at me quizzically. “If you truly do, prove it. Let everything go back to the way they used to be. You do plenty for me. Let me handle things around here for you, for us.” Those last two words should have been another warning beacon signaling my sisters mental state, but once again, I was more concerned about the prior statement.

“What do I do for you?” I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders as I was completely void of an answer to my own question.

Chloe’s mouth went agape and looked at me as if it was completely obvious. “Well, let’s see, you buy me anything I need for school, get me clothes, and anything else I want. We go out all the time, and you pay for everything. You protect me, even at the cost of losing your best friend. And don’t tell me you weren’t the one that got that bitch, Tiffany Prater off my back last year. She still hasn’t bothered me since.”

“You knew that was me?” I thought I kept my involvement in that stupidity anonymous.

“Of course I knew. Who else would it have been?” Chloe exasperated. “Listen, I love you too, Alex. More than you know. So please let me make you happy because you make me so much more. You do remember our promise, don’t you?”

“Yeah.” I vaguely remembered our promise made so long ago but was so prevalent now.


The melancholy attitude Chloe had the past two days was due to me breaking her routine. She was set in her ways and didn’t like change. It was an unexpected response to me helping with a little housework. I laughed, “Okay, on one condition.”

“What’s that?”


Chloe let out a sigh of relief and gave me a smile so grand that it should be on every poster in every dentist office in the country. “Now sit here and watch T.V. while I start dinner.” She kissed me on the cheek and bounced her way into the kitchen.

Maybe it was the lack of good food recently, but after dinner, I was quickly heading for a food coma. I had never been so exhausted. It was only six o’clock, but I needed to lay down. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out cold. Dead to the world.

It didn’t surprise me that I woke up in the middle of the night. Considering what time I went to bed, it was expected. What did shock me was that I was naked. Naked with my limbs tied to the bedposts. Naked, tied to the bedposts with the equally nude warm body of my sister next to me. Due to my groggy state of mind, I could only eloquently put my reaction one-way, “What the fuck?”

“Shh,” Chloe shifted so her head was propped up by her arm. “You don’t want to wake Mom.”

“But Chloe…What’s going on? Why are you doing this?”

“To be honest, shortly before I left, Bryce said you were a cock block to him.”

“Yeah, so?”

“I realized I’m that to you.”

“But you don’t…”

“It’s more than that,” Chloe cut me off. “Four years ago, when I found that magazine, I knew I had to make a decision. Either let you go and be miserable, or I could continue to make you happy in every way possible, allowing both of us to have satisfied lives. I loved you too much to let you go, and it was easy decision to make. I just needed time to become your ideal woman and hope no one would snatch you from me. I was going to offer myself to you, but after the last couple of days, I wasn’t sure you’d be too keen on sleeping with me, despite my makeover. So I put a sleeping pill and a Viagra in your drink tonight.” Her hand clasped over my painfully erect penis as she slithered on top of me.

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