How I would take back my first hot friend

How I would take back my first hot friendSo my first hot friend was hot, a slut, but a bitch. She got back together with her horrible Ex and told me to screw off after that. Knowing her she will probably end up breaking up with him and she coming back to me, apologizing for how she treaded me. This is what I want to do to her if she does.I can see her, sitting on my couch begging for my forgiveness. Telling me how she made the wrong choice and she feels horrible for the way she treated me. She’ll probably would grab my hand and look me in the eye and tell me that she’ll do anything for my forgiveness. It’s at that moment, I would tell her to suck my cock. “What the fuck Seth?” She blurts out, surprised thinking I’m telling her off. “I’m serious, suck me off” I say as I pull my harding cock out in front of her. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you, and you said you’ll do anything. You owe me after the way you treaded me” I tell her while she looks on at my hard cock, shocked frozen in place.”No! Seth we’re friends and I wouldn’t I’m not that kind of girl”, she protests while still seated. She gets up to leave but I grab her hand, and ask her “When was the last time you fucked ? I know that your ex never fucked you enough. Come on you know you want to. I guid her hand to my cock, a risky move but instead of resisting she grabs it and starts to stroke it. “Oh god, I have’t had sex in months, even if I begged for it he didn’t fuck me. I need it” . She keeps staring at my harding cock in her delicate hand. “I never would have guessed you that big Seth.”. “Heh, good” I reply as I grab her head and guide her down on my cock. “Suck it you whore”. Her cock starved lips feel amazing on my cock,. Better than anything I could dream of. I let out a huge moan ‘Oh god, I knew you could suck cock,” She starts to bob her head up and down face fucking herself on my dick. I grab the back of her head with both hands to help guide her. After a while, her face and my cock are covered in her drool. “When do you cum? She asks, while catching her breath. “I thought you liked sucking cock, slut? ” I answer. “What do you think of my cock?” I ask while stroking it in front of her. “You’re bigger than I thought you would be, and it’s really nice” She replies while wiping her drool off her face. ” I’ll let you cum in my mouth if you want” I smile, since cumming in her amazing mouth was a wet dream of mine. But I have her, with my cock out and I’m not going to waste that opportunity. “Get up. I just decided if you want me to forgive you, I’m going to fuck you.” I tell her. “What no! I was fine sucking your cock! I’m not that kind of girl!” She pleads. ” Can I get back to sucking?” I scoff at her. She used to tell me how her ex’s used to fuck her and how she fucked on the first date. I knew she was a slut,and I knew she would love my rock hard cock in her pussy. “No, you may not. I know you, and you want my cock in you. You fucking slut” I say as I stand her up and reach down into her pants, feeling her wet cunt. “You are wet as fuck, you know you want my cock” She looks shocked but she starts to moan slightly as I play with her pussy. “That’s it, thats a good girl, tell me you want my cock. Beg for it you little slut” As she starts to moan louder she says” Oh god, I need that cock. Please fuck me Seth, I don’t care, I just need cock” “Good” I reply to her as I lead her in to my bedroom. Once there I shove her down on to my bed, flip her over and pull her pants down, exposing her amazing ass. “You have no idea how much I wanted to fuck you like this. You have fucking amazing ass.” I tell her as I start smacking said ass. She whimpers at every smack making me harder.”God you are so fucking wet right now. I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you. I growl as I shove my rock hard cock in to her pussy. She screams “OH GOD SETH” as I do. She is tight as fuck despite getting fucked by so many men. “Fuck, you are so fucking tight you slut! Your pussy is better than I dreamed!” I yell at her while fucking her faster and faster. I’ve jerked off to this moment for so long I’m not wasting it. I’m fucking pounding her cunt as hard as I can. She is a fucking dumb bitch who I only was friends with to fuck, and now that I am, I’m letting her know that. She starts to moan so loud she starts to scream/ “OH FUCK OH FUCK! AHHHH” “TAKE MY COCK YOU SLUT! I yell over her. “I WANTED TO FUCK YOU LIKE THIS WHORE” My balls start to slap her clit as I go faster and harder. “SETH PLEASE AHH FUCK I HAVEN’T BEEN FUCKED THIS HARD FOR YEARS YOU”RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM”!!!” She screams. “FUCK YAH YOU FUCKING SLUT! TAKE MY COCK YOU NEED IT” I yell back at her. Her cunt is squeezing my cock like a dream, I’ve almost cummed as soon as I shoved it in, she’s that tight. Know I know why so many guys try to keep her. Her pussy is amazing and worth putting up with a bitch like her. “YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH TO ME, LIKE ME NOW AS I FUCK YOU?” I ask. “OH GOD SETH I’M SO SORRY AHH FORGIVE ME ! IF I KNEW YOU HAD SUCH A NICE COCK I WOULD HAVE BEEN NICER OHHH! FUCK! FUCK ME HARDER SETH” She screams in reply. Hearing that gets my cock even harder and I start to slam into her. “THATS RIGHT, YOU SLUT! YOU ONLY WANT COCK! FUCK I’M GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU YOU BICH!” I scream at her while grabbing her hair. ” I KNOW YOU LIKE TO GET FUCKED HARD LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE! TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MY COCK!” She looks back at me, her her eyes rolling in the back of her head, awash in pleasure. “OH SETH I LOVE YOUR COCK! IT FEELS SO HUCH IN MY LITTLE PUSSY ! AHHH,OH GOD OH GOD ! she practically moans out. “OH GOD SETH I’M GOING TO CUM ! I’M GOIGN TO CUM!!!! I’M GOING TO AHHHHHH” She cums hard on my cock , I can feel her pussy juice dip down my shaft and my thigh. She screams so loud I’m sure my neighbors can hear her. “OH FUCK YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING!!!!” I tell her. At this point, with her pussy squeezing my cock and her moans, I’m pretty close to cumming.. I hold out for a few more thrusts, and I pull out of her amazing cunt, and tell her to get on her knees. I shove my cock, dipping in her juices in her mouth and start to face fuck her. “Oh, yah slut take it baby” I order her. When I can feel my cock about to pop, I pull out of her mouth and say “Take my cum on your face baby take it like the slut you are” Knowing she has little choice to do. She looks up to me as I unleash a huge amount of cum all over her face covering it all. She is shocked at the amount but then similes. Seeing her face covered in my cum is amazing. She asks” Am I forgiven now Seth?” I look at her, and smile. “No, you are going to have to work for it”

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