How It All Began


How It All BeganThis is my first story, I joined this sight to share my life, at least the more erotic moments. I can’t keep it to myself much longer.I was raised by my dad, my mother died shortly after I was born due to complicatiions with the birth. No this isn’t i****t, dad and I would never do anything like that. Yes I have seen him naked a couple of times, but that was by accident. There was blushing, on both parts, apologies and that was it.CFNM became my favorite type of sexual fantasy and erotic stories, pics and vids. I think it got started when I was pretty young. I was invited to a friends house for a sleepover, her dad was going to be watching us because her mom had to work, she was a nurse and worked nights.We were all sitting around eating junk food and listening to music when somehow the topic turned to have you ever seen your dad’s “thing”? All of us had, mostly by accident and we giggled and told each other what they looked like. All except the girl that was having the party. She told us her dad let her see his any time she wanted when her tempobet giriş mother wasn’t there, as long as she never told her mother.That got us all asking lots of questions and she described what it looked like but said she wasn’t allowed to touch it. She even told us about how her dad would rub it in front of her and it would get big and then white stuff would squirt out. Now that got us interested, we hadn’t ever seen anything like that.I guess we had gotten too quiet, because her dad came in to check and see what we were doing. No k**ding, we all started blushing, because of what we were talking about, he thought he caught us doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing but left the room again.We talked for about an hour about “thingies” or “pee pees” and loved the stories she was telling us about her dad. Finally, she asked if we wanted to see it. We all looked at each other grinning and agreed, kind of sheepishly, that we wanted to, but would we get in trouble. Our friend said she would ask her dad, and she left the room, she was gone tempobet yeni giriş maybe five minutes but it seemed like it was a lot longer; the anticipation and excitement were building.She came back with a great big grin and said he would do it, but it was a secret, we couldn’t tell our parents (to this day, I never told dad). We all nodded in agreement and followed her out to the living room. There were four of us and we were asked to sit on the floor in front of her dad. He told us, again, that this was a secret, especially if we ever wanted to see it again, and there was no touching, just looking.At this point in time I didn’t know what an exhibitionist was, but now I know he definitely was one. I also didn’t know what CFNM is, but now I now how I got interested in it. We all agreed to his couple of rules and he stood and pulled his pants and underpants down and off at the same time.He wasn’t a bad looking man, a little over weight, but not bad. His cock was probably about average, maybe five or six inches long, but it looked huge tempobet güvenilirmi to us, and he didn’t trim his pubic hair. We all were looking at each other, then his cock, all of us with big grins. His daughter asked us if we liked looking as much as she did and we all started nodding while staring.Her dad sat on the edge of his chair so we could all see him very clearly and then he started to rub and stroke on his cock. It got big and hard really quickly and we just get grinning and looking back and forth between each other and his cock. He really seemed to like being watched and I know I liked watching. It wasn’t too long and his breathing changed and he started stroking faster, that’s when our friend told us it was about to squirt. Shortly after that he started to cum, he shot a number of loads into a tissue that he held in front of his cock, I was mesmerized, I loved it and wanted to see more.After that incident, I tried to spend as much time with my new best friend as possible. At least two or three times a month we’d ask her dad to watch him, he always agreed. I wanted to touch it, but never did. Sometimes there were more than just the two of us, but it was always exciting to me. To this day, I never tire of watching men masturbate and cum. I think it’s also how I came to like being clothed while watching naked men.

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