How it started (sorry so long)


How it started (sorry so long)After my divorce from my wife of 3 years I wasn’t really looking to settle down right away. The Internet was just coming of age and chat rooms were where all the fun was. My intent was to go on the rooms and see if I could chat up some women and do some jacking off. No harm no foul fun. As I lurked in the singles chats nothing really ever caught my attention. Chat was very slow often. I switched back and forth between looking at nude pics of girls and the chat rooms. For shits and giggles I decided to open up the gay men’s chat. Holy cow!! The room was nearly full and very active with guys chatting about anything and everything. Then it happened. That little private message window popped up! M/bi/32 u?I sat and looked at it for a bit. Wondering if I should respond or disregard, sign off and go to sleep. I had to see out of curiosity what guys talked about and how men attempt to hook up with men. I was never homophobic in anyway. Always been open minded. I had a few friends that I knew were gay. I just never thought of getting involved with a man in a sexual way.I wrote back…M/31/ st8He replied quickly. “Hi mark here. NEWLY divorced and looking to chat with like minded guys.” I wrote back that I really didn’t know how like minded I would be, but would be happy to chat. I’M newly divorced as well and explained that I was in the chat room out of both boredom and a little curiosity. He writes, ” …so are you looking for anything in particular? “. I said I really didn’t know what I was looking for, but not opposed to seeing what was out there. I noticed with that I had began to feel a little tingling, and was getting a little hard. We had your basic first time chat conversation. We shared our abridged life stories up to that point. HE then asked, ” have you ever thought of messing around with a guy?”. Up until that point I had never thought about it. Without thinking I replied ” not yet.”I just opened a door.He and I chatted back and forth for hours and I found myself strangely connecting with this guy. Finding myself very aroused hearing of his few times experimenting and experiences. adıyaman escort I was very curious at this point thinking this might be a fun thing to pursue. As I said, I was open minded and with the conversation we were having, my mind was really beginning to open. I couldn’t imagine though how to go out and begin to find a person to possibly experience all the things I am thinking about. At that point I realized that in my chat with my new online buddy, It never came up where we lived. SO I asked. I was floored when his reply was Houston area. I replied where I was and low and behold we were only 15 minutes away from each other. He asked ” you want to meet?”It was 1130. I had had a few beers and didn’t really want to risk a drive and I explained that. He asked it I would like him to come by. Just to chat more in person not expecting anything. TO my surprise as if I wasn’t in control I agreed and gave him my address. He told me what he would be driving and would be there in 30 minutes or so. I ran down stairs and grabbed another beer. With limited time I had to shower so I stripped and jumped in the shower. Cleaned up, threw on a t shirt and shorts and looked out the window. Within 5 minutes his red Chevy Truck pulled in my drive way. My heart pounded in my chest as his door opened. Mark stepped out. He was tall. Short blonde hair and was in good shape. He knocked on the door. I opened it and invited him in. We shook hands. I offered him something to drink and got him a beer. We sat and talked for about an hour as if we knew each other for years. He made me feel very comfortable. He made a joke which was funny and we both laughed and that’s when he put his hand on my upper thigh. There was an awkward silence as I felt my 7.5 inches starting to swell. Marks hand was only inches from my now hardening cock. MY mind was racing. So many thing. Did he notice? Should I try to hide it? DO I run to the bathroom? What do I do? I looked at mark and he had a slight grin as he commented on the bulge in my shorts. He closed the 3 inch gap and slid his had up on to my now afyonkarahisar escort rock hard dick. ” do you mind if I touch it?” He asked already with his hand fully touching my cock. I looked at his crotch and noticed he was in the same state of arousal as i. I could see the outline of his cock through his grey warmup pants. I wanted to see it, touch it. I was totally into this very quickly. I asked what he wanted me to do. He calmly said he wanted to play with my hard cock and to take my shorts off. With out hesitation I pulled them down revealing to my new friend that I wasn’t wearing any underware. MY hard cock stood straight out as I didn’t even get a chance to sit back down and mark had his hands around it jacking it slowly. He knew exactly how to keep me wanting what I was always told was wrong and not acceptable, but feeling him massage my wanting dick felt so right. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed this new sensation when I noticed his tongue run over my swollen head. I looked down as he looked up right as he put my cock in his mouth. I was amazed. Not 3 hours ago, I was looking at tits and pussy alone in my computer room and here I am now with my cock in a man’s mouth. It felt better than any blow job I had ever had and it just started. I wanted to relax and enjoy this more so I offered that we go to my bedroom. He quickly accepted my offer an we moved to my room and I got in my bed. HE stood at the foot of it as I arranged the pillows and laid on my back, my cock standing up wanting more attention. Mark slowly took his clothes off and crawled in bed, crawling up and was over me. I got my first look at his hard cock. We were similar in size. As he crawled up his hard cock touched mine as he softly started kissing my neck. He moved back down and started to suck my balls. Stroking my cock as his warm mouth took my balls in. He’s other hand softly rubbed my butt. I felt his fingers glide over my hole and I couldn’t believe how good this whole thing felt. HE started to suck my cock again and as he was, his fingers zeroed in on my hole. They felt balıkesir escort wet as he teased me. Finally slipping one in as he sucked my hard cock. I started getting to that point where I was going to explode and cum when he stoped sucking and focused on finger blasting my Virgin ass. He pushed me on to my side as he positioned himself behind me. Never pulling his now 3 fingers out of my wanting ass. THIS felt so good. I turned to look at him as I moan with acceptance. He started to kiss me. I’M now kissing a man passionately. We kissed as if we had been kissing eachother for years. Our tongues explored our mouths as mark provided a pleasure to my ass that I never knew was possible. This man was an expert. I felt his cock against me and noticed it was slippery. I didnt realize that he had slipped a very well lubed condom on. He slowly pulled his fingers out of my now ready hole and I felt the presure of his cock at the opening. HE whispered “can I?” Without saying a word I pushed into his cock and felt a feeling that blew my mind. My new friends dick had just passed my sphincter. I had a man’s hard cock inside me.He drove in slow. I felt a little pain but it quickly went away as he took his time. He stroked my still hard cock as he took what he wanted from me. HE worked his 7 inched into me and I was feeling great when he wanted to switch to missionary. I was ready for what ever he wanted. He pulled out and I laid back and spread my legs, my body was his and he knew it. He put his now condom less cock back in to my lubed up tight hole. I don’t know why he took it off and didn’t care. As his cock slid in with ease. I wanted this. He kissed me as his cock slid effortlessly in and out of me. We both moaned as I started feeling a sensation I had never felt before. MY cock swelled and started to shoot my thick cum all over my stomach and him. I came so hard and for so long I was in ecstacy. moaning, yes, yeah ohhhh hh yes. Around the same time he started to breath harder then began to deeply kiss me and moan deeply as well as he slid his cock as far in as he could go. I felt his ballsl against my ass and he paused. His tongue still in my wanting mouth and he let’s out a labored moan as his cock swelled. I’m in bed, my legs spread, naked , a mans cock is in me, I’m covered in my own cum, precum still flowing, I’m kissing this man passionately, that’s when it hit me. THIS man is cumming deep in my ass. And I’m ok with it all.

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