How to corrupt an accountant

How to corrupt an accountantThe ecstasy of being screwed by two lovers at once was exquisite. Bobbi came down from her literally, screaming orgasm to a serious comment.“Bobbi darling, we need more staff but how do we get the right ones?” asked Sara, Director of Administration. A normal question in any company, what wasn’t normal was her dress was pulled up and she was using a vibrator on her fanny. Also, the question was asked of Bobbi the company’s MD who had one tit out of her dress which she was fondling and two fingers of the other hand inside her slit with Champa nibbling her clit and her finance director screwing her up the arse.The original board of the company had by chance three members who were swingers. Of course, when they realised that they had sex sessions together. Bobbi as MD and owner brought in others of similar inclination. Take Dr Champa Patel who was a very talented individual in the medical field and even more talented at raunchy sex. Others were just plain corrupted. Sara, she had been very conventional before taught just how much fun she could have being a very naughty girl.Over time all the staff of the company had been seduced and corrupted into uninhibited sex. A company benefit was free boob jobs that every female staff member had availed themselves of. None of the men of course but they enjoyed the benefit of many busty and uninhibited women. Sex at work was not discouraged.“Hm yes I see the problem we don’t want some innocent who is going to freak out and go to the police or press.”“Exactly, admin isn’t too much of a problem as we can recruit from family and friends who know what is going on. Besides we got a couple who had worked at Lotus Island but she got pregnant and they returned home to bring up the c***d in a more normal environment. Of course, they didn’t want to give up the debauched lifestyle so here is perfect.”“Is that Suki, the new buying clerk?”“Yes, and her other half is working as a lab tech. Rather well qualified as it happens. Then again, we recruited a former prostitute who was getting old to make much on the game. Very good at marketing and very bright but not much education, archetypical Cockney with a quick tongue.”“Ooh I will have to meet her.”“I didn’t mean that you tart though I wonder how good she is in that department.” Babs was invited to meet the boss and they both found out. Babs did some very nice things with her tongue. The three of them formed a triangle and spent a very nice hour getting to know each other really quite well.Later on, Bobbi and Sara resumed their discussion. What was needed was an experienced management accountant, to be second in command of the finances. Getting one of those could be more difficult. In the end they put out a very carefully worded advert that made it clear that fitting in with a relaxed team was of considerable importance.“Relaxed is one word for it.” Said Bobbi at home that night as she writhed on the end of a double dildo with her other two lovers sucking a breast each. “We are going to carry out the initial interviews at the recruitment company offices. Using the experience, we had with the failed hook up with those American puritans as an excuse to be cautious about getting someone broad-minded.They whittled the candidates down to a strong short list. The problem was that on paper one candidate shone out on the grounds of qualifications and experience which made her ideal except it was clear that she was a member of an extreme and very strict religious group. They announced to the two best candidates that a second interview would follow.Lying in a hot tub with some of her board Bobbi chatted about the problem. They came to the conclusion that they had to decide on merit but one of the stated criteria was fitting in with the company culture of being extremely relaxed. In view of the importance Bobbi decided to head the panel herself. This would not be unreasonable considering the seniority of the post.That decided, as was inevitable they started to play with each other. Bobbi was lain across the board room table with her skirt removed and her blouse undone. Sara and Clare were also lying back from the opposite side. The three women were kissing whilst the men were taking their pleasure with the proffered muffs. All were experienced in taking and giving pleasure which, they did in equal measure. Sara who was quite agile wrapped her legs around Sidney’s neck and he lifted her up suspended by them just in time for his wife Patsy to come in and eat her pussy.The interview was held in a part of the premises that was a former house near the entrance. The staff had been warned to be on their best that is normally appropriate behavior until the visitors were off the premises. The interviews went as expected and on competency alone Esther clearly came out on top. Then Bobbi brought up the unusual laxity of the dress code.“So, I gather that your happy with me competency wise but concerned about how I will fit in with your very liberal attitudes. I can understand that, in view of the fact that I am part of a very conservative religious group. Please accept me and I will accept you as this is very important to me.”“Are you sure, wont it be very hard to square with your ethics.”“To some degree but the thing is, I am trying to escape the group. I married in to it and thought that my own views were the same as theirs. I did not bargain on them being so misogynistic and controlling of women. Now my husband has died, I want to get away before they marry me off again. More important, I want to take three young women who being pressurised into marrying much older men with me. I need to be able to support them as they are not that suited to working in the outside world unlike me.”“I see. In that case I am no choice but to help you. Not only is the job yours but I will up the starting salary and help you in other ways. The whole point of this place is that we are helping women and countering those who would stop them making their own sivas escort decisions about their bodies.”“For all my conservative attitudes, that is one I agree with. Thank you, Dr Simmonds because I know I am not really the type of person you were seeking. Interesting conundrum isn’t it I probably disapprove of your views on sex but I totally agree with your morality in other ways.” The ironic smile on Esther’s face made Bobbi begin to like her.In the end Esther and her young charges were whisked away by an operation put on by the entire firm. Esther had managed to stop the cult getting its hands on her family home which was only a couple of miles away and it was to this that the four of them moved.Anthony was away on a trip so as was their habit Bobbi was in bed with Emilia and Clare. Again, as was their habit they were naked and they talked about it all as they fondled each other.“I think Esther has an idea that we are far from the normal firm but she is desperate for a job which pays well. Even within the first day she has proved to be bloody good, picking up in things we knew but didn’t have the resources to do something about. When she suggested that one of her charges, Ruth, would be a suitable accounts clerk, we nearly fell over backwards. Any way Ruth is going to get a try out next week.” Bobbi sighed deeply as Emilia buried her face in Bobbi’s crutch and nibbled gently.“What are these girls like.”“Very young for their chronological age as all are over eighteen. I think Esther has been running a guerrilla campaign against the group elders to stop then being forced into marriage. Presumably they have some backbone or she wouldn’t have succeeded. Wow your nipples seem even more sensitive than usual Clare.”“Just your talents darling, which are superlative. This could be so interesting particularly if they start socialising with our tarts. Ooh a bit harder, yes keep doing just that.” It took self-control to do so considering what Emilia was doing and how successful she was. They stopped chatting as Clare used her toe to stimulate Emilia’s slit and things went downhill from there.Later a satiated Bobbi wondered why Esther had tried to get a job for one of her charges with Simmonds. It was one thing for a woman if her late thirties to face up to their culture so at variance from her own but quite another to place this innocent young woman at risk of corruption as Esther must surely see it. Even if they did need the money it was a curious viewpoint.That it was a deliberate policy on Esther behalf, became obvious when she suggested Rachel to replace the receptionist who had gone off to a job at Lotus Island with her partner the company cook. As Clare pointed out, to agree was pretty easy as Rachel was not unknown to them and so the risk of an outsider spilling the beans was removed. Then Esther made not so subtle as to what they wanted from a cook and it turned out that apart from some food hygiene courses Martha met the bill. Food hygiene courses were quickly dealt with and she prove a capable cook.Thus, all three women were working at Simmonds with Esther. Curiosity got the better of Bobbi so after a meeting one day she outright asked.“I know you know that we are very different from your idea of moral, I can see you having the courage of your values as protection but the girls are just a wee bit innocent. Are you not concerned for their moral welfare?”“Not nearly as much as their physical and mental. Working here they are safe, the elders cannot get at them I would not put it past that bunch to try and get them back by force using lies to justify their actions if challenged.”“Ruddy heck, that’s bad.”“Yes, probably worse, they are totally convinced that what they want is automatically right. Now I only have to protect them at home.”“How good is your security.”“Probably not brilliant but I have stout locks and check they are secured every night.”“Right. I am going to ask some friends of mine to come around and make sure that the house is properly secure. They are used to protecting people and securing places from far nastier and better resourced bunch than you bloody elders.”“Thank you, but why.”“I could say duty of care to my staff and that is partially true. Also, I don’t want to lose you now I have got you because your quite right, they are all good workers and you are fast becoming invaluable. Though the real reason is I am not going to let a bunch of hypocritical, misogynistic bastards get you. Be under no illusion, if they do, they will have a visitation from some more of my friends who will disabuse them of their idea you are possessions. Sorry I used a swearword.”“You would probably shock the girls but you forget that I was in the normal world long enough to qualify and have only lived a sheltered existence for the last twelve years. To respond to something, you said your sexual activities are your own but the way you treat people could not be more moral”The two so very different women looked at each other and hugged. Bobbi ensured that Ester’s house was very professionally secured by Callow Associates who were better used to protecting vulnerable targets from terrorists and hostile foreign powers. Things settled down with a greater degree of restraint than before though with the newcomers settling in and making friends. Rachel in particular was quite outgoing now she felt safe in the new environment and made an ideal receptionist who everyone liked. One of their lab techs called Kevin, in particular took a liking to her. Now Kevin was quite shy with most women so Simmonds had been wonderful for him. Nothing like taking part in an orgy to break down barriers. Kevin had more experience in a few months at Simmonds, than the rest of his adult life. But of course, Rachel was not part of that relaxed group.Now Rachel may have been fairly innocent and from a sheltered background but she was neither unperceptive or stupid so was fully aware that she had an admirer. Needless to say, she sort guidance, escort sivas from Esther who decided that despite her suspicions about any other member of staff that she should encourage Rachel to encourage him.At the same time Martha was getting very friendly with one of the girls in the marketing department and had agreed to go down the pub after work. Esther would have been distinctly concerned if she knew that this particular young lady swung far more toward feminine than masculine company. Using all her charm and worldly knowledge she was slowly but surely seducing the young girl. Nothing untoward happened the first time they met but the second they sat beside each other and Clara ensured that they brushed against each other and touched frequently. As they walked back to the car they were arm in arm.By the third time they went out, this time to a film, they were holding hands and at the end of the evening Clara risked a kiss. Martha was not sure how to react because she was aware this was not the norm but she did quite like it and Clara had been careful to keep it fairly innocent.Kevin and Rachel were continuing to get on well and he was careful not to push and it was working. Rachel enjoyed the attention and was letting him go a little further with each date. First kissing, then kissing with lips open and next tongues. Rachel’s breasts had been fondled above her clothes without protest. The kissing was getting quite passionate and when Kevin slipped his hand under her top, then up to her breasts, she did not protest but would not let him slip his hand beneath her bra.The only one of the three girls whose virtue was not under siege was Ruth who was a little jealous of the other two having friends. When Esther was asked to go to dinner with Sebastian one of the scientists, she felt markedly miffed. The dinner was quite innocent but Sebastian invited Esther out again. What Esther didn’t know was that not only did he find her physically attractive but he found the idea of getting this prim accountant turned on very exciting. The aim was not just to seduce her but to get her to have an orgasm. Sebastian had some fantasies involving Esther that would have shocked her.Clara having got to kiss Martha a couple more times was getting more adventurous sensing that the pleasure was not one way. Martha knew that this was sexual and not normal by her standards but found that she liked it. At least with a girl she couldn’t get pregnant or catch anything. The kissing was getting more passionate and when Clara slid a hand under Martha’s skirt and was not resisted. Clara had the sense to do nothing more than stroke her friend’s leg. The next time however the hand reached up to her crutch, all Martha did was shiver with pleasure. The time after that they didn’t try to pretend to each other and removed their clothes and openly made loveRachel and Kevin were also progressing to openly sexual activity and semi-undressed. Esther knew and felt she should disapprove but all the time thought but yes that gives me freer rein with Sebastian. More knowledgeable about these things, Esther was under no illusion that she was being seduced and found she didn’t want to resist. Not only did she not want to resist but was plotting how to get Ruth involved. That this was the way her mind was going rather shocked her.The next evening, she accepted an invitation to visit Sebastian’s house and they were sitting on his sofa. Seb was rather pleased at how far she was letting him go, for not only were they having passionate snog but her blouse and bra were undone.“If you think that you are going to get me to stay overnight then you are going to have to help me solve the problem of Ruth. The other two are slowly if rather fumblingly giving in the temptation you bunch of degenerates offer. I am a bit surprised and shocked that Martha is dating a girl.”“Don’t knock it unless you have given it a go. I think that most women are bi to a lesser of greater degree. In our case none of them are totally straight or totally lezzie, so I suspect Martha will get to try out a guy before long.”“You are really totally bad but also right. “Sebastian agreed as he proceeded to remove her skirt with only token resistance.“Perhaps the solution to is to invite her to have a threesome with us.”“Seb, that disgusting but it turns me on.” Which is was, though the thought made her very wet. Esther admitted to herself that she was going to give in at some stage so why not now so pulled off her knickers and lay back.Sebastian recognised the invitation and decided that further discussion could wait as he pulled apart her thighs and started licking her. Esther had never before been treated in that way and she liked it. In fact, she liked it so much so that she squirted covering him with the outpourings of her vagina. Sebastian laughed at his near drowning and climber on top of her to give her the fucking of her life. The next day as she was working away at the accounts Ester looked down the office at Ruth. Seb’s outrageous suggestion kept on coming back to her. The idea of multiple partners was disgusting but it also appealed. The idea kept coming back to her and she realised just how far from a prim person she was regardless of external appearances. Added to this she had been thinking something of the sort before all this.One external difference was the way the girls dressed had progressively becoming less old fashioned and now was in Martha’s case veering towards quite sexy. Clara had a very feminine but sexy style that she was encouraging her lover to adopt. That evening the two young couples went to the pub together. Ruth had been going to go with them having been specifically invited but changed her mind at the last minute. This rather miffed Ester as Seb was going to come around after the others had left and this rather spoiled her plans which were anything but chaste.As for the other four they were quite glad that they hadn’t been joined by the prim and proper Ruth sivas escort bayan and they ended up after a couple of drinks going back to Clara’s house. Clara lived with her parents who also worked for Simmonds and in any case were out for the evening, probably having an orgy with friends.So, the four of them started to have their own orgy. What little restraint the two good girls had went out the window when there were two naughty folk after their bodies. It took a while but all clothes were removed and they did everything but the girls actually having full intercourse. Neither were on the pill and didn’t like the idea of a condom. Back home Ester was sitting on the sofa with Seb who had his arm around her. Ruth was looking rather disapproving standing up and looking very out of place and out of sorts.“Oh, for goodness sake sit down here. Shift up Esther, so she can sit beside me.”Ruth looked rather surprised but sat down on the sofa beside Seb, but went very stiff when his other arm went around her though after a few seconds she relaxed. “I don’t know what is happening, you are all behaving oddly.”“Only by the standards of those loonies who brought you up.” Commented Seb“Be fair your colleagues are at the other extreme.” Was Esther’s quite reasonable response“Yes, but not what we are doing at the moment.”“I don’t think any of us don’t think that if we all agree it won’t go a lot further.” Said Seb and Esther smiled in anticipation. “Does this scare or revolt you Ruth.”“No, I think that I am fairly normal and if I am honest with myself a lot of my attitude is jealousy. I wish that someone had tried to seduce me. I would probably still reject them but it would be nice if someone tried.” She ignored that the hand had moved down to brush against her breast.“Well I think the main reason why not is not that you aren’t attractive but you send out ‘keep off’ vibes. We can get quite enough nookie without pushing someone who is not willing.” The hand was now gently stroking the breast outside the clothing. Ruth admitted that it was a bit exciting but what exactly would happen if it went further.“What are you hoping to do tonight if I agree.”“Have what is known as a threesome. I want you both relaxed enough about the sex, that some of our goings on, at least don’t bother you even if you’re not part of them. Also, I find both of you attractive.”“Oh. I suppose nobody is going to be disapproving. Did you know about this Esther?”“I didn’t but a bit of me hopes you will. Martha is doing things that I know most of the other women do. Weird though it seems to you and me women having sex is quite normal here.”“It is and more than just a couple as well. So, if you do agree then you are not going to be out of the norm for here though the general popular view would be horrified not just the religious extremists.” Seb had been running his hand along the waistline of Ester’s top and suddenly she decided to push things a bit and took it off. Seb ran his hand under the bottom of the bra cup and fondled her breast. Ruth couldn’t quite see what was happening as he was in the way but a little thrill went up her back. All she would have to do was take off her top as well. It was a big step but after a couple of minutes she decided to do it. Seb was more cautious with her but his hand was outside the fondling her breast outside the cup. Esther giggled and the bravery of what she was doing aiding in the seduction of prim Ruth as well as herself being very turned on. Esther went to the next stage and removed her bra. Ruth gave a gasp and then a throaty chuckle. “If I really didn’t like this it would be one thing but I do and nobody is going to object are they. In fact, I will be encouraged so why not.”With that Ruth too removed her bra and cuddled up to Seb with a broad smile on her face. Sebastian not believing his luck still took advantage of it and kissed her. Now Seb had the pleasure of fondling two topless women. “Just how far were you thinking of going Ruth.” Asked Esther.“As far as you, which is probably all the way. Hey Seb, tonight you get to deflower a virgin.”To his pleasure the two women decided first to trip him and then remove the remainder of each other’s clothing. All restraint was lost and first he started kissing and touching both women. Esther having been married however unsatisfactorily knew what to do and Ruth quickly caught on. Ruth lost her virginity bouncing up and down on Seb cock with great enthusiasm and was rewarded by a shuddering orgasm. The other two came home quite late, having kissed goodbye at their front door. Martha opened the door and saw the sight on the couch and immediately yelled out to Clara and Kevin not to go but come and have a look. There asleep on the sofa were Ruth and Ester, naked and wrapped around an equally naked Sebastian. Ruth was just about awake and smiled broadly.“I decided if I couldn’t beat them the join them. Sex is awesome, at least it is with these two. Do Clara and Kevin have to go home tonight?” They didn’t have to and didn’t, not that much happened that night but in the morning all of them joined in and the remaining two virgins had their first experience of a man’s cock deep inside them. Clara received a message to phone her parents, which she did. When they found out the whole lot of them were invited around for Sunday lunch.When they arrived, they found that Bobbi had been invited as well. The meal was relatively normal apart from the odd fumble and grope. The conversation was less so, various arrangements were made not least all four girls decided that the habit of all the women having boob enlargements as a staff benefit seemed like a thing to do. Another was that they were going to have to get a more suitable wardrobe if they were going to take part in the various social activities. The way this was put made them giggle.“I can’t believe that all of you just suddenly decided to go over to the dark side.”“I think it was merely perceived peer pressure that was stopping us, but whilst nobody overtly pushed us there was pressure in the other direction it just emanates from the lot of you.”“So, what you are saying is that we corrupted our accountant?”“Oh yes, and I for one am looking forward to enjoying it.”

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