Hubby made me


Hubby made me When my husband retired last year we decided to move to Florida. We adapted to the area fast, made lots of new friends.We would go to the beach every time we had a chance. My husband liked to go golfing or fishing. I would go shopping once or twice a week with my new friend. Life was great Well only one thing was missing in are life.That was Sex due to my hubby’s age and some health condition ( diabetic ) Joe could not get hard cock Mostly he was getting semi hard. So we watched lots of porn at nights He would make me cum by giving me oral sex I did like that. Every time we war watching porno movies my hubby would tell me that i should fuck another guy and he would love to watch me getting fucked I’m going to be honest i did miss good cock fucking I was 61 years old 5’4” tall and little chubby 145 pounds, friends tell me I’m very sexy.But i always told him no way, i would never cheat on you Joe. He would say honey that is no cheating if you are fucking with my permission and in front of me. I kind of agree with him that it was not cheating but I was too shy to say yes, so I always said no. Well last Saturday my lady friend Elan called me and asked me if we can go shopping later. I told my hubby I’m going out with Elan and would not be home for dinner, so eat out. Great he said I’m going with my new friend Bob and play some golf. That evening I met with Elan around 6 pm in the coffee shop in the mall. We spend most of our time talking and drinking coffee. Around 8 pm we stopped at a nearby restaurant and had dinner. About 9 pm I split with Elan.I got home a little after 9 pm and there was a car in my driveway. I said to myself who can be this late. When I got in the house there was a black gentleman in his middle 50s sitting on the güvenilir bahis couch and drinking beer with my hubby. Joe introduced me to him as my wife Annie and him to me as good friend Bob. He goes to my hubby “Joe you are one lucky man” I blushed and my hubby thanks Bob and suggests to me to sit on the couch next to Bob. While  I did Hubby went to the fridge and got some cold beer, we were drinking and joking. Bob was very friendly and easy to talk to. After a few beers I started filing warm. It was muggy. I excused myself and went to my bed room and took a quick shower I dried myself and wrapped myself with a Robe and went back to join Joe and our guest Bob. I sat on the same spot on the couch next to Bob. I did not want him to feel offended. After a few more beers Bob started touching my hand, I froze and looked at my hubby. It’s okay honey you remember we talked about you doing it with another man. But honey, I said, and hubby cut me off, say nothing, I want you to be happy. I’m happy, I said. No life without sex is not happy life I love you so much i want you be happy he said. While we were talking Bob took my hand and put it on his lap, he did not have under war only loose jogging pants, I can feel his hard cock My hubby goes common Annie play with it. I was a little shocked and shy. Then Bob said just a minute, stood up and dropped his jogging pants down to his knees. His hard on cock came out and it was big at least 9 inches with a big mushroom head. Big cock like this i have seen in porno movies only. Bob sat back on the couch next to me and took my hand and put it on his cock. I took it in my hand and froze. My hubby goes come on Annie, play with that big black cock, he stood up and came to the couch where Bob and I were sitting. He güvenilir bahis siteleri took my hand with Bob’s cock in it, the other hand he put on my head and guided my head toward Bobs I did not resist, “it’s not cheating if i’m watching “went through my mind, hubby used to tell me. When I got close to Bob’s cock I opened my mouth wide to get his big mushroom cock head in my mouth. It filled my mouth, I started sucking on Bob’s cock like there’s no tomorrow. I stopped for a moment, got up and got on my knees between Bob’s legs and continued sucking his cock. I tried to deep throat his cock but no way I could not do it. He was so big. I started liking his balls and sucking his cock up and down.Then Bob picked me up and laid me on the carpet. My robe opened up on both sides and my body was there, naked for Bob to use as he pleases. He stood up and took his jogging pants and shirt off. He was naked, He got on top of me and started sucking on my boobs, he continued going down, liking my belly. When he got to my clean shaved pussy he kissed it and started sliding his tongue up and down my pussy was very wet and ready He made it lot wetter after tongue fucking me for about 10 minutes. Then he kneeled in front of my pussy, he took his cock and started opening my pussy lips and rubbing it up and down my pussy. I started getting chills through my spine knowing what is coming next. I was not sure I could take a big cock like that in my pussy. Then it started, I felt Bob pushing his cock inside. I reached to my pussy with both hands and pulled my pussy lips on the side, so Bob could enter my pussy easily. It was very tight. I felt Bob’s big mushroom cock head slide inside me. OMG i said to myself as Bob laid on top of me and kept pushing his iddaa siteleri cock in and out slowly 1 inch at a time. I never felt like this before. I came instantly. I was feeling Bob’s big cock going deeper and deeper inside my belly. Then I felt Bob’s balls slapping my butt cheeks. I knew I took all 9 inches of Bob’s black cock I felt so good and proud of myself. He kept pounding my pussy for about 15 minutes and I started pushing my body up to meet his cock. I was moaning very loudly. I heard my hubby saying “yes Annie fuck that black cock “i could not hold any more I start screaming I’m coming I’coming. I’m coming too, Bob said and started fucking faster. I felt his cock coming deep inside my pussy while i was coming. I put my hands around his waist and pulled him to me and whispered in his ear I do not want this ever to stop. Okay he said i will get hard shortly and he did as he continued pounding my pussy. He pounded my pussy for about another 15-20 minutes. Again i start pushing my body up to meet Bob’s cock as I started to to fuck him. I started coming again and he went faster and faster like he was trying to make sure i cum. My pussy was going crazy while I was coming. When I was done Bob pulled his cock out and came on my belly. I said to myself ‘this must be heaven.Then I heard my hubby say “how are you Honey “I’m great and thanks for a great evening. I said to Bob, thanks to you this was my best fuck in my life. You are welcome Annie, Bob said. If you ever feel horny let your hubby know i will make time for you. I had a great time too, you are some hot tight pussy. Bob got dressed and gave me a wet kiss and said good night and left. I took a shower When I got to bed my hubby was in bed. I gave Joe a big kiss and said You showed me that you love me. You want me to give you a nice blow job, I said.  No thanks, I came in my pants while you guys was fuckingWe said good night and I tried to sleep. I could not sleep for a long time thinking about the fuck i just had. True story!

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