Hung Brother in Law Cross Dresses to Seduce Me

Hung Brother in Law Cross Dresses to Seduce MeWhen I was married, I fucked my wife relentlessly. Whenever I got the opportunity. And when our marriage ended I was still somewhat friends with her older brother. I had known Stan for years before I ever met his sister. We were friends and had briefly been roommates. Although at the time I had no idea how much sexual activity had gone on regularly between different family members.One Christmas Stan came out of the closet during the Christmas holidays. We were all proud of him. Most of his friends weren’t surprised as he had always been discrete about that part of his life. I remained friends with Stan after I divorced his sister although we rarely hung out any more. bolu escort But one night I got together with him and a couple of friends and he joked about how one time he cross dressed at a Halloween Party at a gay bar and was the spitting image of his younger sister. Everyone laughed and the conversation turned to other things. There was no smoking allowed inside the house we were at so Stan and I went outside to smoke. While we were outside Stan suggested that he come over to my house and dress up like his sister. He told me that I wouldn’t believe it. “Sure, sounds like fun.” I said, knowing that Stan had always been reserved around his close friends about his sexuality.So, I didn’t really know what to expect bolu escort bayan but didn’t figure anything sexual would happen and just figured I would cross that road when I got to it.He did as he said and came over with a small suitcase. He then proceed to dress up like his younger sister and the thing was, he was the spitting image.”Damn, you were right. You could pass as her twin.””I know. Can you believe it?”””No, not really,” I said as he slow seductively approached me and went in for a deep long kiss. It was so sudden I didn’t have time to react and it was such a passionate kiss it caught me off guard.”Damn, dude you are going to have to stop this is so unlike you.”His hand went down to my crotch escort bolu and start rubbing my already hardening penis as his kissed me again.” “I have always wanted your dick in my mouth, even if I had to dress up like my sister.” He then proceeded to pull my pants down and stroke my rock hard cock. It felt so good and before I knew it, he was on top of me with my dick in his mouth. He aggressively sucked hard on the tip of my dick for a while he cradled and tugged on my balls. For a moment I was lost in the ecstasy of longing powerful memories for his sister’s mouth that had so many times on my exploding cock. My eyes rolled in the back of my hard and I could feel that it wouldn’t be long before I was filling his mouth with my sacred cum. It was in that moment that he starting teasing my asshole with a long probing finger. Before I knew it he was finger fucking my already twitching asshole and I shot a massive load into his sweet mouth.

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