I Accepted the Challenge I’m NOT GAY

I Accepted the Challenge I’m NOT GAYI went to an adult bookstore to get a couple of movies for my buddy’s stag party. I had never been to any before, but I had seen this one it from the road several times while driving by. I glanced at the big black muscled dude at the counter, he asked me to show my ID, you’re 18? You look more like 16, he said and waved me in. I and started to check out the rows of adult rentals. I must have blushed a little when the first set I saw was all homo stuff. And all of them big black guys doing sexy things with young white guys…freaky stuff. It wasn’t my thing at all …gay stuff. Gotta find straight porn for the stag party.I was 18, white, very young looking and thin, except for a fairly shapely bubble ass that was a little too girlish looking for me when I checked myself out. I was a red-blooded 18 yr. old stud. Totally into girls. Didn’t have much luck because I wasn’t very masculine looking, you know I am small, petite, is the word, have very very smooth skin. Some guys my age have beards by now, I barely had peach fuzz anywhere…not even my underarms or legs. I have a small cock and nuts more like acorns with a few pubes on top. It always made me feel a little self conscious around hairy, big muscular guys at the beach.Well I quickly went to the next row of movies and was surprised to see the same thing. Big black teen studs doing stuff with feminine looking little white boys like me. I paused at one that had a white boy dressed in sexy girl clothes with a little makeup, happily sucking a huge black dick. I felt a strange feeling inside me and hurried to the next row.I almost spoke out in frustration when the next movie box I saw was a cute smiling petite white boy in a wedding dress, on all fours smiling and taking a big black dick in his ass. The next row was all about the same stuff. Cute little white boys taking care of big black studs…looking at them made me shiver and feel all the more self conscious about how much I resembled the white boys in so many of these vids.I asked the guy at the desk if this was all he had? He was on the phone and put up a finger to tell me to hold on a sec. He flicked the switch off for the open sign, walked over and locked the door. I thought shit, he’s closing up early and I ain’t got no movies yet. When he got off the phone he said, I really only sell what you see. It’s what we are into here.I do have more dvds in some boxes in the back, you’re welcome to go back past he peep shows and see what I got, some old stuff from the old owner. I got all new movies here now; it’s what’s hot these days. I said: “that’s what’s hot?” in disbelief. He laughed and said yeah, for my customers anyway. Listen I closed up because I don’t want any cops coming in cause I got some stuff to do that I don’t need cops in here to see, new movies to put away that I got cheap. You want to help? I’ll work out some free stuff for you.I said what the hell, I’ll help you out. The guy shook my hand and said thanks, name is Dwayne, and I’ll fix you up with something for helping. I noticed his handshake was very powerful and lingered a little long. He kind’a caressed my hand softly and gave me butterflies. He got some boxes out and we started putting away movies. He showed how to put them in the right spots.I said aren’t they all the same? He laughed and said no way, very different. Different stages he said.What do you mean, different stages? He said look, here’s one with a white boy getting to suck his first black cock, and here’s another where he has accepted who he is. The boy in that movie was in girl’s clothes and even looked like a chick. Even had little titles. He is a she-male now Dwayne said, the final stage of acceptance.Acceptance of what I asked? Dwayne said the white boy has accepted that she was meant to be a woman, and that she was built for the pleasure of black men. Look at her, how lovely she is, she is just a little white girly looking boy, all smooth and shit. She was never gonna be masculine. He was meant to be a she. Don’t you think so, Dwayne asked me?I studied the he-she on the box and marveled at how feminine he-she was. I thought to myself, If I could grow tits, i would look like her. I was very embarrassed at the thought. Especially when I thought that Dwayne knew what I was thinking. I didn’t care if he was a gay guy that liked white guys. I wasn’t gay and wasn’t afraid of trying anything.He seemed very laid back about all of this stuff we were looking at and putting away. He told me these movies go from a boy becoming a bitch in prison to white married guys finding themselves’ becoming she-males thanks to a new black neighbor. But they all end happily, with a black man getting a white pussy! I said you mean ass don’t you? No that’s pussy to black boys like us, or it will be as soon as we get to you. As soon as you taste a black dick!I said that’s OK buddy. I just don’t go that way. I found it kind a sexy talking to him about how much he was into turning white boys into girls. To each his own, I thought to myself. I was putting some movies up on a shelf and suddenly became aware of how short my shorts were. I didn’t want this guy getting the wrong message. I had thrown on some cutoff shorts to zoom out, get some movies and head home. I liked these short shorts because my legs got a tan while I drove around with the T-tops out.But now I thought my legs and ass could get me in trouble in this place. I stepped off the little stool and felt Dwayne’s eyes burning a hole in my shorts. I decided it was time to go. Better safe than sorry, I wasn’t gay and wasn’t turned on by the thought at all. I couldn’t understand why he would want to fuck guys? Even though that she male on the box was pretty, why not have a regular girl? Just didn’t make sense. I told Dwayne I had to go and he said wait. Let me give you some things.I thought he was joking when he opened a box and it was all women’s wear, teddies, garters, nylons and panties. What I am going to do with this stuff. I don’t have a girlfriend? Dwayne smiled and said they are for you. He said, I know you don’t think so, but you would make a beautiful maraş escort girl. I laughed and said, “I don’t think so”. Then Dwayne got very serious. He looked at me and said, “don’t tell me you don’t know how hot your ass is … you come in here looking all sexy and teasing me… I should at least get to see what your potential is, and you should too”.”What do you mean” I asked. Dwayne said, “I can make you the hottest bitch in this town…. you would have every black man around trying to win you heart.” I asked him why would a black boy want a white boy to turn into a girl, instead of getting a regular girl? Dwayne smiled and said, “There is nothing as hot as a white guy, who never knew what he really was, become a feminine flower”.”White girls are uptight about giving themselves fully to a big black cock. She-boys are quick to admit what they enjoy, and need. You just don’t know it yet. I will bet you that if you put on these clothes, you will finally know who you really are. Prove me wrong he said. If you put them on and don’t feel like you are supposed to wear them, I will give you a hundred dollars.” I laughed and said “what if I do like them”, smiling. And k**ding, he said “if you do like them, then I will feed you this cock,” he laughed as he fondled his big sausage-like cock in his pants. I said clothes won’t make me gay…they are just clothes.Dwayne said “You wouldn’t be gay. This isn’t about being gay. Lots of guys are gay. Just some guys are really female, like you.” I said, “for a hundred bucks I will dress up like the Queen. Then I will change back and leave with a hundred bucks right”. “If that’s what happens,” Dwayne said, “It’s all up to you”. I accepted the challenge, eager to prove him wrong, I’m NOT GAY but just as eager to feel what it would be like. Dwayne watched me confidently as I walked saucily to the ladies room to change.I took out the clothes and for the first time in my life felt the excitement of fondling women’s underclothes. I chose to wear white reminding me of the sexy wedding dress of the boy on the video box: nylons, garters, panties and a teddie. I took off my clothes and checked out my nude body in the mirror. Yup, Dwayne was right, I had a girly looking body for sure.I rolled up the nylons and got an incredible rush of pleasure as I pulled them up over my legs all the way to my thighs, they felt so good clinging tightly to my shapely slim legs. I ran my hands up and down my legs enjoying the smooth the feeling of nylon, wow no wonder women wear them; they make one fell so sexy.The garters with cute lil white flowers held my nylons up. Then I took a white tight tong for a pantie and put it on. My little cock and balls became one tight girlie pubeless mound. Next I worked my slim girlish body into the white teddie, that’s when I got my best thrill. My bubble butt really stood out as two luscious girlish globes exposing my boy pussy, man do I have a hot one.The teddie shaped my waist into an hour-glass figure enhancing my hips and pushing up my breasts; I felt like I almost had titties. I got to admit I was excited to see how feminine I looked. My cute ass was bubbling out of the tight white teddie, and my legs and thighs were silky smooth from my toes up.A knock on the door and Dwayne handed me a brunette wig, I welcomed it, it made me really look like a girl. I truly had no intention of fooling around in any way with a guy. I would have a good laugh and get my $100 bet from this dude.I checked my looks and felt soo good about how sexy and feminine I looked. I would make a hot she male if that’s what I wanted. But it wasn’t and didn’t I’m NOT GAY. But I kept remembering images of the cute white boys on the movie boxes, sucking and enjoying big black dicks and thought, that’s not me. sooo fuck it, and out I went.Stunned and scared was my very 1st emotion when I walked back into the main area. I tried to walk very sexy so Dwayne would get a good impression when I walked in the room. Well there was Dwayne, and five other gorgeous black dudes; all waiting to see me. …I freaked out and looked at Dwayne. He said; “You are beautiful Candy. Guys this is Candy. She’s a new girl.” I thought I was going to get prison ****d or something when they all walked up to me. Imagine my surprise when the biggest guy knelt in front of me and said sweetly, will you marry me Candy? Before I could say anything the next guy did the same thing. I wasn’t feeling threatened anymore, and even though I was so embarrassed by being there dressed like a girl, it felt so erotic to have these gorgeous black men asking me to marry them.Then Dwayne said, come sit next to me, let’s talk babe. I sat down on a small sofa next to Dwayne, my soft white thighs looking very hot in those garters. I guessed that he would put his hand on my leg or something gay. Instead he just asked me how I felt. I said, embarrassed. Dwayne said do you realize how good you look baby. All these guys would eat your ass right now if you let them. I never thought about that before, but now it sounded so erotic. But I wasn’t doing anything gay with these guys. I was not into it… I just wanted to change back and get out of there.Dwayne said, stand up honey so we can all look at how pretty you are. He handed me the hundred-dollar bill, so I agreed to a few more minutes of this. The other guys were all looking at me rubbing their bulging crotches. Man they were endowed, same as Dwayne. He said OK. if you don’t feel like a woman after this. You win. I was standing face to face with Dwayne when he reached out and put his hands on my arms and said: “just go with this Candy”.I was about to say something about him calling me Candy when I felt a hot breath on my ass. Dwayne kept me from turning and before I knew it I felt a pair of hands caressing my ass. One of the guys had gotten behind me and was kneeling and breathing on the back of my thighs. I started to pull away from Dwayne but before I could, I felt a tongue probe for my asshole. The guy was so quick at burying his face in my ass; all I could do was moan. I liked it. And I liked looking so sexy that a guy would eat my ass. In fact escort maraş I let him go ahead, so I could find out more.Out of nowhere, Dwayne grabbed my face with his big black soft hands hands and kissed me on the lips gently. I was going to say something like. Oh please don’t do that, I’m NOT GAY but before I could, another guy had stepped up to me and did the same thing. Soon all five guys were standing around me, way to close, and took turns kissing me softly, ever so gently, making me feel more and more like a girl by the second….I wanted to protest but I was getting caught up in it. Hoping there would be another kiss after each one, I have to admit, I was starting to feel very fem. It was such a natural feeling. Their hands caressed my curves as they kissed me and took turns tasting my pussy. I was just loving it; and could not bring myself to stop or say no to them.Then Dwayne stepped back a little and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. I felt what seemed like gravity or fate guiding me towards it…but it was the five other black dudes gently lifting and sending me forward and downwards towards Dwayne’s huge dick. They all had their hands on me, caressing me, fondling me, encouraging me, as I seemed to float down to my knees. I had tears welling up in my eyes, as I knew what was happening, but could not stop it.Dwayne’s cock was hanging right there and was lightly brushing my lips. I don’t know what happened to my manhood in that instant, but all I know is opened my mouth, leaned my head back, and closed my eyes. Dwayne quickly put the head of his cock in my mouth, and I took it in as far as I could tasting his sweet precum and cock. Dwayne moaned and said “take it all Candy”.I tried but gagged a little. Dwayne pulled his man tool out and began gently slapping my face with it. The other guys had gathered around and were all positioning their cocks for my mouth to taste. I remembered what Dwayne had said before. I would become a she-boy “As soon as you taste a black dick! ” Now I knew I wanted black dick and wondered if it would turn me into a she-male.Dwayne said the pussy is mine first. I was quickly put on all fours in front of the sofa. The 5 black guys gathered in closer and were smartly smacking my face with these big dongs teasing me to suck them. I was loving it, and Dwayne was right, I didn’t feel gay I’m NOT GAY. I felt female and all of a sudden I realized I had always been female. I was going on instinct as I started sucking these cocks, wanting only to be a better mouth for these guys. Like I was doing exactly what I was meant for, pleasuring black boys and men cocks.The stuff I was wearing now felt natural, I wanted garters and panties, bras, dresses, and girly clothes that made me feel feminine…. All of a sudden I hated all my man clothes, and thought of myself as a woman. Dwayne got behind me and gave me the most loving pussy eating session ever. My ass melted around his face as his tongue worked deep inside and then all around my boy cunt…I became all bitch thrusting my ass into a man’s face, and being mouth fucked by 5 black guys.I was so happy; each one pumped a load in my face and in my mouth as Dwayne kept eating my pussy. When the last guy had his way with my mouth, Dwayne pulled my hair so I turned to look back at him, he was up on my hips now letting his cock lay across my ass. He slapped it on me a few times and It made me want it so badly, I moaned and begged him for it. Then I felt him rise up a little… then he pushed his big black cock into my wet pink new pussy.Oh Candy, what a wonderfully tight pussy you have. “I was a virgin till now Dwayne” I cooed as I felt him slide his throbbing big black cock into my slimy quivering new cunt, It felt just wonderful when he came down and he just dropped that big dick straight into me…. I moaned exquisitely and soo naturally….I looked back at him with cum all over my face and seeping over my lips and down my chin.I had taken load after load from his friends and I was drenched in cum. He kept working his dick deep in me, and then taking it out, then deeper. Over and over. He was sure right about me I thought; all I wanted was to feel his big black dick go deep again. Nothing else mattered…I was as female as any girl as far as my desire for cock. I knew I was a bitch now, forever!”Seed me Dwayne I begged; breed me. I need to feel you cum deep inside me Dwaine.” He fucked me harder and faster now, I knew he would cum inside me, make me his girl. I felt the ecstasy of his orgasm as he unloaded wave after wave of man cum deep inside me. Dwayne brought his spent hanging cock dripping man cum next to my mouth and I eagerly took it in, worshiped it, slurped it, licked it, sucked it and tried to get it all in. That’s the spirit Candy, enjoy your first black husband and I did. Another stud slipped his cock into my cum-wet pussy and started pleasuring himself in my cunt. Instinctively I started rubbing his fuck pole in and out of my cock hungry pussy seeking the pleasure I had long denied myself.And so they fucked me and bred me, one after another of my six new black husbands. I found time to text my buddy that I would miss his stag party and let my new black husbands continue to kiss, fondle and caress my now very fem feeling body. They suckled off my titties making me feel more girlie than ever. One of the black boys lovingly wiped the dried cum off my face and told me it made the best mascara for girls like me, applied make up and lip stick and brought me a mirror to see my self. I was a beautiful she-boy now, totally converted and happy with my new role as wife to these gorgeous sexy black boys.I could not get over how much love I felt for these …black horny men who treated me so romantically and fed me so much cum with their big cocks.And my life from now on would be spent getting as feminine as I could for these men. Dwayne was talking to me now, saying I was to give myself to any black man that asked me, and that meant I was to suck his cock or give him my pussy on demand. Dwayne and these guys knew that once I turned into a sissy boy, I would be hungry for cock maraş escort bayan all the time. So it’s best to let us she males marry several black men for a steady supply of black meat and plenty of cum.I wondered how and where I would live, it seemed Dwayne was a mind reader, the boys took me upstairs into a very lovely girlie apartment, there I met Jessica, who would be my roommate and soul mate, as Jessica was a sissy boy like me, and another loving wife of these 6 boy-pussy hungry men.I watched in awe as the big black boys fondled and kissed Jessica and she convulsed with passion and bliss. She was a beautiful curvy sexy – looking very feminine boy. In no time she was on the bed legs up and the boys took turns licking and sucking on her pussy and teasing her hungry mouth with their cocks, she had gorgeous cute titties which they sucked one on each side. “Fuck me Dwaine”, she cried desperately while Dwayne and Josh were licking and sucking her boy cunt.Dwaine then mounted her and she cried for joy as she felt his huge black dick enter her throbbing cock hungry pussy. I watched fascinated as Dwayne turned her in to a cock hungry slut, just what I now yearned to be. I was fascinated watching her thrust her pussy up and down on Dwayne’s fuck pole. He jut held it there, big and hard for her to enjoy. But she wanted more and deeper, so Dwayne got on his back, his huge black cock straight up and Jessica straddled him and sat on it till it was deep inside her.Now she went wild humping his fuck pole yearning to feel him cum deep inside her, to seed her, to breed her, to please her husband. Finally total bliss for both as he released his third load of jizz that afternoon cooling her hot boy cunt coating it with his thick creamy cum.I now wanted too taste his cum again, so when she got off his gorgeous cum coated fuck tool I wanted to suck it, but he said, It’s Jessica’s; Candy you suck her cum dripping pussy, and I instantly obeyed my husband, dutifully licking and sucking her creamy cunt while she took care of his pole. I never imagined I would be doing this and enjoying boy pussy, but I craved his cum now and knew I would eat it wherever it was.But the boys had to get to work and Dwayne had to go back to mind the store, Friday afternoon is one of the best sales times in the week.Jessica was still cum hungry, I told her I had a loaded cunt, so she suggested we do a 69, she would suck out and eat my pussy loads and I got to eating Dwaine’s out of her cunt. We lovingly felched each other like two bitches then we shared and snowballed cum, kissed and fondled each other till we were so hot, we needed a black man again.Jessica suggested we go out together to the mall and pick up some virgin black boys to turn into white she-male lovers. That sounded exciting, so she covered my fuzz with hair remover and in the shower she removed it to leave my skin as smooth as hers. We covered each other with perfumed body creams. We looked like two cute teen girls and I felt like one. So for the first time I wore a skirt and blouse like Jessica, she started me on hormone creams to grow my boobs and nipples into more fem ones.I drove to the mall, parked and we began to cruise the stores, it did not take us long to find a couple of teen black boys on the prowl for girls, we flirted with them and soon they were treating us to ice cream, happy to feel how nice we were to them. They soon were loosing their inhibitions as we let them play with us. We noticed how big and hard they were getting, so I suggested we go for a drive, they readily agreed and one sat up front with me and another behind with Jessica.I drove to the lookout over our town, the place was crowded with cars of couples making out, I cruised slowly and soon found a spot to park. Jessica and Matt were already making out in the back seat, she had his cock out and was already sucking it, milking it for fresh black boy jizz. I was hungry for Tom too, I had been driving and fondling his huge power tool, he was really hung like Dwaine and my mouth was hungry to feed off him.”Suck it baby”, he pleaded. I turned off the engine, put my head down on his lap, smelled his manhood and tasted his sweet pre-cum. I tongued his salty boy tool. I really liked it, He moaned and asked for more and I gave him head like a pro. In a few minutes I got my reward, a thick rope of boy cum coated my hungry mouth. I sucked it all and then kissed him with my cummy lips. I stroked his tool and it remained hard. I wanted it badly up my boy pussy, so I got on top of him and sat on it. I felt a rush of pleasure as he parted my o ring and slid all the way in. He moaned, oh you hot bitch, ride my fuckin cock. I sure did deeper and faster while he kissed more of my cummy lipsJessica got fucked too and we both enjoyed watching each other and our hot boys fucking us. They were so happy to have scored with us and so were we to get a good fuck, with loads of boy cum. We drove them back to town and dropped them off at Dwayne’s video store. Dwayne took good care of them, they rented some videos, and next day they were calling us for more pussy. We were happy to take care of their newfound needs.We went up to the apartment, undressed, got into cute nighties and went to bed to 69 again and suck each others pussies, felched and snowballed again and fell asleep together.As a dutiful wife I need to make myself available every day for at least 1 husband. I now spend my days always hungry for Black cock. Waiting for a call to get a feeding. Most days I get the call and get the privilege to attend to one of my black husbands needs. I have gotten good at makeup and have several cute outfits my husbands bought me. My titties have grown a bit; my body is curvier now thanks to the creams the boys buy me. I have let my hair grow long and no longer need to wear a wig. My hands and feet are soft and manicured, painted with bright nail polishes. I am a very cute and sexy very fem girlie boy now and love it.The other day I was at a red light and a big black guy looked down from his truck at my tanned thighs and sexy outfit and asked, ” Will you marry me”? I smiled at him coyly and he motioned to follow him, I did and now I have another happy husband to take care off. I am such a slut now and love it. Never would I have believed I was just a girl in boy’s clothing ripe for a black man making it all come true.

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