I breast fed my nephew and his friends


I breast fed my nephew and his friendsPregnancy can make you do the strangest of things and drive your libido sky high.My husband left down south on an overnight business trip, and as I was heavily pregnant with my daughter, he asked around his relatives for someone to spend the night with me, and his sister sent her son, who agreed if some of his friends could stay over, they arranged this and the first I knew of it was when they turned up just before my husband left.’You should have asked me first’, I mildly complained, now having seen these three young men, standing there in front of me, excited me, I dont even thing my husband noticed I was dressed in a loose summer cotton print, and completely nude under it, being pregnant as most women will tell you, does make you feel like you’re in a permanent state of sexual need, and three young bucks delivered fresh to your living room, felt like Moses did when all that Manna fell from heaven, my nephew was a dishy k**, I never really saw much off, but even as my husband was walking out the door, I had already decided to blame my hormones and suck his cock.These notions and dirty thoughts come and go, sometimes I talk real dirty, other times I order Pizza and get into conversation, usually with the older delivery guys, they seem to know, one guy told me he has sex with his wife when she was heavy, way past her 36 week, and his penis triggered her pregnancy, he could feel her dilated uterus with his cock, it was the best yarn spun to date, so I gave him a blow-job sitting down in my kitchen, stopping occasionally to suckle him on both my heavy lactating breasts.That was one of my infidelities during this pregnancy, if only men knew how most women feel, ugly would be close to the top of the list, horny is second, unappreciated, though possibly not true in most cases, but they do add up in your fuddled mind and brain, so extramarital sex does provide some tension release.When tuzla escort the taxi drove off I felt like the wicked witch from the west, I was wet with increased sensitivity, and ached like I never did before, I felt as if I needed the boys to tag team me, all night long, ‘Can I have a soft drink please’, I snapped out of my dirty train of thought, and turned around from the window, to see one boy standing behind me, he looked as though he had been making out my shape beneath the thin material, the fact I was caught unawares without underwear, added to my lustiness I was feeling, ‘Sorry sweetheart, what was it you wanted’, I spoke to him like a mother and approached him, waddling like a swollen duck, ‘A soft drink’, he uttered, staring at me as I neared him, my heavy breasts swaying and bouncing freely, my lactating nipples were swollen and seeping milk, making them more prominent and visible, his mouth hung open, ‘There are some cocks in the fridge’, his eyes opened wider at the work cock, I guess he never heard a beautiful woman utter the male organ before, ‘Sorry, I mean coke, I guess I have cocks on my mind’.There I said it, now lets see how he responds, ran through my mind, which was in a whirl, I was on a sexual high, and these boys should never have been left with me. ‘Do you like mothers milk’, he turned from the fridge open door, obviously shocked, I sat pulling the thin fabric from my nipples, as if accentuating Maddona’s pointy tits, I smiled warmly, he obviously knew I was lactating but now I was drawing him into a conversation about my breasts.’I think I did as a baby, but I dont remember the taste’, I smiled warmly and started to unbutton a few buttons to expose my heavy breasts, my husband was probably just at the traffic lights on the high street, and I was offering my tits to be sucked by one of the boys.’Come here’, I said to him, my voice thick, I knew what sancaktepe escort I was doing and it excited me, I must have been like a woman suffering from nymphomania, an uncontrollable need to fuck and exposing myself to draw him in between my legs.I was sitting on one of the high stools, my feet were on the second rung, and my knees were as open as I could comfortably open them, the only restraint was my buttoned print, and even there, my determination was causing severe strain on the button and button-holes. I opened my top half and eased both my swollen breast out for him to see, they were full and tip-tilted, both my nipples pointing skywards, both swollen and hard, with milk flowing and running under their curvature, and as I cupped them the milk flowed over the backs of my hands, ‘Come’, I bade him and he moved against the taut hem of my print, I reached out and took the hand in which he held the cold coke, ‘Rub my nipple with it’, again my voice had dropped an octave, it sounded thick and gravelly, and as the can touched it’s rubbery protuberance, I gasped and drew my tongue across my lips, which felt swollen like my belly, nipples and labia, my breathing was spasmodic and came in small gasps, to him I must have sounded as if going into orgasm.I was rubbing the can hard against my firm flesh, its color had gone from warm pink to cool reddish to purple, I started into his eyes as he started at my nipple, ‘Does that stop the milk’, he asked, I shook my head, ‘No sweetheart, it gives me pleasure’, and I reached up and placed my hand behind his head and brought it down gently but firmly onto my breast, and guided my nipple into his open mouth, and squeezed my breast firmly, squirting my my warm milk into his mouth, the warmth of the milk accentuated by the firm cold nipple, he felt good, ‘That’s it baby, suck mommy’s titty’, I moaned as I felt his tongue rasp across my nipple, üsküdar escort it’s sensitivity sending all the right signals to my clitoris, I eased my free hand down to the last two buttons, and released them, my print opening fully and dropping to my sides, my thighs fully parting, I pulled him hard against me, my legs hooking behind him, ‘Keep sucking baby’, as both my hands feverishly undid his belt and pants, he was at the right height, he could enter me where I sat, and i eased his pants and underpants over his hips, his cock hitting my cunt as it rose free, I gripped him and tried to ease him inside me, but my shape and position would not accommodate us a union.I stood up, letting my print fall from my shoulders, I was naked now and felt proud of my womanly body, despite all the swelling, ‘Take your clothes off’, and he stepped from his pants and underpants, the sound of the TV became evident, ‘Come with me’, I ordered him, my need for sex had dispelled any fear or care, and I took his hand and pulled him towards the source of the TV, where my nephew and his other friend sat, I pushed the swing door apart and walked in naked, both their faces spoke volumes, ‘We are going to my bedroom to fuck, feel free to follow if you want a turn’, then raising my finger and pointing to my beloved nephew, ‘I need you to be the man of the house tonight’, and at that pulled the first hapless victim into my bedroom, dropping to my knees at the beds edge, I positioned the boy behind me, and he did not disappoint, his cock rubbing my dilated cervix, sent me into a deliriousness spasm, ‘Fuck me I screamed’, as reinforcements arrived, stripped and readied, my nephew straddling my head as he sat in front of my, ‘Lick my balls Auntie’, both young bucks doing me proud, his friend’s semen warming my open cervix, I pulled from my nephews cock to announce’, ‘You have just cum on my daughter’s head’, and they laughed, I had not squirted, my water had burst, I was having my baby, the sex had induced me, and he had indeed cum on her head, as I gave birth and they dressed and called for the paramedics, who came to find me cradling my daughter, totally nude with three boys standing looking at me

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