I Call on Lotchie


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The other day my telephone rang. It rang quite a few times before I reached it and answered it.

“Well, it took you long enough! What are you doing, playing with yourself. You get your white ass over here right now!” The caller slammed the phone down without saying who she was or giving me a chance to say anything but I knew it was Lotchie. This is a game we play sometimes where she bosses me around while we make love, and we had planned that it would start with her phone call. Even if I were somehow able to snap my fingers and appear at her door in the next second, she would ball me out for taking so long, but I would hurry over there. The game, in its entirety, is a lot of fun for me too and I always let my lady friends have their way anyhow. Lotchie is just a little more vocal than most.

When I rang her doorbell, Lotchie looked through the peep hole and let me in. “You sure took your time”, she said, in mock anger, then she hugged me and kissed me affectionately; she isn’t really very good at staying in character when we role-play, but we have fun anyhow. She was wearing a bathrobe with nothing under it except her lovely self. Lotchie is a short, very beautiful African-American woman with short dark hair and a really sexy, voluptuous figure. She has a grown son who has moved out of her house and she has been divorced from an idiot for 23 years. I call him an idiot because only an idiot would let someone as sweet and gorgeous as Lotchie get away from him. She correctly describes herself as self confident, self-reliant and self-sufficient. We continued to hug each other and kiss with passion and affection until Lotchie decided it was time to move on. “C’mon”, she said and then she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

Lotchie is not really bossy but she does like to take the lead when it comes to making love, and I have no problem with that. I stood beside the bed while she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me. After the shirt was off, she gave me a little push and I sat down on the bed so she could remove my shoes and socks. Next, Lotchie unfastened my pants and I lifted myself off the bed so she could pull off them and my underwear. After I was completely naked, she told me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. Before I lay down, I made sure I had a pillow under my head because I would need it later. When I make love with Lotchie, I usually spend all my time on my back. When Lotchie saw I was settled she pulled off her robe and, also naked, joined me on the bed. Every time I see Lotchie naked, I am taken by what a gorgeous figure she has, and by her warm and beautiful light brown skin.

Lotchie leaned over me and started kissing my lips, pushing her tongue in to greet mine. As she kissed me, I gently fondled one of her beautiful titties, only to have my hand playfully slapped away. “Not until I tell you”, she said, and kissed my mouth again, and then moved away to kiss my eyes and ears. Fondly, she kissed her way down my throat and chest until she reached my nipples, and there she started licking me. “Move down”, Lotchie told me and pushed on my shoulders. I slid downward until the foot of the bed was at my knees and she moved until she was crouching between my head and the head of the bed.

Lotchie resumed licking my chest but now she was bending over me from above my head to do so and her gorgeous titties were swinging and rubbing against my face. Playfully, she swung them back and forth, slapping them softly against my nose and cheeks and mouth. When I stuck out my tongue to lick one of the nipples, Lotchie giggled and let me enjoy it briefly, and then moved them away from my mouth. She likes to be in charge of the love making but since the result is pure pleasure, I have no complaints. Lotchie continued licking and kissing her way down my torso, rubbing her firm nipples on my bare skin all the way until her mouth reached my pubic hair. One of her hands was gently holding my cock, which was stiff by now, and her own pubic hair was rubbing against my forehead. Although we had never 69ed, I thought that might be her intention, but she moved her body off mine, got up and went and knelt near the foot of the bed. After moving my feet out of the way, Lotchie knelt between them and pulled me down until my ass was right at the foot of the bed. Then she leaned her lovely face in and started licking my crotch.

Directly in front of my ass was where she started and she licked my crotch up to my scrotum with long, slow strokes of her tongue. My cock was thoroughly stiff by then and Lotchie moved it and my balls out of the way to lick under the wrinkled ball sack and around its sides up to the base of my cock. Then she started licking and nuzzling the scrotum itself, taking my balls into her mouth one at a time, holding them with her lips and caresssing them with her tongue. Lotchie turned her Bostancı Grup Escort face sideways to lick the front of my scrotum and along the base of my cock, then she slowly ran her tongue up the underside, all the way to the tip. Once she reached the tip of my cock, she licked the head, probing into the slit at the end, and under the ridge. After licking and nuzzling a large proportion of my private parts, Lotchie held my cock in her fingers and smiled her pretty smile at me. “This is nice and hard, George”, she said to me. “Now move back onto the middle of the bed so I can suck on it.” I did as I was told and she, after making sure my knees were bent the way she wanted them, got on the bed beside me.

As I said, we have never 69ed, Lotchie loves to suck my cock and she loves to have me eat her pussy, but we don’t do it simultaneously. Like many of my lady friends, and like me, Lotchie prefers to take turns, prolonging the pleasure and concentrating on one activity at a time. Even though we don’t 69, Lotchie likes to use a position similar to a 69 to suck my cock so after she was lying on the bed beside me, she moved down and leaned over so her mouth was directly over my cock, which she held lightly in her right hand. Her left arm went around my left thigh, and her hand gently cupped my balls. Both her lovely breasts were squashed against my belly and I could feel her erect nipples pressing against me. After she was in the position she wanted, Lotchie lowered her head and started again licking the tip of my cock. I lightly placed my right hand on her voluptuous ass but I didn’t start to fondle her there yet.

My cock very much wanted to enter her warm, wet mouth, but Lotchie just licked the head, until she was ready to go farther. Then she slowly lowered her head, with her lips sucking more and more of my cock into her mouth. That part of my shaft that was inside her pleasure chamber was treated to a gentle massage by Lotchie’s tongue. I am well aware that she likes to control the depth and speed of her strokes, and likes to suck my cock in at her own pace. Lotchie has sucked me off before and the pleasure was so immense that I was more than willing to let her be in control.

At last, my entire cock was in her mouth, with her nose pressed against my balls and her lower lip rubbing my pubic hair. We stayed that way for almost a minute, the only motion being Lotchie’s tongue caressing my shaft, then she started slowly raising mer head, stopping frequently to lightly suck with her lips. When she reached the end, Lotchie took my cock out of her mouth and licked the tip again. Then she leaned forward and raised my balls to meet her mouth. She licked my balls again, taking them one at a time into her mouth to caress them with her tongue. When she leaned farther to lick at the base of my scrotum again, Lotchie held my stiff cock, rubbing it first against one soft cheek then the other. Not until she had licked me all over did she again take my cock into her mouth.

Lotchie’s talented mouth slowly enveloped my cock again, while her tongue caressed the shaft, all the way until her nose and lower lip rubbed against my balls and pubic hair. This time, although her strokes were very slow, she did not stop, but brought her mouth back up again until she reached the tip, then she lowered her head, sucking my cock back in between her lips again. Being in no hurry, and enjoying what she was doing, Lotchie slowly sucked my cock in and out of her mouth. I lay on my back, my hand resting on Lotchie’s ass, deriving enormous pleasure from what she was doing with my cock, especially with the knowledge of what pleasures were still before us.

While her lips stroked up and down on my cock, Lotchie’s hands gently fondled my balls and caressed my crotch. There is a spot there, and she knows where it is, where pressure can cause a stronger ejaculation. When I was ready to cum, Lotchie would goose me there so there would be more when I ejaculated into her mouth. I took my cue from her and gently caressed her beautiful ass, especially the upper part of her cleft. She is justifiably proud of her ass and her whole body because it is so sexy and she liked having me show my admiration for it, either verbally or otherwise.

Lotchie continued sucking my cock slowly, and deeply, with her tongue massaging my shaft Even with the slow strokes, I could feel that I was getting close to cumming. “Lotchie, I’m going to cum soon”, I told her. She continued the deep strokes, but her speed picked up and her lips seemed tighter on my cock, while her fingers started massaging my crotch with more purpose. My fingers continued fondling the cleft of her ass and Lotchie spread her legs to give me better access, but I knew better than to get too close to her cute litltle rosebud.

As Lotchie sucked my cock faster and faster, my climax built, helped by Lotchie’s fingers in my crotch but helped much more by what her lips and tongue were doing. “I’m cumming”, I told her just before I ejaculated. Her lips tightened on my shaft to avoid losing any Bostancı Manken Escort of my juices, and her fingers thrust into my crotch just as a big load of cum shot into her mouth. Lotchie continued slowly pumping my cock with her lips to milk all the cum out of it, and even when it had softened, she rolled it around in her mouth. Finally, she pulled it out of her mouth, with her lips acting as a squeegee to get any juice that was still there, and held my cock in her fingers and licked it to get anything that was left.

When she finally let go of my cock, she smiled at me, licked her lips and said “George, I really love your cum. I hope you like mine as much.” She knows I do, of course. All the juices that Lotchie’s pussy produces are delicious, and I was looking forward to tasting them soon. “Now lie back and relax. I have some nice boobies here for you.” And after saying that, Lotchie straddled my belly and leaned towards me, her gorgeous breasts swinging gently, ready for my tongue and my lips.

One arm supported the weight of her upper body and her other hand was cupped under one of her gorgeous globes, presenting its erect dark brown nipple to me. I licked it with broad strokes of my tongue because Lotchie’s nipples are big and sensitive, and I wanted to pleasure my whole tongue, as well as pleasuring her. She let me lick one of her adorable nipples for a while and then she presented the other one to me for our mutual enjoyment. Lotchie was purring happily as she held her lovely mounds for me to lick, changing from one to the other and back and then she moved in closer and said “Oooo, George. Suck my boobies.”

As I opened my mouth, Lotchie pushed one of them in, and I closed my lips on her luscious globe and started sucking on it. My lips formed a seal on the soft, brown skin below the nipple and, as I sucked on the lovely mammary, my tongue caressed its erect nipple. Lotchie was purring loudly, her breathing was ragged and she had closed her eyes to savor the pleasure of my mouth on her lovely titties. On my stomach, I could feel juices dripping from her pussy as she presented her other succulent mound to my mouth. While I sucked and licked this one, I could smell the delightful aroma of Lotchies juices and see and feel them running down my belly from her pussy. “Oooo, George, I love it. I love it”, she panted. “My pussy’s on fire. Lick my pussy, George. Lick my pussy.” Lotchie changed her position for me to eat her pussy, moving into the 69 position, lying on top of me with her legs straddling me, her marvelous pussy right against my face, with its delightful aroma and delicious taste. As I wrapped my arms around her voluptuous hips I was really glad she had sense enough not to put perfume on this area and ruin the lovely, natural musky aroma that is so superior to any commercial scent.

Although I didn’t expect to actually 69 with Lotchie, sometimes she likes to fondle, lick and even suck on my balls and my cock when we are in this position. Once she got close to cumming, however, she would stop any of that activity and concentrate on the pleasure she would feel emanating from her pussy.

First I sucked out the juices, and they were as delicious as I knew they would be. Lotchie was already humping her pussy down into my face as I started to lick the inner surface of one of her outer lips. We both really love it when I eat her pussy especially when she cums but the eating is so pleasurable to both of us that we want it to last as long as we can make it last. Lotchie likes to run the show when it comes to most parts of love-making but when I start eating her pussy, she lets me go my own way because she knows that I will maximize the pleasure for both of us.

When I reached that point of the outer lip where the inner lip begins, I gently probed my tongue into the seam betweeen them and licked both lip surfaces, slowly covering all of this sensitive area many times over with my tongue. I continued probing and licking until I reached the point where the inner lip meets the other inner lip and they form the clit hood, and from there, I licked the outer lip to Lotchie’s mons. Usually when I reach this point, I lick the clit hood but Lotchie was lubricating so heavily, her purring had now become mixed with pleasurable moaning and her pussy was fucking so strongly into my face that I thought it best to avoid her clit for while because neither of us wanted her to cum too soon. In between her moans, Lotchie was telling me how much she loved having me eat her pussy and imploring me to keep doing it. I had no trouble at all complying with that request.

After I sucked all the fresh juices out of her love hole, I probed my tongue into the lower rim of that delightful place. This brought another spurt of fresh juice, which I consumed, and stronger humping of Lotchies pussy. From there, I started licking Lotchie’s other outer pussy lip, once again probing and licking my way to her mons. This time, after I had nibbled my lips on her mons, I very gently caressed her clit hood, indirectly stimulating Bostancı Masöz Escort the adorable love button that was sheltered there. Lotchie’s pussy started fucking my face even more strongly, and now the only sounds she was making were moans, interspersed with instructions to keep eating her pussy because it was so good. Lotchie wasn’t ready to cum yet but she was certainly getting closer.

After I sucked all the fresh juice out of Lutchie’s sweet love hole, I started probing the lower edge, and from there to first one side and then the other of that charming, wet place. Next, I started probing my tongue under the inner pussy lip, again going from side to side. Lotchie’s pussy was now jamming into my face and her juices were a steady flow. She was only moaning but I could also hear her talking about cumming and her clit. Mostly I still avoided her clit because I didn’t think she was ready to cum yet, and we would both derive more pleasure if I kept eating her pussy a little longer until she was completely ready. Lotchie mostly calls the shots in our love-making but when it comes to eating her pussy, I am the boss.

I continued to probe under Lotchie’s inner pussy lips until I reached her precious clit again, and I delicately touched that sweet love button with my tongue. Her thighs rotated out to present her pussy more fully to me, and she started fucking into me even harder, ramming her pussy into my face. Between her dripping wet love hole and her engorged clit is a very sensitive spot, and I probed my tongue there. Lotchie began swiveling her hips as she fucked her pussy into my face, with her legs thrusting out over my shoulders. I could hear her begging “Wanna cum. Wanna cum. Suck my clit.”, and I knew that it was time.

I sucked all the delicious juices out of Lotchie’s pussy and clamped my lips around her adorable clit. They formed a seal and I sucked on that sweetest of sweet spots while my tongue licked and caressed the sides and top. I continued with the sucking and licking and caressing for several minutes while Lotchie’s moans turned to whimpers until she joyously announced “Ahhhh, God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Her pussy, which had been steadily pounding into my mouth, now tried to wrap itself around my face, as Lotchie’s legs squeezed my head and her hips ground her pussy into my face. Lotchie continued to cum for several minutes while I kept a firm grip with my arms around her thighs and my mouth on her clit, while my tongue continued pleasuring both of us. When Lotchie climaxed, she arched her back and jammed her pussy into my face one last time, and then her body relaxed completely, her legs released my head and she collapsed on top of me.

There was plenty of fresh cum juice in Lotchie’s pussy and I eagerly devoured most of it but I left some of it there because I knew it would have a function to fill besides treating my taste buds. After a few minutes of lying on top of me, Lotchie started to fondle my cock and even took it into her mouth and sucked it for a few strokes. These attentions to my cock, the Viagra I had taken a few hours ago and the incredibly erotic aroma of Lotchie’s wet pussy inches from my nose stiffened my cock and brought it to a state of readiness. Lotchi observed this and got off me and went to the nightstand and got out a condom.

When she returned she got back on the bed and straddled my legs just below my knees. Lotchie bent over and sucked on my cock for a few more strokes to be sure it was ready and to get it wet so the condom would roll on more easily. After it was in place, Lotchie moved up so she was straddling my legs just below my stiff cock. “I hope your cock feels as good in my pussy as your tongue did”, she said.

Lotchie put her hands on my chest and raised her pussy above my cock, which I was holding steady to guide into her, then lowered herself slowly until the tip of my cock entered her. She smiled, and cooed her pleasure, and lowered herself a little more so my cock was more deeply in her pussy. “That feels really good”, she said. I let go of my cock and Lotchie continued to lower herself, always slowly, until my cock was all the way in her pussy as she sat on me, my pubic hair mingling with hers. Then, while she stretched her legs out behind, she leaned forward and slid her arms under mine so her weight was on her elbows and my hands here resting lightly on her shoulders. When Lotchie was in the position she wanted, her legs were outside of mine and my cock was deep in her pussy. I bent my knees, spreading her legs a little more and pushing my cock in even farther. Lotchie smiled again, her face just inches from mine, and whispered “Your cock feels so good in my pussy.”

Pulling herself forward with her elbows and pushing with her knees, Lotchie began our first fucking stroke. After she had pulled her pussy most of the way off my cock, she pushed herself back so my cock slid into her wet pussy. I thrust my cock in to meet her returning pussy, rubbing it along the underside of Lotchie’s clit. Both of us murmurred our pleasure at the feel of her pussy and my cock separating then coming together so smoothly and then Lotchie began our second stroke. The second stroke was just as good as the first, and we continued slowly fucking and whispering to each other how good it was. She was cooing and I was moaning as we both expressed our delight.

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