I fucked the girl I loved

I fucked the girl I loved(This story is absolutely real and took place many years ago.)There was that stunningly beautiful girl which I was extremely full in love with. She was in her early thirties, about my age. We’ve been hanging around for about a month, having endless discussions about all matters you can imagine. However, I hesitated to express my feelings out of fear that I’d loose her company at all. Of course, I now admit I was an idiot since for what fucking reason would a girl hang around with you for that long if not because she likes you. Anyway, one night we were in a bar-restaurant as usual and after having our dinner we continued drinking. After a couple of bottles of wine it was already late and we asked to call us a cab. I felt somewhat drunk and it was obvious, so she suggested to join her to her place because she was worried that I couldn’t find even my door’s keyhole. This wasn’t the first time I’d have a sleepover at his place; I had slept on her couch three or four times in the past. As soon as we got in, I went straight to the couch to lie down because everything around was too twisty. She helped me by taking my shoes off and then I looked into her eyes and spat it: “I’m in love with you. I apologize I’m saying that, I am an idiot, I know, but I couldn’t hide it anymore.” She stared at me and replied: “You’re really an idiot! What do you think? That I’m not?” That’s all I remember because I fell asleep immediately. Next morning when I woke up with a terrible headache I wasn’t remembering anything but I had that strange feeling that I had said something I shouldn’t. On the table next to me I saw some aspirins. I got up and took two at once. I went to the bathroom for the morning buca escort pee and brush my teeth with the toothbrush I always have in my jacket’s pocket. Then I returned to the couch and lied down again. About 15 minutes later she entered the room and I understood she was feeling rather uncomfortable. – Good morning, I said. – Good morning. How do you feel? – Ok, I guess. Took two aspirins and I’m already feeling better. After one moment of silence I continued. – That was quite a night, right?- Yes. I think you drunk too much but it’s ok. – Is everything alright? I asked- Of course, no problem at all. How about you?- Listen, I said in an apologizing tone. I think that I might have said something inappropriate yesterday night and I’m sorry about that. – Inappropriate? Like what?- I’m not sure. But the general idea must be that I don’t see you only as a friend. – Really? And as what do you see me?I decided that game was over and I exhale.- I like you very much… I mean, not just as a friend.- Oh, then how do you like me exactly?- I can see that you’re making fun of me. Excuse me I have said that. I must go now. When I got up she came closer and pushed me back down. – I wanted to see whether you meant what you said yesterday night. Thought it was the wine that spoke. I’m in love with you as well and I want you like hell. I couldn’t believe in my ears! The girl I was in love with felt the same!She came closer and we kissed. This was a long long kiss. My heart beat loudly and my cock got into attention at once. We started making out. I grabbed her ass with my right hand while the left went on her tit. I felt her nipple trying to tear her blouse and come out. I lifted what she wore and took it in buca escort bayan my mouth and bit it gently. She moaned and said “Please bit harder”. I followed her order. She almost screamed. “YES! YES!” I released her right nipple and went for the other one. She stopped me, stood up and took off her pants. I loved her panties! They were pink with a wet strain between here legs! My cock twiched! She didn’t waste any time and started loosing my pants. She pulled it down together with my underwear. My cock sprang, hit my stomach and stayed proudly up. Without taking her panties off, she moved them a little to reveal her pussy. Without saying a word she sat on me, driving my cock into her. The feeling of her wetness surrounding my cock was incredible. She slowly took it all inside here and started moving up and down. – Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me your cock! I love it! Fuck me!- I love your pussy! I love you! I replied.- No! Don’t call it like that! It’s my… no, it’s your CUNT. FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR COCK! FUCK IT! YOUR COCK IS SOOO HARD!I was literally in heaven! Both my cock and me! And the girl I wanted, not only was in love with me too but she wanted me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow!- I’M CUMMING! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! she screamed and I started feeling her cunt squeezing my cock, one, two, three, four times. I couldn’t count anymore because I was close too. But I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted this fuck to last forever. I concentrated and avoided cumming for a while. – YES! YES! MMMMMMMM! she continued. And then she lied on top of me breathless. As soon as she stopped I started moving my cock in and out of her cunt slowly. Everything was so quite except of the flap-flap of my cock escort burca inside the cunt which full of her cum. – I love your cunt, I said keeping fucking her. I’d want my cock stay forever in you. – Mmmmmmm, was the only thing she could say. – Let me be on top honey. She obeyed and let my cock free. I stood up and turned her so that she lied on her back. Then I got on top and put it again inside.- Mmmmmmmm, keep fucking me. I love you! she said. I started to fuck her hard. – Take it in your cunt! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! Can you feel my cock you SLUT? My cock is fucking you and it’s going to cum all over you soon. – YES! FUCK ME! FUUUUUUCK MEEEEE! GIVE ME YOUR COCK! FUCK ME AND CUM WHENEVER YOU WANT!- Mmmmmmmmmm, my cock is yours!- I know. I know. I love it. I love how thick it is! I can feel my cunt being stretched. Ohhhhh, this is wonderful! I’m gonna cum again! I’M GONNA…. OHHHHHHHHHH…. I’M CUMMING!I felt again her cunt squeezing. I couldn’t stand anymore. I took my cock out and said:- Where do you want me to cum my love? – Cum on my belly or tits please. I want to feel it!I pointed on her tits knowing that the first couple of cumshots will go on them and the rest will go on her belly. – I’M CUMMING NOW! MHHHHHHHHH!I was wrong about the cumshots! The first hit her straight on the chin and splashed on her left cheek and hair. The next three didn’t miss the target, her tits. Three more hit her belly. She seemed a little suprised but then she did something out of my best dreams. She stuck her tongue as much as she could and licked some cum from her chin and cheek. Then she brought the cum into her mouth and she tasted it. I thought I saw her lips smiling but I wasn’t sure. – That was wonderful, she said. Please, let me go to the bathroom and I’ll be back in two secs. – It was more than wonderful, I replied. I admired her ass disappearing in the bathroom and I thought I was the luckiest man on earth. (TO BE CONTINUED…)

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