I knew he was cheating

I knew he was cheatingIntro: This is a story my boyfriend wrote. Unlike our other stories it’s completely fictional, short and in Englisch – duh. When he first read it to me, I thought it was something he had found on the web. It was much later, that I realised he wrote it himself. We are experimenting and opening our relationship more and more … let’s see, where we’re heading.—I had suspected that he was cheating for a while now so I bought this mini surveillance camera thingy and planted it in the shelf opposite to his desk so I could watch what he was up to when I was off to work.A few times there was nothing exciting to be seen other than him watching some porn and jerking off to it. But I didn’t give up. One day the footage showed him checking Grindr on his tokat escort phone and then disappearing from his desk for a long while.So the next day I planted the cam to face the couch and watched him for a few days but nothing happened. When I moved it to the bedroom though it got interesting. Of course there were a few days where nothing happened but then, as expected, one day he came in with another guy and they got to it. They didn’t really make out that long before stripping down and fucking. They flip flopped and they did it all bareback. And when my boyfriend came, he spread his cum over the other guys cock and let him fuck him some more. He had never let me do that.As I watched the footage I was devastated and I was so horny. I literally jerked escort tokat off crying, viewing the footage again and again. When I saw my boyfriend the next time I acted as if nothing had happened. I couldn’t say anything. How could I? If I did, I would have had to admit that I had monitored him without his permission. Of course it doesn’t make any sense, since he was the cheater, but I didn’t think about that at the time.So instead of facing the problem, I continued on using the camera to watch him fuck other guys and jerking off to it. Somewhere along the way though the devastated part wore off and all that was left was the horny part.So one day I took a week off from work without telling him. The camera had a live-mode so I watched him in real time from tokat escort bayan my car. For four days nothing happened and I already started thinking, he had stopped cheating, but of course on the fifth day, another guy came to the house and I watched him unload in my boyfriend. I waited for him to leave and then went into our house as silently as I could and found my boyfriend lying on the bed, still naked, still on his belly, cum leaking from his ass. God, I was so hard. Of course he had heard the door open, but he didn’t turn around. He probably thought the guy had come back for another round.Instead it was me who dropped the pants and fucked him raw, fucked the cum of some stranger inside his widened hole. I came after mere seconds and left before he could see it was me.Today, the camera is still in use, but of course I can’t come by after he cheated on a regular basis, so that is limited to the weekends when I’m „visiting family“. We hadn’t hat sex with him knowing it was me for almost a year now.

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