I learned my place

I learned my placeI married the girl of my dreams the summer I turned twenty one. She was fresh out of high school and only eighteen, a five foot four one hundred pound beauty with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. On our honeymoon I learned that my new wife wasn’t bashful at all. We cruised to Jamaica and on the first full day she wanted to hit the beach. I sat on our patio and waited for her to come out. She slid the patio door opened and walked out carrying a beach towel, as she walked pasted I noticed the bikini bottom was an extremely tiny thong. Her tanned butt cheeks looks so sexy as I followed behind her. She picked a nice spot and after spreading out her towel I saw the front of the tiny suit. It was size of an eye patch. I pointed at it and ask her if that was new. She pulled up on the little strings on her hips causing the little tiny triangle to pull in between her shaved pussy lips. The actual lips showed on each side . She then reached behind her back and untied the top. She tossed it on the towel and arched her back causing her little firm thirty four b cup tits to stand up proud. She lay down on her towel and spread her legs a little. She looked up at me and said don’t just stand there staring at me. I tossed my towel down and laid beside her. I asked her if she felt naked? She said I feel sexy, and I want to show my hot body to the local men. I asked her why? She said one of her best friends had vacationed here and she hooked up with a local guy and he was hung like a horse. I asked if she was looking to have sex with a black guy with a big penis. She said if it happens it happens, then she told me to go get a couple of drinks from the Tiki bar. I was reluctant to leave her but she insisted on me getting her a cold drink. As I walked up to the small Tiki bar I noticed it was run by a very dark skinned black guy. He greeted me with a very heavy Jamaican accent. I ordered two margaritas and he said yes sir. I watched him making the drinks and it took him a long time. When he finally sat the drinks on the bar I made a comment on how slow he worked. With a smile that showed every extremely white tooth in his head he said I had to give your wife time to talk to Vied. Who’s Vied I asked as I turned to look back at my wife. Vied be the manisa escort guy that wants your wife’s pussy I head him say from behind me. Sure enough there was a black guy on one knee talking to my new bride. I grabbed my drinks and headed back to my wife. As I walked up I looked at this Vied joker very hard as I handed my wife her drink. As I sat on my towel my wife said honey this is Vied, he stopped by to tell me how pretty he thought I was. Yeah right I said. Vied looked at me and said I want to fuck your wife. I choked on my drink and said what did you say? My wife spoke up and said Vied told me he wants to have sex with me but I told him he must ask you himself. As I looked back at him he had a big grin on his face. So man he said is it cool? I said He’ll no it’s not cool ! He put his right hand into one of his shorts leg and pulled out his long black cock. It was completely soft and looked to be over eight inches. I looked at my wife , her eyes where glued on the long black cock. But man she wants it, don’t you he asked my wife. Without taking her eyes off of his penis she said yes I do. He stood up and as he held his hand down to help my wife up his penis was still hanging out the leg of his shorts. As my wife stood she said sweetheart I’ll be back later you stay here. Then still topless she and Vied walked off hand in hand toward our condo. I watched untill they where out of site. I sat there thinking Fuck this I’m stopping it. I jumped up and grabbed both towels and the top to my wife’s bikini and headed to our room. When I got to our condo I found the patio door standing wide open. I pushed the curtains aside and looked in. They weren’t down stairs. So I walked in , I heard the shower running just off the den. I sat on one of the bar stools and waited until it stopped. I had just stood up when the bathroom door opened. Out walked my totally naked wife leading a naked Vied by his cock like a leash. She saw me and said I thought I told you to wait on the beach. I stuttered butttt. She said I’m about to have sex with this man if you want to watch. Then she tugged his cock causing him to follow her to the steps leading up to the bedrooms. I stood and watched as they climbed the stairs , then looked up I watched them cross the escort manisa balcony and go into the master bedroom.I listened for the door to close but it never did. I very quietly crept up the steps and at the top I could see into the master bedroom. In the mirror I could see the black guys back and my wife’s white hands where on his hips. She is sucking his cock I thought. I tip toes up to get a better look. As I needed the door the floor creaked and my wife spoke up. Come on in here and stop sneaking around. As I entered the room I saw sure enough she was on her knees and his now Simi hard cock was in her mouth. I sat at the dressing table and watched as she worked his cock to a full hard on. The weight of it caused a slow bow as it pointed out from his body. My wife stood up and laid on the bed with her legs wide open. From my seat I could see her bald vagina perfectly. She said fuck me black man. He crawled between her legs and I saw her little white hand guide his cock in-between her pussy lips. After rubbing it up and down between her lips a few times he leaned forward and pushed the head in. Her knees went straight and she moaned softly. Then her legs came but around his back , fuck me you mother fucked she ordered him. He rammed his dick into causing a loud scream from her. Fuck me , hurt this white pussy she said then I saw the heals of her feet force his ass cheeks toward her. It took a good minute for him to begin a steady rhythm of his strokes. His cock was shinny with her pussy juice. She made a small grunt every time he hit bottom. She said honey he is hitting my cervix. I didn’t answer. Did you hear me she said , he is hitting the bottom of your wife’s cunt, something you can never do. Just then it dawned on me he is bare back. I said baby he isn’t wearing a condom. She said I know I want to feel his hot cum squirt right into my cervix.But what if you get pregnant I said. We will raise a mixed c***d she grunted between his thrust. He fucked her for well over an hour before his ass cheeks tightened up and he stopped moving. He laid still for a minute before getting up. His cock was covered in white foam from my wife’s pussy. He walked out of the room and my eyes went between my wife’s spread legs. Her pussy lips were also manisa escort bayan covered in a mixture of his cum and her pussy juice. My wife said eat my pussy. I looked up from between her legs to see she was looking at me through half closed eyes. Eat my pussy I said she repeated. No I said, it’s nasty. She said if you don’t clean me up down there with your mouth you will never get any more pussy from me. Then her legs bent at the knees so her feet were flat on the bed, her knees fell away from each other causing her pussy lips to pull open. Do it you fucking pussy she barked. I crawled between her legs and eased my face closer to her slit. She grabbed my hair and forced my face into her messy pussy. There was very little smell and almost no taste. I sucked each pussy lips into my mouth hard. I found her swollen clit and sucked it like a tiny cock, this drove her wild. She had an orgasm from my treatment of her sensitive vagina. Vied came back in the room , his cock was either still hard or hardly again but either way my wife pushed me away and told him to fuck her again.I went down stairs to shower and afterwards I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up just after one in the morning. I heard my wife moaning. I went up to see if Vied was still there. I found my wife on all fours and the black guy was tearing her pussy up from behind. I went back down stairs and fell back asleep on the couch. The next morning the sun woke me . I went up stairs to find both of them asleep . I went down stairs and started coffee and cooking breakfast. The smell of the bacon must have woke them because in a little bit I heard my wife moaning again. I called up when you get done I fixed breakfast. I was setting on the patio sipping coffee when my wife walked out wearing a very short Terry cloth robe with nothing under it. She sat across from me and the rob fell open , I could see her smooth shaved pussy through the glass table top. I told her I could see it. She smiled and spread her legs so I could see better. She said it needs air. I said is it sore? She said I can feel my heart beating in it. I asked where her friend was ? She said he left but would be back this afternoon to fuck me some more. I said can I get some before he comes back? She said no. I want to rest so I can take him all night again. He came back every day to fuck her. All seven days. I never got to have sex with my own wife. When we returned home she found a local black guy to take Vied’s place. I’m only allowed access to her vagina once a month.

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