I like to show off with hubby


Here it is 2010 which started out very well when my husband and I went out on the town and stayed at a nice motel on the way home.  Sure, we could have easily made it home but my husband had other ideas since when I have had a few drinks, he knows I am wide open for adventure.  I have been an exhibitionist for many years and have to say that many men have seen me either naked or partially clothed.  I suppose I am chicken to do many things when alone so am lucky to have an understanding husband who enjoys me showing off. We have been to this motel a few times in the past and have our favorite room which we always ask for when checking in.  It is situated at the end of the motels many rooms with parking in the front but my husband parks slightly off to the side for obvious reasons.  We had been to a local tavern where we know a few people sitting at the bar chatting and sometimes dancing since they had a rather nice music played by mature musicians.  I love to wear a sexy dress so that when sitting, it shows off my legs somewhat.  Many times my husband has asked me to remove my panties during my next visit to the ladies room which I did but the atmosphere wasn’t right for me to show off anything. I sat in the car as my husband checked into the motel and then we parked and entered our room.  It isn’t a spectacular place but nice and clean inside with a queen sized bed.  We had brought a bottle and some soda with ankara travesti us and I made a drink as hubby sat on the bed.  He turned on the TV and turned off the lights so as to have just enough light for what he had planned.  It was around 9 PM and after our first drink, I went to the bathroom and removed all my clothes but had taken a pair of high heels in with me and then walked out to make us another drink.  He loves to see my buttocks pushed up by wearing the high heels and it makes me so excited knowing he is watching every little twitch of my butt cheeks.  I came back and sat on the bed as we talked and he remained clothed.  Sometimes it is awkward for him to come right out with a sexual idea but we had discussed the night before as to what we were going to do.  He has tied me up a few times in the past in our bedroom which was very exciting but never in a motel yet.  His Stepson no longer lives with us who at one time was involved sexually with me which is another story. After our second drink, I pretended to be rather drunk and laid back on the bed.  I knew that would be a signal that he could do anything he wished with my body.  I kept my eyes closed as I felt one of his old neckties go around one wrist and then the other. I was on my back and knew he tied each end to the bed posts at the head.  The same thing happened to my feet as he spread my legs and secured them to the foot of the bed.  I ankara travestileri could feel my juices beginning to stir as he then used another neck tie to go around my eyes.  To make it look good, I did struggle slightly to make it seem I was being abused by a stranger.  I keep myself shaved and there was nothing hidden for certain and as I have mentioned in the past, I have a rather larger clitoris which protrudes when I am aroused.  I heard him make himself another drink and just waited pretending to be passed out.  Then I heard the slight noise of the front drapes being opened slightly.  We know from past visits that anyone outside gets a great view of the bed.  I can almost have my first orgasm when I know we are ready to perform a kinky feat and I could feel my hips responding.  Then I heard the door open and knew hubby was going outside to see what I look like on the bed.  There is a light post not far away where any peeping Toms shadow can be seen if they look in.  I heard hubby come back in and heard him remove his clothes.  I know he masturbates as he becomes excited but he never reaches a climax until he has intercourse or oral sex with me, usually at the end of our exhibitionistic deed. My husband then sat on the edge of the bed playing with my enlarged clitoris for what seemed like an hour and I had to keep myself from reaching an orgasm right away.  Then all of a sudden, I felt his fingers travesti ankara stop and knew something was about to happen.  Then he got off the bed and I soon felt his penis rubbing around my lips which told me someone was watching outside.  Luckily I could see just enough under my blindfold where I saw someone up next to the window looking in.  The drapes were open about 6 inches and knew he was getting a good show.  Hubby entered my mouth a few inches while I responded with sucking sounds.  Then his fingers began again while he was in my mouth and I had my first explosion.  I can have many orgasms in one night, especially when doing something so bad like this.  Hubby quickly undid my legs and then held them high as he entered me with my high heels waving in the air.  Hubby can hold himself for a long time before reaching his climax and gave our peeping Tom friend a good show since when my arm restraints were removed, I was on my hands and knees as hubby entered me, not only in my pussy but also in my butt which I have learned to enjoy a lot over the years.  That was the final part of our show when he erupted inside my butt and then apparently watched it ooze out and run down my leg. Afterwards, he said the stranger saw everything and was sure he was masturbating outside our window.  I had a total of 4 orgasms to his 1 and the next morning we had terrific sex knowing we did something so gross to many people yet very sexually pleasing to us.  Here I am in my forties with such a strong sex drive that I feel as though I am back in my twenties again.  So, if you ever see a motel along the way and the curtains open slightly, stop and have a look.  

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