I loved my dad

I loved my dadThis is something I have only shared with one person in my real life. It is liberating and exciting to share my story here with some who may enjoy reading it.I became bi in 1976 the Bi-centennial year. It was the summer of that year that I fell off my bike and broke my arm.I had a pretty large cast on my arm, I couldn’t get the cast wet so my mom suggested my dad shower with me to wash me wash and make sure my cast didn’t get wet. I was pretty modest at the time but didn’t think much about it at all.The first time we showered it wasn’t long into the shower that I got extremely HARD! He assured me that it was normal and natural and to not be embarrassed. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed by it but couldn’t control it! The same thing happened the second time too. Both times he did not get hard and was very reassuring that it was OK!The third time, he was washing my back then samsun escort started to wash my ass, his hand ran up and down my ass crack, he said something like we need to make sure you are clean. Again, I didn’t think anything of it. Then I felt his VERY HARD cock on my back. I remember thinking WHAT’S GOING ON. I turned around and his cock was as hard as mine. It looked huge!! He quickly turned the water off and said it was time to dry. We got out and he was drying me off, both of us still hard!! He started drying my hair, then said, get down so I can dry your hair easier. I got on my knees. His cock was RIGHT IN MY FACE! As he dried my hair he was pulling my head closer to him, until his cock bumped my face and lips. I felt a RUSH of excitement like never before!!! I had no idea what the fuck I was doing but I opened my mouth!!!! With the towel on my head he slid his cock into escort samsun my open mouth. It was so thick and big, he stood there sliding it in and out of my mouth. I looked up at him with WIDE EYES and he just said SHHHHH. It wasn’t long before I heard him grunt and moan a little and his huge load filled my mouth. Again I looked up at him this time with a look of SURPRISE. He stood me up and quietly told me it was good and I should swallow it. So I swallowed his huge load, it was unbelievable but I LOVED IT!!!! His thick uncut cock was hanging now but I was still hard. He smacked my ass and told me to get to bed.A little later that night after mom was in bed, he came into my room and sat on my bed. I was playing with my hard cock thinking about what had just happened. All he said to me was “I owe you something” . He pulled my pajamas down and put his mouth on my cock. I came in like samsun escort bayan 15 seconds!!!!! I remember how he used his hand to milk all of it out of my cock and swallow it. Then he gave me a kiss and said he loved what just happened and hoped I did too and it was our secret. I just remember telling him I loved him and loved it.The next morning I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my cereal, mom was at the kitchen sink, my head was still spinning from what had happened. He came downstairs in and walked into the kitchen and kissed my mom then came over to me and put his hand on my head, I felt my cock start to get hard again!!!! He said “good morning big boy, how’s the arm feeling today?” I smiled and said it feels great today!! He smiled and kissed my head. He left for work and mom looked at me and asked why I was smiling so much. I told her it was it was because I had a great dad and I loved him. She smiled and said he sure is a great dad! ALL day long I thought about him and couldn’t wait until shower time again that night.That was the beginning of a long amazing relationship with him and how I became Bi-sexual.

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