I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There


I was inspired to write this story after some correspondence with CDCindy, a beautifully spirited cross-dresser. Thank you Cindy.

An old poem reads: “Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. Oh, how I wish he’d go away.”

I too met a man who wasn’t there. This is his story.

I entered the dark confines of a K Street bar. It was empty except for the bartender and a woman sitting in the corner of the L shaped bar.

I ordered a double whiskey neat and toasted my divorce which was final today. My wife and little J O E had gone away. That old Tammy Wynette song played over and over in my brain, adjusted for my particular situation.

I lifted my glass and looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Cheers mother fuckers,” I said toasting my wife and her fuck buddy she left me for.

“You’re too sweet, too soft johnnie. I need a man. I need a real man to make me feel like a real woman.” Those were her parting words as she packed her suit cases preparing to leave.

I was watching and crying at the same time. “Can you get that,?” Cindy asked hearing the doorbell.

I sulked my way downstairs and opened the door. It was Joe, my wife’s lover.

He pushed past me asking if she was ready.

“She’s packing,” I said quietly hating myself for acknowledging him at all.

Joe has been my friend since high school. Now 15 years later he was taking my wife away from me.

It was my fault. I was to blame for this turn of events. Knowing that Cindy was not pleased with our sex life and in an effort to sooth her anger over my performance issues, I introduced Joe to my wife and invited him to fuck her. “Help me out man. Cindy needs a cock and I have a dick.”

They fucked alright. Joe was well equipped and had the stamina I lacked. I admired his cocksmanship and the way he could handle my wife. He was dominant where I was passive. He took control where I needed to be told what to do. He fucked where I made or rather tried to make love.

As Cindy and Joe became more familiar with each other, they began to be more assertive towards me.

I fell easily into the role of their submissive. I felt no sexual arousal in that role, however. I only felt the pressure to make sure they were both happy. After all, Joe was performing a service for me and I loved my wife.

The degradation and humiliation they showered down was gradual and snuck up on me.

It began slowly with Joe telling me to remove my wife’s clothes and when he would ask why I was stripping her, he insisted I tell them both that “so you can fuck her because you have a superior cock.” That became a ritual which he insisted upon every time he visited. After the first few times, reciting that became easy for me.

He’d then insist that I remove his clothing, taking care to hang up his pants and shirts, and fold his underwear. Again, the first couple times my wife would giggle. But like all things, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Then he decided that I should be naked when watching them have sex. Okay. Fair enough. Cindy felt it a wonderful idea that I should be naked when Joe arrived, greeting him at the door unclothed. This was their way of humiliating me, allowing my little pink boner to be seen as evidence of my lack of manhood.

Of course, I allowed them that. It soon became the norm that Cindy would insist that I be nude when at home regardless of whether Joe was expected or not. Often times Cindy would ridicule my dick telling me it was no more than a dust flap for my hidden pussy and other crap like that.

To my watching them in the nude they added clean-up duties with both enjoying watching me slurp his cum from her cunt.

Clean-up quickly included my licking Joe’s cock of their residual fluids after they fucked. That soon turned into a pre-fuck duty where I acted as Joe’s fluffer.

Much to my surprise I learned that I enjoyed sucking his cock. What began as a humiliating task became ritual cock worship for me. Joe did, indeed, have a superior cock.

Fluffing turned into blow jobs on demand and that was the last straw for my wife.

She was unable to accept the fact that she was married to a whimp; a cock sucking cuckold as Joe described me.

So yeah, while she packed her things, he had me get him a drink as he waited for my wife. I handed him the glass of 18 year old Scotch he had me keep on hand for his visits.

If that wasn’t degrading enough, me fetching him a drink as my wife packed to leave with him, Joe opened his trousers and freed his prodigious cock.

By the time Cindy was finished with her packing, she found me naked as usual, on my knees, giving Joe one last blow job. “Be ready in a sec baby,” he said to her. “I want to give my old pal one more taste of a man’s cum.”

My ears burned hot hearing him say that to her but it did not stop me from drawing out my last belly full of his seed. Truth be told, I was going to miss taming that beast of a cock.

Boom. 1, 2, 3. He came, they left, I cried.

Now 6 months kaçak iddaa later, the divorce final, I was drinking away my sorrows. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I ordered another.

Suddenly there was movement beside me. The woman who had been drinking in the corner sat on the stool beside me. “You going to be okay,” she asked.

I nodded a sipped my second double.

“Want to tell me your problems? It helps sometimes.”

I started to explain why I was feeling the way I was when she suggested we move to a quiet table.

It was there that I told her of my divorce. I told her the betrayal of my friend and admitted that it was all my fault.

I was on my third double when she coaxed it all out of me; the blow jobs and everything.

By the time I’d finished my tale of woe, I was crying again.

She reached across the table and took my hand in hers and held it. “Go head and cry. Get it out. Get it all out and then forget that bitch.”

“Thank you,” I sniffed. “Thanks for understanding and listening.”

“What’s your name,?” she asked


“I’m Cindy,” she smiled. “Good to make your acquaintance johnnie.”

“It’s a small world Cindy. Cindy is my ex’s name.”

“Please don’t hold that against me johnnie,” she laughed.

I laughed with her.

The last few months had been lonely. Sure, there were visits by Joe and Cindy when they’d use me and my bed. But one evening a month after she’d moved out and they “visited” for his blow job and her douche, I suggested they leave $20.00 on the night stand. That was the last time I saw them. Guess they were insulted. I’m certain they were thinking they were doing me a favor by literally rubbing my face in their duplicity.

Sitting there with Cindy made me feel better. That she hadn’t been scared away after I told her what I’d been doing with Joe and Cindy made me feel thankful for her company. “Have you eaten,?” I asked.

We walked to the Metro and rode over to Arlington where, in another episode of it’s a small world, she and I both had homes. We ate at the Silver Diner and Cindy had me drinking coffee to sober up.

I noticed in the light that she had hands somewhat larger than most women. And although she was pretty, there was something different about her. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was but there was definitely something different.

We finished our meal and walked outside. “Got to get up early tomorrow johnnie. See you again?”

“How about we meet here Friday after work, say 7 and go somewhere else for diner. Have you eaten at the Pines of Florence in the Ballston Commons?”

“Love to,” she smiled. Then Cindy kissed quickly on the cheek. “Friday johnnie,” she said walking away.

I watched her admiring her nice round bottom.

With a much lighter heart, I walked the 6 blocks to my house just off Military Road.

One more drink and I hit the sack excited about Friday.

I was waiting for Cindy and checking my watch saw that she was now 15 minutes late. “How long before I give up?” I wondered.

Just about 7:30 I saw her bounce in with a smile to everyone near her. Spotting me, her smile grew. “You waited.”

Cindy was wearing blue jeans with a white blouse. Over her shoulders she had a blue sweater. Her eyes and make-up were impeccable.

“I did,” I said rising and pulling her chair out. I noticed then what I missed when we first met. Cindy was several inches taller than I.

“Such a gentleman,” she said sweetly. “Sorry to keep you waiting johnnie. I had to go home after work to get ready.”

We had coffee before heading out to catch a cab to the restaurant.

She ordered lasagna and I had the linguini with red clam sauce. “Fra Diavolo, please,” I asked our server.

“Somebody likes it spicy,” Cindy smiled.

Her white teeth and red lips were perfect, like right out of a glamour magazine. Not exactly beautiful but very pretty I decided. Pretty cute.

Our conversation started with our meeting earlier in the week, then moved to our work, and then the weather. When we finally ran out of things to say we sat in silence for a few minutes.

“Cindy,” I began. “I was looking forward to this all week. I want to thank you for cheering me up. I was in serious doldrums when you first saw me.”

Reaching across the table, Cindy put her hand over mine. Again, I noticed how much larger than mine it was. “I hate to see anyone hurting johnnie,” she whispered. “I was happy to come to your rescue.”

“I’m glad you did too Cindy,” I said meaning it.

We finished our meal and walked around the mall, window shopping. Cindy stopped in front of a lingerie shop. “I just love that red lace bustier johnnie. Isn’t that sexy?”

I agreed with her and made a mental note of it. Maybe I’d surprise her with it one day.

“Let’s catch a cab to Old Towne. There’s a jazz club that’s pretty cozy.

Some local group was playing and their style of fusion jazz was pleasant enough but not all that good.

“Did you like sucking Joe’s cock johnnie?”

“What? kaçak bahis Why would you ask me that Cindy?”

“I don’t know, just curious I guess.”

I did enjoy doing that but was embarrassed to admit it to her.

“Come on johnnie. I won’t judge you. I promise. I’m intrigued though.”

I was unable to meet her eyes. With my head down I muttered, “yes”.

“Huh? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes,” I kind of hissed. “You happy now?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake johnnie. Don’t be angry with me for asking. Maybe you could show me one day. I think it’s sexy of you. Really.”

“You do? My wife hated the fact that I would go down on Joe’s cock whenever he told me to.”

Cindy reached over and stroked the side of my face. “Her loss is my gain sweet boy.”

The warmth of her hand on my cheek made me feel better. She ran her thumb across my lips. “You certainly have the mouth for that.”

In a playful manner I pursed my lips and pretended her finger was a miniature cock and sucked it.

“Somebody misses a cock,” she cooed.

My dick grew hard hearing her talk to me like that.

Cindy pulled her chair close to mine and looked around. “Do it again,” she said putting her finger to my lips.

“Oooh, Joe trained you well baby,” she whispered. “I can’t believe your ex didn’t like seeing you enjoying a nice fat cock. I’d love to watch you suck one.”

She reached under the table and felt for my dick. “I know someone who likes me talking dirty,” she whispered in my ear.

Chills ran up my spine. Cindy was turning me on. “I love that you’re a cock sucker baby. It turns me on to know that you would readily get on your knees to suck a nice big cock.”

I looked into her eyes and purposefully made sucking sounds around her finger.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was Cindy herself but I was getting into it. She pulled her finger out of my mouth and kissed me. Holding me close she whispered hoarsely in my ear, “Momma wants to see her baby boy suck a cock. Would you suck a cock for me johnnie? Would you let me watch you sucking a nice big cock?”

“God yes Cindy,” I croaked. “I would. I would suck a cock for you.”

“Are you a homo johnnie? Is momma sitting here with a faggot cock sucker? I bet you’d rather suck cocks than fuck, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded while slurping her thumb again.

“That’s good to know baby. Momma likes a cute cock sucker.”

All the while Cindy was squeezing my erection. I was close to cumming and put my hand on her wrist to stop her. “Please Cindy, no more. I’m close.”

She sat back and looked at me with a huge smile. “You are a quick ejaculator, aren’t you? That’s so sweet, johnnie.”

“You, you mean you don’t mind?”

“I’m different than most women johnnie. Very different.”

“I could tell,” I said. “I’m glad to hear you say that.”

“Say what, baby? Say that I think it’s hot that you like sucking on a big cock or that I think it’s sweet that you cum too quickly?”

“Both I guess,” I said with my shoulders slumped.

“Let’s blow this joint,” Cindy said, then giggled. “Of course, I didn’t mean it the way you’d like it to.”

She took my hand in hers and led me out of the place.

It was a cool night by the river and I put my arm over her shoulders, realizing once again that she was taller than me.

Cindy circled my waist with her left arm and we walked through the tourist trap enjoying the closeness of each other.

When it got to be around 11 I asked if she’d like to drop by my house.

“What do you have in mind johnnie. Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Well Cindy, I just thought we have a night cap and see how things progressed from there.”

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.”

We hailed a cab and rode close together in the back seat, holding hands.

“You live here? By yourself?”


“Nice place,” Cindy said admiring my house. “Can’t wait to see the inside.”

I apologized for the lack of furniture, “My ex took some things that I haven’t replaced yet. Just can’t seem to get the energy.”

I still had my stereo set-up and asked what she’d like to listen to.

“Oh, I don’t know. Just something soft I guess.”

I put on Stanley Turrentine and Grover Washington CD’s and turned the sound down low. “What can I fix you Cin?”

“Did you just call me Cin?”

“Uh. Well yes. Does that bother you?”

“No you bad boy. I like the double entendre’. Do you have any white wine?”

“One Chardonnay coming right up.”

I returned from the kitchen and saw that Cindy had removed the sweater. “Nice boobs,” I thought. It was then that I noticed the lace choker she wore on her neck. Guess I was slow on the up take.

I handed her the glass of wine and sat beside her looking at the unlit fireplace and listening to the music.

She placed her glass on the coffee table and turned to me.

I set my glass down as well and took her in my arms.

We kissed and when she pushed her tongue out, I accepted it and began to gently suck on it.

Her hand went illegal bahis back to my crotch and she again squeezed the boner I’d just grown.

My hands began exploration of her body but she stopped me. “Let me do you, baby,” she whispered sliding off the sofa, on her knees in front of me.

She watched my face as she opened my pants and freed my throbbing dick. “Stand up johnnie. Let’s get these khakis off you.”

I have to say that Cindy knew her way around a dick. I learned things that I hadn’t tried on Joe. With him, it was always I suck and he cums, I suck and he cums. Cindy would bring me close, so close that I thought I’d go over the edge and shoot. But then she’d back off and start over again.

It was the longest I’d ever had my dick sucked without cumming. When Cindy finally let me finish, it was the most satisfying orgasm I ever experienced.

Once my head cleared I pulled her to me and kissed her. I tasted myself on her tongue but having had a slut for an ex-wife, it wasn’t the first time.

Again I reached for her breasts and again she stopped me. “Why baby doll,” I asked sincerely.

“I’m just not ready johnnie. Not yet. Please don’t be mad with me.”

I kissed her tenderly and we sat in the semi-darkness, me satisfied, her unusually nervous.

“At least let me drive you home Cin.”

“It’s not necessary johnnie. I called an Uber.”

“Then can I have your phone number?”

“Give me yours and I’ll call you.”

I gave her my cell number but was wondering about all the mystery. No phone access, don’t know her address. I kept my thoughts to myself. I liked her and if she wanted to blow me with no reciprocation, then so be it. I could accept that.

She called on Monday and asked if we could get together later in the week. I jumped at the opportunity to see her again.

We agreed to meet at the Silver Diner again and once again she was late.

“Sorry johnnie. I had a few things to do before I could get away.”

Cindy was wearing a long floral-patterned A-line skirt that covered her ankles. Her top was a pull over, off the shoulder, bell sleeved, solid colored knit. She looked very pretty and I noticed how broad her shoulders were.

“Let’s just grab some take-out and go to your place,” she said.

That’s exactly what we did. Ordering a large pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, and sausage, we made our way to my house.

Again, soft music, low lights, and red wine and pizza. We talked about our favorite places to go to relax and I suggested we make mid-week plan to go to Ocean City, MD. “Let’s wait until school is back so the crowds aren’t too large.”

We finished diner and asked if she’d like to watch TV. “Nah,” she said. “Those sit-coms suck, and those so-called dramas are getting way to fucking preachy. Let’s just listen to music and be together.

We sat quiet for several minutes and the feeling was comfortable. Cindy didn’t harangue me like my ex used to. Everything just seemed so easy with her.

“May I have this dance Cin?”

“Not tonight johnnie, please.”

“Sure. No problemo senorita.”

We both kind of laughed.

I think it was nearly mid-night when Cindy looked at the clock. “Oh my God, I’m going to be late.”

“Huh? Late? For what?”

She looked at me with a sad smile. “It’s something I can’t tell you now johnnie. Please trust me and don’t ask.”

Once again she insisted on calling an Uber and we kissed curb side. I opened the door and as she was getting in, I asked when I’d see her again.

“I’ll call you,” was all she said and she left.

That night I took inventory of myself, my feelings really. After some soul searching, I decided I was falling for Cindy. But there was a lingering doubt that something was amiss. “Why won’t she give me her number or let me take her home,? I wondered aloud.

It was 9 days later when I heard from her again. She called me at home on Sunday a week after we last saw each other. “Where are you? How are you? Where have you been?” The questions poured out of me in a rush.

“Listen johnnie, I’m fine. Everything is fine. I’ll explain it all to you when we’re together. Does Friday night work for you?”

“That long? You’re going to make me wait that long, Cindy?”

There was a quiet hesitation before she answered. “I’ll explain everything Friday. I’ll catch an Uber to your house and be there around 7 – 7:30. Okay?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Please don’t make this harder than it already is johnnie. Please don’t do that.”

“I’m sorry Cindy. It’s just that I miss you.”

“I miss you too. See you Friday evening.” Click….. and the call ended.

More soul searching led me to think wild thoughts. Why did she block her phone number? Why was she always wearing a choker around her neck? She won’t dance with me, never lets me call her or take her home.

I thought about things for a while when it dawned on me. Cindy was being abused. That had to be it.

A long tortuous week passed as slow and as painful as a kidney stone. If someone was hurting her, I would step in and somehow protect her. I was filled with resolve.

It dawned on me that I was falling in love with Cindy and by God, no one will hurt her as long as she’s with me.

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