I Opened Her Diary and Read It Pt. 02


I Opened Her Diary and Read It; Do Not Judge Me; You Don’t Know the Story Yet…

Part 2

Being with Sam was like entering a dizzying, drunken, Wonderland, where she was the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and Alice all rolled into one incredibly powerful, pied piper of lust, innocently running through life trailing sparkles of magic bits; and I was high on her magic bits.

As she led me down the unlit hall, past the closed kitchen door, and into the elegant dining area, I watched her with that same virgin curiosity as when we’d first met. I did not want to miss a thing and I did not want to forget a thing.

Her hand, soft and small but commanding, pulled firmly on mine as we twirled and tripped and laughed our way back to the table. Her laugh boasted hints of freedom encapsulated in iridescent bubbles that floated up, tickling your nose, causing you to laugh along with her. Her breasts bounced with youth’s vigor and her smile was as the rising sun, and it was shining all over me.

If there was a God in heaven, I was praying to him and begging that it never end.

When we reached the table, we tripped and fell on it—laughing ourselves silly—knocking over the empty bottle of Chateau Lafite and two [more] wine glasses. My trained politeness kicked in and I immediately moved to retrieve them.

When I turned back, there she was, sitting on the table, her skirt hiked up with her legs spread wide. I didn’t need to be asked or told what to do. I dropped the bottle and the glasses and eagerly—fervidly—moved between her legs.

I bent at my waist, waving my ass in the air as I kissed, licked and nuzzled my nose, my tongue, my lips, all the way up her thick, inner thighs…heat radiating from her like steam from a natural spring.

My hands roamed her plush curves like voyageurs sent out on grand adventures. Her skin was soft as satin, tasted of vanilla, and was scented with a provocative mix of black coffee and white flowers. I learned much later it was Opium. As exotic as she.

I felt her green eyes watching me and that served to arouse me further but her breath was even, controlled. I was close, close enough to smell her sweet, sex scent, close enough for my mouth to water in anticipation, when I heard footsteps.

I froze.

She laughed and pulled my head up to her lips, pressing those plush pillows into mine. She found my hand and pushed it between her legs, never breaking the kiss. I found her wet and I slipped my finger inside her.

I heard him clear his throat and I froze again.

Sam whispered, “don’t stop.”

“Yes, Tom?”

I did as she asked and continued to rock my finger in and out, rubbing her clit on the up and the down. I kissed her neck as she talked with the shadow within ear shot.

“We’re all cleaned up for the night, Sam.”

“Okay, lock up on your way out, would you?”

Sam licked my ear and then whispered, “Unless you’d like them to join us?”

I began massaging her clit, delicately. “Would you, like?”

“And if you could please come in for me tomorrow Tom, I think I’m going to be up late.” Sam was speaking to Tom but her eyes were zoned in on mine.

She sex izle answered my question by dismissing him. I don’t know why, but that pleased me, and I wanted to please her now more than ever.

“Yes, of course. You’re all good then?” Tom confirmed.

I sucked in her nipple and was playing with it with my tongue, at the same time I slipped my finger back inside her. You could hear her wetness. That’s what I wanted. I wanted him to know that I was fingering her. I wanted him to know that she had dismissed him to be with me. I also acknowledged that I had never been so unbelievably turned on, ever. I admitted to myself that I loved knowing he was watching.

“Oh, Hun. I’m more than good. I’m fucking great!”

“Okay then, Boss lady. We’ll see ya when we see ya.”

I heard his footsteps echo away as her breathing quickened and became shallow. It was time.

I was about to slip down when she pulled me up and thrust her tongue in my mouth.

“You liked being watched, didn’t you.” She wasn’t asking, she was telling me.


“I can call him back if you like.”

I slipped down between her legs and blew warm air over her folds before tonguing her clit rapidly. She grabbed onto my head and began thrusting.

I stood and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Looking her straight in the eyes, I said, “Do you want him here?”

She looked me up and down, licked her lips, and said, “No.”

I bent over and went in with flat tongue. I licked her folds, separating them, playing with one then the other. I licked her soft and slow from the bottom, down the center, and up until my tongue touched her clit. I rolled my tongue over her swollen nub and played with it while I slipped in two fingers. Her gasp was my reward.

Sam grabbed a handful of my hair and it made me go wild! She pushed her pussy into my face, and grinded. I was the one to gasp then. She seemed to be turned on by it because she did it again and again, causing me to lose my breath each time, and steal a breath of air on each release.

My cheeks and mouth were soaked and glistening with her juices. She then ordered me to lick her pussy like it was an ice cream cone. Sam had a handful of my hair in her hand and she pushed my face onto her juicy cunt and I licked it like I was licking an ice cream cone. I licked it long and soft and I licked it slow. I looked up and Sam’s head was hanging backward. I imagined her eyes rolling in the back of her head. I kept licking like I was told.

Occasionally, she would squeeze and pull my hair. I knew then that she was close to orgasm but was trying to draw it out. I licked and I licked, loving every second.

“Now,” was all she said.

I sucked in her clit and began flicking my tongue rapidly, while I moaned.

She grabbed hold of my head with both hands and began screaming and bucking, never letting go of my hair or head. And I, not for a second, stopped sucking and flicking her clit.

After she came, her legs relaxed, and she lay back on the table. I licked her cum off her lips as if they were flower petals, gently and not leaving a single, tasty drop.

“You are fransız porno fucking incredible,” she said in an exhale.

“No, you are,” I said still softly licking her.

“I want you to stay the night with me.”

She had caught me by surprise. I stopped licking and I looked up at her. “What do you mean?” I knew it was a stupid question the second it left my mouth, but it was already out there.

“I mean,” she paused and pulled me up until we were face to face. “I mean, I want you…”

“You want me?” I had to use every bit of strength I had to not smile and/or say something stupid like, “I want you too.”

There, I said it, something stupid that hung out there like dirty laundry on a windless day.

“I want you,” she said, and she kissed me. She kissed me long and with more passion than I had ever felt before. She kissed me and I was in Wonderland with her, riding golden swans, wearing white flowered necklaces, floating down a rainbow.

She kissed me and then she sucked on my neck, giving me a hickey.

“You’re mine.”

I pulled her neck to my mouth and sucked on it, giving her a hickey too.

“You’re mine.”

“Let’s eat something, shall we?”

“I just did,” I said, cheekily.


“Yes, Chica?”

“I’m still hungry…if you get my meaning.”

“Oh, I get your meaning, Chica. Just tell me what it is you want, and I will…”

“This,” she said, rolling my nipple between her fingers. “And this,” she licked her fingers first and then began rolling the other nipple in between her fingers.

“Oh? Anything else?” I flirted.

“Yes…this,” her one hand slipped down between my legs and slid in the pool of wet, while her other still played with my nipple.

I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and moaned. Everything she did, she did with immense passion.

“I think something’s missing,” she said and then stood up and walked toward the kitchen.

I wasn’t sure what to do; should I follow her or wait.

She then yelled out, “come here, Baby.”

I stood, walked down the dark hallway with my hands out front, feeling blindly on my way. Sam grabbed me from behind by my breasts.

“Don’t move.” It was an order, not a request.

I stood there, naked, trusting her. At least five minutes went by and nothing. I was just about to speak when she tied a blindfold over my eyes and then she tied my hands behind my back. At least, I believed it to be her. I mean, I couldn’t see a thing and she never spoke a word.

The next thing I felt were hands playing with my breasts, massaging them, simultaneously playing with my nipples. I didn’t think it possible to become more aroused than I had already been with her, but this was a whole new level. I wanted to ask her to please suck on them, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to break the silence.

She rolled them. She flicked them. She nibbled on them. Then she just stopped.

I listened for some movement to try to get a read on what she might do next, but I heard nothing.

Then I felt her warm mouth suck in my left nipple. She sucked it in from the side and then popped teen porno it out. I felt myself cream! She then did the same thing with my right nipple. I moaned.

Then nothing. Not a sound.

I opened my mouth to ask where she was but the second my mouth opened, she put her panties inside and whispered, “if you speak, the game ends.”

I wouldn’t have spoke had I been lit on fire.

She sucked in the left nipple again, from the side, as she did before. She sucked on it for some time before popping it out.

I moaned.

“Moan again and you will have to finger yourself.”

I weighed it carefully and decided I’d rather learn what more she had to teach me.

She moved to the right and sucked in that nipple. She was nibbling on it when she slipped her finger between my thighs and massaged the slick. “Oh, my, Baby. You are really wet.” She slapped my inner thighs and said, “spread your legs for Chica.”

I obediently spread them, wide.

Sam had my right nipple in her mouth, with her right hand around my back while her left hand massaged my clit. I was ready to burst when I felt another mouth suck in my left nipple.

My body instantly tensed.

“No, Baby, relax. Trust me. You’re mine. Relax and enjoy.”

She had no sooner finished those words when a tongue lapped at my cunt.

I gasped and she cautioned me once more that should I make another sound, I would be the one fingering myself.

I relaxed, as best I could, with three warm, moist mouths—each with their own distinct sucking sounds—pleasuring me in a way I couldn’t haven’t fathomed.

It didn’t take long before I began to undulate. As I did, whoever was licking my pussy, slipped in a finger and began sucking on my clit as they fingered me. The mouths on my nipples licked and sucked and nibbled along with my cunt being licked and I couldn’t hold off anymore. I began humping the air and screaming out, “fuck me…fuck me…fuuuuuuck me!”

Just when I thought it was over, hands pushed my legs apart and I felt a cock slide in me. Two soft silky hands wrapped around my hips and pulled me in close, and our breasts bumped, again. Sam leaned in and whispered, “you’re mine.”

She then began slowly fucking me. Her hands on my hips pulling me in and pushing me away.

“You’re mine.” She’d say with every thrust. “Say it! Say it, damn it!”

“I’m yours.”

“You’re mine.” She was fucking me faster and harder.

“I’m yours.”

“You’re mine.”

“I’m yours.”

Sweat was pouring down my face, and my arms were starting to ache, but I didn’t want her to stop, ever. I didn’t want this night to ever end. Surely, I must have fell down the rabbit hole; this really couldn’t be happening.

She put her breasts against mine and I felt the tongues again. This time it was clear they were taking turns sucking her nipples and then mine. My heart was racing; I knew I was close to climaxing.

Sam intuitively pulled me in by my hips, inserting her dildo deep inside me, and then she kissed me, full tongue. She pushed me up against the wall and broke the kiss to fuck me fast and furious. We came simultaneously, screaming, “you’re mine,” “I’m yours.”

We collapsed to the floor; I laid my head on her breasts and she wrapped her arms around me.

“I want you to spend the night with me, Emily.”

“I want to wake up and see the morning sun across your face, Chica.”

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