I Take The Big Step And Go Meet The Guy I Met Online

Double Penetration

I am now 39 Years old been straight all my life but have for the last few years fantasized about sucking a cock, especially a black cock. I have visited all the sites with stories, I have a huge collection of pictures and videos hidden in my computer but until now, have never taken the next step.

I finally decided to take the next step, but how do I start. I visited Yahoo personals, and a few other sites. Looked at over all the personal ads, wrote to a few and got some responses, but one stuck out above all the rest. The moment I saw his pic I new he was the one I wanted to have my cherry taken by. But would he be interested in me, I took the chance and wrote to him, and he responded back.

Let me try to describe Mike, his body looked amazing, smooth and black, his face had a sensual look about him, the only thing I couldn’t see was his cock. He kept that hidden from view.

What attracted me to his ad was the fact that he was very good looking, black, and versatile, because I wanted a man that would not only fuck me but would also enjoy me fucking him.

Of course he wanted to see pics of me, but because I am married I only sent him pics of my cock and chest, but that was enough, he was definitely interested. I had gotten everything I wanted, I met a man who was willing to meet me and I was attracted to him.

We finally set up a date to meet, I drove to the parking lot and he was already waiting for me, he saw my car and waved me over, he then pulled out and I followed him home.

I was nervous and excited but I had come to far to back out now, all those nights of masturbating to this fantasy was before me and I was not going to lose this chance. But I was worried, would it be as good as I had fantasized about, I guess I would soon find out.

We pulled into his driveway, and we got out of the cars, he came up to me and we shook hands, I couldn’t help but think, this man that was now shaking my hand would soon be fucking me and it sent shivers down my spine.

“Hey man nice to finally meet you”

“Same here Mike, I been looking forward to it myself”

“Let’s go in.”

I followed him in, and we sat on his couch>

“Are you nervous?”

“Of course, but don’t worry I want this bad.”

“You want something to drink”

“Nah to be honest I am to damn horny, can we just go to your bedroom”

“No problem”

He got up and I watched him walk in front of me, he had hard steel buns, I wanted to reach out and feel them but I was still too nervous to do it. As we approached his bed he turned around and reached for my shirt and said. “Here let me help you with that”.

As I lifted my shirt off, he rubbed my hairy chest and let his hand move down slowly to my stomach and down to my belt. He started to unbuckle my pants and he pulled them down. He then reached for my boxers, I could feel my heart ready to explode, he slowly pulled them down, and there I was Naked in front of another man, mere inches away. He slowly rubbed his hands first on my upper thighs then he was massaging my cock, gently and sensually pulling on it back and forth.

I looked down and saw his big black hands rubbing my cock up and down pulling the skin back and forth exposing the head, my cock is average size about 7 inches long but extremely thick, 7 inches in circumference and mike was enjoying playing with it. I like the contrast between our skin colors. He then let go and told me to sit on the bed, he got right up next to me, and took of his shirt, as he did he got even closer, his crotch was practically in my face.

“Go on, unbuckle my pants”

I was in a trance; I was looking at the bulge in his jeans as I started to unbuckle his pants. I had his belt open, my hands Gaziantep Grup Escort were shaking as I reached for the zipper and I pulled it down slowly, I wanted to remember this moment forever, I wanted to savor the moment, so I could jerk off in the future remembering every little detail.

I had Mike’s pants all the way off and he lifted his leg so I could get them completely off. I was now staring at this huge bulge hidden behind his tight white briefs. He took my hand and put it on his bulge and made me rub his cock, I fondled his cock through his briefs, it felt so big, I had to see it, I moved my face closer as I hooked my fingers on his briefs.

I had to pull out his briefs to get it over the bulge. I lowered them as slowly as I could I wanted to enjoy the moment. I saw the top of hic cock it was bent over, and as the briefs cleared his cock it swung up almost hitting me in the face, he wasn’t fully hard but it was already bigger than I had imagined.

I sat there looking at it; he reached for my hand again and brought it to his cock. He let go when he saw me start to massage his cock on my own. I was touching my first cock other than my own. It felt very warm, and very spongy and very exciting. His cock was beautiful, nice big mushroom head.

He put his hand gently behind my head and was slowly bringing my face closer to his cock. “Part your lips”

His cock slowly got closer and started to enter my mouth, his velvety cock slip past my lips and hit my tongue, I couldn’t resist letting my lips close around his cock and my tongue tasted its first cock. It felt strange having a cock in my mouth but it also felt exciting and much better than I had ever imagined. I let my tongue swirl around the head, feeling every inch of his cock.. His cock was growing bigger and bigger, I pulled it out of my mouth to look at it. It was huge and I slowly jacked him.

I notice a drop of pre cum forming on top of his cock and I let my tongue flick it off. He then guided my head back on his cock and filled my mouth with it, I loved sucking cock and couldn’t believe I had waited this long.

“Are you sure this is the first time you ever sucked a cock, you seem to good at it”

“Gulp Hmm yes this is the first time” as I pulled him out to answer

“Well you’re a natural cocksucker”

I answered him by taking his cock back in my mouth and sucking him deeper. I started to do such good job that he pulled it out.

“Wow your good, hold on I don’t want to cum yet, here lie down on the bed”

I was on my back and Mike laid next to my groin, he took my cock and bent over and felt his warm mouth devour it, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation, Mike was good, he was damn good at sucking cock, he had me on the edge of cumming several times, but every time I got close, he stopped and squeezed my cock till I calmed down.

He did that about 4 times before I said “Mike I can’t take it anymore”

He looked up and I could see him smile and went back to sucking my cock. I felt my balls tightening. My cock was undeniably hard; I was so close to cumming. My toes straightened out and I felt the wave of cum shooting through my cock and exploding into his mouth.

It really caught Mike by surprise, he wasn’t ready to take so much cum, he pulled his face away and a second wave of cum exploded out of my cock and hit my chest, with one hand Mike was milking my cock, with the other hand he was rubbing the cum on my chest.

When he milked the last drop he finished me off by licking my entire cock clean. I was breathing so hard, I was exhausted from cumming; thank god I was lying in bed. I had never cum so hard and so long in my life. 39 Years of pent up frustration had exploded all over my chest.

Mike lay next to me while he caressed my softening cock “DID you enjoy it?”

“Did I enjoy it, what do you think!” As I pointed to my chest.

Mike smiled “What is as good as you thought it would be?”

“Better than I had ever imagined”

“Good because now it is your turn”

He grabbed my head and pushed it down toward his crotch. I let him guide me to his cock and I used my tongue to bathe his cock all over. I licked it up and down. My tongue was going up his rod, and then I let his cock slowly enter my mouth. After watching and feeling him I learned a few things myself and used his own techniques on him. I had him on edge several times and each time I stopped, until he was begging me.

Finally I started to suck him harder and I was determined to feel him cum in my mouth, I had read too many stories that I knew I wanted to feel it. Then it happened I felt his balls harden, I felt his cock throbbing I felt his body stiffen, and I felt the first wave of cum erupting from his cock, and it hit the back of my throat.

It shocked me and I froze as he was cumming, he reached over to my hand and guided it as we both stroked his cock. He was pumping more cum in my mouth; his other hand was behind my head rubbing my hair as I took all of it. His cum was hot and bitter but I loved it, I knew I loved feeling a man cumming in my mouth, I wanted every drop. My tongue dug out every drop from the head, I licked it all up and swallowed it, and He fell back in bed as I milked his softening cock.

“Wow that was great, you give good head”

“Not bad for a rookie huh”

“Not bad at all”

As we both laughed he said “lets go get cleaned up”

We entered his shower and we soaped each other bodies and cocks, I took special attention when washing it, and Mike took special attention when washing my ass, he was rubbing it good, letting his soapy finger enter my ass.

I gasped and smiled “damn I hope I can take your cock, your finger feels huge”

“Don’t worry I will relax you enough that you will be begging for me to fuck you”

“Sounds good to me” as I smiled back.

We dried off and headed back to bed.

“Are you ready to try it?”

“Oh yeah”

“Okay get on your stomach”

Mike took some lotion and started to rub my ample ass, he rubbed all over it and he slowly let his fingers rub in between my crack. I could feel his finger pass my hole, my sphincter twitched when he touched it. He massaged all over my ass, and then I felt him push his index finger slowly in to my ass past the first knuckle. I gasped and started to try and push him out.

“Relax you will get use to it”

He pushed in a little further and it started to feel good, then I felt a second finger. The man was a pro, he had my ass begging for more, he started to rub my prostate and It was like a light bulb went off, no wonder men like getting fucked this felt amazing as he stroked my prostate gland.

“I think you’re ready”

He pulled out his finger and raised my ass in a doggy position, he got behind me took a hold of his cock and rubbed it all over my ass. He took more lotion and poured some on my ass and rubbed it in with his cock.

Then I felt it, his head was pushing into my anal opening, Oh my GOD he was so fucking big, he had trouble pushing the head in. Then BAM his head rammed in past my outer ring. My ass was burning, I was tempted to tell him to pull it out, but I had waited too long for this. I had read enough to know that if I relaxed my ass muscles would open up. Mike held still while my ass was getting adjusted to the intruder.

As my ass relaxed, the burning feeling was replaced by a feeling of fullness, he felt me relax and he pushed a little more in, ever so slowly he kept pushing till I felt his hips hit my ass. He was now fully buried inside of me. He pushed further, pushing me down on the bed so he his body was laying on top of me with his cock buried in my ass.

It felt amazing, it felt so fulfilling. Here was a man with his cock buried in my ass and it felt better than I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams. Mike was rubbing his cock back and forth, in and out as my ass responded to his cock.

“Oh my god mike, your cock feel great please fuck me harder”

“You like my cock inside you huh”

“I love your cock inside me, please don’t ever stop fucking me I love it”

“Damn your hot” as he continued to fuck me. Mike then pulled me back up so I was back in the doggy position, and he grabbed a hold of my hips and started thrusting harder and faster.

“Do you want me to pull out or cum in your ass”

“I want you to cum in my ass”

“What I didn’t hear you”

“I want you to cum in my ass, I want to feel your cum Mike, Please give me all your cum”

“Here it cums lover boy”

“I felt mike‘s cum erupt inside my ass. I could feel his cum go deeper in my ass as he thrusted deeper inside me. It felt so good to feel his cock throbbing inside me; I was really enjoying the moment as Mike came. He collapsed on top of me and we laid there with his cock still buried inside of me. I could feel his cock softening up and I worked my ass to keep it inside.

Finally he rolled over and his cock slipped out of my now empty ass. I felt a wave of cold air hit my ass and all I could think about was getting Mike to fill my ass with his cock again.

“God your ass was so tight”

“Not anymore, not after that fucking you just gave me.”

“Okay it’s your turn, grab the lotion and rub some on my ass”

Mike turned over and I started to rub those beautiful black globes. I let my hands caress his ass and I slowly entered his ass with my finger, his ass was tight and warm. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. I played with him a little longer and I was getting ready to get behind him until he said.

“Wait let me get on edge of the bed, I stood up and he laid down with his ass almost of the edge, I got up to him and he took a hold of my cock he wrapped his legs around me as I watched him guide my cock to his hole. I felt him wiggle his ass as he adjusted to my cock entering it.

I watched him grimace as he pushed my cock all the way in, what an amazing sight my white cock against his black ass looked great as I slowly started to fuck him. I grabbed his hips as I pulled him onto my cock, He was jerking off as I fucked him. His legs always pulling me deeper into his ass. His ass was so tight, tighter than any pussy I had ever fucked. I couldn’t last too long with the friction.

My legs started to buckle I was getting close and then I exploded inside mike’s ass. I was thrusting and pushing and fucking him as deep as I could

“Oh man I can feel you cumming inside me, your cum is so hot, keep cumming please”

“HMMMM here take it all”

As I said that, mike who was jerking off exploded all over my stomach, I bent down and took his cock in my mouth as he continued to cum while my cock was buried in his ass. I licked his cock clean as he continued to wiggle his ass on my softening cock. I finally collapsed next to him, and we caressed each others cocks.

“Wow is it always this amazing?”

He smiled and got up and I followed, we washed up got dressed and as I was leaving his house Mike said “let’s do it again sometime”

I smiled back and agreed while thinking nothing in this world will keep me from coming back and feeling Mike’s cock in my ass again.

Let me know what you think of my story I appreciate the input and don’t forget to grade it thanks.

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