I Trust You


Amanda smiled to herself as she pressed “Send”. The email left her grasp, and winged it’s way to Sam’s portal. She heaved a sigh – anticipation, excitement, fear? The burning itch and desire in her pussy started to make its’ urgency known to her even more. She finished the glass of wine, and looked at the empty bottle.

She wasn’t drunk, she was relaxed. She was one more thing also. She was happy.

Their on-line relationship had developed over the months, and he had been masterful, without being unkind. All he had ever shown her was kindness, honesty, and an ability to make her see her real self, and to come out of the shell she had hidden in for the past few years. She wondered if he knew what he had unleashed.

Neither knew where the other lived. Neither knew how the other looked – apart from pen-pictures, descriptions which were accurate, but with nothing to compare them too, could apply to many faces and bodies both of them knew in their own little lives. He was married – which pleased her. She didn’t want a stalker! He was happily married, but in a sex-less marriage. Of course, he could be lying, and they could be shagging like bunnies – but somehow she knew, she trusted him at his word. He never asked for anything, Amanda gave of her mind freely. She had contacted him first, initiated the relationship, so to speak. Writing Lit erotica was a hobby they shared – but this had developed into her writing from life, and sharing events in pen and prose with him, as well as her fantasies she wrote of her own body, and her own real experiences. Okay, so she was still “hiding” behind the keyboard, but if he ever asked her a question, or teased her with a dare, she answered and wrote openly, honestly, sometimes crudely – she worried. But he loved her words, loved her mind. And in return, she now loved her body.

She wondered if this email would change, or end, their relationship…..


It had all started at work, when one of the engineers had come in the office in his overalls, and brushed past her as he went though to see the boss. One of the other women spotted it before Amanda did, and she had called out. “Dave! I take it you’ve been in the paint shop. Re-sprayed the white panel van did you?”

“Yes Jan. how did you….?” His face fell, as he looked at Amanda. She looked up to see his face, looked at Jan, who was scowling, and looked at her skirt. Her plain skirt. Her plain, black, office skirt. With a thin, but obvious white smear running across the side of her hips. The faint smell of turps drifted to her nose.

“Oh Dave! Never mind” she sighed , hoping she could think of something to wash it out with. “Look, don’t worry, I’ll sort it out” and she could feel her cheeks starting to burn.

Jan took charge – spitefully – just as the manager came out of his room at the end of the office.

“Mr Williams? We’ve had a little accident here. Can you sort this out?” Jan smirked. “Dave here has upset Amanda”

Jan really was a snotty cow, under that veneer of niceness and prettiness. Amanda knew that she loved to cause trouble at the first chance, and she really felt for Dave. “Oh no, it’s okay really, it will maybe wash out!” Dave was looking mortified, he knew the rules about overalls in the office, but had clean forgotten when he had been summoned to the office. “It’s not a problem, really, Mr Williams” Amanda tried to smooth things over.

Mr Williams looked at Dave “In my office, Dave” As Dave turned away, Mr Williams called out to Jan. “Get Forty pounds out of petty cash, if that’ll be enough, and give it to Amanda. Amanda, you can go early for lunch, get yourself to ‘Dorothy Perkins’ or wherever you women buy your stuff these days, and replace that skirt. Will that be okay?”

Amanda nodded, and said thank you. Jan glared at her.

As Mr Williams looked at his watch, he said “Oh never mind” drew out his wallet, stepped over, and placed a fifty pound note into Amanda’s hand. “Here, you may as well go now. Will you be okay walking with that smear on your skirt?” She silently nodded, then said thank you again. “Jan, you can get me the cash out when you have your lunch” and turning to Amanda “Don’t worry about a receipt or change, just make sure the skirt is good enough to replace that one eh?” And he smiled at her, then turned back to go to his room

As she picked up her bag, and walked over to get her coat, Jan scowled at her. “And don’t be late back, you’ve already got more than the rest of us. Oh…” she added “there’s an Asda not far away, when you get your skirt you could bring a few things back for me too” Shy, quiet Amanda a few weeks ago would have meekly nodded.

But this new, quietly confident woman now turned round to Jan, and almost defiantly, said “Oh no, I’m off to Next, and that’s nowhere near your Asda” As she saw the surprise register on Jan’s smug little face, she turned and walked görükle escort out

“See you later Jan!” As she closed the door, she smiled at the thought of smug Jan’s face now!


“Taxi please. From Jones Haulage, to High Street. Okay” She smiled to herself as she put her mobile away. She knew Jan would be watching from the window. Just as she walked out of the main doors, the taxi pulled up. She enjoyed the little extravagance of calling a cab, she could hopefully pay for it out of the change.

“High Street Miss?” the cabbie asked, as she slid into the back seat and nodded. This new confident Amanda was beginning to enjoy the fruits of life, and a share of good luck that she always felt she had missed out on.

Having tipped the cabbie as she got out, right outside the shopping centre, he leant out of his window. “If you want a cab back, ring and ask for me – Mike. I’m having a break for coffee now, but will be back on soon enough”

“Okay” she smiled, and walked towards the entrance. Looking in the reflection from the glass doors, she could see him watch her…..was he watching her? She rolled her hips a little as she pushed the door, then shocked him by turning round and waving at him! Caught – red faced – he pulled away from the kerb.

She headed for “Next”, and wandered in. She browsed the skirts, they were all under £20, bless the January sales.

She picked one up, it looked much like the one she had on . Cheap and cheerful, it would do the job. She saw the same skirts on the rail opposite. Reduced to £25. What? She looked at the one in her hand. £18. Curious, she crossed over, and picked one up. It felt heavier. When she looked, it had a lovely silk blue lining. Normally, she would always go for the cheaper skirt, she was on a budget. But Mr Williams had given her £50….. Oh what to do?

She wandered over to the changing rooms, and stepped into a cubicle. Stepping out of her shoes, she shimmied the paint-marked skirt down, and stepped out of it. She caught sight of her legs in the mirror. “Still chubby” she sighed, then thought “NO. Curvy. And Shapely” Sam had taught her that (even though he had never seen her) in his last dare. The suspenders showed beneath her blouse, framing her knickers, and the white smooth flesh above the stocking tops. She shuddered, resisting the urge to keep looking at herself. What had he turned her into!

The first skirt fitted fine, and felt better than the cheap Superstore skirt she had removed. Same style, same colour, better quality. “That’ll do nicely” she thought. She slipped it back off, hung it up, and pulled down the second one.

The feeling of the lining as it slid easily up her stockinged legs was a shock! No drag, no snag. And then the silk hit her bare hips. She slipped her shoes back on, and paced the two or three steps up and down the cubicle. It was a cool touch to her bare skin, and she knew that this one would definitely do for her! She stepped out, and looked in the full length mirror at the end of the row of curtains. No sign of the suspender belt showed – she had been conscious of it in her old skirt. She waved and called the attendant over, stepping back into the cubicle. “I would like to buy these two skirts please, but would like to wear one out now” she explained, showing the girl the now-dried paint smear on her old one. “I have to go back to work. Could I wear one straight away?”

“Yes of course you can. Which one would you like to wear? The one you have on?”

Amanda told her she would wear the cheaper one, and the assistant took it away to remove the tags. When she returned, the dearer skirt was on the hanger, and Amanda stood in her stockings, thanking the girl as she took the skirt and slipped it on. “Now that would never have happened a few weeks ago now, would it!” She thought to herself. The confidence she now had in her curves and her body, through the cyber writing was starting to spill into her real life. She hadn’t even batted an eyelid as the youngster obviously had her eyes drawn to her stocking-clad legs.

She seemed to ooze confidence. Just as Sam had promised she would! She thought back to the last dare she had received from him, remembering it word-for-word, and glanced at her watch. Half an hour should be perfect. Slipping her knickers off, and into her handbag, she put the new skirt on, and walked out – into a shop, in public, in daylight – and walked to the till. Her coat left open, the feel of air swirling and brushing her nether regions as it kissed it’s way up her skirt, it almost made her swoon as the girl rang in the two purchases. Almost absent-mindedly she accepted the seven pounds change, and strolled through the tiled concourse. Wickedly, she smiled, and called the Taxi number again.

“Yes. High Street Centre. Mike, please…..”


As she stepped through the doors, she could see bursa sınırsız escort him pulling up at the kerb.

He smiled at her, and – surprisingly for a cabbie here – he leapt out of the car, and opened the back door for her. “Good time shopping Miss?” he asked, nodding at her bag.

“Oh, just the usual” she smiled back, and slid into the car. She realised, then, that although the skirt had looked roughly the same length as her old one, it was maybe an inch shorter. Not much. But coupled with the quality, she could feel it slide up her leg. Handbag and shopping in one hand, she tried to look composed as she slid into the seat, but felt a faint flush on her face as she realised that Mike must have seen the start of the welt of her stocking top. She tugged the skirt back down as he got in, and off they went. Soon enough, they pulled up back outside the gates.

As she fumbled for her purse, she didn’t notice he was out, and was already holding the door open for her. “How much do I owe you?” she asked, looking up at him, apprehensively.

“Nah, nothing, don’t worry. You gave me a fiver on the way to town, it should have only been three quid. And besides, I’m on my way to another job, and this isn’t out of the way. It’s not everyday I take a good looking woman-exec like you on shopping trip. Just remember to ask for me when you want a cab”

She blushed – at his smile, and his idea of her being an executive. White blouse, black skirt, court shoes – she supposed it must look like a uniform to him. She was just glad it hadn’t been Jan he had given a ride to. A wicked thought crossed her mind in a flash, of her heroine in her erotic fantasies. ‘Sam said I could do something like this – so I will!’

“Okay, well thank you very much Mike” as she slid her legs out of the car.

She fought with her instincts, and deliberately let the skirt ride up, to show the stocking tops and the clips from the suspender belt. Though she wasn’t certain, she was sure she hadn’t flashed her naked lips at him.

“I will always ask for you when I need a cab….and…..thanks for the ride” She winked as she strode to the main doors. On the way up to the office, she laughed to herself, with uncontrollable nervousness, as she imagined the cabbie now trying to readjust the bulge she had definitely seen in his crotch at her eye level as she got out!

Clipping past Jan’s desk on her way in, just as lunch started, she saw Mr Williams.

“Oh Sir, thank you, I’ve got a new skirt” and she fanned her coat out to show him.

“Good, I am glad, though you needn’t have rushed back”

“Oh it isn’t far, and I’ll catch up on my typing. There is some change…” and she reached for her purse.

“No need Amanda, keep it for the inconvenience”

“Thank you. And it was partly my fault, I should’ve seen Dave coming. He wasn’t really to blame”

She knew she would see Dave later, and find out if he had been told off by Mr Williams, but she wanted to smooth things over. “No worries. I just told him to remember to remove his overalls. Jan – fetch me a coffee will you, and the money from Petty cash. I’ll beat my desk as I’ll be working through this lunchtime”

She had to suppress a laugh as she saw Jan reduced to tea-lady, in her lunch break! She sat down at her desk, and placed the carrier bag in the drawer, checking her emails. When Jan returned with the coffee, Amanda skipped past her, and walked, consciously aware of her knickerless state, and stood at the coffee machine near the canteen, chatting with some of the lads from the factory, all blissfully unaware of the meek, mild mannered typists secret…

She returned to her desk, once again passing the scurrying Jan, sipping her coffee, and counting down the minutes. Shortly, she rose, and stepped towards the ladies toilets. Safely inside, she pulled her knickers from her bag, and stepped back into them, enjoying the safe, warm, snugness as they cupped her..

Back at her desk, she logged onto the Internet and emailed Sam. “Dare

completed. Thirty minutes knickerless, – no more – no less. Mostly moist, Amanda.xx” She would write the whole tale out tonight for him to read, and email it to him ready for tomorrow morning. She knew that she would be teasing him with the first email, and that he would be tortured till he received the writing. In her mind, she could not wait for the next time she felt that kiss of the silk lining on her thighs.


At his desk, at work, Sam read her email. His cock hardened at the image, and the thought of her, stockinged legs, knickerless lips, hidden, secret, just between themselves. He groaned. It would be a hard day at work!


Amanda rushed home, the trip seeming to take an age. She wanted this to be…perfect.

Her flatmate was out till eight, she was seeing some fella after nilüfer escort work, and then going for drinks. Amanda had the place to herself. She sipped on a glass of wine as she undressed in front of the mirror.

This was a new habit, one she was becoming accustomed to. She had grown used to seeing her nakedness now, and not embarrassed. She now delighted in her curves, whereas before…? She shook her head, smiled, raised the glass to her reflection, said “Cheers!” and drank.

Having poured another glass, she entered the bathroom, and stepped into the shower and washed away the dust of travel, and the feel of work. Oiling her skin all over with her favoured lotion, she began to get dressed again. Her laciest sexiest underwear was on, and then the white blouse she had worn for work. She sat at the table, and began to unpick the seam on her old, damaged skirt. Finally, satisfied at her handiwork, she stood and put the old skirt on. Perfect.

She couldn’t help but smile, imagining the look on snotty Jan’s face if she could see the curvy office typist now, or read the thoughts going through her mind. She poured a fresh glass, took a deep breath, and set her digital camera on the hallway table Standing in the room doorway, she posed, the chains looped round her wrists, the ends held hidden in her hands. Flash! She moved, resetting the camera. Flash!

Again. Flash! Again. Flash! Again – Flash! Again. And once more. Flash!

Satisfied, she moved to the PC, and downloaded the pictures. Using the Image editor she set to work. After half an hour, she was happy with the results. Trial and error, but now she was satisfied. Quickly typing, she wrote the story that had formed in her mind on the way home. She saved it, opened her Hotmail account, and wrote the email.

Amanda smiled to herself as she pressed “Send”. The email left her grasp, and winged it’s way to Sam’s portal. She heaved a sigh – anticipation, excitement, fear? The burning itch and desire in her pussy started to make its’ urgency known to her even more. She finished the glass of wine, and looked at the empty bottle. She wasn’t drunk, she was relaxed. She was one more thing also. She was happy.


Wednesday morning, Sam logged on. “You have email” the impersonal tone spoke to him. His heart rose! There, in his Inbox, was one from Amanda-X-29, her address name. He opened it, and began scanning the lines.

There was an attachment, he noted, and while he downloaded it, he re-read the email fully

“Darling Sam,

Attached you will find a Word document.

You are to read the story from the start, do NOT scan down before you have read each page entirely – twice – and digest the account I have written. You will know when you reach the end. When you are reading, some of the pages are blank at the lower portion. This is intentional, and to make you read that page fully, and understand it. Only then can you scroll down to the next page.

I will await a summary of your reactions – and actions (?) – hoping that you enjoy. Submissively in charge?


The attachment was downloaded. He opened it without reading. He left his chair, wandered through to the kitchen, made a coffee, and then returned to read. He hoped – no, he knew – that he would be delighted, but was surprised at the how long the attachment had taken to download. How many pages had she written? He was glad he had three hours before going in to work. He settled down, and began to read…..


Sam. Today, I took a big step. I won’t bore you with the details, but I went clothes shopping for a skirt. I stood in front of an assistant almost fully clothed. Well, fully clothed apart from a skirt….standing there, in blouse, knickers, and stockings, and I never blushed. Thank you Sam, you have given me so much confidence! And then on the way back to work, I even flashed my stocking tops and bare thigh – to a man. How does that make you feel?

Do you wish you were him….? And, my darling, if I add that this was during my thirty minutes – no more, no less – does that make you hard? He didn’t see, trust me, but I knew, and oh my, what a feeling that gave me!

And before my thirty minutes was up, I walked, knickerless, to the canteen, and got myself a coffee, and stood chatting to some of the blokes at work. I tremble now as I write it, my sweet little haven is moist from the memory. Does that thought keep you hard? Do you twitch and tremble as you picture me, trembling?

Sam groaned, all thoughts of his coffee gone, as he closed his eyes and tried to picture the delectable curvy Amanda, skirt-less, and then knickerless. The sheer erotic thoughts made his hardening cock twitch – she knew him so well. Her mind games were a pleasure, a tease, and a torture to him. And he loved it. He continued reading.

When I came home, I realised the power of the office uniform over some men. That prim white blouse, that plain black skirt. Do they imagine me wearing this lacy powder blue bra and knickers set when they talk to me? Do they imagine my curves, naked and hot for their touch? Do they picture me, knickerless? I know that you do darling Sam.

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