I Want My Daddy – Part 1

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Is it wrong for a seventeen year old girl to have these feelings towards my own father? I love him as my father, that is a definite, nonetheless I want him. I want him really bad. I want him to kiss me passionately and I want to taste him and have him tear my clothes off and simply grab my panties and have his cock fucking my gushing core! I want to have my father, my one flesh and blood, fuck me till I scream his name. I know this is wrong. This is incest, but I want him so bad! Is it wrong for me to imagine seducing him? I constantly have these ideas and images in my mind what I want to do to him. I want to crawl on all four for him and have him spank my supple young ass. I want him to grab my tits and pull my nipples as he fuck my sopping pussy from behind just like a bitch in heat! Oh God! This is wrong! This is not right! He is a 52-year-old man who works at a hotel in town as the manager. I guess he is an old man in some standard, but in my eyes, he is not that old! He is not that handsome with his brown hair now sprinkled with grey hair and his eyes are light brown. He is an average guy. He is kind of short in my opinion too standing at 5 feet 10 inches and I love taller guys, but why do I find him irresistible? At seventeen I am quite pretty with my C-cup tits and my soft supple ass that makes my friends green with envy. I can have nearly any guy at school or any men with a cock between their legs if I wiggle my ass hard enough, but I don’t want them because I want my Daddy more than anything in this world. It is hard to wake up everyday and face him at the kitchen counter while having breakfast, or simply sitting next to him watching TV when every cell in my body craves for him. Sometimes when we watch TV, in my mind I will be sitting on his lap straddling his body with his fingers playing with my wet pussy and my hands jacking off his cock while we watch our favourite TV show. Sometimes when he cooks dinner for me when my Mom is working, in my mind he is having me for dinner on the dining table instead, with the naked me on the table with my father feasting on my wet pussy and his hands on my tits squeezing and teasing my nipples. The worst is when sometimes at night I can hear my father humping my mother and I will tip-toe to their room and peek. I would imagine that he is fucking me instead. I would imagine that I am the one in his bedroom and in his bed and not my mother. I want my Daddy even right now as I stare at him as he does his office work. Even with his ridiculous reading glasses, I want him. I know today my Mom will be home very late and that means I have 6 hours to make my move. I pray that my Daddy cannot hear istanbul travesti how fast and how loud my heart is beating. Both of us have our laptops in front of us. My father is doing his office work while I am pretending to do my schoolwork in front of him. I swallow my saliva nervously as I cannot imagine how my father will react when I share with him what I have been harbouring for the past few months. I am wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. The normal stuff that I wear, but underneath I am wearing a bright pink thong and pink lacy see-through push up bra. Oh God! I can feel my juices soiling my tiny thong and my nipples are pebble hard with my arousal. I want my Daddy so bad! “Daddy.” My voice shakes. His brown eyes dart to my face. “I have a favour to ask you, Daddy.” I continue. “A favour? What kind of favour?” He asks. “I need to blindfold you and then I will show you a surprise,” I explain as my father’s brows fuse together. “What are you planning to do, Erica?” “Nothing much, but can you just do it for me? Please Daddy?” I beg. He lets out his breath and nods. I blindfold my father and he simply sits on the chair while waiting for my next move. I take off my shorts and my t-shirt. I have made up my mind that I will tell Daddy what I want and what I need. I am resolute to seduce him today and face the consequences of my actions after this. I nervously walk in front of him in my pink thong and my see-through pink push up bra. I am trying to convince myself that it is okay to want to have sex with my father. I want him so much that I am trembling as I stand facing him. I know I have to do something really soon, if not I will lose this opportunity. I tell my father that he will get his surprise soon and he nods with his blindfold on. I hold my father’s shoulders and I am so nervous that my fingers tremble as they touch the cotton material of my father’s shirt. I hold his shoulders firmly and ease my near-naked self onto his lap. I cannot imagine how he will react if he can see his seventeen-year-old teenage daughter in her thong and see-through bra sitting, straddling him. I let out a shaky breath and I get my face nearer to his face. I have imagined it many times and I feel so giddy with what I am about to do. I move my arms and circle his body and bring my chest closer to him. My body feels so aroused and I can feel my pussy pumping more and more of my juices. I then kiss my father’s lips lightly. He flinches a little but he does not protest. I then lick his lower lip, suckle the lip lightly and stick my tongue deep into his mouth. “Erica! What are you doing!” He suddenly istanbul travestileri yells, stands up and takes off the blindfold while I fall on the kitchen floor with tears now streaming down my face. “What are you doing and what are you wearing?” He asks. “I want you Daddy. Please fuck me!” I blurt out. “Are you crazy?” “Yes I am! I am crazy about you Daddy! I want you so bad. Please fuck me!” I beg and my heart aches when I see the pained look on his face. “This… this is sick!” He says and I can feel tears now spilling more and more. “Please Daddy. Is it wrong for me to want you? I have never wanted anything so bad. I dream about you everyday. I crave for you every day. Please Daddy. I need you.” I continue to beg. “This is ridiculous! I’m going out.” He says and turns towards the back door. I quickly block his way with my body. He freezes and his eyes move up and down my body. I cannot read his expression maybe because I am scared and pretty devastated that I have made my father really upset. “Move away, Erica.” His voice is hoarse. “No Daddy. Please Daddy. Only this once. Make love to me. I beg you.” I then hug his body. His body is so warm, but I can feel him tensing. I can hear his heart beating like crazy and his breathing is laboured, but he does not push me away or run away. I simply hug him tighter, rejoicing the feeling of him. I slowly look up and he is looking down on me. I timidly raise my face and lick my lips. I want to kiss my father again, but not sure how he will react this time. I need to take a gamble. I pull his head towards me and I smile when our lips touch. My heart is fluttering with anticipation. Our lips simply rest on one another. Touching and yet not touching. His ragged breath is on my face and I rejoice every second of it. I slowly open my lips and slide my tongue into his slightly parted lips. My father suddenly close his eyes and his arms surround my small body. He forces my mouth open when he feverishly kiss me. I can feel our tongues meeting and I feel elated when his hands begin to roam on my back. I feel as if my skin is on fire whenever he touches my skin. He kisses me fervently and I gladly offer my father my mouth and I rub my body against his to show how much I need him. He stops kissing me out of the blue and pushes me away to my disappointment. I simply stare up to my father wanting him to kiss me again. He push my body against the door and I follow what he wants. His eyes feast on my young body and deep in me, I am praying that he will not have any second thoughts. His eyes rest on my crotch that is barely covered with the thin pink material travesti and I know I am sopping wet. He looks surprise. “Do you want me that bad, Baby?” He asks as his fingers trace the wet material. I nod. “Why? Why me?” He asks. “Why not?” I answer. “This is wrong, Baby. Do you know what this is? This is…” “Incest.” I finish his sentence. “I can’t do this Baby. This is just wrong.” He explains but his fingers continue to massage my crotch. “I know Daddy! Don’t tell me what is wrong and what is right. What I know is every day you make my body tingle. Every day you make me so aroused that I have to play with myself if not I go crazy!” I insist. “But Erica, I’m your father.” “I know Daddy, but if I don’t have you… I don’t know what I’ll do.” “You can find boys or guys better than me out there. I’m old and I’m your flesh and blood.” He continues. “But I want only you Daddy. More than anything Daddy. Please make me happy this one time. I beg you Daddy. Please make me yours.” The silence in the kitchen is deafening. He has taken his fingers away from my crotch and now we are simply standing, staring at each other. I have to do something. I take the hand that has been rubbing my crotch and pull it to my face. His fingers are glistening with my juices. I slide two of his fingers into my mouth and suck them gently. I feel slightly victorious because he does not pull away. I continue to suckle my father’s fingers one by one and I love the saltiness that I taste from his skin. I then, take his other hand and rest it on my left tit and I hiss as my pebble hard nipple touch his palm. I am happy that I am able to suckle his fingers and I am happier when my father timidly squeezes my left tit. I let out a sexy moan as he squeezes my young C-cup tit through the see-through bra. I push my soft mound into his hand and drag his other hand between my legs. “Rub my pussy please, Daddy.” I whisper. I moan loudly as my father tugs my pink thong making the material tease my clitoris and my sensitive pussy. He tugs my thong again and again while I begin to get more and more aroused with his ministration. My body jolts as my father’s lips lick and suck my nipples through the thin material of my bra. I am now begging for my father to give me more. I am so happy that after months, I am finally having my dreams come true. “Daddy!” I scream for my father as he pulls my nipples hard. “Is this what you want, Erica?” He asks and he yanks my nipples harder. “Y… yes Daddy! Oh yes!” I answer. “You’re so wet baby. How bad do you want your Daddy?” He asks as he continues to squeeze and pull on my nipples. “So bad Daddy! I want you so bad! Fuck me daddy! Give me your cock. Please fuck me!” I scream and I beg as my father is now tweaking my right nipple hard while suckling my other nipple. My legs nearly give away when my father ram two fingers into my drenched pussy. I cling onto him as he pumps his fingers in and out my pussy.

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