Icy Fingers The Final Chapter


David kissed and licked his way down her body, making love to the special places and then finding new pleasure spots. Lybee was writhing on the bed, her hips undulating as she strained toward him, wanting more. Her wrists were tied to the headboard, but she didn’t seem to notice. She moved her hips, twisted, trying to get more of her body in contact with David’s stroking tongue. He began smoothing his hands over her body, massaging her skin with long, velvety strokes. She could smell the scent of vanilla as his hands continued their journey over her flesh. Then he began kissing her again, the skin under his lips burning hot with each breath. He teased her, licking and sucking around her breasts, but never actually making contact with her hard and aching nipples. She arched her back, called to him, asked softly for his mouth, but to no avail. It was then that she noticed her hands, her arms, her inability to move. David’s face loomed over hers, his eyes burned with desire.

She looked down at her body, gleaming in the candlelight. He had covered her with massage oil, coating her skin with the slick liquid. Everywhere he breathed became hot and eager, his tongue licked her with long, wide strokes, making her moan and beg for more.

She turned as much as possible, trying to keep in contact with his seeking mouth. As she did, she noticed the ice chest on the bed. She looked at David questioningly, but he just smiled and kissed her. His mouth began the journey down her body. Moving between her breasts, he lavished attention on the flat area between them, knowing it was particularly sensitive for Lybee. Down her tummy, rubbing his slightly scratchy face against her skin, she felt more alive and excited than she could ever remember. He continued to move down, finding her curlies and licking there, his tongue exploring, searching for her slit. When she felt the pointed tip sliding along her swollen lips, she opened for him, inviting him into her pink. His hands moved to her thighs, pushing them open, exposing her most private self. He buried his face inside her, his tongue stiff on her clit, shaking his head side to side, flicking her pleasure button. Lybee fought the restraints, begging him to free her so she could help him. But David refused, his mouth backroom casting porno muffled against her swollen mound.

The oil caused heat when mixed with someone’s breath, and now David blew against her lower lips, making her burn with longing. The heat was almost unbearable, the pleasure/pain combination that was so very erotic.

Reaching to the nightstand, David picked up an icy drink and took a long sip. He returned to Lybee, placing his cold lips against her nipple, chilling it before warming it in his mouth. He repeated this, moving over her body, until she was awash with hot/cold sensations. When his mouth covered her pussy and he began to french kiss her there, she nearly exploded. His cold tongue penetrating her was delightful, appeasing the heat he had been building there.

He pulled back and looked at his lover. “Did you like that? Does it thrill you to mix temperatures on your very private flesh? You are my most precious girl. Are you enjoying this?”

Lybee responded quickly, encouraging David to continue his love play. She begged to be released from the bonds, promising to be very good.

“Not only am I not releasing you, but I am thinking of blindfolding you. I wonder if you prefer to see what is happening or want to be surprised? Perhaps I will wait until later to blindfold you. Right now, I want you to see what I have for you.”

David reached into the ice chest and removed a hand. Lybee stared at it in the dim light, not exactly sure what she was seeing. He moved it closer to her face. It was a rubber glove that had been filled with water and frozen, so now it resembled a hand. He rubbed it over her lips, chilling her. The hand moved slowly down her chest, circling her nipples and causing them to ruch. The tightness in her nipples sent an ache right to her center. She pulled against the restraints again, but they remained tight. The frozen hand massaged her tummy, then slipped into her curlies. She felt the frigid surface against her warm skin and began to tingle. She imagined what could be done with the frozen hand, the icy fingers. Her eyes sought David’s. He continued, using the fingers to trace her slit, the iciness a sharp contrast to the heat she was generating. Ah, bangbros porno now the frozen finger was inside her, moving up and down her slit, sliding into her pussy, fucking her with ice, then circling her clit, making it harden and throb. God, this was so unbelievable! David was lying between her open legs, his face near enough to her pussy that she could feel his breath against her curlies. He was playing with her, using the frozen fingers to separate and massage her tender pinkness. He probed her depths, rhythmically fucking her with the thumb. She pushed against it, thrusting her hips in an effort to get it deeper. But it didn’t fill her. She needed more. She moaned and begged again to be released.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? No, I think I will keep you my prisoner a little longer. I have another surprise for you. I know you liked the frozen hand, but it wasn’t enough for your demanding cunt, was it? I have something better, just for you, my little wanton slut!”

Opening the chest again, he withdrew a condom which had been frozen, also full of liquid. It was huge. And hard. And so very cold. He rubbed it against her slit, pushing it inside and along her soft pinkness, making her shiver with excitement. He slid it slowly into her waiting pussy, deep and hard, making her cry out with delight. She started fucking it, thrusting her hips against it, burying it inside herself. It was so big, so hard! She loved it.

Lybee began to talk, to ramble. “I want it. I want to fuck that giant ice cock and feel it deep inside me. Oh, my pink is becoming pale and cold. I am a frozen cunt, an ice princess in need of thawing. I need a hot man cock inside me, melting me, turning me pink again. Fuck me, David. Fuck your princess!”

David’s cock was dripping precome, so hard, so ready. He pulled the icy cock out and dropped it on the bed, sliding his rigid manhood deep inside Lybee. The walls of her cunt were icy, but he felt them warm as he probed her depths. He fucked her, his hips thrusting forward with such force that she cried out.

Finally, she felt warm again. She felt her pink glowing with heat. Lybee thought that now he would release her and they would make love normally, the games over. But she was wrong. He did beurette tour porno reach for the ties, loosening them long enough to flip her over and then retying them. He pushed her onto her knees, her tight ass up in the air, her head on the pillow. He ran his finger along her tight bud, watching it pucker even more. He leaned forward and kissed her there, his tongue lightly touching her hole. She moaned and pushed back against his face, wanting more. Pulling away, he reached for the frozen condom, lubricating it with massage oil. He held it to her ass, holding it in place long enough for her to feel the cold sensation. When she looked over her shoulder to say something, she stopped in amazement.

Here was her David, the man she knew so well, yet not at all. His eyes were glazed with lust, heavy lidded. He didn’t even seem aware that she was there. He didn’t seem to see her or hear her, so intent was he on his plan.

With deliberate force, he pushed the frozen cock into her ass, all the way in, as deep as possible. She cried out, told him to stop, but he was beyond hearing or comprehending. He stroke her ass, moving it in and out, plunging into her over and over. Finally, she began to thrust in time with him, moving her hips against his hand, encouraging the fucking of her ass. She was so excited, unsure if she could wait much more before exploding. Then, David straightened between her legs. He put his straining cock against her pussy lips and delved into her. She felt the heat from her lover buried in her cunt while the icy cock continued to probe her darkness. The combination was more than she could bear and she felt her orgasm rushing through her. The roar filled her head, and her inner muscles began to twitch and clasp David’s cock, pulling it even deeper into her pussy. She screamed out with pleasure, saying his name over and over as the orgasm spasmed through her entire body. She felt David slamming into her, using her, filling her with his hot, needy dick. Then she heard it, the roar of his completion, the cry from deep within him as he shot his hot come into her body. His hands abandoned the icy cock and he gripped her hips, holding her tightly to his groin as he exploded within her.

The throbbing of his cock became less intense as his orgasm subsided. He leaned forward and released the restraint with a single pull, and she was free. He pulled her into his arms and rolled onto his side, still nestled in her warmth. He held her lovingly, kissing her neck and ear, whispering loving words of promises fulfilled.


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