Ideal Indian Wife Ch. 01


I sat down across her parents as they looked through my profile, judging if I was a worthy match for their daughter. This was mostly decided by how much I earned, and I knew it would be no issue at all. I paid no heed to them as they rifled through the papers, and looked around for the woman I was about to own. As expected, she was nowhere to be seen, and she would only be brought out after they confirmed I was worth it, so I waited.

Two other of their daughters stood in the entrance of the kitchen, covered from head to toe in robes, their eyes looking out at me through slits, giggling among themselves. The very sight of them only belonged to their husbands, so they were not allowed to show their faces to other men besides family. These girls were usually prohibited to masturbate and locked up in chastity belts. Women were born sluts, after all, you could hardly trust them to wait for marriage.

If the father of these girls had not faltered in his duties, these women would, most likely, have also been trained in cooking and cleaning, fashion, makeup, song, dance and erotic duties. Their husbands would expect them to cook, clean, doll themselves up and entertain. Since their virginities also belonged to their husbands, women were usually taught oral sex on dildos, grinding and humping on teddy bears, and had to study the methods to groom their man.

I was getting impatient of looking around aimlessly, and began to glare at the father as he did his job at an infuriatingly slow pace. Only one of his wives, probably the mother of the girl, was at his side. I glanced at her bust that protruded even through the loose robes, and hoped her daughter had inherited her genes. If they had not been lying on the advertisement, she was gifted in the right areas, hourglass shape with a fair complexion and decent height.

I had only been permitted to see her face in a picture until now, but as soon as I had seen it, I had to rush over here. She was stunning, and I simply had to have her. I knew she would be expensive, but she was absolutely worth it. My father had been pushing me into marriage for quite some time. “If you haven’t even bought a first wife yet, when will you buy the rest and when will you make a family?”, he said. But I had been waiting for someone who would make me feel like she did. I had been given an opportunity to buy her before she was put on the market, as our fathers knew each other. I immediately knew I must seize her without any delays. She was to be my first wife.

But the thing is, photos can be edited. I hoped she would live up to my expectations.

Finally the father looked up and smiled at me. Then he raised his voice and called, “RIA! Come and meet your husband!”

I perked up with excitement and anticipation as the sound of her ankle bracelets approached.

Ria was ushered in by two other women completely covered in black on either side of her, guiding her by the arm as she held a tray with hot samosas and chai in her hand. She stood out incredibly, about 5″6, dressed in a sexy, dazzling red transparent saree, adorned with gold jewelry all over her body. She had pulled her pallu over her face and was looking downwards, so I couldn’t see her face. But I could see her body.

And damn, what a body it was. Pornstars would have been envious, she was a fucking bombshell! Since her saree was transparent and hugging her body, I could see her midriff, her enormous cleavage and the outlines of her huge booty and thighs. I couldn’t have even imagined a woman more perfect in proportions. Her blouse was straining to hold her tits in. Her back was bare except for the thin string of the blouse, and I loved how smooth it looked. I liked my women plump, soft and jiggly, and I was convinced she was all three. The saree clearly displayed her hourglass figure. I loved that she had a bit of fat on her belly, not so much that it was protruding, but not a perfectly toned midriff either. Her belly button was a lovely innie.

Internally I was jumping in glee, screaming ‘jackpot!’, but outwards I maintained an appearance of indifference. There were still several things she had to be tested for. kemalpaşa escort

First I tasted the samosas. Then, the chai. Again, she had given me reason to jump and scream in joy! They were delicious with an absolute burst of spicy flavour in every bite of the samosa, and the chai was perfectly brewed with a wonderful blend, just the way I liked it. Had she read my mind? Could this woman be any more perfect?

But something had felt off when I looked at her. What was it? I drank in her appearance from head to toe as she stood there timidly, holding her hands together in front of her. I was still jumping in glee, but then it struck me. This girl wasn’t as fair as her pictures. She was slightly brown, though I could tell she had lighter undertones. I smirked.

Her complexion didn’t really matter to me, but I knew it did to her parents. I glanced over at them, and sure enough they were looking at me nervously. I suppose they hadn’t exactly been lying on the advertisement, she was probably just tanned, but I needed to use this to lower her price.

“How are the samosas, son?” the father asked.

“They’re fantastic!” I said, shortly. I wondered for a second if Ria had really made the food, if she was actually that perfect, but I knew there would be no point of deception, since I could return her if she actually turned out to be terrible after marriage. “Can I speak to Ria privately now?”

As per standard practice, her father handed me the key to her pussy and pointed to a private room that was visible from the hall, and said while chuckling, “You know the rules son. Don’t penetrate her until the wedding night!”

I smiled back politely and said, “Don’t worry, I am only going to strip her.”

Inside the room Ria stood stiffly about two heads shorter than me, pallu over her face, hands at her front, waiting demurely as I circled her. She smelled of wonderful soap and fresh jasmine flowers.

I grabbed the pallu covering her face by its edges and let it drop. Still, she looked downwards.

“Look up.”

She made a slight upward movement of her head, but she was probably still too shy.

“I said, ‘LOOK UP!'” my voice low and stern. “Didn’t you hear?”

She jerked her head up instantly, and her eyes met mine, and I swear her expression could have made me cum right there. Her face had this look of absolute devotion, but there was something irresistibly cute and innocent about it. She made me want to tongue fuck her full sexy lips right there, but I exercised restraint. She truly was stunning. She had a lovely, delicate nose and a large, cute, fuck-me eyes.

She looked down instantly and began shivering like a leaf, and I realized she must have been terrified. When you are buying a wife, it means you are taking on responsibility for a human being and a family. My chest puffed up with pride at the sight of the woman who would hopefully be my ravishing wife, and I attempted to soften my expression and my voice.

I held her plump arms and felt my fingers sink into her soft skin. She almost collapsed at my contact. “Ria?” I said quietly.

She replied, “Yes Sir?” in the sweetest voice known to man.

I held her arms and said nothing, completely enamored.

To my surprise, she suddenly bent and touched my feet to her heart. She even kissed my boots and said in a sudden rush of words, “Sir, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to call you so I called you Sir. Sir, I promise I will fulfill all my duties faithfully, please please buy me! Sir, I can cook, clean, I can sing and play music and dance Sir. I even do sexy dances. Sir, I know belly dances and bollywood dances and pole dances, anything you like Sir! And Sir, I can cook really well too! I know I’m not supposed to boast and this is only expected of a woman, please don’t think that I will be looking for praise Sir! I worked hard at my training also, Sir, I can please you….” At this point she blushed and faltered, remaining at my feet.

I enjoyed the view of her cleavage for a minute of silence as she began shivering again, and then I chuckled. Damn, I couldn’t wait for konak escort the night I could make her mine and plow her until she shrieks.

“Why do you want me to buy you? Aren’t I the first match you met? What if you find a better guy?” I said.

Before giving a response, she put her lips to my boots again, and licked it a little, like a pet.

“I think you look amazing, and I feel safe around you, like you could protect me.” she said, her voice shrill as her entire face turned red.

I was convinced, and I hadn’t even stripped her yet. But what man buys without inspecting the goods?

I held her by the arms and pulled her up to my face. I put a finger under her chin and lifted her face, as her eyes shyly met mine again. This time I smiled warmly at her and she held her gaze. I put my arm on her bare waist and pulled her closer. I began caressing her back, and felt her breathing sharply as my hand glided across her smooth skin. I guess years of abstinence means the slightest contact could make you horny.

I held her waist with both hands, and now it was my turn to bend until her navel was at my eye level. The midriff is one of the sexiest things about a saree, and she had one of the sexiest midriffs I have ever seen, with a beautiful gold belly chain on it. There’s something about a belly that has just the right amount of fat that makes me go mad. I began softly squeezing her waist with both my hands and then buried my face in it, kissing and nibbling it. Sucking on her tender body felt heavenly. I rubbed my cheek on her belly, and she giggled.

“Sir, that tickles!” she whispered.

“What? This?” I teased, rubbing my cheek on her belly again. Then I began to pinch and squeeze her belly more aggressively, and she let out a low moan. I licked every inch of her belly. I was amazed. If this was making her moan, I wondered what adventures of ecstasy I could have with her body.

But I still had to do my jiggle test for her belly. In my opinion, the jiggle is what makes a woman. I flicked her belly with my index finger and watched the flesh vibrate, and was satisfied.

I stood up, and ran my fingers through her hair. Ria had long, shiny, silky black hair that reached her thighs, as usually mandated for Indian girls. I felt my fingers flow through her entire hair with no resistance and I knew that she took good care of it. Another point in her favor. I asked her to open her mouth, her teeth were perfect. I pushed a finger into her throat to check her gag reflex, and was pleased to see that she didn’t react. I inspected her ears too, and they were cleaned well. I noticed her dangling earrings and smiled. I thought those were really cute on women. I knew it, it seemed this woman understood my tastes. She was tailor made for me.

Now came the fun part. She had drifted away from me slightly, and I yanked her into me by her belly chain, and she fell into my arms. My hands dropped from her waist to her ass, and I squeezed with a force that lifted her off her feet. Her ass was exquisite. My hands could barely hold half of it. I kneaded her ass like it was dough and she melted into my arms. My penis that had been semi-erect jumped to attention and was poking into her crotch. She let out some muffled squeals into my chest. I set her down, and flung away her pallu and bit into her left breast through the blouse, with my hands still buried in her ass. The taste of cloth and the heavenly feel of soft boobs filled my mouth. She dug her fingers into my shoulders as her body shook with a mini orgasm.

I bit into her right breast through her blouse and chomped on her tits. I felt my jaw sink in and open back up as I tried to put more of her boob in my mouth. But her boobs were gigantic! Only the tip of it could enter my mouth. I wanted to taste her skin so my hands left her ass and travelled up her smooth back to find the string of her blouse that was really just a bra. Meanwhile I took my mouth off her tits and buried my face in her tender, comforting tits and motorboated them.

My hand eventually found the string of her blouse on her back and pulled it open. kuşadası escort For a second, I simply had to admire the art that was her breasts. Her puppies hung majestically, with a crowning jewel of a nipple, sitting proud on the tip. I flicked her nipples and rubbed them between my fingers. Her brown areola were perfectly round and medium sized. I held her boobs between my thumb and my four fingers and squeezed as hard as I could, and felt no resistance. They definitely weren’t fake. In fact, they looked like the greatest natural breasts that had ever existed. I put my hands underneath them and jiggled with delight. I didn’t have to test that. I slapped them lightly and watched the tremors ripple through her flesh.

They melted in my hands like putty, and I felt anything I had gone through in life up until this moment was worth it, for those titties. I wondered how much bigger they would get once I put a baby in this bitch, and I began to feel goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. My entire body was excited.

I had been arching my back towards her titties for a while now. I found a chair, and sat her down in my lap with my face in her tits. I rubbed them against each other between my forearms and put both nipples into my mouth, sucking furiously. She had another mini orgasm, and I noted that her nipples were definitely sensitive. She began rubbing herself on my thighs.

I held her waist and stopped her, and she moaned in frustration. I pulled the rest of the saree and the petticoat off her body, and unlocked her chastity belt. I admired her smooth, unblemished naked body as she stood there rather disoriented, leaning into my arms. She didn’t have a single scar or mark anywhere. She truly was made like a doll. I lifted her arms and was pleased that her armpit hair had been shaved. In fact, it looked so smooth and pretty that I simply had to lick it in appreciation.

I sat her down on the chair and smelled her feet. They smelled and looked perfect. My hands glided from her calves to her thighs and her ass. After caressing her a little, I lifted her into my arms and lay her on her stomach on a bed nearby. As I was about to spread her legs, it seemed she realised what was going to happen and chose this moment to get embarrassed. She began covering her pussy with both her hands.

It pissed me off immediately. I slapped her arms away, and when she still continued to struggle, I folded her arms behind her back and held them in place.

Her crotch, like her armpits, was completely devoid of hair. It made me very happy to look at that inviting sight.

Her pussy was also absolutely perfect. It was barely a slit between her legs, and her vagina was not clearly visible. I spread her legs a little further, and through the slit, I saw her many folds slowly separate like a blooming flower. I licked my lips. That beautiful sight has been stuck in my mind forever. I then spread her ass cheeks, and to complete a perfect woman, a rosy tight asshole appeared. There was no discoloration in these areas at all.

I sniffed her pussy and smelled a pleasant flowery scent mixed with the fishy smell of arousal. I licked her pussy slit from top to bottom and smacked my lips at her sweet taste. I rubbed my cheek against the smoothness, and pinched her pussy lips together, as she squirmed under my strong grip, constantly moaning.

I let go of her spread legs, and as she closed them, I watched her ass and thighs jiggle. I enjoyed the rhythm of it, and began smacking her ass lightly to keep it going. I noticed a wonderful thigh gap that could function as another hole. I imagined the bliss of my cock between those soft thighs. I squeezed her ass for one last time and let her go.

After a few seconds of panting in exhaustion, she got up and stood before me again in that demure pose, looking up at me shyly, but now with an exaltation fit for a god.

I smiled at her and gave her a tiny peck on her lips.

“Does that mean…..” she whispered nervously.

I slowly circled behind her. Her naked ass looked so inviting. I couldn’t resist, I pulled my hand way back and PHAT! smacked her powerfully. She yelped and jumped forwards, rubbing her ass. I walked towards the door.

“Get dressed, my baby girl. I need to talk to your father about your price.”

She squealed in delight and jumped onto my back, hugging me from behind, pushing her soft naked tits into my back, as I had the widest grin on my face.

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