I’m a Pervert


I’m a sexual pervert. Now that’s a title I never thought would ever be attributed to me. It is certainly a statement I never thought I would be saying! Have I got your attention?

My name is James. I am a father and husband in my early forties. I have been married for over two decades. So where does this ‘prevision’ come in? Well, I’ll tell it all to you. It is a story that can be anyone’s.

First of all let’s clear up some things right now. I am not going to tell you I am a handsome, hulky man that has women look at me with lust. What I am is an average looking guy. I’m a five-eight and a half. I have a small belly and balding.

My wife, Janet, on the other hand, is a vision of delight. She’s also five-eight, dark hair, dark eyes with a nice firm build. It’s mannerisms not looks that attract lovers to her. She is a minx and has a very open mind.

Did I say ‘lovers’? Yes I did. You see we are swingers and have been before we ever married. No! That’s not what I mean when I say I’m a pervert.

I met her at a college party that became an orgy. I was humping a busty hot blond in a swimming pool. She was taking on two guys nearby.

Ok. I know you’re saying ‘James get on with the story!’ I’m not interested in your life’s tale!’ I just need to set you up for why I say I’m a sexual pervert.

When I spotted her getting double banged I saw a gorgeous woman. I mean I should have thought of Janet as a cunt but she seemed to be so much more. She was beautiful covered with sweat and other bodily fluids.

Her facial expressions and body movements only enhanced a natural beauty that existed. I had to meet this dark haired fox before the party was over.

To make a long story short, we did finally hook up. In fact we were some of the last to leave that party. We headed back to my bed where we’ve shared it ever since.

Janet and I wed soon after that. It was agreed that a swingers’ lifestyle would be ours. We were in love but knew a mundane, normal marriage would never work.

Like I said that was over twenty years ago. We have had two kids since then and still party and swing with the best. It is our children that bring in the sexual perversion I am guilty of. Now you’re really ready for my confession. Aren’t you?

We have two kids. Raymond, who is nineteen and Kristi, who is eighteen. Now they are a pair of good-looking people. My son is over six foot and a jock. Girls do look at him with lust. He has his mother’s dark features and that get him the pussy.

Kristi is a clone of Janet. She also has my wife’s Mediterranean looks. The only physical difference is a set of 38C’s.

My wife and I always believed our sex life was a secret from the kids. We never brought it home or to any of our normal friends. We were always conservative in our daily life. A discreet low profile was maintained with our swingers’ activities.

All this changed one weekend. Janet and I were supposed to be going to a college reunion down in Florida. The kids were contented to stay at home.

They said that there was no desire to be around a ‘bunch of old people talking about the past’. Ironically they had no idea what this ‘reunion’ would be. The activities would include a pool party of optional clothing. After all, we are talking about friends from college!

Anyway while sitting in the airport for the flight I got a call on my cellphone. The get together was cancel due to a hurricane threat. Disappointedly Janet and I headed home.

We arrived back to the house about mid evening. Both of us were surprise to see our kids’ cars were in the driveway. The place was dark so it was assume they were with friends.

As soon as we got inside moaning and groaning could be heard. It was coming from the upstairs bedroom area. There was no doubt what was causing such sounds.

“Raymond must be gettin’ some pussy,” I assume.

“Who say’s it’s him?” Janet quip.

I look over at my spouse. A set of dark eyes sparkles mischievously. I grin back.

“Think we should announce ourselves?” I wonder in a soft voice.

“Nawh,” Janet suggest in a low voice, “Let’s go see who’s havin’ fun?”

“You’re hopin’ it’s Kristi,” I query, “Aren’t ya?”

“You know I think our girl as a beautiful body,” she admits, “I’ve always wanted to see it in action.”

“What if it’s Raymond?” I ask.

A broad smile appears on a lovely face as she remarks, “That the sight will still be wonderful as well.”

We move stealthily upstairs. It was appearant the sounds were emitting from the master bedroom. Janet cracks that the action was going on in there because we had the largest bed to have fun in. The door was ajar.

The view was something no parent expects to ever see. It wasn’t one of our offsprings engage in sex. It was both of them!

It was Kristi on her back taking dick from Raymond. They were fucking like there was no tomorrow! Our son was ramming our daughter’s bald headed pussy with unabated lust! Our little girl was taking the flesh harpoon and challenging ağrı escort her brother to go deeper and faster.

“That’s it baby!” Kristi pants, “Fuck your whore sister hard!” With a rounded ass lifting and falling with each stroke, she goads, “Make me sore! Make this cunt raw!”

I should have been appalled at the sight! As a father I should have immediately charge in irate and yelling. Instead I remained silent.

“What the hell are we—,” I started to say. But when I looked over at Janet. It was obvious my wife was engrossed at the sight.

The little tank top she had been wearing is pushed down. A small hand is teasing a very erect and dark nipple. My spouse is fascinated with the incestuous activity our children.

“You’re really turned on by this,” I mutter.

“Aren’t you?” she responds. Not looking away from the taboo sight, she sighs, “It’s a wonderful vision.”

I was. In fact my cock was rock hard. Seeing my daughter acting like a bitch in heat was a maximum turn on.

“Fuck me, Raymond,” Kristi groans, “Fuck me ’til I hurt.”

A set of athletic legs tightens around a firm lower back. The sound of a wet pussy being plummet echoes in the room. The bed squeaks with the pounding of my children’s lovemaking.

“Look how Raymond’s magnificent rod pumps Kristi’s cunny,” Janet hisses.

Her hand pushes down a set of shorts. As usual, there weren’t any panties underneath. A dark patch of cunt hair glistens from moister. My wife was totality enthralled the kids’ forbidden act.

I watch Kristi even closer. Her athletic body is covered with a sheen of juices. She is an exact vision of the time I first saw her mother. My daughter was one hot cunt!

At that moment I knew I wanted that taboo pussy. I had to admit my little girl’s body was one of the most desirable I’ve ever seen. I had to feel that forbidden flesh against me.

“Put it in me, baby!” Kristi gasps, “I wanna feel my brother’s cock punish me!” She huskily moans, “Punish me, baby! Teach your whore sister a lesson for bein’ sucha’ amoral bitch! “

I look over at Janet. She was completely nude now. Kristi’s words had her going. A wet cunt was being masturbated roughly.

There was a clear view of our son’s cock going deep into our daughter’s pussy. We watch as a set of large balls slaps off a young, tight ass. We watch as a naked cunny pulsates around the hard rod sliding in and out.

“My wonderful children,” Janet hotly whispers, “They’re so beautiful.”

I give into the unnatural lust growing in my groin and start removing clothes. A rigid pole springs upward quickly when released. The head is already leaking pre-semen.

Raymond then leans over and captures a fleshy orb. A hungry mouth chews wildly on a hard nipple. As he does, a wet pussy speeds the up and down movement on the stiff cockshaft.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Kristi gasps, “Yes! Yessss! Yesssssssss! Do this bitch as you wish my handsome brother!”

Kristi’s pussy contracts madly around the taboo rod. Raymond’s actions say he was being driven wild. My son was ready to cum hard into his sister’s forbidden cunt.

Janet was masturbating even faster now. I could tell she coveted Kristi’s position. Her desires didn’t stop at our daughter. I could tell she also desired our son’s position as well.

“Yes, my children. Yes.” Janet cheers hotly, “Fuck each other raw. Love each other with each stroke.”

I begin to pump a hard cock. Kristi being a fantastic piece of ass for Raymond was just too hot. There was no doubt she was going to be my next fuck.

“Keep your legs high on his back, baby,” the masturbating Janet encourages under her breath, “You wanna feel all of your brother’s cock inside you.”

I couldn’t believe how hot Janet had gotten. This was a woman who had done it all. Yet this incest scene had her panting like a teenager in heat.

“Make me cum, Raymond,” Kristi wails adjusting a set of slender legs, “Make me cum ’til I’m dry!!”

“Yes, my children,” the self-pleasuring Janet urges, “Fuck each other.” Keep your legs high, baby. Ram deep, Raymond.” She moans feeling a climax rising, “Fuck each other hard, my children.”

I was now jacking off furiously at the sight. I was proud of how my son was giving my daughter a good fuck. I was delighted in the fact Kristi was as much of a slut as my wife.

“Do it, Raymond,” Kristi huskily orders, “Cum in you sissy’s cunny! I wanna feel that cock of yours explode inside my pussy!” She hotly hisses humping against her brother’s plunging cock.

“Oooooooooooh I’m cummmmin’!” Raymond screams as a powerful climax rises. “I’m cummin’, Kristi!” the sex hazed teenager yells in a pitched scream, “Oh fuck this is wonder—, wonderfulllllll!”

“Yes, baby, yes!” Janet hisses masturbating a wet cunt faster, “Fuck my little girl’s cunt!” She groans lustfully, “Oh all that’s holy! It’s such a beautiful pussy!”

“Omi gawd yessssss!” Kristi wails lifting the curvy legs high and wide, “I feel it!” aksaray escort She screams humping faster against Raymond’s pelvis. “I feel your hot cum splashin’ inside me!” Suddenly, a set of dark eyes widens. A young tight body taunts. “I’m cummin’ hard, baby!” She squeals, “Keep fuckin’ this whore’s cunt! Fuck it ’til it’s raw!”

“Oooooooooo!” Janet moans thorough clinched teeth while fingering a leaking pussy almost savagely. “I’m cummin’!” She hisses as a self-provoked climax rises.

Kristi’s body taunts and flexes with waves of pleasure. She grunts and groans loudly. A set of slender legs tightens around her brother’s trim back.

“Oh god you’re one good fuckin’ stud!” Kristi shouts as the climax apex.

Janet falls back against the hall wall. She struggles to control breathing. Love warm love juices were running down my wife’s curvy legs.

“Oh fuck!” I hiss behind clinched teeth, “I’m gonna cum!”

With that, a string of cum shoots across the carpeted floor. Janet smiles at the view. I stroke even faster to milk out the last of the ejaculating sperm. I lean against the other hall wall.

Raymond collapses on top of his sister. He is cradled in her arms. Quick kisses are given to a rounded right breast. They then lock into a deep French kiss.

“I think it is time we go in,” the recuperated Janet suggests.

“Yeah!” I agree, “I think it’s time to go to the next level.”

Both of us, sweaty and moist from masturbating, enters the room. The kids were still wrap in either others’ arms. The young faces sport expressions that are a combination of love and satisfaction.

“You children have just made your parents very, very proud,” turned on Janet coos.

“Mother! Father!” a startled Raymond yips.

Panicked, he tries to cover their bodies. The once confident young man is now moving with jerky, nippy movements. His face is a mask of fear and embarrassment.

Kristi, on the other hand, shows no signs of being surprise. The sexy young nymph gives an impish look. I immediately felt my daughter knew they had an audience.

“Raymond,” a calm Kristi says grabbing hold of the unnerved sibling, “Look at them.” She quickly points out, “They’re butt naked and covered with sweat!”

My sexy daughter places a hand in the middle of a broad chest. She presses her brother back down on the bed. A set of dark, inviting eyes doesn’t leave Janet or I.

“Look, dear brother,” she coos, “Look at Dad’s hard cock.” She grins adding, “It’s nice to see beautiful dicks run in the family.”

Raymond, now relaxed, notes, “Mother, you’re quiet wet between your legs.” He coyly asks, “What hav’a been doin’?”

“They were jackin’ off watching us, dear brother,” Kristi quickly answers.

“How would you know that?” Janet questions while crawling onto the bed.

“Cause I spotted daddy strokin’ that gorgeous tool when Raymond was ballin’ me, Mom,” the sexy daughter answers.

She shifts on the bed allowing her mother to lean over Raymond. Kristi then gives me an inviting smile and lies back on the crumpled and damp sheet. A set of young arms open for me to come between them.

“How long have you been such a sexy lil’ bitch, my sweet daughter?” I ask while crawling onto the bed.

She smelled of sex. Her warm body was covered with a sheet of sweat. It was the hottest female form I’ve seen in years. My cock was rock hard and ready to go.

The desire for my daughter was foremost now. I had to fuck this young beauty. It didn’t matter it was incest. All mattered was to get a piece of ass from this hottie.

“You’re so beautiful,” I softly note as our faces come together.

“You’re such a silver fox, Daddy,” she responds.

We engage into a deep French kiss. My arms wrap around a trim upper torso. My hands explore the warm, soft flesh.

Our tongues do a tango of lust. Kristi tightens the embrace. A set of 38C’s press against my chest. A set of hot pussy lips surrounds my stiff shaft.

“I’ve wanted to be in this position since I was fourteen,” Kristi pants as we break the kiss.

“What made you desire me like that, baby?” I ask while placing kisses on a long neck.

“Because I knew you an’ mom weren’t normal,” she answers between pecks.

“What do’ya mean?” I wonder halting the kissing.

“I’ve known of you an’ mom’s activities with your special friends for years now,” she reveals with a grin. Then Kristi quickly adds, “I discovered that you two have been swingers from day one.”

I was jolted at this revelation! Both Janet and I were sure we had kept this from our children. How the hell did she found out! Did Raymond also know of our sexual escapades?

“How!? When!?” I puzzle confusedly, “Why didn’t—, er Why didn’t you say anything!?”

“It don’t matter, Daddy,” Kristi calmly reassures, “All that matters is that I knew an’ approved.”

I was still upset at her knowing. I had to get some answers. The idea that our children had full knowledge of our amasya escort secret world and never said anything was perplexing.

“What about Raymond?” I continue to quiz, “Did he know? What does he think?”

“I knew,” my son answers while stroking Janet’s breast, “An’ I was happy to know you an’ mom are so cool.”

“You liked the idea your ol’ mother was fuckin’ other men?” Janet hotly asks while kissing Raymond’s chest, “Did you fantasize about me takin’ dicks all night long?”

“Mother,” our son admits in a panting voice, “I jack off thinkin’ of your pussy.”

“Did you fantasize about what my cunny looked?” my wife persist in the erotic question, “Did you fantasize how it felt?

“I never had to imagine what your cunt looked like, Mom,” Raymond states while giving pecks to a set of firm jiggling breasts, “I’ve known what it looked like since I was twelve.”

“You peekin’ tom!” Janet groans, “You’ve seen sneakin’ peeks at me all those years.”

“Yep,” my son admits kissing his mother’s neck, “I’ve seen you with Dad many times as well as seein’ you use your special toys.”

“Omi!” my wife groans enjoying the young mouth, “That is so hot knowin’ you like to watch me.”

I could see she was getting hot. A lusty gleam appears in a set of dark eyes. My wife was ready to be fucked. She was ready to fuck our son.

“What did you like to see the most, baby,” she questions in a hiss while shifting higher on the athletic torso, “What really got you strokin’, hon?”

“You really want to know, Mom?” Raymond enthusiastically asks.

“I would like to know that myself,” Kristi adds hotly. I could feel a small hand encase my stiff cockshaft as she prods, “Tell us, Raymond, what scene really got you hot for Momma?”

“Your mouth,” he tells while using a middle finger to trace a set of ruby lips, “When it was wrapped around Dad’s dick it looked so good.”

“Your mother is a fantastic cocksucker, son,” I volunteer as my daughter’s hand is making me hotter, “In fact she’s the best I’ve ever had.”

Janet needed no more encouragement. She starts kissing and licking her son’s chest. My sexy spouse slides down the athletic torso. The forbidden cock is captured in loving hand.

“This is so delicious lookin’,” Janet hisses in almost a pant.

The taboo rod is inhaled into a warm mouth. A nervous tongue works its way up and down stiff shaft methodically. Feathery finger plays with a large set of balls.

“This is the hottest thing to ever happen to me!” Raymond groans into the room, “Your mouth feels as wonderful as I’ve ever imagine it to be, Mom!”

I look down at my daughter. Kristi was enjoying the show. A pair of dark eyes is clued to the activity between mother and son. My cock hardens even more knowing my daughter as much of a slut as my wife.

Janet was sucking wildly. The now hot mother holds her son’s cock in a loving mouth willingly. I can tell from the quick bobbing dark head that she wants to taste the taboo cum.

“This is so exciting,” Kristi moans while playing with a hard nipple, “It’s beautiful to see mom suck off Raymond.”

Janet had inhaled the large rod all the way. It was obvious that she was enjoying this dick more than most. She was making love to the young tool.

“Daddy,” Kristi, roughly squeezing an erect nipple, hotly asks, “Does that mouth works as well against a pussy surface?”

I look down at her. My cock enlarges with the question. Again, the knowledge of Kristi being such a vixen was making me hotter by the minute. I figured why not tell all.

“Your mother will eat a cunt as quickly as suck a cock,” I flatly admit.

“Omigod!” Kristi hisses, “That is so cool! Mom is bi!”

“Oh Momma! That feels so good!” Raymond groans getting my attention, “Make me cum in your mouth!”

His words made Janet even hotter. The sexual hazed mother wraps an experience hand around the stiff rod. She starts jacking as fast as possible.

Raymond’s twisting body said he was now at the limited. The young athletic involuntarily convulses as a climax rises. My son humps against his mother’s mouth.

“I feel my hot sperm risin’!” he wails, “My balls are gonna explode!”

“Cum, my hot brother!” the turned on Kristi cheers, “Give Mom your good tastin’ cum like you do me!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” he yells, “My mother’s drinkin’ my cum!”

Janet, being the ultimate lover, continues to inhale the rushing sperm. Sucking echoes as a dark head bobs rapidly. A warm hand milks a retracted ball sac.

Suddenly Kristi pushes me back. A young hot body pushes up onto my chest. A set of sparkling eyes stared at me mischievously.

“My mother isn’t the only person in this family who suck the chrome off a bumper hitch!” she brags.

She begins to place a trail of kisses down my body. Kristi stops briefly at my navel and teases it. Then my sexy girl continues down until she is face to face with my hard dick.

Lowering her head, my incestuous daughter inhales the forbidden cock. A very practiced tongue snakes around a rigid shaft. It covers the entire length of the stiff tool. She moves down until I could feel warm breath on my balls.

To my surprise she hums consistently. It was something not even Janet did. It was a very nice present from my loving offspring.

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