I’m Being Blackmailed Ch. 09


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts before reading this. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Twenty minutes later I slowly walked into the lounge and dropped onto the sofa.

“I’m knackered and sore.” I said.

“You’ll get used to it. Watch that video while you relax.”

As the video was starting I asked Tony if he really was going to put cameras in the changing rooms in Dan’s store.

“Sure, I’ve got them in 2 other stores changing rooms; you should see what some girls your age get up to in those changing rooms.”

“But isn’t it illegal?”

“Probably but shop security comes first.”

“Don’t people see the cameras?”

“No, they’re hidden in the bezels round the mirrors and with the bright LED lights shining at them they haven’t a clue.”

Just then the monitor that he’s told me to look at burst into life and I immediately saw myself on the screen. The opening scene was the dildo entering me for the first time.

I have to say that watching myself get fucked, and cumming, by that machine turned me on and it wasn’t long before my right hand found its way to my pussy, gently caressing it and slowly rubbing my clit.

I orgasmed again just as Tony filled my stomach — on the screen that is.

“Well, get turned on by watching yourself. Well done Claire, you’re getting there. Go to bed, you’ve got work tomorrow.”

As I slowly got up I wondered where I was getting to, but I didn’t ask.

A couple of days later there was a box waiting for Tony outside the apartment door when we got home from work. I stripped then carried the box and my clothes inside.

When Tony opened the box I saw a variety of balls, ranging in size from balls about the diameter of a penny, up to the size of a tennis ball. All were made of shiny steel. I immediately guessed what they were for and my pussy started to tingle.

“OMG.” I thought, “Am I really going to have to push that tennis ball sized lump of steel up my hole. I hope that he’s not going to expect me to walk around with that thing in me.”

After our evening meal Tony opened the box again and got out 2 of the smallest steel balls.

“Come here Claire.”

When I got to him I automatically stood with my feet well apart. I gasped as the first cold steel ball entered me. Then again when the second one entered me.

“Keep them in there Claire. I’ll tell you when you can take them out.”

“I’ll have to put my fingers in there to get them out.”

“Maybe; you’ll have to use your muscles to keep them in and if you can’t use your muscles to squeeze them out then yes, you will have to put your fingers in and fish around for them.”

I managed to get half way to the bathroom before one of the balls clunked as it hit the floor.

“You’re not using your muscles Claire. Put it back in and get over here.”

When I got to him he pulled me over his knee and spanked me with 10 swats.

As the 10 swats landed on my butt I heard him say,

“Ten swats for every time one or both drop out. If you don’t want a very red butt you’d better get those muscles working.”

I spent the rest of the evening doing my kegel exercises and managed to keep the balls in. In bed Tony said that it was weird fucking me with them in, but he did cum a lot quicker.

My pussy ached a bit next morning but Tony still told me to keep them in while I was at work. Unfortunately, one, or both, dropped out while I was at work.

The first time was when I’d been doing something that needed a lot of brain work and I got up forgetting to squeeze to hold them in. As I turned to walk over to the photocopier I heard a clink and instantly realised what had happened. I quickly picked the ball up and eased it back in while I was stood at the photocopier. Tony was in his office and Sandra was on the phone to someone.

The second time was again when I got up from my desk. I got a surprise when I saw Sandra behind me and I lost control of myself. Two balls slipped out and clunked onto the floor right in front of Sandra. She looked down and saw them rolling away.

“You’re going to have to work harder at keeping those in if you want a tight pussy.” She said.

I blushed and picked them up. Then put them back in when I got back to my desk.

The third time was even more embarrassing. The courier had come to pick up some parcels. He’s used to seeing me just about naked so it wasn’t that. There was a bit of a query about how many parcels there were and I started moving them to count them, in front of the courier. One of the boxes was a bit heavy and as I strained to lift it out popped both balls.

“Are those what Ben Wa balls?” he asked as they rolled towards the door.

I looked at them, realised where they had come from, blushed, quietly said that they were, then went after them. To add to my embarrassment I had to bend over to pick them up with my back to him. He must have had a great view of my bare butt and pussy.

Before that third escort bayan time I’d had to go out to the snack van and I was pleased with myself for keeping them in when I went outside. I don’t know what I would have done if one had slipped out in front of all those workmen.

I was glad when it was time to go home and on the way Tony asked me how my day had gone with my balls inside me. I told him about my 3 accidents and all he did was laugh at me; then tell me that I’d have to wear them to work each day until I’d gone 2 consecutive days without them sliding out. Fortunately they didn’t slide out again.

When we got to Tony’s apartment he got me to move up one size then he pulled me over his lap and started spanking me.

“Ten swats for every time one or both fall out I believe I said.”

There was one thing that Tony hadn’t told me about having 2 steel balls inside me. He hadn’t told me that when I walk around with them inside me they knock together and make me feel good. Not enough to make me cum but they certainly start me thinking about it.

A couple of days later Tony told me that he was going out on a stag do without me and that I would be staying at home on my own. I was relieved because it meant that I wasn’t going to be the entertainment at the stag do.

Anyway, after he’d left I did all the jobs that I had to do then relaxed on the sofa. I watched some of the monitors for a while but soon got bored. Then I looked at the fucking machine and the exercise cycle and thought,

“Why not.”

The curtains were wide open, as usual, and I couldn’t see anyone looking over to the apartment so I got on the bike and started pedalling. Two orgasms later I was still feeling horny so I sat on the fucking machine bench and decided to use it.

I put the headrest back in place, inclined the head end of the bench and screwed the blue dildo onto the metal rod. I started to go and get my wrist and ankle cuffs then realised that I couldn’t restrain myself completely, so I abandoned that idea, plugged the plug in and moved the control to where I could use it when I was on the bench.

Then I made myself comfortable, shuffling down until the dildo touched my pussy.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned the knob to get the machine to push the dildo inside me.

“Arrgh, ohhh, oooh, that’s nice.” I said out loud, then I settled back to enjoy myself.

It wasn’t the same as being restrained and not be able to control what was happening to me; but it was still very nice.

I slowly increased the speed of the fucking until the knob wouldn’t turn any further. By that time my first orgasm was rapidly approaching.

I kept the machine fucking me at full speed as I went through my first and second orgasm; then I slowed it down so that I could get my breath back.

As soon as I was ready I turned the speed up and repeated my exercise. After my fourth orgasm I decided that I’d had enough; too much of a good thing is not good for me; besides, I was getting tired and I hadn’t had a good nights sleep for weeks.

I cleaned up, showered and went to bed.

I was woken sometime in the middle of the night by Tony’s cock ramming in to me. He was drunk and thankfully didn’t take long to cum, roll off me and go to sleep.

I got up and went and slept on the sofa.

The next day was a Saturday and Tony was still asleep on my bed when I got back from the supermarket. When he emerged and had showered and fed he asked me if I’d enjoyed myself on the fucking machine. He then went on to tell me that he’d watched me on his phone, and so had his mates.

“Oh my gawd, I’d been caught.” I thought.

“You’re such a slut Claire.”

“No I’m not, a slut is a woman who lets any man fuck her and I don’t do that. I only fuck you and anyone who you tell me to; and I have no choice in that.”

“Yes Claire, okay, but you like to enjoy yourself, a lot.”

“I’m a normal healthy girl, of course I have needs but it’s your fault that my needs are greater than a lot of girls. If you didn’t make me dress like this and torture my pussy so much I wouldn’t have a fraction of the needs that I have.”

“All I’ve done is bring out your secret desires Claire; you’re a natural over-sexed exhibitionist at heart.”

“WHAT! No I am not.”


I sat there wondering if Tony was right; I like sex, I like cumming, and maybe, just maybe, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I like the looks men give me when they see me naked, it makes me feel wanted. But I’m the way I am because of Tony; he’s changed me from being a normal girl into what I am now. So it’s his fault.

Tony must have thought that he won the argument because he got up and went to the sofa and his laptop leaving me to clean up.

“Can I go in to town shopping please Tony? I need to get my pills prescription filled and get a birthday card for my mother.”

He silently looked at me for a few seconds then said,

“Okay; go and get the clothes that you’re thinking of wearing and I’ll see if I approve.”

I brought altıparmak escort out 3 dresses to show him and he picked a button down dress that is obscenely short.

“Leave the top 2 and the bottom 1 button open when you put it on Claire.

I got my things and left, not putting the dress on until I was outside his apartment. As I walked out to my car I said to myself,

“Remember not to lean or bend forwards and to hold your bag in front of your pussy Claire.”

It didn’t help when I got in my car and looked down, I could easily see all my bare pubes.

“I hope that I don’t get stopped by the police.” I thought.

As I wandered around the shops I got a few comments from young men and a few dirty looks from middle-aged women. I sort of liked the comments, it meant that they liked what they saw — me; and I just ignored the women.

When I was choosing a birthday card for my mum there was a very tall man stood next to me. In my experience, men usually just grab almost any old card but this man was really taking his time and looking inside lots of cards. Then I noticed that he was looking my way and not at the card in his hands.

I followed the line of his eyes and realised that he was looking at my chest. I looked down and saw that another button had come undone and the way that the material was hanging I guessed that he could see most of my right tit, and the nipple.

My first reaction was to fasten the button but just as my hand started to move I stopped it and I got a tingle in my pussy.

“My gawd,” I thought, “I’m enjoying this man perving on me.”

I stood there for ages before picking up a card that I’d already looked at and turned to walk to the till.

I left the shop and decided that I wanted to go up a level of the shopping centre and I walked to the escalator. I waited until there was no one waiting to get on then stepped on thinking that there should be no one behind me to look up my skirt.

Imagine my surprise when I turned around half way up and saw the man from the card shop, and he was looking up. I blame Tony for what I did next; I stood there for a few seconds letting him look at my uncovered pussy; then I turned back and faced up the escalator, spread my feet a bit and bent forwards.

I felt the material of my dress ride up and expose the bottom half of my butt. I felt my pussy tingle then I stood back up straight.

“Bloody hell Claire,” I thought, “what’s got into you?”

Then I answered my own question — Tony.

I needed to find a seat and calm down, and to try to get Tony out of my mind. I’d passed a Starbucks just before I’d gone up so I went down and in to it.

I got a coffee and found a seat. I was just starting to get myself together when a girl and a boy that I went to college with, walked passed holding hands and they saw me. They stopped and sat at my table.

After the usual greetings. I said,

“So, are you 2 an item now?”

“Yes, we got together just after the last reunion.

“So how are you keeping Claire? Are you still with that Tony guy?” Jade asked.

“Sort of.”

“Is he here with you?” Dean asked. “We saw you sitting here on your own showing lots of skin and looking like you are flashing your lady parts to that guy over there, and we wondered if Tony was watching you from some hidden corner. Neither of us could remember what Tony looked like, our eyes were distracted that night. That’s why we sat on either side of you. We didn’t want to block that guy’s view or disturb your flashing.”

“No, no. I’m on my own, and I didn’t realise that I was flashing anyone. It’s just that … oh never mind.”

The thing was, I hadn’t even thought about how I would sit when I sat down. If I had I would have kept my knees together. I guess that Tony making me sit with my knees apart has become a habit, and an automatic reaction. And why didn’t I close them when Dean told me what I was doing.

“Talking of reunions,” Jade interrupted my thoughts, “there’s another one coming up soon and no one knew how to get in touch with you. Now that we’ve found you will you come? You can bring Tony and we’ll have a function room to ourselves so if you want to put on another show for us it will be okay.”

Oh, I don’t know, and it’s so soon after the last one. I thought that these things were supposed to be an annual event.”

“Please say that you will come Claire, everyone, including you, had such a great time last time; that’s why there’s another one so soon.

“I didn’t really enjoy it.” I replied.

“You certainly looked like you were enjoying it,” Dean said, “even the spankings and the fucking, and you did cum; how many times was it? Ten, fifteen?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tell you what Claire, give me your number, or better still Tony’s, I’ll text you the details and you can talk it over with Tony. We, everyone would really like you to be there.”

We exchanged number, and, I have no idea why I did it, but I gave Jade Tony’s number as well.

“We’ll mudanya escort leave you to your flashing.” Claire said.

“Keep up the good work.” Dean said and they both got up and left.

I was stunned,

“Why hadn’t I told them that there was no chance that I’d humiliate myself like that again? I thought. “Why had I given Jade my number, and even worse, Tony’s? And just as bad, why was I still sat with my knees apart?”

I had just started to convince myself that things weren’t that bad then I go and make a fool of myself all over again. What is wrong with me?

I looked over to the man and our eyes met. I blushed and turned my head, but left my knees where they were. Had that man really been smiling at me?

I just sat there finishing my coffee and trying to calm down again.

My coffee mug was quite cold when I finally got up from the table and left; none the wiser as to what I could do about my miserable life.

“Get everything that you wanted?” Tony asked me as I walked into his apartment carrying my bags and my dress.

“Yes, thank you. I err, I met 2 of my old college mates. They asked me to go to the next class reunion.”

“Fuck,” I thought, “why did I say that?”

“Oh yes, when is it?”

“Jade is going to text me.”

“Good, I’ll look forward to that; you enjoyed the last one didn’t you?”

“Not really.”

“Oh come come on Claire, how many times did you cum?

I said nothing and turned to go to my room.

“You may want to get a little nap Claire, it’s round 2 of the stag night tonight and you’re coming with me this time. We’ve got a function room booked and there will be dozens of people there.”

“Oh fuck.” I thought, “I’ll get passed around them all.”

And I felt my pussy tingle and get wet.

“Why is the lucky man having 2 stag nights?” I asked.

“Last night’s was just for his close friends, tonight is the big one for everyone who knows him.”

“So there’ll be lots of men there?”


“And I’ll be the only woman?”


“And you’ll be ordering me to strip naked?”


“And letting lots of those men fuck me?”


“Don’t you think that this is stretching the contract just a little bit too far Tony?”

“Nope. If you remember the contract says that you agree to let me use your body as I see fit. And I see fit to let other men fuck you; and that’s men, the plural, so live with it Claire. And wear your collar tonight, you’ll look good in just that collar and heels. Oh, and have another shave, I felt a little stubble when I put my hand on your pussy before you went out.”

“OMG.” I thought, “I’m going to get gang-banged by 20 or 30 or maybe more men.”

I was scared, but my pussy was unbelievably wet.

I had to wear a simple micro dress, my collar and a pair of heels when we left the apartment. I was feeling very nervous, a bit scared and a lot excited. I worried that Tony would see a big wet patch on his car seat but fortunately he didn’t look.

We arrived at this big pub out of town and immediately went up to the function room. There must have been going on for 20 guys in there when we arrived. Tony took me to the bar and got me the large stiff drink that I asked for. It was a young man tending the bar and he gave me that knowing look and it made me feel embarrassed.

“What have you brought a girl for Tony, or is she the stripper?” a man who came to the bar asked.

“Better than that mate. Could you clear a table for her at the end of the room?”

“Sure, does that mean that she will be available later?”

“Certainly does.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Bloody hell, they’ve talking about me like a whore, a piece of meat; but hell, I guess that that’s what I am tonight. At least I shouldn’t catch anything.” I thought as I looked at the box of condoms that Tony had carried in and put on the bar.

My large stiff drink had gone down in one and Tony asked me if I wanted another.

“Yes please, it sounds like I’m going to need it.”

He got me it then he took me over to a table where he introduced the bridegroom.

“You’ve got the first fuck with her mate.” Tony told him, “but first she needs to go around the room and show everyone what she’s got to offer.”

Then he turned to me as said,

“Get that dress off Claire then go and walk around the room and introduce yourself. Let them touch you and promise that there will be more later.”

I glared at Tony and, receiving no sign of him changing his mind, I downed my drink and then took my dress off. As soon as my naked body came into view some of the guys nearby cheered and commented on my assets. I turned and smiled at them.

“Okay Claire, off you go.”

I turned and went to the next table and realised that my pussy was dripping. It was so humiliating yet it was such a turn-on.

“Hi guys, I’m Claire and you can touch me if you want.”

It was a stag night and the room was full of men. I doubt that there was one normal guy in there that wouldn’t take me up on my offer.

As I went around the room saying the same thing at each table I got groped, slapped, pinched, fingered (butt and ass), nipples pulled and twisted, clit flicked and called every name that you can think of for a situation like that.

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